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Awut Deng, the Education Minister condemns abusive language by Luanyjang Community

March 13, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — The Education Minister, Hon Awut Deng Acuil has condemned the abusive language that was addressed to her after the cancellation of the primary 8 examinations in the SPLM-IO controlled areas.

South Sudan minister of foreign affairs Awut Deng speaking to the parliament on May 14th 2019|Photo Credit: Eye Radio
South Sudan minister of foreign affairs Awut Deng speaking to the parliament on May 14th 2019 (Photo Credit: Courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)

The Minister acknowledged that it is in the rights of every citizen to criticize people holding public office but such criticism should have limits.

Hon Awut Deng noted that unlike other communities which addressed the issue with her, the Luanyjang community resulted in abusing her.

“For the record, I must state that unlike some other concerned citizens, who brought up the issue of the exams with me, no one from Luanyjang Community contacted me about the exams in Romic’” read a statement by the minister.

“Some people from Luanyjang community resorted to abusing me on social media. Since Monday, the 8th February 2021, very abusive personal attacks have been consistently posted on Social media. This being done on a daily basis seemingly with the intent to defame me and carry out character assassination,” the statement continued.

The Minister continued that she has ignored these abuses but the excessive abuses prompted her to address the situation in a statement.

She said that some Luanyjang Community are using her appointment to constitutional positions in the government by the president as a favour.

According to Hon Acuil, the president appointed both male and female not because “they slept with him”.

She asked the people of LuanyJang Community to tell her when she sold her body to the president.

“I demand answers from these elements in the Luanyjany Community to say when did I sell my body to the president of our country, as you called him my boyfriend?” asked Hon Acuil.

Hon Acuil wondered why the community and the society allowed the abusive language.

The minister said that the abuses are no longer about the examinations but they are personally making an attempt to injure her character.

She concluded by saying that her position is not to sleep with the president or any other leader to be appointed by the president neither does her status as a widow make her a prostitute.

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