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By Professor David de Chand

©10 April 2018


Ambassador/Professor David de Chand
Ambassador/Professor David de Chand Ruai speaking to media in Khartoum, Sudan(Photo: file)

April 21, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — CMA-IO comprises of all non-SPLA-IO components, i.e., SSDF, SSRA, SSUFM/A, including the SPLA-IO and those that have been disillusioned by Dr. Machar’s lack of leadership, compatibility, complexity, credibility, vision, and transformative leadership. We have been moving in a vicious cycle for decades and we remained silent anticipating change, which never ever happened. Specifically, we have neither gone one leap forward nor gone one leap backward, but at virtual stand standstill with nowhere to go nor made significant strides to move forward. Therefore, the result has been of braking the ties that would nourish growth and development by having decided to full out or divorcing from Dr. Machar’s as of as quickly as possible to join the revitalization of the 2015 Peace Agreement as different movements with no relations to SPLA-IO. We would be committed to peace process like we did in the past that we have been deliberately and willfully marginalized from it by the SPLA-IO and SPLA-IG and their components. Now are back and they would either run away or to submit to waging war of peace as civilized human beings.

Although we would join the peace process, we would like to make one thing quite clear from the onset or affront that we would not join the pact or the so-called Alliance in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, because they have got nothing to offer, but they are true appendences of Juba with a mission to destroy the Movement. Let it be registered and known to all that our separation from Machar’s does not perpetuate ethnic divides, it would keep us united to fight the same cause and objective. Nothing would divide the Nuer nation in time like these. We did it for a purpose-that’s. we all wanted to remove Dr. Machar’s because he has failed and could neither the ability to lead nor to offer a new vision not only for the Nuer people as the premiere facie victims of genocide in South Sudan targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. In theses concurrent circumstances and forever, let there be no Nuer turning the muzzle of Ak-47 against his fellow Nuer’s brooder bond. For anyone who would do this unfaithful act, he could meet the catastrophic consequences of his actions. We should seek first Nuer Unity and the rest would be added. Dr. Machar’s failed our nation, deceived, manipulated and maneuvered our people in the leadership of South Sudan. We shall overcome this false prophecy of Dr. Machar’s and his renegades. We would be ready to Dialogue par cum pare (Equal) with one another if we wish to in due course of time.

CMA and all its components would be gear towards achieving peace with dignity and to remove the genocidal regime in Juba. We would have no compromised on this objective until the mission would be accomplished. Assuredly, this would not happen peacefully as we would like it to be anticipated, but only through the intensification of the armed struggle against Salva Kiir’s regime and his foreign supporters, i.e., Uganda, Kenya and Sudan rebel movements (JEM, SRF and the SPLA-N. We have already captured young Kenyans and Ugandan trained in their respective countries and sent to South Sudan to be integrated into the SPLA Militias. The world should know in advance that we have no mercies for any foreign fighters captured with SPLA Juba militias. They re mercenaries and not covered by Article 1 of the Geneva Convention and all the Amendments thereunto.

To the people of South Sudan we have given you all a new Covenant for you’re to rebuild, to reunite in unity in diversity, cultural diversity, and multiculturalism. God loves you all because you are his beloved children without any exceptionalism.

CMA-IO belongs to all of you, cherish it, keep it, “Asks, it will be given,” “Knocks, it will be given”, and “Seeks, yea will find.” This is the bottom line.  To the people of the world, in my capacity as the author of this work, I have got a brief message or anecdote for you to read, to chew, to swallow, and to digest. Reckoning, that Salva Kiir’s de facto and illegitimate regime committed genocide defined as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity in the world and   South Sudan in particular and used chemical warfare similar to Syria, let it  be known that the Jieng [Dinka] leadership has failed miserably in leading South Sudan and the world kept silent, including the entire ecumenical council and the Vatican, South Sudan Council of Churches, Synagogues, and the Islamic Masjids uproars  in Syria and failed to condemn the crime of genocide in South Sudan. The whole world has been concerned about Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Kurdistan-Iraq, and Northern Ireland, but remained virtually silent on South Sudan genocide. We have already overcome the regime’s dream that deliberately and willfully targeted the Nuer people for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part has fizzled or failed.

