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BREAKING NEWS: ARC set to start printing large bills in money laundering bid to pay employees

September 11, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The African Resource Corporation Limited, a construction company owned by the businessman, Benjamin Bol Mel, has reportedly started a money printing company in the capital, Juba, to begin printing the newly approved 1000 South Sudan Pounds(SSP) in a money-laundry bid to pay employees.

In a statement extended to Nyamilepedia Press by a whistle blower, who identified himself as a consultant from Myanmar, the ARC Resource Corporation Limited has hired a foreign company to print the local currency that will be used to pay the employees working on road projects in pounds that will be produced illegally while the company makes 100% profit from the government road projects hard currency.

“To make the matter worse, I am afraid, the inflation will go as high as it could because of the new project in the pipeline, there is a project to produce new pounds as ARC has hired money printing company to print the 1000 SSP note so that the company has enough money to pay the local workers on the roads projects in pounds produced illegally while the company makes 100% profit from the government roads projects hard currency payments except the materials imported from outside which will be catered for by the exemption funds ARC solicits from real importers.” Read part of the statement extended to Nyamilepedia.

According to the insider,  South Sudan is being run by corrupt politicians just like his country, Myanmar, which makes the whistle blower guilty by association if he does nothing at a time the people of South Sudan may need him the most.

“Your country is being run by goons exactly like my country and I know the people of Myanmar are suffering the same suffering your people are undergoing.” The insiders tell Nyamilepedia.

The insider also revealed that the two suspects, who were arrested by the National Security over the documents he extended to Nyamilepedia, are innocent but were most likely framed up by the owner of ARC Resource Corporation Ltd to cover up the case.

“I learned that there are two guys in the name of Kuot Garang and Jiel Michael already arrested for the first documents I released and sent to your email, those guys are innocent, the ARC Boss is well connected in the security to bring your country down.” The insiders said.

The insider has revealed many documents to Nyamilepedia Press including 12 passports of Bol Mel that bear different names.

“you need to post the 12 passports that I am going to send to you tomorrow to show that Bol Mel Akol is more an enemy to your young country.He processed over 12 passports with different names to avoid international sanctions like what happened to him at ABMC.” The insider added

The ARC won most of the government road contracts and it is currently constructing the Juba-Bor road that will connect Central Equatoria State to Jonglei State.

The South Sudanese billionaire, Benjamin Bol Mel, and his company ARC Construction company are already sanctioned by the United States of America.

Read: United States Sanctions Human Rights Abusers and Corrupt Actors Across the Globe

More documents to follow, stay tuned!

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