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Experts Campaign For South Sudan To be Placed Under The UN-AU Trusteeship for 10-15 Years.

Kate Ambquist Knopf, the Director of Africa Center For Strategic Studies and U.S. Department of Defense(Photo: supplied)
Kate Ambquist Knopf, the Director of Africa Center For Strategic Studies and U.S. Department of Defense(Photo: supplied)

Sept 21, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Briefing the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs on Sept 20th in Washington DC, experts on South Sudan, call for South Sudan to be placed under the UN Trusteeship for a period of 10 to 15 years.

The experts, which include Dr. Luka Biong Deng Kuol, Dr. Jok Madut Jok and Kate Almquist Knopf unanimously agreed that South Sudan is no longer on the brink of state failure or economic collapse but a complete failed state that should be immediately placed under life support for a period of 10 to 15 years.

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“South Sudan is not on the brink of state failure. South Sudan is not in the process of failing. South Sudan has failed, at great cost to its people and with increasingly grave implications for regional security, including the stability of important U.S. partners in the Horn of Africa.” Said Kate Ambquist Knopf, the Director of Africa Center For Strategic Studies and U.S. Department of Defense.

The Honorable Kate Almquist Knopf vividly explains how she has worked with President Salva Kiir during the Compressive Peace Agreement and within the last 5 years of South Sudan independent.

According to her independent observations, Kate has seen South Sudan on the brink of failure as its leaders struggle for power and control of resources to a failed extend where the incumbent regime ceased to perform even the minimal functions and responsibilities of a sovereign state.

Although Salva Kiir regime may speak for the country and its sovereignty, Kate reiterates that South Sudan’s domestic sovereignty is contested and discredited by the warring factions under Kiir and Machar.

“South Sudan has ceased to perform even the minimal functions and responsibilities of a sovereign state. The government exercises no monopoly over coercive power, and its ability to deliver public services, provide basic security, and administer justice is virtually nonexistent. While the Kiir regime may2claim legal sovereignty, in practice domestic sovereignty is entirely contested and discredited.” Kate said.

According to the experts, placing South Sudan under UN and AU Trusteeship will protect South Sudan’s sovereignty, its territorial integrity and empows the citizens of South Sudan to take ownership of their country and their future from liberators-turned-oppressors.

Kate explains that Trusteeship has worked in sovereign states such as Cambodia, Kosovo and East Timor, and therefore South Sudan should not use “sovereignty” as a shield to pursue violent and war crimes at the expenses of its own people.

“Though seemingly radical, international administration is not unprecedented and has been previously employed to guide other countries, including sovereign states, out of conflict. Cambodia, Kosovo, and East Timor are some of the most prominent examples. While it will realistically take at least ten to fifteen years for South Sudanese to develop a new vision for their state as well as the institutions to manage politics nonviolently, it is more sensible to plan for this duration at the outset than drift into an accumulation of one-year peacekeeping mandates over decades, as has been done in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, Darfur, and elsewhere.” Kate said.

“Like a patient in critical condition, restoring South Sudan to viability can only be done by putting the country on external “life support” and gradually withdrawing assistance over time.” Kate explains

Under a UN and AU transitional administration, however, the World Bank could manage South Sudan’s oil revenues in a transparent and accountable manner to partially fund service delivery to South Sudanese. Major donors and international financial institutions such as the IMF would be reassured by the accountability and transparency mechanisms governing the delivery of non- humanitarian assistance under the transitional administration.

“This would in turn bolster confidence that donor resources are supporting national strategies to meet the needs of South Sudan’s citizens and unblock generous aid packages that provide additional incentives to South Sudanese constituencies to support the transition. Any services the people of South Sudan receive today are already being provided by the international community. A UN and AU transitional administration would remove the political and security impediments to these operations.” Kate further explains.

She reiterates that even more critically, a transitional administration would provide space for the kind of genuine national dialogue process prescribed by the AU Commission of Inquiry, “to provide a forum for dialogue, inquiry, and to record the multiple, often competing narratives about South Sudan’s history and conflicts; to construct a common narrative around which a new South Sudan can orient its future; to uncover and document the history of victimization and to recommend appropriate responses,” including through a truth and reconciliation commission. It would also allow for an internal discussion on the structure of the state.

Although UN and AU transitional administration could be tried in South Sudan, Kate do not have better options other than a use of force and dialogue to mitigate outbreak of violence while trying to isolate both Machar and Kiir from South Sudan’s politics.

With some backing from the United States and the region, Salva Kiir government has tried to isolate Machar from the Transitional Government and subsequently from South Sudan, however, the experts argue that both Machar and Kiir cannot be isolated from South Sudan politics.

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Editorial Team


king kong September 21, 2016 at 5:50 pm

Well, thanks to courageous Hon. Kate and her colleagues for their biggest steps forward. This trusteeship should have occurred long time ago in 2013 and after 8 July 2016.
World should not waste time at all
With tiger-paper kiir’s govt.
Decision & action full stop.
Our people in RoSS are suffering under kiir the thief, rapists, killer and liars.
God save SS.

GatNor September 21, 2016 at 9:04 pm

It seems Taban will be even more Taban when the peace talks are revitalised for a more inclusive dialogue: The Crown Hotel defected roomates of Taban will not attend those talk unless they declared their position as government clown of Kiir faction rooming at Crown Hotel or they will not be recognised: http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article60307
SPLM-In-Opposition has the support of all major armed forces and all the civilians inside and outside the country. I would distant myself from Taban if I was one of those individual who has been bribed and already got a little bit of the money.

king kong September 21, 2016 at 6:19 pm

The RoSS, is not a just failed-nation state nor a just dead state. It’s in a complete final of the process the Curse of the nation-state.Full Stop. If anyone disagree with me now, tomorrow you will agree.
Only God knows.

GatNor September 21, 2016 at 8:13 pm

Let me get this right, the same handlers from, UN, US, IGADs, and African Union who bailed out Kiir with UPDFs when his mad dog-like government was facing collapse at the mercy of the mighty white army warriors in 2013 within the first weeks as the door to door killing of Nuers and ethnic cleansing was going on.

They are finally coming to terms that the mad dog-like government of (Kiir & JCE) is too dangerous for everyone including their own aid workers. When it was Nuers women and little children these lobbyists made a big deal of saving the sh*t show government of Kiir & the JCE. I hope the buggers are reading me with understanding and they all know who they are. Its clear after all that they are also just as human beings as the Nuers equally subjected to the same cruelty of mankinds under certain circumstances such as rape and all other hideous and despicable crimes applicable as the Nuers had to endured while the same organizations and institutions look away to save Kiir using the elected government excuses.

Why the f*ck are they not singing the elected government song of 2013 now.
what will they do with Kiir and the JCE which has been the main cause of the dog-like government going mad. In many ways it seems to me that the international community is back tracking to consider the position of the mighty white army when they decided in 2013 that a regime that turns on its citizens has to go. In a logical approach the international community and the white army warriors could partnered up in bringing changes.

The excuse that Kiir government was elected is actually a lie and even if it was, it would yet stand as a government that has violated its own legitimacy by forfeiting its rights to continued governing as per-constitution of South Sudan. The same constitution the above institutions have clearly disregarded using the excuse that the criminals in Juba were elected into offices which is a cover for something obviously sinful probably that is a trusteeship where they themselves are now anxiously drooling over taking total control of governorship of South Sudan. Colonialism perhaps is the end result. White Army should have just gave Kiir and JCE a run for their money. These foreign entities are just too much sometimes.


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