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BREAKING: Scandalous Arrest of Gen. Buay Rolyang Cause Outrage On Social Media

June 2nd, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — The scandalous arrest of a senior South Sudanese general, Maj. Gen. Buay Rolyang, who was accused of resisting orders from the South Sudan army general headquarters, has outraged a general public which perceives some elements of his arrest as offensive to morality, law and dignity of senior military generals and politicians.

The outrage, however, has stemmed down the Nuer History has some elements of his arrest scorched the old wounds among the Nuer, most of which were inflicted by the “SPLM/A” on the Nuer people in the past.

Within the last 24 hours, a short video clip that reported Gen. Buay’s arrival in the capital, Juba and a short article that was authored by Dr. James Ruai Kuoth Chak have gone viral on social media.

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According to Dr. James Ruai, the scandalous arrest of Gen. Buay Rolyang was tribally motivated and planned to cause chaos or further infighting among the Nuer people.

Lt. Gen. Buay Rolyang Nyang shackled up in chains after trying to defect Salva Kiir’s government(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)
Lt. Gen. Buay Rolyang Nyang shackled up in chains after trying to defect Salva Kiir’s government(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)

The way Buay Rolyang was shown on television was used to create a metal image of inferiority in the minds of every Nuer child. This is how Samuel Gai Tut was also treated after he was killed in 1985. The corpse of Samuel Gai Tut was flogged in a parade for days. The purpose was to create mental trauma among the Nuer by writing a dirty story on their prominent son. This shows strong hatred. The same history would have been done to Dr. Riek Machar if he was captured or killed in 2016, his head was going to be cut off and taken to J1 for a big celebration. This was going to be done by a Nuer child and if it would have caused infighting among the Nuer, it would have still be what Salva Kiir and his extremist Jieng elders wanted to do.  The Nuer must wake up before they are marginalized and forced to extinct.” Dr. James Ruai wrote in an article that first appeared on Nyamilepedia blog, nyamile.co

Dr. Ruai believes that Gen. Buay would have been treated with decency if he was a Dinka general.

“To maintain Dinka Unity and to avoid bloodshed among the Jieng, the Dinka General Paul Malong Awan was welcomed on a red carpet in Juba after his defection. Malong was celebrated and decorated as if he was returning from a national mission” Dr. Ruai said.

Compared to how Gen. Malong Awan was treated in 2015 after he rebelled the government, Dr. Ruai said Gen. Buay was humiliated simply because he is a Nuer.

He would argue that Gen. Malong was treated the same way President Salva Kiir was treated in 2004 after defecting from the SPLM/A, and Gen. Buay Rolnyang was treated the same way his predecessors from his Nuer tribe like Gen. William Nyuon Bany and Samuel Gai Tut were treated in the past.

Like Dr. Ruai, many South Sudanese intellectuals, specially Nuer on both sides, shared the same feeling and majority of them went viral on social media.

” So sad! If Buay would have imagined this time would come, would he have responded differently to the crisis he denied had not happened or would he be the first to say “Kaac Lora” or enough is enough?” Said Dr. Gatluak Thach on social media

“This is set up to arrest him. The plan been in a making since his differences while he was in EL Rink operation commander. Juba push him to Mayom to be capture by his fellow community men. so now who is doing the dirty job? You guess it. It’s all part SPLM/A games play that been playing over and over and for sure Puljang will get same treatment once the plan is completed.” Said Joseph Kueth on social media

“Watching this disturbing video clip, tells the divide & conquer strategy against Nuer family is working. The fact that the failed JCE regime paraded him on national TV and let another Nuer in the name of Luk R. K talked trash against his kinsmen shows that their strategy is working so far. Sad” Said James Omunu

“Wow this is good, because that is the government he serve and kills is own people Nuer because of foods. The next one is Lul Ruey koang and the other’s. I am not happy for Nuer wew or Nuer yioni.” Said another social media commentator, Thok Bol

“Nuer men need to respect their dignity. Until then no one is going to take Nuer serious in RSS. How can any Nuer fight for Kirr, let alone kill his own for Kirr is beyond me. Same goes for my uncles in Kirr criminal regime. Equatoria and NAS need to wake up. Stop prolonging our suffering by kissing Kirr’s ….” Said Margaret Juan on social media

Although the outrage seems to have united thoughts of many intellectuals in the oppositions and a few elements on government’s side, die-hard supporters of Salva Kiir government, mostly from his Dinka tribe, believe that the scandalous arrest was an SPLA victory.

“Hahahha… SPLA oyeeee, now that we started fighting rebellion to that extent, no one will have to rebel against the government and those who have rebelled before like Luol Ruei the claimed SPLA Spokesperson should also join the General because he was also a rebel too. A rebel is a rebel in any military note. Luol must go to prison for rebelling against the system too.” Emmanuel Riing said.

“That’s what happens to criminals who are vying to keep the country at unnecessary war through endless position – based rebellion- he’ll be court martialled along with his other 50 outlawed soldiers” John Aliap, another commentator added.

Gen. Buay was also arrested under Gen. Paul Malong’s short tenure as the Chief of General Staff of the SPLA at a time when he was the overall commander of the 5th Division, however, he was released within one year.

This time, however, the most successful Bul-Nuer general could be charged with treason and persecuted in accordance with the SPLA court martial laws. 50 to 100 other soldiers will also be tried in the same court for rebelling against the government.

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