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South Sudan: Great Leap From War To Genocide Under Global Watch

Public Statement, AWAPISS:

Tanks used in December 2013 by Salva Kiir government demonish and kill civilians in the capital city, Juba. Thousands of Nuer ethnic group in were killed in three days, which trigerred revenges and government led massacres across the three states of Upper Nile(Photo: file)
Tanks used in December 2013 by Salva Kiir government demonish and kill civilians in the capital city, Juba. Thousands of Nuer ethnic group in were killed in three days, which trigerred revenges and government led massacres across the three states of Upper Nile(Photo: file)

April 23, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- South Sudan civil war got started way back on 15th December, 2013 and overstretched well over 2 years of both human and material resources devastations.

It defies numerously declared cessation of hostilities and subsequent ceasefire agreements. Even though peace agreement was signed in August last year, 2015, it has faced so far troubled implementation.

One set back to the already troubled peace agreement is government’s ineptness to renegotiate some provisions it thinks unfavorable to its cause by creating 28 tribal states and 16 of which are dominated by President Kiir’s ethnic Dinka community in place of 10 states. Another sticking point is security arrangements.

Adding up to those two worrisome concerns is each side of the warring faction accusing the other of flagrant failure to observe peace process.

More paradoxical and perplexing too, is government that is standing opposed to peace agreement implementation, clearly meant to stop death of so many of its people dying of starvation in its controlled areas of Greater regions of Bahr el Ghazal and Equatoria while an inevitable economic collapse looms large if TGoNU is not getting formed within the next couple of weeks.

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SPLM/A-IO’s top leadership on the other, is ever busy coming to Juba less armed on the populist agenda of saving peace wrapped in war rhetoric by the government, making many observers to wonder what kind of peace is worth human blood sacrifices instead of saving lives.

With international community that is given the task of mediating and monitoring smooth peace implementation in letter and spirit giving a balanced blame game that augurs ills for an even and healthier implementation process.

Despite the above mentioned hiccups, the peace process has reached the decisive final stages of implementation that are even more troublesome in threatening to roll back the previously more promising gains to the breaking point of genocide.

Reasons causing the discomforting concern are numerous and equally varied as illustrated below:

  1. Non-demilitarization of four state capitals of Central Equatoria, Upper Nile, Unity and Jonglei to pave way for both implementation of peace agreement and coming in of SPLM/A-IO in order to form Transitional Government of National Unity with Salva Kiir’s wing of SPLM/A.
  2. In Juba despite the coming of SPLM/A-IO ‘s police force, establishment of Joint Integrated Police (JIP) to ensure security in the capital for all has been brutally curtailed. It is the same government security forces favorable to some and hostile to others still running the show.
  3. Transporting into Juba the designated number of SPLM/A-IO’s troops has been opposed by the government for only a few are allowed in.
  4. Members of both Dinka and Nuer communities are voluntarily and completely deserting areas under respective control of SPLM/A-IO and government’s forces in Juba, zoning the capital into two rival enclaves as an ominous sign of ill-will. They do so in expectation of an inevitable just to avoid getting caught in the cycle of tribal killings as it occurred back in fateful December, 2013.
  5. Government instead of demilitarizing Juba, is militarizing it heavily including its surroundings with the view to encapsulate Juba so that designated target group doesn’t escape again back to bush. [And this was originally said by Kuol Manyang and Paul Malong Awan]. Forces committed to militarization of Juba are Dinka soldiers from two states of Warrap and Northern Bahr el Ghazal as well as foreign troops such as North Sudanese rebels and elements of Ugandan UPDF, all disguising as petty traders in Juba.
  6. In Gaeda, Juba and Luri 25 miles outside Juba government has built up its ammunitions stores in order to supply its fighters once conflict erupts.
  7. Unknown number of sophisticated weapons are being smuggled into the city daily as well as positioned in strategic locations to an extend that all trusted senior military officers have ammunition stores in their homes that shall serve as supply lines for all its soldiers disguised into civilian clothes when their planned violence erupts. That is in fulfillment of what they called the last “rain” which will completely erode the targeted group [Nuers] from face of the earth.
  8. SPLM/A-IO supporters who have been alerting the local communities in neighborhoods about coming to Juba of Deputy chairman, General Alfred Lado Gore and Chairman and First Vice President designate have been either arrested or beaten up by members of the security forces. Previously and evidently, despite being normal routine for the members of the public to make announcements on laud speakers in Juba neighborhoods, especially by agents of both local and foreign musicians without being subjected to unnecessary harassment, intimidation and humiliation, 16 members of the SPLM/A-IO media team were arrested by security forces elements just hours ahead of General Alfred Lado Gore’s arrival in Juba on 17th April for three days. Their only unforgivable mistake was why disturbing the public peace when informing members of the public on laud speakers in Juba neighborhoods. The arrest is simply an indicative of worst to come for peace agreement implementation and SPLM/A-IO’s community in Juba and other towns.
  9. Most posters and billboards put up to welcome to Juba Dr. Riek Machar are either torn into pieces or brought down and crashed respectively.
  10. Government is not willing to let in the agreed number of troops and types of weapons accompanying the SPLM/A-IO leader and his Chief of general staff, General Simon Gatwech Dual. Now they are awaiting clearance from government at an Ethiopian regional airport of Makot in Gambella or else they can’t risk flying in without those troops and weapons.
  11. Government has taken over the reception of SPLM/A-IO leader, Dr. Riek Machar with only 51 members co-opted to make appearance at the airport while only 15 out of 51 shall witness his swearing in at the state house immediately following his arrival.
  12. Government operatives have ruled out Dr. Riek Machar addressing members of the public at Dr. John Garang Mausoleum on peace and its implementation upon arrival, except paying homage to the late SPLM/A’s leader.
  13. Sources inside the government have animated that some elements in the same government, with tacit agreement of President Kiir himself, have instructed their prepared hit men to launch an attack on Machar at an opportune time whether alone or with Kiir who is seemingly resigned to fate of dying so long as Machar dies with him.
  14. Then what will follow is SPLA’s chief of general staff, General Paul Malong Awan taking over the transitional government. That is in case Kiir dies with Machar in hell of fire. Or if Kiir survives the ordeal, he would be re-instated as the President with SPLM/A-IO and its senior leaders crashed into an oblivion once and for all. Compounding such callously unbecoming move is that high placed security sources revealed that about 80 members of SPLM/A-IO are earmarked for an immediate arrest if they survive an impending physical elimination and takeover of the government by pro-Kiir military wing.
  15. More and less notable mouth pieces of Dinka dominated regime have done more than enough lip services in mobilizing Dinka community and government security apparatus towards achieving the second phase of ethnically cleansing members of the Nuer tribe and hard core supporters of SPLM/A-IO from other ethnic communities in Juba.