This time around, it would become the Nuer’s leadership time as the only means to bring about peace and tranquility, reunification, reintegration of the state in South Sudan and democratically power sharing in a shared federal or a confederal state comprises of theTen (10) original states with their demarcated political boundaries by the British colonial rulers and the post-split from the mother country- Sudan- in 2011. The South should be divided into three regions such that the people of each region should utilize their available ecological wealth for their own local development without any interference from the center and to govern themselves by their customary laws and traditions. No minority self-proclaimed leaders like Dr. Lam Akol and Thomas C. Sawaka being sponsored and mentored by foreign power- mainly Uganda and Kenya who are not even loved by their own kind or folks that could lead via superimposition without the consent and the approval of the majority. For those who have sponsored and mentored those to assume the gable from the Nuer-Dinka majority, they would have pretty tougher and critical experiences this time around. How long any minority can sit down on the Presidential Chair? Who would give them protection and who would recognize them as leaders? We would be unreceptive or to not accept “minority superimposition” by any external powers on this plan to rule South Sudan. It would be a do or die. We would not accept democracy in reverse-that’s to say, “Minority rule” and “Majority rights?” Where do we find this political system on the planet-Earth? For those walking with attaches or brief cases proclaiming to be an “Alliance,” we say to them that they are just wasting their time in the Ethiopian Capital of Addis-Ababa because IGAD has already failed to produce peaceful and conflict resolution in South Sudan. What really left in South Sudan is the intensification of the armed struggle or the USCIA activities in South Sudan to get rid of the genocidal regime. If there could be any superimposition, it would be Ambassador/Professor David de Chand’s to lead as the most preferable choice of the people. I am ever ready to undertake or to shoulder such a responsibility for the cause of the state and its people.

Assuredly, this is Nuer time and only a Nuer would be superimposed to rule South Sudan, but never ever a minority without the consent of the majority.  It would be recalled in 2010 in which Dr. Lam Akol’s bluntly or stated it baldly that the Nuer was not ready to lead. Why did we have to die for the liberation of South Sudan?  Dr.  Akol’s should reckon now that the time has come for the Nuer to lead, to eradicate corruption, ethnocentrism (tribalism), and social and racial discrimination in South Sudan, that there would be peace, tranquility, and prosperity,  and that greater stability would be been achieved and democratic process would take shape and form. Certainly, a Nuer would provide better and successful leadership. We urge and appeal to America and Europe to Superimpose former Sudan Ambassador and Director of Peace and Human Rights, MOFA, former Senior National Expert in the Presidency of the Republic of Sudan a priori to the split of South Sudan in 2011 and Professor of international relations/international law at several US Universities, and a US Army Vietnam Era and the Cold War in Europe (NATO) Veteran.  We forewarned European powers not to superimpose any leaders against the free will and consent of the people. This could spark more bloody warfare. The people prefer Professor de Chand to be internally and externally to be superimposed to lead the state of South Sudan.

“We the people known as self governance; without the people there is no government. Government only exist to serve its “We the people” inherent God’s blessings to be of free will, and by that virtue we have created the government to serve us, thus, we the people are its creator. God or Allah or Kwuoth Nhial created man, man created the government by ways of Constitutional creature, which accountable to its creator man, as man is accountable to God, Allah or Kwouth Nhial.” [The concept of a Government] Professor David de Chand, memoirs].

“I am an intellectual man with philosophy in prophecy and everything that I have written, lectured, and foretold as prophesized events to take place have come into fruition as we now speak. The concurrent situation and the personalities involved in the usurped South Sudan had come into existence as we so speak.” Prof. de Chand, Memoirs.

As a food for thought for those men and women that would travel to be representatives and participants in the revitalization of the 2015 peace Agreement signed by Dr. Riek Machar on 15 August 2015 in the Ethiopian Capital of Addis-Ababa and was a fortnight later signed by Salva Kiir in the South Sudanese Capital  of Juba on 27 August 20015, they were not all going for peace sake, but deepening their pockets with money and many of them to feel good and do not even undertake the purpose of leadership, and the meaning fullness of such a great noble mission. Its good for South Sudanese and agents for change should not first think about “deepening packets,” but what should be done first in recuing or reccistating the dying nation of South Sudan.

