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Egyptian Muslim fundamentalist proposes recolonization of South Sudan

Juba, South Sudan,

June 17, 2021 – A video circulating on social media platforms exposes a white-bearded Egyptian Muslim fundamentalist proposing the recolonization of South Sudan by deploying a group of Muslim youths to marry South Sudanese women and give the children Muslim names and consequently embark on a covert mission.

Egyptian Muslim fundamentalist proposes recolonization of South Sudan
Sheikh Ahmed Al-Naqeeb screen-captured speaking on Al Basira website (photo credit: Nyamilepedia)

The video, first forwarded to Nyamilepedia on Monday, was not posted on major streaming platforms like YouTube. A verification result using Amnesty Dataviewer returned no metadata, which establishes that the video does not exist on major contemporary digital platforms.

But a video analysis using InVID fake news debunking tool reveals that the speaker is Sheikh Ahmed Al-Naqeeb, who appears on Al Basira, a Muslim online religious streaming platform.

He is also a mystic who predicted the Nile River tension between Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan in 2010. While a part of this presentation appeared to have been cut off, verification and fact-checking technologies used by Nyamilepedia revealed that the proposal to recolonize South Sudan by Egypt was made a year into the country’s independence.

In the video, Mr. Ahmed claims that prior to the referendum, Egypt agreed with Sudan to transfer 50 thousand Egyptian families to cultivate several thousand acres in the Southern part of the country.

He says with Egypt allegedly having the highest fertility rate on the continent, that number was going to rise enormously within a decade.

“Consequently, when 50,000 families are transferred to South Sudan for agriculture, the number of these people will jump from ten years to become 5 million, and the Egyptians are distinguished by their adherence to their religion, so you will find the Egyptian jealous of his religion and his land alike, and no one is allowed to approach his territory,” Ahmed says in a video transcribed by Nyamilepedia.

However, that strategy came crumbling after the so-called Egyptian agricultural specialists were sent to Bahr el Gazhal to carry an assessment on where the said number of families would be resettled.

“When the Egyptians agricultural experts arrived in the Bahr al-Ghazal region to study the place where the Egyptian families would be settled, they were short and some of them were killed, so they went back,” Ahmed says, adding that it was time Egypt shifts focus and use a better strategy.

“In Southern Sudan, Christian missionaries were respected and honored, but any Islamic attempt to reach Southern Sudan was doomed to failure. How do we deal with this dilemma, especially since these represent a threat to the security of Egypt? Because the strategic depth and security of Egypt begin with South Sudan,” he asks.

“The solution is for a group of Muslim youths to go there to settle without talking about Islam, work in trade and treat people with Islamic treatment and be a good example in South Sudan for a period of 10 to 15 years,” he proposes.

According to Ahmed, South Sudanese, who he called “polytheists and pagans” will then admire the group and enter Islam.

“And here the change will begin so what happened in Indonesia and Malaysia will happen in South Sudan, and this is the correct change. A group that goes and settles in South Sudan without drawing attention to them, all they have to do is show good and gentle treatment and there they marry the women of the region,” he says.

Ahmed also unleashed his Arab and Islamic racist tendency accepted by Allah against black women, and South Sudanese women in particular, whom their assigned youths would supposedly marry for the interest of fulfilling their recolonization agenda.

“It is true that the only white thing in Negro women is the teeth and eyes, but that’s fine. These sacrifices would be for the sake of the ultimate goal of introducing the pagans into Islam. Pagans are closer to Islam than the crusaders,” Ahmed says with an audience expressing a little cheer.

The Muslim fundamentalist believes that when about ten thousand so-called pagans in South Sudan convert to Islam, “you will have a strong foundation on which to build and you can start fighting the Crusaders and put them between a rock and a hard place, and things start to change. As for talking about finding a solution and sitting at a table of dialogue, this is all nonsense,” he says.

Historically, Egypt and Turkey colonized Sudan under the guise of the Turko-Egyptian administration. However, since the attainment of independence by South Sudan from the North, diplomatic relations with Egypt have faded and the North African country has tried desperately to mend it back.

But it has not been smooth so far. Egypt has hoisted the flag of South Sudan at least twice to signal the racial inferiority complex of South Sudanese. One of such actions happened during a visit of President Salva Kiir Mayardit in 2017.

Egypt has also been in the spotlight for brutalizing and killing South Sudanese citizens, including students on government scholarships in the North African country.

A summon of Mohamed Kadeh, the Egyptian Ambassador to South Sudan by the government in May this year seeking an explanation on the mistreatment of South Sudanese in Egypt bore no positive outcome as the summon was indefinitely suspended.

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