These notable mouth pieces are as follows:

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Bona Malual Madut:

During his visit to Kansas City, Kansas, USA, on Saturday March 21, 2015, Mr. Bona Malwal said South Sudan existed thanks to the Dinka and therefore belongs to the Dinka people, and the Dinka have earned it and are where they are now above all others in South Sudan.

Bona Malwal stated they, the Dinka, are justified and deserved to be honored and respected for the hard-earned independence of South Sudan, but the Nuer are destroying this hard earned right, which was achieved by the blood of Dinka. His statement only shows the level of Dinka community’s audacity to hang onto power come what may.

James Gai Yoach:

At the behest of his boss Brigadier General Malak Ayuen Ajok who is SPLA Director for Information and Public Relations, Lt. General James Gai Yoach on Feb. 29th 2016 said on SSTV thus:

Let me tell you, you the Nuer, Riek Machar is not coming to Juba for peace but to ensure that all the Nuer are kill. Machar was not happy to see other Nuer civilians still alive and reside in the capital Juba after 15 December 2013 massacre’’.

This is a belated call to rally a few Nuer against Machar in the event planned round of conflict comes to fruition.

Kuol Manyang Juuk:

He was quoted in recent month of March while addressing some soldiers in his home town of Bor as saying: get prepared for the last battle out of which Riek Machar won’t escape alive again as he did in December, 2013.

Paul Malong Awan:

April 13th 2016, the Dinka militia General said: during a visit to his home village of Malualkon in Northern Bahr el Ghazal Aweil on last Tuesday, before his private militia of about 3.600 poor Dinka youth who were later scattered and chased to Central Africa by Fertit fighters of Wau.

That: he will ensure that Machar will not get chance to become president. Again he also said: the armed opposition leader, Riek Machar, will never become President of the new country in my presence.

Salva Kiir Mayardit:

In a speech coinciding the expected arrival of Dr. Riek Machar and reported widely on Sudan tribune’s website on 19th April, 2016, Kiir urged his supporters to be on a state of alert as people of regime change are coming and stressed that 28 states he unilaterally declared on 2nd October 2015 are there to stay.

Kiir apart from 28 states, is hell-bent on renegotiating all provisions of Compromise Peace Agreement he doesn’t like and which made him to term the whole agreement he grudgingly signed as bad peace, which is an equivalent to no peace.

