President Salva Kiir Defends Why He Recruits Only Dinka Men Into His Army

President Salva Kiir and his SPLM party officials matching on the streets during a campaign in March this year(Photo: file)
President Salva Kiir and his SPLM party officials matching on the streets during a campaign in March this year(Photo: file)

Oct 19, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Threatening people of Equatoria that he will establish his headquarters in Yei and command the troops to stop the killing of his tribesmen along the Juba-Yei road, president Salva Kiir admits that the army recruits only his Dinka tribesmen supposedly because the Nuer youth have defected with Dr. Riek Machar Teny and the Equatorians have refused to join the army.

“Now people say army is full of Dinka, where will I get people to recruit when Equatorians refused to join the army and Riek rebelled with his Nuer” Said the President, His Excellency Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Although the president has been proud of building “one nation, one people”, many of his critics believes that the notion of “one people one nation” could refer to only his Dinka tribe.

The president is advised by a council of Dinka elders known us the Jieng Council of Elders and military generals who are also Dinka.

Despite the outcry of the people of Equatoria against police and army brutality in their states, President Salva Kiir warns that he will relocate his army headquarters to Yei to command the army to end all the killings on Yei-Juba road, which allegedly targeted Dinka civilians.

” Leaders of Equatoria, you must stop this nonsense on roads. No way your people can go against [my] government you serve” Said the President

“If those people killing citizens in Yei won’t stop I will relocate my headquarters to Yei and command forces to track them down” Kiir warns.

Reverting back to J1 fighting which involved about 50 SPLA-IO bodyguards of Machar with presidential guards, Kiir claims that his rival came with a pistol that was removed by his bodyguards at the gate and 400 soldiers.

Contrary to his earlier reports in which the president said only 300 soldiers and some civilians were killed, he said today that Machar came with 400 soldiers and none of them survived.

“Riek came with 400+ troops to J1 and non left J1 alive” President Kiir said.

“Riek had come with his two flags to J1 to use after he killed me” Kiir said.

The president calls on the International Community, TROIKA and IGAD to give him credits for “preserving the life of Riek Machar”.

Although the fighting ended outside the building without involvement of the guards inside the J1 palace, Kiir said he protected Machar and preserved his life, a decision he is being blamed for by his commanders.

In his interviews, Machar admits that most of his bodyguards outside the building were outnumbered and killed but six soldiers survived the long fighting which created a temporary truce that allowed him and other senior officials to leave the scene.

Kiir said he has replaced Machar with taban and calls on his supporters to support Taban as the new Chairman and commander in chief of SPLM/SPLA-IO.

“I replaced Riek with Taban and i want you all to support him as new IO chairman.” Kiir announced.

“He has now started media campaigns in South Africa” He adds referring to Machar.

Responding to a letter written by youth from his home region of Bhar el ghazal, who are threatening war on Equatoria, president Kiir said he does not want tribal revenge because the killing along the roads is a political incitement engineered by the opposition

“I don’t want this thing to continue. And I don’t want anybody to retaliate for a revenge, we don’t want to revenge anybody, because the people who will go and die will be very innocent people, they did not know what was being done by the rest. Because this is a political incitement. And all this is being done so that to urge the international community to bring in the UN intervention forces. But even if the intervention forces come here, the people who are now calling for these forces, you will never laugh.” Kiir said.


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GatNor October 19, 2016 at 2:17 pm

People are still being deceived that the war is not tribally motivated when all the tell, tell sign paints a bigger picture of a tribal war waged at one tribe, then the next tribe. One tribe at a time until all are subdued. The question is..will they(Jaang) succeed.

Kiir is confined to recruiting in none liberated area.. WHY=tribalism
He failed to recruit from other ethnics..WHY=tribalism
He failed to recruit from other two regions of Upper Nile and Equatoria..WHY=tribalism
Failing to recruit nationwide speaks volumes, yet inexcusable and NOT justifiable.
The act of exclusively recruiting from one tribe is not only a bold exercise of corruption, but also a sheer display of nepotism and arrogance and impunity on steroid. The constitution is violated should Kiir and his entrenched thugs cite it as anything of value.

Mawien Magol October 20, 2016 at 6:32 pm

Will you make recruitment on those tribes against your own government or tribe? I supports the statement from president because some tribes members in the SPLA have left to rebellion and it will be fool to recruiting the people who will turns their guns against you? Until the time of realization of lasting peace in South Sudan.

Mawien Magol October 20, 2016 at 6:42 pm

Please tell former vice president Riek Machar to wait until the election of 2018. The capital city is peaceful now but if he came back then, the lives will be lost again so it is okay to stayed away for while and let the new vice president try his best to bring peace to Southern Sudanese people. Also the new vice president is from Nuer ethnic too and he has the rights as like others Nuers politicians. Advice him to distancing himself from militias and be pure politician and not rebel leader if he wanted to run election otherwise, go exile for good.


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