Rest assuredly, with determination, motivation, red bald of courage, gusts and gusto, a new vision and hard work, South Sudan would neither die nor disappears on Africa’s map compared to Poland in Central Europe that disappeared and reappeared again at the end of World War II (1939-1945). Conclusively, those who wish to return to the third round of talks on the revitalizations of the 2015 peace  accord whenever and wherever that’s, that have been also predetermined to become also doomed and gloomed compared to the first and the second rounds of IGAD talks. Therefore, the representatives and participants in the process should rethink seriously and critically about the past, the present, that makes the future. Never ever travel to Addis-Ababa with the dream, ambition, and for the sake of “Deepening pockets” with cash because that could become an entrapment. We all should collectively and nationalistically think positively about the ways and the means for “peaceful political change” rather than “Dialectic Materialism” or “Deepening pockets” that have been the sources of our problems in South Sudan from day one of the premature birth of the Africa’s youngest pre-born and pre-failed state that moved from statelessness to statelessness up to now and beyond, unfortunately. Professor David de Chand, [Memoirs].

If any Jieng [Dinka] men and women had the illusions pumped into their own minds that South Sudan is Dinka and that everything therein is Jieng [Dinka] that would be an illusion that could lead to self-destruction of some octogenarian that conceptualized such negative preoccupations. South Sudan belongs to all South Sudanese as one nation and one people. The young Dinka should know that a man may die, and nations rise and fall and the idea leaves on.” Salva Kiir was elected as President; it does not mean that a Jieng would always become the President. He (Salva Kiir) could become the first and the last Jieng President for the next 50-100 years because of the things that the Jieng have done, which they ought to have done. What we meant here, of course, that the genocide or democide and ethnic cleansing committed by the Jieng against their fellow countrymen would be haunting them politically for generations ahead as real political collateral damage in socio-political perspectives in South Sudan.

Given the concurrent circumstances created by the Jieng leadership in South Sudan has failed and it’s reckoned to be so internationally. Therefore, we have left with only two choices either we destroyed it or we reform it or invigorate it to become functional rather than being a dysfunctional state for all under the banner of a shared federal system of government based on the Ten (10) original states with their inherited political boundaries demarcated by the British colonial administration and the post-split from Sudan- the mother county- on 9 July 2011. Assuredly, there would be no Dinka, no Nuer, no Equatorians, no Bari, no Azande, no Shilluk (Chollo) or any jackass domination, oppression, and exploitation in the land called South Sudan. We would be determined and motivated to fight it with tooth and nail as a negative sentiment in the of nation building process. We have the capacity and the ability to destroy it has the Jieng already had done it, but it would be sooner rather later to be avenged by any means necessary. All eyes are focused on Warrap and Aweil. Professor de Chand’s [Memoirs].WHAT IS CMA-IO?  



CMA-IO is the “We The People” movement founded on the ideals and principles of the Franco-American Revolutions that have impacted and affected the entire world and the ongoing  dictatorship, oligarchy, Stalinist, One-party state rule and/or conflict in the failed Africa’s youngest state that moved from statelessness to usurpation in South Sudan.

Deeply committed to systematically, orderly, and immediately desirable change of the de facto and illegitimate genocidal, barbaric, and wicked regime in Juba either through the Non-Violence or passively process or by violence means necessary for the maximization and the intensification of the armed struggle ;

Fully cognizant that if such an attempt has been doomed from taking off through, peaceful and political means in the failed state of South Sudan that moved from stateless to statelessness government to usurper government; “

We The People” have been organized to intensify the armed struggle as the last resort  after having exhausted every viable and available means or options on the table to be utilized in removing the Dinka Dictator Salva Kiir for the good of the “We The People,” to absolve the accessory oligarchic who has  become regional and international terrorists, and the like prototype regime in Juba and/or by exposing them as the  public enemy Numbero Uno (#1)  such that by any means necessary available at CMA-IO-IG disposal to get rid  of these criminals so that CMA-IO to assure Peace and Security nationally and internationally throughout South Sudan state.

Please be aware yourselves that the attainment of a just, durable and lasting peace in South Sudan means a reversion to the Ten (10) original Federal States with all inherited political boundaries demarcated by the UK  as of 1.1.1956 and the post-spilt of South Sudan from the mother country-Sudan- on 9 July 2011 that created the paradox of two Sudans and the returned to the revitalization of 2015 Peace Agreement signed by Dr. Riek Machar in the Ethiopian Capital of Addis-Addis-Ababa on 17 August 2015 and in a fortnight later on was signed by Salva Kiir in the South Sudan Capital of Juba on 27 August 2015, respectively.

