Fighting In J1 Was Assassination Attempt On Machar, Spokesperson Insisted

SPLA-Kiir soldiers shooting at the internally displaced persons in Juba on July 10, 2016(Photo: file)
SPLA-Kiir soldiers shooting at the internally displaced persons in Juba on July 10, 2016(Photo: file)

July 12, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— The deadliest incident that took place on Friday in Presidential Palace (J1) was a clear assassination attempt on First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny, Machar’s Press Secretary James Gatdet Dak has said in his response to Radio Tamazuj that stated Gatdet relaxed on his earlier statement saying there was no attempted arrest of Machar at the Presidential Palace on Friday, July 8, 2016.

In rebuttal, Gatdet insisted that fighting in J1 was started by President Kiir’s forces outside the Palace just with the hope that Dr. Machar was going to flee from the Palace and then get caught outside the Palace and thereafter would concoct a statement that Machar was killed in cross fire.

“Ask yourself, why did President Salva Kiir’s bodyguards joined the attacking forces if they did not know about the plan? They should have joined with Dr. Machar’s bodyguards to fight off the sudden huge number of soldiers who headed to the Palace and treat them as invaders who targetted the Palace, and may want to harm their three leaders inside. But they joined them and fought Dr. Machar’s bodyguards!” explained James Gatdet to prove his point.

Machar’s spokesman still believes that there were many scenarios on the attempt on life of Machar in J1 shooting, one being that Kiir’s forces came to scare Dr. Machar to flee from the Palace and be attacked outside alone without President Kiir being hurt, and to later say that what happened outside the Palace was not in anybody’s knowledge or no one knew who were responsible.

According to Gatdet, Kiir’s forces wanted to kill Machar even after the third party intervention and they would do so had they escorted Machar to J1 without the presence of other forces in the escort.

“If Dr. Machar was not escorted to Jebel by his SPLA-IO forces, and of course with some of President Kiir’s intelligence personnel, for coordination purposes after the intervention of a third party in the arrangement of the escort, there was possibility that he was going to be attacked on his way back to Jebel,” he continued.

James Gatdet writes to confirm that he stands by his earlier statement that J1 incident was assassination attempt on First Vice President or was instigated by Kiir’s forces to harm or hurt Machar but explained that he deleted the assassination attempt message from his Facebook timeline after the pre-planned arrest failed.

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John July 12, 2016 at 6:47 pm

Why did he delete the post while all what he posted since Thursday night is not deleted. That made him to be suspected as among people who incited the incident at J1. The government has now taken it as a factor that caused the fighting. They claimed the post was posted before the fight and Mr Gatdet can’t defence that. If the post was still there, the time would have shot up govt claims.


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