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COVID-19: 11 medical workers forced by families to resign

Washing your hands regularly with clean water and soap has been recommended as one of the effective ways of slowing the spread of COVID-19 (Photo credit: REUTERS)

July 12, 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – Eleven (11) members of South Sudan’s COVID-19 medical workers have been forced by their families to resign as fears grow that the front-line coronavirus fighters could be source of infections in their families and community, according to the international medical corps.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of a newly opened unit of Dr. John Garang Center for Infectious Disease, Dr. Abdou Sebushishe, the IMC COVID-19 Response Technical Coordinator, said however that none of the doctors who resigned has tested positive for the deadly virus.

“Initially we had some staff posted here for the pandemic preparedness but once Covid-19 stroke the country, four clinical officers, three nurses and four hygienists who basically do their hygienic part of the work were unfortunately forced to quit their work by their families,” said Sebushishe Friday.

“The families thought they would be the source of infections in their community. In total, they are eleven. We are working to increase the level of awareness in the community and letting the community know that the health workers are not a danger but heroes who are trying to save lives of people who are infected,” Sebushishe added.

A total of 103 medical doctors have been tested positive for COVID-19, one of whom has died.

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