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INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Meet The South Sudan General Who Wants To Take Over Police Service By 2025

Lt Gen. Acuil Tito Madut, former Inspector General of Police Services, Southern Sudan(Photo: file)
Lt Gen. Acuil Tito Madut, former Inspector General of Police Services, Southern Sudan(Photo: file)

August 22, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — Due to lack of structures and accountability, South Sudanese generals and politicians are stockpiling not only wealth but also ranks to ensure that power revolves around them or their immediate blood line. Starting with president Kiir who recently promoted his wife, Mary Ayen, to rank off Brigadier General and his brother-in-law, Gregory Vasili Dimitry, who doubles as a Governor of Gogrial State and a Major General in the army; many other generals including the Chief of South Sudan Defense Forces, Gen. Gabriel Jok Riak, Director of National Security, Lt. Gen. Akol Koor, Minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs, Gen. Kuol Manyang and previously Gen. Malong Awan are busy promoting their family members or assigning them to ambassadorial positions abroad. However, one such elderly Dinka generals, Lt. Gen. Acuil Tito Madut, the Former Inspector General of South Sudan Police Service, has taken this game to the next level.

Speaking to Nyamilepedia’s undercover investigative journalist, Gen. Acuil revealed his big secret and that’s a plan to monopolize South Sudan Police Services by 2025. Before he was removed from the position of Inspector General of Police and from acting as the Minister of Interior between 2015 and 2016, Gen. Acuil had already stockpiled enough ranks in his house, groomed his own successor and promoted his wife, children and in-laws to various ranks in police service.

Accordingly, Gen. Acuil promoted his two wives: Mrs. Aliai Manyual Lual to ranks of Brigadier General and his other wife, Bianka, to ranks of Colonel. He also promoted his three sons, one daughter and one grandson all to rank of Major and they are now serving in South Sudan police service.

South Sudan police chief General Majak Akech and Sudanese Director General of Police Forces General Adel Mohamed Ahmed (Photo credit: File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)
South Sudan police chief General Majak Akech and Sudanese Director General of Police Forces General Adel Mohamed Ahmed (Photo credit: File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

Gen. Acuil also groomed his boy Gen. Majak Akec Malok to succeed him as the Inspector General of Police and groomed his office manager Lt. Gen. John Akot Maluth to take over the position of Director General of Nationality Passports and Immigration. His other relatives and beneficiaries, whom he promoted, such as Maj.Gen. Akol Ayii Madut, who is currently serving as the Director General of Custom Services, among others, are dominating police services.

During this investigation, our insiders confirmed the following relatives were directly promoted by or through the influence of Gen. Acuil and the list is inexhaustible:

  1. Maj.Gen. Manok Mayual Lual (Brother in-law)
  2. Brig.Gen. Aliai Manyual Lual (Wife)
  3. Brig.Gen. Peter Majok Majok (His Private Secretary)
  4. Col. Bianka ( His second Wife)
  5. Lt.Col.Tong Acuilk Tito Madut (His elder Son)
  6. Maj. Mayen Acuil Tito madut (His other son)
  7. Maj. Paulino Mathiang Mayen (His other son)
  8. Maj. Napepe Acuil Tito Madut (his daughter)
  9. Maj. Mayen Wol Ngong (his grandson)
  10. Maj. Longar Manyuat (his in-law)
  11. Maj. Majok Awar (his in-law)
  12. Maj. Peter Dor (his in-law)
  13. Maj. Ambrose Mou (His adopted son)
  14. Maj. Wol Deng Mareng (His sister’s son)

Gen. Acuil, who is known as a soft and quiet person by his colleagues, could be heading in the direction of the former Chief of General Staff, Gen. Paul Malong Awan, who attempted to personalize the army by recruiting, training and promoting his immediate clanmen; however, Gen. Acuil is using a softer but sure strategy to achieve his big plans.

With his own vision of trying to control the Police Services by 2025, the veteran General has maintained close ties with president Kiir, Akol Koor and many influential members of the Jieng Council of Elders and he is currently among the most powerful veterans in the war infested South Sudan capital, Juba.

These investigative findings, which may sound like a secret, are common jokes at the South Sudan Police Headquarters, Buluk. When Nyamilepedia’s undercover journalist visited Buluk, one of the police officers had this to say:

“The rank myriads in his house start with his own brother in-law Maj.Gen Manok Manyual Lual and Brig.Gen. Aliai Mayual Lual his wife. The ranks of captains, first and second lieutenants in his house as relatives cannot be counted and if counted would reach hundreds or thousands. South Sudanese will be surprised very soon when these relatives start to deploy themselves to head police services in the states and counties” Said one officer, who name is withheld due to fear of reprisal. 

“Now his sponsored lobbyists to crack the iceberg in J1 to replace Lt. Gen. Akol Koor Kuc in the Blue House got frustrated from the appointing authority due to these previous corruption records in his own house, in his own relatives and you can now imagine if such a corrupting machine is again given a power opportunity, only God knows what would happen in this country.” The officer continued.

Sources in the corridor of power had it that, the President continues to downplay any effort bringing Gen. Acuil Tito onboard for appointment into another position following the intelligent report submitted to the President’s office detailing the corruption scandals of ranks and resources in the very institution.

“As a cadet officer of the institution, it took me a long time to establish this report and I decided to share it with you for the sake of a better South Sudan where such things shouldn’t be allowed to happen in our watch. Anyone who would want to cross-check or dispute this piece can do so but at the end, General himself cannot dispute this piece. Wait for more detailed report that will include mismanagement of finances with his groomed boys!” The Officers reiterates.

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