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Breaking News: Government Militias Attack Maiwut County, IO Stronghold!

A tank belonging to South Sudan army used in the recent conflict in South Sudan’s Upper Nile state(Photo: file)

April 15, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Latest report from Pagak, South Sudan, confirmed that a government militia comprising of troops and mobilized youth launched fresh attacks on the SPLM/SPLA-IO strongholds in Maiwut County.

According to local residents, who responded on phones, a strategically coordinated heavy attacks were launched by the government troops from the direction of Ethiopia targeting civilians populated areas.

Credible sources in Maiwut confirmed that the battles were fought in Thiang, Chienyajani, Chiengwiew and chiengchang areas before the local youth and SPLA-IO soldiers eventually defeated the attacking troops.

Although the number of casualties is yet to be confirmed, the residents of Maiwut are scattered in various directions.

The local youth are believed to be pursuing the attacking force to Ethiopian borders.

Maiwut, a stronghold of the armed opposition, has been a training ground for SPLM/SPLA-IO.

The leadership of SPLM/SPLA-IO including the Chief of General Staff, 1st Lt. General Simon Gatwech Dual, visited the areas this week to graduate a new batch of SPLA-IO troops.

South Sudan government has been accused by the Opposition and the international community of pursuing war in Equatoria and Bhar el Ghazal regions to prevent the rebels from establishing cantonment sites in preparation for the implementation of the peace agreement.

The new attacks and arrest of SPLM/SPLA-IO media team in Juba and supporters in Northern Bhar el Ghazal could delay the return of the First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, to Juba in three days.

At the time of this writing Juba and Pagak were yet to finalize their findings. More updates to follow!

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Abuchook April 15, 2016 at 4:42 am

To All the Supporters and Peace Loving :

Please stop preachingng the the Drum of war …we have seen the results of wars. I love peace but sometimes…………..???

Honestly Speaking the IO as an Opportunists and Positions seekers they are all in the weakest side of history as always. As history Repeated itself you have not achieved any single goal and objective in which you were become rebels.

If IO Opportunists and Positions continued their empty head behavior This CPA 2 will become like KPA ( or Khartoum Peace Agreement ) in which Dr Riek Machar Ebola smacked in the face by Omar El Bashir. And he became as lonely walking dog in Khartoum and for his Riek Ebola benefit and survival at that time he contacted Dr John Garang the Genius if he can rejoin the Real and Patriotics SPLM-Torit …as such Dr John Garang the Genius told to Dr loomed Riek Machar Ebola that his request will be accepted if he agree with some if the very restricted requirements and demands and Guidance for him all coming from the The Real and Patriotics The SPLM Torit High Command … As no choice Dr Riek Machar Ebola accepted all the restrictions and requirements such as that he will never put any military uniform and he never command any uniform men and women unless instructed by the Real SPLM Torit High Command.

In my personal life observation with Riek Machar Ebola attitudes and behaviors : between 1992-1999 and 2002-2005 July Riek Machar Ebola was a toothless smile dog with Empty Head Fake schooled Online Doctor that he claims as Dr Loomed from Ngundeeng not Strategic Planning Management as he claimed.

In my personal observation with Riek Ebola virus… Machar’s thinking and management styles I don’t think and believed that He is Strategic planning Management Real Doctor as he took his online schooled and take home exam .

Good Luck and Please Welcome back shameless and Embarrassed Fake Dr Loomed Riek Machar Ebola you and your IO opportunists and Positions seekers you all have been smacked and kicked in the face by General Kiir diit. 3 years rebellions that’s it and you are all now coming to Juba one by one you have no choice there is no Khartoum to run to again as you always did.

Thank you all very much !

