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BREAKING: South Sudan National Security Accused of Arming Tonj Raiders As Fighting Continue in Tonj

In the picture are dinka members of SPLA guarding cattles of their resettled dinka community in Western Equatoria...
In the picture are dinka members of SPLA guarding cattles of their resettled dinka community in Western Equatoria(Photo: supplied)

Jan 17, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — Latest reports from Northern Liech State allege that at least two military helicopters have landed within the last 24 hours across the border in Tonj State – just a few miles away from where fighting has been continuing between Bul-nuer youth and cattle raiders from Tonj State.

Multiple eye witnesses across the border believe that the helicopters were transporting soldiers and ammunitions to deter Bul-nuer youth from penetrating into Tonj State.

Another information, from governor office of north Liech state, said that when Bul launch counter raid after their cattle were taken by people of Tonj State killing women and children, and abducting scores, they saw two military helicopter on the border transporting soldiers and ammunitions to deter Bul from taking the cattle of Tonj people.” Said a government official of Northern Liech State.

The state government official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, blames the Chief of South Sudan National Security, Gen. Akol Khor, for using national resources to pursue tribal interest; however, the source reiterates that the Bul-Nuer youth have captured the ammunition and fighting continue in Tonj State.

“Source from National security said that the two helicopters were requested from the SSPDF by Akol Koor to send Ammunitions and national security forces to his home village to deter Nuer cattle raiders from taking their cattle. The Bul fought their way on the border to recover their 1,000 heads of cattle raided by Tonj cattle herders capturing the Ammunitions brought by Akol Koor to his clans.” The official continued.

According to Lam Tungwar Kueinguong, the government spokesman of Northern Liech State, at least 24 people were killed and 60 others injured in Northern Liech State between January 15 and January 16, and more than 2000 herds of cattle were raided.

“The number of people killed in the cattle raid incident on Tuesday has increased to 24. About 60 people have sustained injuries,” Northern Liech’s minister of information Lam Tungwar said.

“Many people are still missing,” Lam continued.

The Minister of information confirmed that at least 5 cattle raiders were killed in action on Tuesday, however, the government of Northern Liech State could not confirmed how many people were killed, killed or injured as fighting moved into Tonj State.

According to Malual Bok Kiir, The Executive Director of African Youth Action Network – AYAN, the raid was unfortunate.

“The cattle raid carried out by youth from Tonj state on Mayom of Liech state is so unfortunate at this critical time we are searching for peace;

“The authorities in Tonj state should not be quite on such heinous act and immediate investigation should be carried and perpetrators be brought to book” Malual Bol Kiir said.

The youth leader believes that more people have been killed

” I was told about the figure of lost and injured, it was chocking and more than what is reported by Radio tamazuj” Malual continued

Barely a week ago, the Governor of Northern Liech State, Dr. Nguen Manytuil, traveled to Twic East State at an invitation of the governor there to celebrate 34 years of peace.

Nguen, who is also the chairman of a peace initiative in Northern Corridor that comprises of Twic, Ruweng, Gogrial, Aweil East and Abyei Administrative Area, use the invitation to extend his peace campaign to communities in the Northern Corridor.

Sources from Northern Liech State confirmed that the attack commenced in Northern Liech State in the area of Loat, GahGah and Luil in Bul East County at around 2:45am on Tuesday and although the main target were cattle, civilians including women and children were killed and others kidnapped or wounded.

While the Northern Liech Government came out to condemn the attack, Tonj State government is yet to comment on the issues.

For the past few years, ethnic feuds and cattle raiding between the Dinka of the Lakes States and Nuer of Unity State subsided. More ethnic clashes and cattle raid, however, it remained predominantly between the Dinka Apuk and Dinka Aguok of Lakes state.

With such attacks, where youth are heavily armed, Northern Liech State minister of Information, Hon. Lam Tungwar, warns the authorities of Tonj States to combat these incidents before they escalate to bigger problems.

” These incidents could cause problems between the communities. We need to live in peace and harmony,” he said.

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