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“One Tribal Force Killing Innocent Non-Dinka Civilians, No Condemnations” ~ Bakosoro, Former Governor

A equatorian family killed allegedly by a government allied milita near Torit town in the newly created Imatong State(Photo: file)
A equatorian family killed allegedly by a government allied milita near Torit town in the newly created Imatong State(Photo: file)

Oct 17, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Jailed, tortured and released after numerous condemnations and pleads from amnesty international and human rights groups, Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro, the former Governor of Western Equatoria is back to speak for the voiceless; this time with a lot of clarify and loud missiles against the “government of the day”.

Unlike in the past when he was serving the government and usually spoke under duress, Governor Bakosoro is now speaking freely in the United States of America.

While condemning the controversial incidents along Juba-Yei and Juba-Nimule roads, governor Bakosoro is concern that the government is killing more civilians than any other organization in the country.

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To his surprise, many merciless killings, massacres, destruction of properties and displacement of civilians by Kiir’s forces and militias are not condemned or reported at all.

“On behalf of the voiceless and the families who lost their dear ones in these recurrent targeting of civilians by Government and other armed groups, I strongly condemn the killings of innocent civilians along Juba-Nimule road, Juba – Yei road and other locations in the country” Bakosoro began.

Bakosoro believes that all killings and atrocities any where in the country should be treated the same without favoring any tribe or cultural identity in the country.

The former governor of Western Equatoria State blames the recent incidents along Juba-Yei roads and all other incidents in the country are due to security breakdown and lack of leadership in the country.

“But why is this happening? Breakdown of law and order in South Sudan, which has given birth to the new terminology of UNKNOWN GUNMEN, has created this situation.” Said Governor Bakosoro.

Disturbed and worried over the fates of South Sudan, governor Bakosoro has come to one conclusion and that is “South Sudan Leaders have failed the country. Period!”

He strongly believes that South Sudan has failed beyond repairs and only awaits another genocide, worst than that of Rwanda and Somalia.

“In 2013, thousands of innocent Nuers were killed in Juba by the government forces and in other towns. In the same year thousands of Shilluk were killed in Malakal, displaced from their ancestors’ land. In Wau thousands of Fertit were killed by Government soldiers, thousands displaced. Between August to October 2015, Government transferred war to Western Equatoria and hundreds of civilians were killed in cold blood, thousands displaced and nobody condemned it.” Bakosoro reiterates.

“The same year in Wonduruba, the home village of the so-called cabinet affairs minister, Martin Elia Lomuro, hundreds of civilians were killed by government forces, thousands displaced till today. Mundri was burnt to ashes and hundreds of civilians killed by government soldiers. Rumbek has been experiencing mass killings by armed groups. Yei is in total destruction and thousands of civilians are killed by government soldiers, thousands are displaced. The whole Nimule corridor is now deserted and hundreds of civilians are killed by government soldiers, thousands are displaced to Uganda. Chukudum, Torit and other areas are completely destroyed, hundreds of civilians are killed and thousands are displaced. The Murle civilians had been targeted and killed by government soldiers, thousands are displaced. Within Juba, there is daily killing of innocent civilians by government forces and nobody has been brought to justice.” The governor continued

One Tribal Force Killing People in South Sudan

The former governor believes that the killing in South Sudan is done by one tribal group and that the Dinka Mathiang Anyoor, mobilized and trained by President Salva Kiir and his Chief of Staff, Paul Malong Awan.

“The only message we hear is that these killings are perpetuated by unknown gunmen. 2 In July 2016, Government forces attacked the ousted FVP, Riek Machar and his forces, hundreds were killed, thousands were forced to escape for their lives, thousands have been camping in UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) established Protection of Civilians (POC) A tribal militia called Mathiang Anyor, which is allied to the president and his Chief of General Staff, Paul Malong, had been recruited and mobilized by the government to target and kill innocent civilians in Equatoria and displaced thousands.” Said the former Governor, Joseph Bakosoro.

The former governor, whose state is now shredded into many pieces without his knowledge, said South Sudan killing since 2012 has always been by one tribal group and tribal government of Salva Kiir.

“The killings since 2012 in Wau and subsequently continued through 2013 up to date, by one single tribal force under the order of the tribal government is only targeting civilian population in Upper Nile, Western Bahr El Ghazal and Equatoria, I have not heard any condemnation.” Bakosoro said.

Consumed by power, Salva Kiir and a few of his loyalists do not consult the community when making decisions that affects local population. Instead the president consult mostly a group of elderly Dinka politicians who seem to be fighting for Dinka interest only.

To many intellectuals and outsiders, South Sudan problem is an easy one to solved but greed and tribal interests has overshadowed many workable solutions.

Many tribes are now taking up arms to secur their areas, people and property from government destructions. Within the last two weeks fighting has resumed in more than 5 states. Both the armed opposition and kiir government are exchanging accusations on who attacked the other first in the recent fighting.

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