Ethnic sub-clans in Lakes region conducts cultural peace festival

Ciec Manyiel dancing group performing during cultural peace festival event in Rumbek – (Photo credit: Daniel Laat/Nyamilepedia)

October 8th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – In a festival event organized by the SAFEWORLD organization, ethnic sub-clans from different communities living in the greater Lakes region on Saturday, 06th October, 2018 comes together to perform joint cultural dances in a bid to promote peace and dialogue in an event organist.

The peace event, Nyamilepedia has learned, was organized by Safeworld, a British organization working to prevent conflicts and promote peaceful co-existent in Africa, Asia and Middle East in partnership with teh Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO).

The event under the theme “our cultures, our peace” brought together youth from nine cattle camps in Western Lakes state to compete together in sinnging songs mainly composed to promote peaceful co-existent through our the state and the country as whole.

Speakign during ther event, Mapuor Marial Paweer, Safeworld state coordinator, said South Sudanese have been busy fighting each other as as such, time for people to peacefully co0-exist has come.

“We have been busy fighting one another and many live where lost during youth fighting in this great state, but today that is not the case. We are one people and we need our cultures to be remembered by children so that the culture of love, peace and development is realizes in our community”, Marial said.

Hakim Chipuou-nyuc Awur, Civil society organizations network or CiSON acting chairperson, speaking on behave of civil society organizations said this is a great day for all and to the communities of greater Lakes state and particularly the people of Rumbek where the event is conducted.

“We Civil Society organizations of greater Lakes as well as of South Sudan as a whole, we live in a diverse community without unity in this diversity, staying with motives of conflict violence as a tool to solve our political problems and self interests and the motivation to use violence to solve problems needs to be seriously discouraged today,” he said.

For his part, Wol Agany Mazeek, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports in Western Lakes appreciated the role Saferworld, CEPO and other peace partners plays in peace building in the state through promoting peaceful cultural peace festivals.

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