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Update: Mabior Has Not Resigned From the SPLM/A-IO

Mabior Garang de Mabior, The SPLM/A(IO) Committee Chairperson for Information and and Public Relations(Photo credit: supplied)
Mabior Garang de Mabior, The SPLM/A(IO) Committee Chairperson for Information and and Public Relations(Photo credit: supplied)

July 12, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Speaking to Nyamilepedia, Cde. Mabior Garang de Mabior, the former deputy minister of interior and the spokesperson of the SPLM/A(IO) has denied the allegations that he has defected from the armed Opposition, SPLM/A(IO).

According to Mabior, the unfounded press release was just a superstitious thinking or a magical thinking from individuals who want to push him to defect from the SPLM/A(IO);

“It is part of the unfortunate, it shows part of the reasons why there is no peace in South Sudan” Cde. Mabior said.

“It is a superstitious thinking, and superstitious thinking has really killed our country, and what is happening now is connected to this superstitious think, and it is why we cannot find peace in our country right now because this is our approach to the peace process” He continued.

Hon. Mabior encouraged intellectuals and journalists to vigorously train themselves on how to detect and dissent fake news.

“As intellectuals who are living in the age of information tech, …,  we have learned to teach ourselves, as part of our intellectual journey and training, how to be able to dissent fake news from real news” Mabior said.

“You may find for example that the president of this and that country has died and when you look at the domain name of that website it might be some obscure website that you have not heard of before which is preaching this” he added.

Mabior, who is highly accessible through his social media pages, said if the letter does not appear on his social media pages or the SPLM/A-IO forums, then it should be disregarded.

“There are ways we can be able to detect which one is a fake news. One clue for example, if you don’t find this letter on any of my social media, if you don’t find it on my tweeter, you don’t find it on my Facebook, you know? and what you do find on my Facebook is me denying this” Mabior said.

“But there are some people, the mysterious, what I call the intellectual mercenaries of the status quo. They are saying that, NO, the one that is on Mabior’s page is the one which is fake. Kalam de kef ya? How?” He continued.

Mabior also justified that the news should have been disregarded because it came from a forum that is not an IO forum.

Instead, Mabior believes that the people who forged his handwriting took pieces of his previous press releases and came up with something close to his handwriting.

“The people who forge the letter, they took my press releases, and then they started pasting things and came up with this”

Capt. Mabior was speaking to Deng Elijah, the Executive Director of Nyamilepedia in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

On behalf of Nyamilepedia, the Executive Director apologized to Mabior and the general public, and reiterated that Nyamilepedia was established in late December 2013 purposely to disseminate reliable news and opinions that many other censored media organizations could not deliver at the time.

Mabior spoke broadly on other topics including peace process and attempts to hijack the peace process by what he calls the “NPTC” regime.

More on this interview and related topics shall follow.

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