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Breaking: SPLA-IO Captures More SPLA-IG Garrisons In Greater Mundri

A heavy fighting along the Juba-Nimule highway could cut off Juba from East Africa by road(Photo: file)
A heavy fighting along the Juba-Nimule highway could cut off Juba from East Africa by road(Photo: file)

Oct 17, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Latest reports from Greater Mundri confirm that the SPLA in Oppositions has maintained its control of Greater Mundri headquarters in Kediba for a second week and moved on to capture more SPLA-IG garrissons in Wadi Payam, some of the strongholds for government forces in Greater Mundri.

Speaking to the spokesperson of SPLA-IO Commander in Greater Mundri Counties, Western Equatoria State, captain Girma Apaya confirms that their troops are controlling the headquarters of Greater Mundri and have just captured more government garrisons in Wadi Payam.

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“In Addition to the Liberation of Kediba the Headquarter of Mundri East county by SPLA IO last week- early this morning, Wadi payam with SPLA IG garrison, about 9 miles from Kediba county, a home village of commissioner Hon. John Henry has fallen again to  SPLA IO.” Said Girma Apaya, the Spokesman.

“The forces of  SPLA-IG are in disarray with commissioner of Mundri East Hon. John Henry calling for reinforcement from Mundri West but the IG forces their feared to show up for reinforcement.” Apaya continued.

According to Capt. Apaya, the overall commander of SPLA-IO forces in Western Equatoria, Lt. Gen. Wesley Welebe, congratulates his commanders in Greater Mundri and calls on the youth and local population to return to their homes after a long hiding in the bushes.

“Lt.  General Wesley Welebe called upon all civilians to move away from the location where the government SPLA IG armies were and quickly make  their ways to SPLA IO controlled areas for protection so as to avoid them be cought up in cross fire.” Capt. Apaya said.

“He also calls upon all youth to quickly join SPLA/SPLM IO so as to get rid of the dictatorial regime in Mundri, Juba and South Sudan.” He continued.

The commanding general, Lt. Gen. Welebe, calls on government commissioners of Greater Mundri to join the SPLA in Opposition to protect their people and their properties.

“General Wesley Welebe has appealed to all counties commissioners of Greater Mundri Counties to take side with their population by joining the SPLA/M IO.” Capt. Apaya reiterates.

In other reports, the governor of Amadi State, Hon. Joseph Ngere, who has been on the news for arresting officials in the last two weeks, has fallen sick and now awaits transfer to India for medical treatment.

Hon Ngere has accused and arrested over ten officials for an alleged ambush on Lafon Commissioner, however, members of SPLM in Opposition are accusing the governor of targeting officials in a conspiracy development linked to Lt. Gen. Obuto Mamuor Mete in Juba.

Challenges facing the Amadi state range from lack of payment of salaries for officials, rampant corruption, lack of medical facilities, food shortage, inflation and insecurity in the newfound state.

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