However, in order for peace to return to South Sudan by peaceful and political means, it must recognize CMA-IO as the government in exile. It is neither Dr. Machar’s nor Salva Kiir nor the Lucifer’s Taban that all must go and wither away with the winds. Otherwise violence will intensify armed struggle to defend itself which would further create catastrophic consequences throughout South Sudan, and to the obsolete IGAD members of Salva Kiir’s who failed to meet the assigned prerequisites and protocol without any preconditions to mandate quid-pro-quos as sine-qua-non as an indispensable action and collusive  condition to bring peace in South Sudan. CMA-IO-IO states as follows that:-

  • To force the de facto and illegitimate usurper President of South Sudan to resign and to concede to the will of “We The People;”
  • To relinquish power and to return the instruments of the government to its rightful owners- that is the self governed;
  • To dissolve the entire de facto and illegitimate government, its bureaucracy, and all the its defected and notorious security apparatus;
  • To unconditionally immediately withdrawal of all foreign troops from South Sudan soil with emphasis on some IGAD mediators’ Countries headed by Uganda, Kenya, Sudan rebel movements (JEM, SRF, and SPLA-N) , Rwanda, Burundi, the Rwanda-Uganda supported-M23 rebels in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (The R. Congo) and others who had actively physically played roles by participating in the war process fighting for Juba against the gallant and courageous South Sudan Citizens Militia Army- In Opposition [CMA-IO], thusly constituting the de jure and legitimate government in exile;
  • Peace would not return to South Sudan through the IGAD mediators’ negotiated settlement before divorcing some IGAD mediators’ Countries that have become  political prostitutes or political polynlandries and got themselves involved the domestic affairs of South Sudan and had been participants in the war fighting for Juba that has, thusly, failed so far;
  • Whereas, IGAD member Countries fighting for Juba must withdraw to divorce themselves from any peace revitalization process, otherwise, it would be imperatively an impractically impossible for peace to return to South Sudan;
  • The war could longer be at issue, provided that Salva Kiir’s de facto, illegitimate, barbaric, and genocidal, regime is brought to justice. Presently Salva Kiir has become a naked emperor and drunkard emperor without cloths blown in the wind to wither away, dissimilar its unlikelihood peace could not return to South Sudan unless the genocidal regime has been ousted by any means necessary;
  • CMA-IO could not subscribe to the IGAD mediators’ to unlawfully convene peace process because IGAD has become part of the problem rather part of the solution in collusion set up against the Nuer and other Equatorians and Bahr-el-Ghazal non-Jieng  ethnocentric (tribes) who member of the CMA-IO and anti-regime by and through adversarial Dr. Lam Akol, mentored and supported by Musvenni, and Uhuru Kenyatta had deceived, to manipulate the Nuer and other tribes to concord militarily in effort to resolve and accept a peaceful negotiated settlement without partaking in negotiation of sort. Succinctly, it’s designed to confuse the cause of the Nuer to directly on the issue a genocidal war glossed over by the IGAD and same with other involved international community;
  • The Nuer political destiny neither be determined nor be negotiated by a non-Nuer likes imposters such and murderer of some Nuer leaders such Dr. Lam Akol Ajawien’s deception, manipulating and maneuvering plan to pushing to lead the Nuer nation and its people;
  • It would be only the Nuer nation’s leaders that could decide its own destiny, but never ever by an outsider to negotiate, to present the future, to make concord, to conclude the present and the future of CMA-IO;
  • SALVA Kiir and IGAD are same as the “Canute” legendary Dutch monarch that stood up on the beach to command the waves to stop to prove his illusionary power;”
  • Aware that only a sustainable peace based on social justice that breeds peace, and peace that breeds social justice, equality, freedom, democracy, liberty, and fraternity can lead to a meaningful development and progress which would facilitate conflict resolution of the fundamental problems for the “We The People” people of South Sudan;
  • Cognizant and fully aware of the fact that unity in diversity and cultural diversity or multiculturalism of South Sudan is possible without the fear of genocide as based on coercion to silence or by force to submission, but by way of collective free will and collective consent of the South Sudan as newly formed Constitutional Republic form of government by and through Self-Governance based on the ten (10) original states the creation of the three Regions to govern-themselves separately from a shared Federal system ;
  • We do hereby agree and reaffirm that CMA-IO would undertake to re-strategize, and to reprogram, to re-envisage or to re-envision of the new “vision” for reconstruction, reunification, reintegration, reconciliation, strategic socio-economic developmental plans and the purposes thereof through soliciting international financial assistance from the international financial institution, viz., The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) (The World Bank) (The WB), the European Central Bank [ECB], the Bank of England, The French and The German Bank and the newly created BRICS by Brazil, Russia, India, China. and South Africa, including the Government of Japan through a massive post-war “Marshall Plan” to put back on course or on track South Sudan post-war socio-economic reconstruction and development;
  • CMA-IO top priority would be to issue a moratorium would put first above all else be the eradication of all forms of corruption and to completely and totally revamped the system for the good and welfare of the failed state that was in the first instance destroyed by rampant corruption amongst the leaders, including to up bottom down;
  • We do hereby agree assiduously harder with free minds and thoughts to make together to make and abide this Charter or Manifesto and all the thing incorporate reconstruction of a brighter and progressive future of the state of South Sudan and its people as One nation, One people, equal, and under God.


