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BREAKING: South Sudan Warring Parties continued Fighting in Bieh State As Peace Revitalization Continues in Addis Ababa

SPLA-IO governor of Bieh State, Brig. Gen. Koang Rambang Chol commanding his troops in Bieh State(Photo: file)
SPLA-IO governor of Bieh State, Brig. Gen. Koang Rambang Chol commanding his troops in Bieh State(Photo: file)
Feb 06, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — Latest reports from Bieh State of Lou-nuer confirms that the SPLA major warring parties have continued fighting despite resumption of peace revitalization process in Addis Ababa, and recent arms embargo and threats of sanctions from the United States and partners.
Speaking to media, John Daniel Bol, the rebels’ Minister of Information and Broadcasting of Bieh State, said their forces came under heavy attacks in their strongholds in Luony and Wechjal this month.
Bol claims that their forces fought back in self-defense and defeated the government troops.
“On the eve of the second month of the year 2018, government forces under direct command of Malow Kolang  attack the village of Luony and Wechjal. The attack came in two rows of which the SPLA IO infantry, third Sector,  division eight(8) in Bieh State engaged the bandits in serious battle that lasted for three hours resulting in retreat of enemy forces to Waat. On that very occasion, SPLA IO forces and some of the White Army perused them and all were scattered across the village of Dirror.” Hon. John Daniel Bol continued.
The Minister alleged that at least 42 army officers from the opponent side surrendered to their forces and laid down their guns.

“In the eventuality of the battle, forty two government soldiers surrendered, laid down their weapons and  themselves to mighty SPLA IO. All in good conditions.” Hon. Bol continued.

The rebel officer accused youth from the neighboring Murle tribe of raiding cattle in two cattle camps.

“On the other hand, criminals believed to be from Pibor, Buma State raided two cattle camps of Nyirol County Puokbor and Nyaal. The attacks were tragedies and more lives were robbed.” Daniel continued.

Bol also accused the First Vice President, Gen. Stephen Taban Deng and Lt. Gen. David Yau Yau, the newly appointed governor of Buma State, of organizing youth to terrorize civil population in Bieh State.

“the leadership of Bieh State is aware of the so called Taban Deng Gai campaign to get more attention through wars and civil displacement. The move of replacing Sultan Ismail Konyi former governor of Buma State with renegade David Yauyau is also a clear evidence that the government believed in someone who is capable of conflicts.” Bol added.

“The raiders looted few cattle, claimed 30 lives mostly women, children and old people.” He continued.

SPLM/A(IO) calls on the administration of Buma State “to look for those criminals who are busy to destabilize the peaceful harmony between the two communities” warning that “hey must face justice!”

At the time of this writing Juba was yet to respond to these allegations.

South Sudan conflict, which is now in its 5th year,  began in December 2013 and several battles have been fought between the two warring parties with huge casuaties and displacement of civilians.

While over 300, 000 have been killed, more than 4.2 million people are displaced and many other suffered from famine, hunger and curable diseases.

Despite that war has destroyed most parts of the world’s youngest nation and deteriorated a-once promising economy, South Sudan’s warring parties are still in mood to fight on.

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