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EU demands answer after NSS suppressed citizen-focused talk show

Juba, South Sudan,

July 19, 2021 – The European Union has called on the government of South Sudan to clarify their action on blocking a citizen-driven talk show at the #DefyHateNow facility on Saturday.

EU demands answer after NSS suppressed citizen-focused talk show
Josep Borrell, EU High-Level Representative to South Sudan (photo credit: Courtesy)

The show, titled “The Citizen Platform: Know Your Law”, was organized by Wani Michael, a civil society activist and Executive Director of Okay Africa Foundation.

The Saturday episode was just the chronicle of the show that focuses on enlightening the citizens on national laws.

But Wani said some members of the national security service stormed the facility and blocked the show at its inception.

“Officers from National Security Service shutdown our panel discussion on South Sudan Constitutional history,” he tweeted Saturday. “This is happening at the time when the President officially launched the Permanent Constitution-making process. We’ll never be intimidated and threatened!” he added.

On Sunday, the European Union said the action was a threat to the freedom of speech and that the government should provide clarification on the matter.

“EU in South Sudan looks forward to a clarification by the authorities of South Sudan on the citizens’ freedom of speech, that in our understanding allows debates like these to take place,” the EU tweeted Sunday.

In the tweet, the EU tagged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Office of the President and the Government of South Sudan official Twitter handles.

Earlier reports claimed that the show was blocked because Wani did not get clearance from the National Security Service Department to grant him permission to host the show.

Mr. Wani dismissed the reports saying there was no legal provision that mandates a citizen to get clearance from NSS to host such a citizen-focused talk show. Wani claimed the NSS attacked his personality instead of pointing out why he is wrong.

“Some of you want to change the whole narrative of what happened yesterday, I was the host of the event and the NSS Officers were so arrogant, rude, and full of hate on my personality. They kept on calling my name saying, we just don’t want this activity because of Wani Michael,” he tweeted.

Mr. Wani was one of the activists arrested and briefly detained in March for spearheading a civil protest after the death of Trisha Cee, a local musician who succumbed to accident injuries after negligence by medical personnel at Juba Teaching Hospital.

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1 comment

Gol Bol July 20, 2021 at 3:55 am

“EU demands answer after NSS suppressed citizen-focused talk show”

The EU has their right to protest about ‘hate speech’. But they can go and fuck themselves, with Nigerian, Eritrean, Abeshas (so-called ethiopians) prostitutes, Senegalese, Tunisians, Algerians or Moroccans. Here in South Sudan, I don’t think a South would Sudan would crossed Libya to go Europe. Because we are way way too well ahead Europeans nonsense.

We are the Ancient Egyptian fools. Some Europeans even ‘swear that there cannot be Europe without Africa, Ah!’. Just continue to pressure on South Sudan and the South Sudanese people, and your European gods (probalbly Pope Francis) would always give birth ‘to she-calves’ your are going to be bombed nothing, zero/zilch/nought, reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM.

Many Europeans are very honest, I went and studied in Technical university, Berlin as exchange student from McGill university, in Montreal, Canada. My best friend wanted to go and exchange student as well. My little sisters are in Germany. During our war with North Sudan, my uncle, a diplomat in Khartoum, took them with him. When he was moved away from Germany, the girls asked the German authorities for protection.

The German people gave asylum, one if them is now a medical doctor in Bonn and her sister is a teacher, in Hamburg. They are Germans than even South Sudanese. Germans, Russians, Chinese, Scandinavian countries, minus Norway and other I failed to mention above, are the ones, who can challenge us. The US, the UK, Abesh (so-called ethiopia) prostitute piece of trash, Saudi Arabia, the evil juus (so-called israelis) attack dogs, some of their Bantuses.

The vermins/parasites/viruses thought, they can always used our country like their chess game/football every ten (10) years. And hope that our country would be re-united like their then East and West Germany during their so-called COLD WAR. And the evils thought they would go and write their propagandized books that ‘their so-called Western civilization, capitalism has triumphs over their so-called communism or socialism. And China is being ‘touted as South Sudan ally, other South neighbors are touted asWestern (East vs West), says Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, Cureent evil juus (so-called israelis) piece of trash, Antony Blinken (an evil evil juus (so-called israel) low life is going to blink and be killed.

Watch out fellows, you have step on the wrong people feet—the Muonyjiengs/Jaangs/Jenges/Dinkas are back with a lot vengeance. I will be damned if if we are going share our country with these vermins/parasitesviruses. ever ever again.


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