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DP William Ruto responds to Atwoli, Raila and others on BBI

Sep 26, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto responded today to the Building Bridges Initiative aspirants led by the Opposition and the former Prime Minister, Hon. Raila Odinga.

Kenyan Deputy President, William Ruto, speaking to Kenyan news media(Source: Youtube)
Kenyan Deputy President, William Ruto, speaking to Kenyan news media(Source: Youtube/Nyamilepedia)

Throwing tantrums at pro-BBI politicians, calling them the lords of tribalism and poverty, the Deputy president believes that they are nothing but masters or beneficiaries of political violence who are “very mad at the unbowed hustler Movement”.

He claims that “these tribal lords have hijacked tribes to benefit themselves and their families to the detriment of Hustlers and their children.”

He said that the hustler movement wants a new conversation.

The Deputy President took it to social media to express his views saying that the conversations should be about the empowerment and the job opportunities for the ordinary people.

“Not about power but about EMPOWERMENT. Not about positions for the mighty but about JOBS for the ordinary. Surely, that is not too much to ask! Is it?” he wrote.

Ruto wrote that the ethnic chieftains have come again with the BBI and they are threatening confrontations with anyone with a contrary opinion.

He further warns that blackmailing, intimidation and insults are nothing but a language of tyrants and dictators.

The Deputy President, who sees himself as a self-made hustler, believes that the hustlers need freedom of thought, association and choice for public engagements.

“The hustlers want engagement on empowerment and discourse on real jobs” he said

The DP believes that the BBI should not be the priority but creation of jobs .

“Are you telling us that the creation of FIVE lofty positions for the mighty by BBI is more urgent than the implementation of the Housing Programme that would create 2.5 million jobs for ordinary Kenyans! Really?? Hata kama ni madharau JAMENI! Tho!!” he wrote.

“Empowerment of the millions of Hustlers NOT just power for the few. Power is about you the lords, some leaders and the few. Empowerment is about the people, the HUSTLERS.” he continued.

“We want a discourse on real JOBS for millions of Kenyans NOT four or five positions for tribal chiefs. JOBS for ordinary citizens. How MANY JOBS? in which SECTORS? and WHEN? is very URGENT. Positions can wait kidogo.” He added.

He calls for the empowerment of low income citizens like “mama mboga, kinyozi guys, bodaboda, bebabeba, jamaa wa kiosk, mkokoteni fellows, the micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and business people” so as to pull real people out of poverty.

“For your information 16 million Kenyans, majority of them below 35 years are jobless Hustlers. The Jubilee Government’s Housing Programme can create 2.5 million jobs. NOW, forget the sterile ’employment-creation blah!blah!blah!’ rhetoric that has been sang since independence.” The deputy President went on.

The deputy president’s social media rant came after the Central Organization of Trade Unions secretary general, Francis Atwoli, accused him of derailing the president from achieving his agenda.

Mr Atwoli said that Ruto is wrongly branding youths as hustlers.

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