Breaking: War Continues in Mundri, SPLA Loot Drugs and Destroy Clinics

A unite of SPLA [Juba] leave Juba for deployment on Nov 23, 2015(Photo: supplied)
A unit of SPLA [Juba] leave Juba for deployment on Nov 23, 2015(Photo: supplied)
Oct 19, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– South Sudan government forces have allegedly looted and destroyed many public health clinics in Greater Mundri as war resumes in Kediba, the capital of Greater Mundri county.

According to Girma Apaya, the spokesman of SPLA-IO commander of Western Equatoria state, SPLA-IG has looted and destroyed public health clinics(PHC) in Bari, Bongolo, Koto’bi and Karika of Mundri West county.

“The government forces had also, looted and destroyed number of PHCs and those includes the following: Bari PHC, Medwu PHC, Bangolo PHC, Koto’bi PHC, and Karika PHC  in Mundri  West county and many other PHCs in Mundri East.” Girma Apaya said.

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“Such acts were barbaric and inhuman, aimed at nothing but international starvation of the Civil population from accessing health facilities.” He continued.

Apaya said SPLA-IG used the drugs looted from those centres to treat their wounded soldiers and sold some of them to the sick civilians in Mundri town.

“We condemned such barbaric act in strongest terms and demand the SPLA IG to refrain from such acts.  It is worth mentioning that these are war crimes, violations of international humanitarian law, the law of armed conflicts,  and violations of human rights” Opposition warns.

According to Apaya, the commander of SPLM/SPLA IO in Greater Mundri, Lt. General Wesley Welebe Samson, expressed his condolences to all bereaved families and the communities of Greater Mundri Counties for the death of all the innocent peaceful citizens of Greater Mundri Counties and calls upon international community to hold Governor Joseph Ngere of Amadi State  and SPLA IG Army in Mundri accountable for committing such atrocities.

Latest reports from the capital of Greater Mundri confirm that fighting has resumed this morning in Kediba, a town that has been under rebels’ control for the last two weeks.

Due to insufficient network in Greater Mundri and lack of access, the exact number of casualties is yet to be confirmed.

Many parts of greater Mundri have witnessed intense fighting between the two rival forces for the last two years.

Attempts to reach the SPLA-IG spokesman to comment on the latest developments in Greater Mundri were not returned at the time of this report.

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