South Sudanese man shot dead in Kenya, culprits remain unidentified

Kakuma Refugee Camp (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

October 7th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) — A South Sudanese refugee living in Kakuma-Kenya has been fatally shot dead by unidentified Turkana gunmen at around 7: 50 pm in Kakuma Refugee Camp.

The incident happened on Friday when  a group of evangelists came under heavy attacks as they were going back to their residential areas in Kakuma One after attending an evangelism conference organized by the Nuer Christian Youth for Peace and Development in another sub-camp.

Speaking to Nyamilepedia on Saturday, Duoth Bol, one of the survivors, who said he had lost his phone when he was almost hit by the same bullet that passed through the deceased young man, explained that the gang of armed robbers from the host community were angered for having been resisted when they tried rob the refugees of their mobile phones.     

“It was yesterday at 7:50 pm,  as we were on the way going to Kakuma-one, we were approached by those Turkana gunmen in Laga Tarach and ordered each and everyone of us to surrender our mobile phone to them but when some of us resisted, the armed robbers started firing at us and killed our brother.” Duoth explained

“There is a hole in my pocket, I was almost shot, I didn’t know that I would escape without sustaining a gunshot wound because as you can imagine, the same bullet that passed through the victim hit the trousers, but as luck would have it, only my phone was totally damaged by the bullet” said Bol.

Kenya hosts a large number of asylum-seeking refugees from South Sudan and seven other countries who have been forced to flee from their places as a result of a bloody civil wars in their countries of origin.

In South Sudan, at least 400, 000 have been killed or died of diseases over a short period of 5 years as leaders wrangle over power to secure wealth.

While more than 2 millions South Sudanese lived impoverished life in refugees camps, the elites who are profiting from war are purchasing luxurious homes in the capital cities of Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan and even aboard.

Kakuma has been a home away from home for South Sudanese refugees for the last 27 years. Many officials of the current regime have lived here and vividly remember the hardship their people are going through, however, they pay very little attention to the refugees and IDPs whether in the country or aboard.

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