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Dr. Machar: “The Government Has Been Planing to Resolve This Matter Through Military Means”

Dr. Riek Machar has decline to sign IGAD's document on Transitional Government Of National Unity(Photo: Joseph Edward)
Dr. Riek Machar has decline to sign IGAD’s document on Transitional Government Of National Unity(Photo: Joseph Edward)

Nov 5, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — “The government forces have crossed the river, attacked our position in Khorfulus. In any case they have been beaten back. They also attack Phom Zaraf, actually villages around there and they have been beaten back. We know the government has been planing to resolve this matter through military means” Dr. Riek Machar told John Tanza, VOA

“Because they are using the resources that would be used for support of development, humanitarian issues; they are using these resources to buy arms and they have been busy buying arms. This is not a government that wants peace”. Dr. Machar concludes.

Full Interview: http://www.voanews.com/audio/2508848.html

Boats Destroyed in Renewed Clashes as SPLA Commits Atrocities

Government forces supported by Johnson Olony’s militias today in the morning launched fresh attacks on our positions in Fangak and Pigi Counties in northern Jonglei State.

Fangak County, Jonglei State:

Regular forces and militias attacked from two directions;
1. The main force riding in 12 speed boats mounted with 12.7 and 14.5 machines approached Phom El Zaraf from Malakal town using the White Nile River as the conduit of attacks but were spotted and neutralized by our combat support units resulting in the destruction and subsequent sinking of 5 boats with hundreds of SPLA’s Marines feared to have drowned.

2. Secondary force crossed (White Nile River) from Tonga-Panyikang County, Upper Nile State and attacked civilians at Tangbwong village, killing women, children, elderly, raped girls, machine gunned livestock as well as set ablaze parts of the village.

All the attacks on Tangbwong village and Phome El Zaraf were repulsed.

Khor-Fulus County, Jonglei State:

Resistance Forces under direct command of Lt. Col. Thor Gang Lual and under overall command of Maj, Gen. Gabriel Tangiye today succeeded in dislodging government troops and militias who temporarily took control of Khor Fulus 48 hours ago.

It’s regrettable that Kiir’s tribal militias and Olony’s militias are behaving like bandits and deliberately killed and destroyed civilians livelihoods in order to expose them to early hunger.

The Military Leadership of SPLM in Opposition calls upon local, regional and international Human Organizations to investigate and bring to justice those who committed these heinous crimes against civilians. We call on IGAD to condemn SPLA -Juba’s acts of aggression. The renewed attacks on our positions showed government’s lack of commitment to ongoing Peace Talks.

Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang,
Director for Military Information &
Military Spokesman for SPLA.

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