By renegotiating the peace deal he will sneak in by hooks or crooks all his 50 something so called reservations and should Machar refuse, Kiir’s intransigent stand shall trigger off his planned ‘’last rain war’’ to physically eliminate Machar. Even it is likely he won’t announce the names of nominees for respective ten Ministers and 2 deputy Ministers meant for SPLM/IO in TGoNU exactly the way Machar puts forwards to him.

Mart Elia Lomuro’s recent public statement proves exactly what Kiir will likely do.

In sharing out of 17 MPs among 17 political parties, Kiir offered 10 MPs to allied parties of National Agenda led by Martin himself while leaving in the cold the opposition National Alliance parties under Dr. Lam Akol against JMEC’s proposal as per agreed quota system in the peace agreement. Martin in a press conference, defended Kiir’s action as was quoted in Juba Monitor newspaper of Thursday April 21, 2016 that: ‘’as we all know the IGAD led mediation became obsolete and such it is President Salva Kiir who now has the authority to receive the list and appoint, not JMEC’’.

Michael Makuei Lueth:

On Tuesday this week, Michael Makuei Lueth, the minister of Information and Broadcasting, said that Machar’s plane was not allowed to land because he was trying to enter South Sudan with “an arsenal of arms, inter alia, anti-tanks, laser-guided missiles, and heavy machineguns”.

He also said that Machar and his delegation were trying to transport too many soldiers to Juba.

On the contrary, weapons expert who reviewed the manifest said all the arms “would be considered either a small arm or light weapons”.

If an enemy can’t allow his rival to hold anti – tank and anti-aircraft propelled grenades is in another word saying he has plan to use his tanks and war aircrafts against the opponent that is what seems to prove Makuei’s militant stand in ensuring opposition weapons to counter their stocks filed arsenal don’t come to Juba. Since it is the only simplest disarming strategy for Machar’s easier physical elimination once in Juba without any stiff resistance.

This government’s stand has no reference point what so ever in history of security arrangements following the signed peace accords. Proving opposition right to carry its weapons to Juba is 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement, CPA in which members of SPLA integrated unit went to Khartoum with all their assorted weapons without being subjected to scrutiny by SSAF.

And how come an executive Vice President in stature of Dr. Riek Machar be guarded in Juba with only AK 47 rifles against his rival Salva Kiir whose troops are holding even the internationally banned weapons like chemical weapons and scud missiles?

And even more worst evidence is the fact that representatives of world powers including the United Nations and Troika residing inside Juba are busy in preparing South Sudan as the ‘’killing field’’ by pressing Dr. Riek Machar to come to Juba in face of the brewing genocide while similarly urging their citizens to leave South Sudan or to keep off South Sudan.

While the same international community is neither disarming both sides of the conflict nor allowing them to arm themselves equally to the teeth as universally proven conflict prevention mechanism.

This speaks volume of their ill –intention towards both Machar and South Sudan as a country. If it is to recall the initial period to the build up to conflict in 2012 and final outbreak of the conflict in 2013 down to the lead up to first rounds of peace negotiations between the two rivalling forces, the West was fond of pushing aside Kiir and Machar from the leadership for an alternative leader to act as their puppet and swindle the new country’s resources for them. That failed.

 New UN-Troika strategy

Now Troika is crafting a deadly new strategy to achieve the takeover of the country through the two rival leaders eliminating themselves or one that survives will be taken to an international criminal court on trumped up charges of eliminating the other. One getting eliminated physically and survivor taken to court for life, then the project of an alternative leadership in South Sudan will be achieved eventually.

This Western strategy of politically liquidating a third world country’s leadership in order to rob it of its natural resources is not new. In Africa, it first happened successfully in Democratic Republic of Congo since its independence in 1960 through the killing of socialist Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba by CIA via their puppets army chief, General Joseph Mobutu Sessesseko turned President and Moise Tshombe, leader of secessionist mineral rich Katanga province. Lumumba’s abomination was to curve out for former Soviet Union Congo rich in minerals that can be partly used for making the atomic bombs’ particles.

And later in Iraq through oil for food program in late 1990s till the turn of new Millennium when Sunni President, Saddam Hussein was eliminated through former Shiite Prime Minister, Noor AL Maliki.

Recommendations to block stalemate threatening peace agreement implementation:

  1. Disarming Juba and three Greater Upper Nile states’ capitals of Bentiu, Malakal and Bor completely
  2. Ensuring only the presence of the agreed number of troops on both sides in four capitals.
  3. Allowing the joint police force to be deployed in Juba and three other cities as agreed in the peace deal.
  4. All cabinet and two leaders’ meetings must always be held under the close security guidance of JMEC and UNMISS until the end of three – month period.
  5. Outlawing any further renegotiation of peace agreement provisions in order to close any open window for a slight disagreement that can ignite violence.
  6. Barring cabinet member including the co-principals seen to be curtailing peace implementation from attending three consecutive cabinet sittings.

