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Open Letter To My Nuer Community About My Grievances With SPLM-IO

By Dei Tut Weang,

Dei Tut Weang
Dei Tut Weang (Photo/supplied)

January 1, 2017(Nyamilepedia) ——My dear humble, generous, and yet brave community, Dear Beloved Compatriot,

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you from bottom of my heart and soul practical concerns/issues that are both disturbing and threatening to us under the current supercilious leadership of Dr.Riek Machar for the past three decades of our struggle for freedom, justice and equality.

  1. In 1991- 2002. Dr.Riek Machar squandered the hard-won resistance of the Nuer by the Dinka Leadership of Garang when the Khartoum Peace Agreement was signed and later failed because of his poor leadership management. Dr.Riek Machar appointed only Dinka and Equatorians in key portfolios of Khartoum Peace agreement and led to division and frustration on Nuer prompting our return to Garang as losers. Machar has never respected nor recognized Nuer political leaders, academia and intellectuals throughout his leadership instead he exploited the innocent loyalty of our grassroots (traditional chiefs and magicians) for his leadership ambitions.
  2.  In 2002- 2005, Dr.Riek Machar brokered a weak reunification with Garang leading to sidelining of Nuer political leaders, military officers, academia and intellectuals in the SPLM/A , and later in the CPA power sharing arrangements.
  3. In 2005-2013 to date. Dr. Riek Machar never took serious the sacrifices and contributions made and continued to be made by the Nuer political leaders, senior military men and women, academic and intellectuals in decision making of critical matters of the movement except depending on handful of incapable selfish close relatives and friends.
  4. In 2013 – 2016, Dr.Riek Machar mismanaged the Nuer rise against the genocidal regime of Kiir both militarily in pretext of buying support of western governments in fear of accusations of war crimes before the international court. During the establishment of the TGONU, Machar was not considerate of Nuer political leaders, intellectual and academia in power sharing, he instead favored the Dinka and Equatorians causing division within the leadership and consequently the eruption of fighting in July 2016 leading to the collapse of the agreement.
  5. In late September 2016 to date, Machar failure to re-organize the movement despite pressure from the Nuer political leaders, senior military men and women were fruitless causing frustration and feeling of abyss. The recent appointment of Equatorians to key leadership positions of the movement by Machar is a clear message to Nuer that he has no longer confident in their capacity to yield him the power he has lost.

Dear Compatriot, I frankly and with open mind shared these challenges with you because I am utterly disappointed and have reached a high level of frustrations from Machar leadership and curious how we are going to make a progress towards our objectives under such leadership.

Personally and there are many of you out there, who share with me this frustration of being let-down, sidelined, ignored and denied their rightful opportunity to continue to fight for a change that we all strive for. Many of you are aware of my contribution and my work experience and have been left wondering by Dr.Riek Machar self-style leadership of favoring others and frustrating the dedicated hardworking intellectuals with political, diplomatic and civic advocacy wealth of knowledge and experience just because they are Nuer.

I was among those who first declared their opposition against Kiir massacre of Nuer in December 2013 and was posted in Kenya. I continued to show willingness to serve the movement at all fronts but was also sidelined in numerous attempts by Machar himself. What else can one do in such a situation, join the enemy, declare your own movement and let Machar continued to mess up the destiny of ones own people in his very eyes? I want to hear your thoughts to help me and others who are also wondering in such abys Yours Sincerely,




Dei Tut Weang

Former Representative of SPLM IO in Kenya.

Former Acting Director General of Investigation /Anti-corruption

Former Director General of Investigation/ National Employees Justice RSS

Email: dtutweang@yahoo.com

CC/: Riek Machar Teny, SPLM In Opposition Chairman

CC/: SPLM In Opposition Mission/Chapters abroad

CC/: Nuer Community Organization (s) abroad

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Editorial Team.


Naath United Naath January 2, 2017 at 4:10 am

Thank for this, its true Nuer that can come up with such a letter prior to making any decision.
This is what lack from other intelectual Nuer to come out & express their feeling.than just jumping into a wrong conclusion.
Ur thought are very touching me & may be others.
Just hang. ‘ll get back to u.

simon peter January 2, 2017 at 4:06 pm

Such a gent we know you, Why you did question Kiir, and Dinka elders who kills people in Juba. Riek machar was running for his own life and yet you still blaming him. You destroy Nasir community and you want to destroy Movemnt? such agent go to hell.

Nhial Gai Majak January 3, 2017 at 11:23 pm

Dear Dei Tut Weang,

Your blames are weird and baseless.
If you want to join Kiir genocidal adminstration, go ahead instead of bias blames


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