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Comprehensive Report On Recent Defections To Gen. Taban Deng Gai In Unity State

Office of the Military Governor,

Lt. Gen. Ruai Kuol Jal Thor,

Unity State, South Sudan.

Gen. Ruai Kuol, hosted NPAM chairman meeting president Salva Kiir in Juba (Photo credit: South Sudan Presidency)


August 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The office of H.E. Lt. Gen. Ruai Kuol Jal Thor Governor of Lich State acknowledged with regrets to announce that the following members of Lich State Community have defected to government of Salva Kiir in Juba following recent violation of Cessation of Hostilities by SPLA IG. They are as follows;


  1. Michael Chiangjiek Geay
  2. Michael Makal Kuol
  3. Elijah Tut Bikot
  4. Peter Nhial Koch
  5. Peter Dak Kan
  6. Guol Jiel Bikot
  7. Malith Kak Malith
  8. Mathoklual Gatdet
  9. Nhial Mut Turoah
  10. Kang Paulino Matip Nhial
  11. Bakel Gai Tekjiek


  1. Buai Keake Turoal
  2. Biel Matek Tut
  3. Gibril Tap Gatjiek Chiek
  4. David Manyang Kelual
  5. Tuach Lew Thot
  6. Philip Mamun Chap Marial
  7. Gatkuoth Kun Dar
  8. John Toang Jal
  9. Buren Kuany Dong


  1. Shangkara Deng


  1. Riaw Gatlier Gai
  2. John Yak Jany
  3. Samuel Gatdin Gatdin


  1. Taban Deng Gai
  2. Peter Dor Manjur Gatluak
  3. Karlo Kual Ruai
  4. James Liah Dieu Deng
  5. Stephen Mane Kuol (Dhormejok)
  6. Bol Pow Bur
  7. David Juang Puok
  8. Martino Mayik Manygok
  9. Riak Riek Ruachar
  10. Kuany Chatim Goh
  11. Gatmai Tudol Nyah
  12. Gordon Machar Yiek
  13. Riey Tut Both
  14. Nyok Kir Goay
  15. Yak Tai Reat
  16. Manyieu Dak Gong
  17. John Juan Dong
  18. John Wijial Bayah
  19. Goah Kuoth Machar
  20. Gatluak Kai Gai
  21. Gatnyai Chidong Thoat
  22. Gatdiet Riek Lok
  23. John Gatrew Jal
  24. Gordon Koang Yiek
  25. Butrus Hoth Bayie Thiwat
  26. Malek Bol Toar
  27. Chop Top Long
  28. Geah Ter Rel
  29. Geng Kuony Puok
  30. Gatnyang Kuol Top


  1. Mathew Mathiang Deng
  2. Tut Lieth Jiech


  1. Paulo Pur Liah
  2. Zachariah Puok Ril
  3. John Yien Kuol


  1. Nyalok Tiong Gatluak
  2. Gideon Gatpan Thoar
  3. Simon Baranaba Hon

I therefore direct all our members of SPLM/SPLA I/O committed to the course of fighting for the rights of the people of South Sudan to distant themselves from the above mentioned individuals and their ideology of divide and rule policy alienated from Juba based regime. As you all know, your Movement the SPLM/SPLA I/O under the leadership of your able son Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon is in control of affairs and shall soon control issues affecting our beloved country South Sudan.

We liberated this Country to be free from all sorts of tyranny; however, anyone trying to thwart our effort to make this country great again, we shall stand tall to bring him/her down.

Please accept the assurance of my highest regards.

Signed by:

Lt. Gen. Ruai Kuol Jal Thor


Lich State


Cc. Lich Community worldwide

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Mawien Magol August 22, 2016 at 8:03 pm

Guys, you are fooling yourselves. there are about 3000 already surrenders in Equatoria, there are also about 11000 SPLA in Guit, Rubkoina, Mayom, Koch and some from Leer have surrenders right now.

Mawien Magol August 22, 2016 at 8:06 pm

What war are dreaming when these numbers have already supporting Taban Deng Gai. The peace agreement is still alive and it will only be dead if some generals rejected it. The government kick them one by one if they refused to supports new vice president.

Nyanor August 22, 2016 at 9:50 pm

Look at Bentiu nuer.this is how they were before.they always defected and come.be come their greedy culture.Dr.Riek is their son,yet they do not want to support him.other strong nuer from Lou-nuer,Jikany of Latjor,and Gawaar and all Pangak nuer will continue to fight Dinka and support Dr.Riek.
any way thanks to Nyuong-nuer of Panyijar County for their support to our son Dr.Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon.

simon peter August 23, 2016 at 8:23 pm

I don’t know how those In Western Nuer justify this war? all people in South Sudan, leaves their problem and face the common enemy, Now they become “Camjiec” who look only on food, that kind of habits has let all of us down.


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