In conclusion

There are several individuals on both sides of the current political divide with far more accurate and detailed information than this, but choose to let the situation take its own course unperturbed. Their collective pursuit is to gain from leadership vacuum once the two leaders have eliminated themselves.

There are other elements cognizant of the going on who don’t want to act and inform the world. Their reluctance to do so is greatly attributed to Nuer Prophet Ngundeng’s inevitable prophecy they believe cannot be blocked from happening through an ordinary human act.

However, despite the above diverse conspiracies not to act, whistleblowers of this information unanimously decided to avert the situation through human efforts or at least lessen the damage should the conflict erupt as planned.

Revealing this life-saving information has noble objectives to achieve as well as being equally multi-dimensional. The main object is to inform and alert the innocent people who could be caught unawares in the possible web of developing incidence so that they be cautious in their day to day movements once Riek Machar’s plane touches down in Juba.

Another reason for releasing this vital information is to prevent the planed incidence from happening. For if the perpetrators realize that their plot is exposed, they may shelve it.

It is also to tell the world about who are exactly plotting this impending doom in South Sudan lest there shall be balanced blame game in future.

And lastly, following the post- incidence period, the information should be verifiably authenticated to track down the alleged perpetrators and others would later be linked to the incidence on both sides so that they are arranged in court of law to be set up.

This statement is released by The Anti-War Alliance for Peace Implementation in South Sudan, AWAPISS, reachable through awapisssouthsudan@gmail.com

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concerned citizen April 23, 2016 at 6:42 pm

Thank you for your information. It look like the incident is going to happen no matter how south sudanese try their best to prevent it. Now, south sudanese are fighting for power. But the reality is that there is no benefit for any tribe in south sudan at all in this war. It is not going to benefit dinka nor Nuer, chollo, Equatorian as whole or any other tribe of South sudan. In fact the war is not going to be a lesson for the whole country. The war was designed long time ago in order to weaken the country so criminal can come and settle in that beautiful land and also grab land and steal many resources available . Full stop!!

concerned citizen April 23, 2016 at 6:45 pm

I mean the war is going to be a lesson to all south sudanese citizens.

Deng Deng April 24, 2016 at 12:57 am

A brewing genocide, and the world is watching. Disgraceful that the troika nations put unilateral pressure on IO, but not on government side. Jub is powderkeg, with 1000 fuses and 10 000 people with a box of matches.
And the world is watching. The ill will and stubbornness by Kiir, Malong and Lueth clear for all tosee. Red lines being thrown all over. Not once any declaration of a Vision or a real and believable strategy forward for all 10 million people of the 64 tribes. Nothing. And the world is watching. and the disgraceful limitations on movement and travel restrictions by some western nationz (perhaps read by IO leadership), doesn’t imply any confidence in peace or rather a peaceful development in Juba or elsewhere.
Why hasn’ t the troika offered their VP to accompany DrRiek to Juba? be there with eyes and ears to report from the ground.This the only thing Kiir fears. And deploying media representation all over, which Kiir fears (with the benefit of driving Lueth into another anti media frenzy no doubt).
Eliminate the media monopoly of Muir and by doing this create stability. For all. Fly drones and helicopters of the government controlled areas, report, this will prevent the secret build up which so easily can explode. Whilst the world is watching.

chuolpur April 24, 2016 at 3:05 am

that is all about u said comrade we don’t need another genocide to repeat itself the best way is the third mediators peace maker both international and national body who were witness the signed of the peace deal in A/A should work seriously to accompanied the top leader to watch whatsoever from whoever especial those who ruins the country/devastated it and they wants it again to do it as its.

Bol Gatjang April 24, 2016 at 2:22 pm

These all Dinka leaders in this lists deserves to face justices from ICC with the rests of thousands who are forgotten in list. These individuals group were squandered so many thousands and ten thousands of human lives. They have disguised themselves as only citizens of South Sudan who do not recognize the other citizens’ right with awkward experience. Iam personally sick and tired of seeing them with their cows brains to survive and committed human gross by dehumanizing people. I wish them dead or go to ICC since they have promoted all this spiral situations with so much devastation. Therefore, those guys in lists are scavengers who committed heinous crimes to be seen around in South Sudan. Their beings in South Sudan has so much predicament experience to all tribes,they are solely racists or greedy to stay with others human being who have guns to fucking their ass.

Bol Gatjang April 24, 2016 at 2:25 pm

I mean who have no guns , sorry to threaten them


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