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Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi escapes arrest for insults on Kenyatta’s family

Sep 13, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Police attempt to arrest Kapseret member of parliament , Hon. Oscar Sudi, failed miserably even after they spent a better part of Friday night outside his home.

The police were blocked by youths who blocked the road to prevent the late night arrest.

Kapseret member of parliament , Hon. Oscar Sudi speaking to supporters in his constituency(Photo credit: supplied)
Kapseret member of parliament , Hon. Oscar Sudi speaking to supporters in his constituency(Photo credit: supplied)

After several hours of trying to enter his premises, the police were forced to shoot in to the air so as to disperse the mob and gain entry. 

Soon after, they were able to enter but they didn’t find the MP.

Residents of Kapseret Consistency were angered by the actions of the police and blamed the government for it. 

According to the leaders from the area, who also condemned the actions, they tried to calm down the angry residents assuring them that the matter will be handled.

“They had an opportunity to summon him to a police station or arrest him at that stage but they did not do it. By choosing to come in the night, it is extremely irresponsible of the police.” Said the area women rep Glad’s Shollei.

The MP maintains that he is innocent of the charges against him.

“Must they deploy over 100 policemen to arrest me? What kind of crime have I done to these people?… I wish the same energy could be deployed when arresting #CovidMillionaires.” He wrote.

He also expressed his disappointment on how the issue is being handled stating that this what KANU and KADU were initially known for in the 1960s

“We are officially back to the dark days of 1960s where KANU and KADU were dominant parties. It has reached a point where we are not allowed to speak the truth. These agenda is driven by the people who don’t understand that there are Kenyans who sleep hungry. I will continue to champion for equality regardless of individual’s social status where someone owns 600,000 acres or 0.1 acres. We are all equal under our country Kenya. #UhuruRutoTanoTena

MP Oscar Sudi is wanted by the police over alleged hate speech and incitement words he said toward the president and his mother Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

The MP went Live on Monday, September 7 accusing President Kenyatta of trying to silent his Deputy, Hon. Dr. WIlliam Ruot.

The Kapseret MP, who spoke on behalf of a section of his community, believes that DP Ruto is being politically humiliated by president Kenyatta and his supporters can no longer tolerate such actions telling the president that his mother is not any better than other women of Kenya and that president Uhuru is not Kenya.

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