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Deputy President Ruto wants the BBI report to include all Kenyans

Oct 25, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Kenya’s deputy President Dr. William Ruto has urged Kenyans to fully read and understand the Building Bridges Initiative report before making a decision as to whether to support it or reject it.

Kenyan Deputy President, William Ruto, speaking to Kenyan news media(Source: Youtube)
Kenyan Deputy President, William Ruto, speaking to Kenyan news media(Source: Youtube/Nyamilepedia)

Speaking at Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church in Matungu constituency, Kakamega County on Sunday, DP Ruto said Kenyans should be allowed to go through the document and make their own decisions without being coerced.

Dr. Ruto also said that for the BBI to go through, it should not only concentrate on the leadership position but should include all Kenyans especially the low-income earners AKA hustlers.

“As we engage the debate on BBI, we must be clear not to only focus on issues affecting leaders but address the concerns of ordinary people. Millions of Kenyans should be given priority rather than the power we want to share,” Ruto said.

“BBI should be about the inclusivity of 40 million Kenyans who have been locked out of the conversation because of poverty and unemployment.” He added.

The deputy president calls on the BBI aspirants to stop causing divisions among Kenyans while discussing the BBI report.

“Kenyans are ready to talk about BBI. But leaders should stop using threats and insults like telling the people that no one can stop reggae whether they like it or not,” said Dr Ruto, in an apparent reference of remarks by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who declared, “nobody can stop reggae”.

He also dismissed the Building Bridges Initiative Report as a tool for selfish leaders.

“When the time comes, those who have been hurling insults at us and deriding our initiatives will be forced to respect us. As we debate the BBI report, it must be clear that there are issues that concern leaders and those that affect ordinary people. The issues that concern ordinary people should be prioritised over leaders’ power demands,” said Dr Ruto.

Ruto said the report had covered issues on leadership and inclusivity but had not exhaustively addressed problems affecting ordinary Kenyans.

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