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Intel Leak: Bona Malwal Briefed SPLM/N Representatives In London On South Sudan

Bona Malwal Madut
Bona Malwal Madut

January 13, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— Intel leak from a reliable source confirmed that South Sudan veteran politician Bona Malwal Madut, on capacity of being Member of Jieng Council of Elders, met with the representatives from Sudanese armed opposition SPLM-N under the leadership of Yasir Saeed Arman. The meeting took place in London on Christmas Eve last year in undisclosed venue.

Bona Malwal is reported to have thanked the SPLM/A-North for their unwavering support by sending their fighters to protect the government of South Sudan from being ousted by SPLM/A-IO under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar. According to the leak, he said the military contribution from Sudanese opposition brothers that have been in handy in Bentiu, Malakal and in Northern Bahr el Ghazal since the war erupted in December 15, 2013 shouldn’t go unrecognized.

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Malwal disclosed during his brief that war plan designed in 2014 by Jieng Council of Elders – advisory tribal group to President Salva Kiir – to end the war has seen the light of the day. The plan was to dismantle the SPLM/A-IO through cold, hard cash. Excitedly enumerating the success of strategy to corner Machar, Malwal was quoted as saying, “we used the technique we learned from Sudanese governments against us during the liberation era; play one community against one another through attractive offers”. In this case, Nuer is used against Nuer.

In his overview of the strategy, the prime target was Machar’s military spokesperson who was vocal against government of South Sudan since the SPLM/A-IO was established. The government of South Sudan used Hon. Mrs. Rachel Nyadak Paul, deputy of Minister of Information and Broadcasting in the Government of South Sudan and Rev. Gabriel Gai Riam, former of Minister of Cabinet Affairs in Jonglei State; intensively engaged Machar’s military media man Brig Gen Lul Ruai Koang in Kenya in a promise that he would hold the same position as South Sudan army spokesman with higher salary than his predecessor, plus family home in Nairobi, Kenya. Both Rachel Nyadak and Gai Riam hail from Lou Nuer as Gen Lul Ruai; South Sudn chief of general staff Gen Paul Malong Awan put the final touch on the deal. Gen Lul Ruai Koang defected from Dr. Riek Machar’s SPLM/A-IO on 18th February 2015 as the result of the sealed deal.

The veteran politician is reported to have said he is confident with the current situation in South Sudan; according to him, the government has the upper hand against Dr. Riek Machar, former First Vice President of government of South Sudan under IGAD-mediated peace agreement. Bona Malwal said the last straw that broke Machar’s back is the defection of Gen Taban Deng Gai who quit SPLM-IO under Riek’s leadership. Malwal admitted that the negotiation to divorce Taban from Machar took longer time than those they used to bribe because South Sudan Vice President James Hon. Wani Igga who didn’t want to be junior to Taban had to be convinced that the plan to bring on board Taban as first vice president is what is best for the government to survive.

Securing Taban to the government side of the government, in Malwal’s presentation, is the best victory the government has ever attained. Bona Malwal is caught bragging that the fighting between the Nuer and the government is over because Taban and Bul Nuer in Bentiu are playing to the tune of South Sudan government while Taban is bringing on board Riek’s political supporters through bribery.

According to him, the same plan used against the Nuer is underway to be employed against the Equatorians and the Shilluk in Upper Nile. The meeting between Bona Malwal and representatives of SPLM-N took place before the demise of Generals Gabriel Tanginye and Yohanis Okiech who both were killed by SPLA-IO Sector One Division under overall command of Gen. Johnson Olony. Tanginye and Yohanis were chief of staff and deputy chief of staff respectively under dr. Lam Akol’s National Democratic Movement, a tiny and insignificant movement operating in limited space in Upper Nile State.

At the time of writing this intel report, no South Sudan representative is reached for comment either to admit or deny the leak.

Bona Malwal, once a long-time opponent to late Dr John Garang De Mabior and the anti- separatist of South Sudan during liberation days, is known for his tribal sentiments. While urging the Dinka to be supportive to Kiir’s government to help crush the Nuer rebellion in one of his visits to United States in 2015, Malwal was accused to have said the Nuer have never been part of SPLM/A that brought about independent of South Sudan when he met and briefed the Dinka community in Kansas City, Kansas, USA, on Saturday March 21, 2015.

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