John Gach April 15, 2016 at 8:26 pm

That is what you believe you are a loser animals with no sense

John Gach April 15, 2016 at 8:43 pm

Talking shit visionless animals you see nothing but your primitive ass mindless self greedy power with no value to others with Uganda force that you suck their dick to help you fight against us and some useless nuer in government side you would talk to days I think peace is BETTER than war but if want it.it s in your face right now one more mistakes you will regret you are useless piece of shit none education hopeless you didn’t brought that flags alone think about ours children joys you are not a good leaders you are cock sucka animals with no future.stop you are blind

dojiok April 16, 2016 at 3:51 pm

I think that Dr. machar safe you guys a lot than any body from South Sudan because breaking away of South Sudan was done by Dr. Machar, which help you Dinka a lot today to steal South Sudan resources a lone among 63 other tribes in South Sudan, otherwise, If South Sudanese continues with Dinka ideology of new Sudan of before, i do not think that Sudanese Arab origin of Sudan, could allow you steal a lot like you are doing now in South Sudan. Before, i thought that all Dinka idiot ( Dinka who Support Kiir ideology) could appreciate Dr. Machar ideology of 1991 peace agreement with Sudan that discussed the autonomy of South Sudan self determination from Sudan, which later on, imitated exactly by CPA 1, which led the break away of South Sudan from Sudan. Yes, government in sergeancies tribe attempt to attacked Pagak to kill Machar but end up killing civilian in Gatjaak area. I know that those insurgences tribe came for suicide. I called it a suicide because coming from Murle land to Nuer land for fighting, not for peaceful mean, won’t have good news from the side of attacker, hah. The probability of returning back to Murle land would really be limited for sure, which exactly happened to those insurgencies group recruited by Kiir’s government to attack Nuer in their area. I know they succeeded reach Nuer land and end up to kill more than 100 civilian but their chain to return back to Murle land is limited. Abuchik, make sure that your plan of making peace not to success, by any meant in South Sudan, is known to all South Sudanese and to international communities as well.

Khor Kueth Both April 17, 2016 at 9:59 am

Abuchook how cuold this very well cuz u peoples try so many time to chase us a way still we being brought back by
international communities because understand who we are .
Ok let wait , something big is gone come in the future.

Chuol April 15, 2016 at 4:57 am

It’s not true at all no attack on maiwut county

Bol Gatjang April 15, 2016 at 3:06 pm

Dear Abuchook and Chuol

This is going to be serious business of everyone from Nuee community in diaspora. This areas of eastern Sudan border to Ethiopia has been safe haven for Nuer. Those people who were residue of massacre from Kiir dwell there. The situation right now is unbearable if those fucken Dinka launched a fresh assault in my home land. My message to Dr. Riek if this vicious attack is confirm, please you must have to armed them from least to greatest. GaaJaak or Jikany communities had been the victims of SPLA since it’s genesis. They were keeping the ass of government soldiers in the middle of their fingers meaning their harassment is known to them and they usually uses their self-defense against their dumb treatment. Those soldiers they were coerced and captured trying to recruit them by force, rapes women,virgin girls and raided their cattle since 1983. This was their custom until Dr. Riek took actions in 1991 after he defected from Dr.Jonh G and he after he had seen their anguish. So therefore, Dr.Riek I hope you’re not going to forget to armed those Jikany communities to defend themselves against bulshit of Dinka. I also urged international communities and their allies to look into this precarious situation very closely because otherwise it will escalated. Dinka intends to exterminate Nuer by butchered them every time they got chance because they are looser in the history of South Sudan. Please if you have family there like me don’t keep silence speaks up and eastern Jikany communities get armed. I would also says fuck to 15 dogs or bulls of Malong the attack on my families is true in Eastern Jikany especially Maiwut county.What I do believe Maiwut county would never be abandoned forget it Dinka ,it had been since we fought SAF of Sudan, I know people will die but Maiwut’s people will work it out the strategy sooner than later, stays tune.

Hoiloom April 15, 2016 at 10:48 pm


An attack took place in Jekou area but not Maiwut county itself. The attack took place inside Ethiopian territory inhabited by Nuer of Gajaak.


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