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Breaking News: Heavy Fighting in Gangura, South Sudan

SPLA Tanks 2015-12-24 at 2.56.38 PM

Jan 21, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- A heavy fighting near the capital of South Sudan’s Western Equatoria State capital, Yambio, has caused panic and tension in the capital.

Sources from the town of Gangura in Western Equatoria confirmed that a heavy fighting began in Gangura, near Yambio, at around 2Am between SPLA-Juba forces and the Arrow Boys but has now escalated to Yambio.

Speaking to Samson Masiya, the spokesperson of Arrow Boys unit who controlled Gangura, the Arrow Boys claimed to have been attacked by the governments troops at their based but are “now pursuing the government troops to Yambio town”.

According to Masiya, the heavy fighting has escalated to the capital, Yambio

“Heavy fighting began in Gangura, WES, and spreading to some parts of Yambio at the moment between Arrowboys and government forces SPLA.” Said Samson Masiya, the spokesman of Arrowboys.

According to residents who have fled Gangura and some now sheltering at a UN Compound in Yambio, SPLA forces were dispatched yesterday to Gangura, a report governor Patrick Zamoi has denied.

Gen. Zamoi believes that any presence of SPLA in Gangura was not initiated from his office but an order from the “top leadership” in Juba.

Earlier reports indicate that the Arrowboys seized Uze bridge on Nabiapai road to cut off supplies to SPLA forces in the area.

According to reports that are yet to be independently verified, many civilians and named government officials have been killed or missing.The exact number of casualties is yet to be confirmed.

The source alleged that Angelo Parakondo, a commissioner in Salva Kiir’s new Gbudwe State, was among the victims that were killed this morning. The speaker of Western Equatorian State, Paul Tambua, and one minister, whose name is withheld, are also alleged among the prominent persons that are still missing.

Speaking to Peter Lasu Legge in Yambio, government troops launched a harsh operation in the area yesterday to “crush rebellions”.

To Samson Masiya, the today fighting has violated a peace agreement that the arrowboys signed with the government of Salva Kiir last year.

“The group who have been attacked by SPLA are the Arrowboys group who signed peace deal  with the government of WES late last year to bring peace to the region.” Said Masiya, the spokesman of Arrow boys.

Masiya reiterates that insecurity has been rising in Western Equatoria in protest to unilateral appointment of Patrick Zamoi as the governor of Western Equatoria state.

The arrowboys spokesman believes that Patrick Zamoi has no support in Western Equatoria and should not have been appointed without consulting the people of Equatoria on the ground.

“Patrick Zamoi have no support and all this frequent gunshot in Yambio is as an indication that the people of Yambio and WES does not not like him.” Masiya said.

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Iual deng January 21, 2016 at 5:45 am

Good news,this is what government wants because negotiation will not bring peace and war is the only solution for this current conflict. I think SPLA in opposition should do the same thing like arrows boys, but because of weak leadership from SPLA io will never order to fight until they will capture his headquarter therefore he realize that government are not playing with him.in 1991 Mr Machar rebelled against Mr Garng and his movement ended in Nasir the same Mr Machar movement this time will end up in Pagak unless someone will take over and almighty nuer from disaster. Mr Machar will never achieve anything in his life and to understand his when Salva kirr recruited Mathiang Anyor he was a vice President and very powerful position in the country ,but he did not question Kirr why you recruited the army from two states only , that should be a red flag. Everyone today should stand With Mr Machar if he was fire for that reason,but he did not do it because he scare to death.

Wedjuba January 21, 2016 at 6:16 am

Bravo Arrow Boys!!!

Kiir and his angels of thieves the (SPLA) must pay a heavy price. Give them more FIRE and don’t take any prisoner of war. No peace with these JIENGS!!!.

Kill them all!!!.

Gatdarwich January 21, 2016 at 10:56 am

The Incompetent-power-hungry-greedy-traitorous, Killer NyanKiir’s, and the lunatics-fanatic-Jenges Council of Evils’ days are numbered period.

Yambio County Boy January 22, 2016 at 12:25 am

When it started in Mundri, people saw it as isolated case. Same applied to Maridi, Ezo and Yambio. The next thing was the arrow boys of Rii-Rangu and those of Gangura saw it as isolated too. It is now their turn and tomorrow maybe yours reading this mail. Thugs came in between to blackmail and destruct Yambio in particular which caused citizens to suspect fellow citizens of being responsible for the act. As a result, hatred was planted in people’s hearts till today.

In my capacity as youth of WES , I condemn such act which has again put our peace loving people of WES into panic. I call upon the state Government to quickly intervene. Such fightings in many areas have always resulted to random shooting of civilians, looting of property and infrastructure breakage.


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