CMA-IO-IO is founded on the ideals and principles of the Franco-American Revolutions, respectively. It seeks transformative political change, leadership with a vision, determination and motivation with guts and gusto. CMA-IO message to the world is that the time has ripped for the formation of a Constitutional Republican Form of Government in Exile and it would soon be moving to all the liberated areas of South Sudan. We urge and appeal to all people of South Sudan to join freely the movement [CMA-IO] that would liberate South Sudan from the yoke and bastion of looters, corrupt, embezzlers, self-aggrandizements, murderess, and killers that made South Sudan to become a “killing fields” compared only to Pol pot’s Cambodia in 1975-1980, Northern Ireland in the UK, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Iraq.

As soon as the CMA-IO leadership posted this Charter or Manifesto and becomes a bona fide public document we would venture to form the legitimate and the Constitutional de jure  Federal Republic Government of South Sudan (FRGGSS] to be led by a Pro-Temp President David de Chand the Head of Cabinet of state through government in exile shall be located in the Greater Upper Nile region based  of the Ten (10) federal original states with their inherited demarcated boundaries to replace the illegitimate and de facto regime in Juba.

The existence of two parallel governments in South Sudan would be to meet in same space as de jure and  the legitimate government, that’s presently the de facto regime of Salva Kiir  virtually controls less than 10% of the countryside population and  less than 5% of total population, it is evident that CMA-IO is the majority as “We The People” who believes that by this act could great apprehension and awareness to the international community that could  turn things  upside down unexpectedly that could generate or arise a new wakening call for or new a new awareness of the unknown or hidden equation to make a new wakeup call to the international community not to repeat the experience of Katanga Crisis in the 1960s that arose between Joseph Casanovo vs. Patrick Lumumba that triggered the Congo Crisis in the 1960s.  Further, we should also reflect micro-macroscopically the civil wars situations in Sierra Lone, Liberia, the Ivory Coast [Cote d’Ivoire],  Mali, Niger, Central African Republic [CAR] and Libya where DASH and Boko Haram Islamists have been jointly making  strategic big preparation to invade Chad, Sudan and CAR and beyond. We could no longer afford waiting with our hands crossed over our chests waiting for the chaos to arrive to invade with continuance until the real thing arrives to our door steps or their back yard when the chicken has come to roost.

Without the UNSC and the international community intervention, this means that we shall consolidate the Paradox of two governments in South Sudan with one legitimate and de jure government located on the potentially ecological rich Greater Upper Nile region that is north of South Sudan and the other de facto government in the least minerals rich or in ecological wealth poor south of South Sudan. We, the people of Greater Upper Nile region could declare out right to self-determination as an Autonomous region in South Sudan like in Kurdistan-Iraq in Northern Iraq and the de facto Somalia located in Harrigisa on the Coast of Aden.

CMA-IO presently declares that Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar are no longer or are  part of the de jure and legitimate leaders of South Sudan. Salva Kiir was forewarned that his government is in disarrayed with lawless crimes against the people; Dr. Riek Machar is under in castration in South Africa and the notorious killer Paul Malong has been also stationed in castration in Nairobi, Kenya. Both have been deposed from power by the people’s power collective free will and consent recognized as CMA-IO. Majority of the SPLMA-IO now defected from Riek Machar’s command and its Army have joined CMA-IO, which is a force to be reckoned with when it achieves a de jure Constitutional Government.

We shall sooner rather than later declare to the world that neither Salva Kiir nor Dr. Riek Machar, and Taban Deng Gai (Alas Mohamed Hassan El-Hagg  Sidigg Ibrahim) are no longer legitimate leaders of South Sudan. They are criminals and they should become the most wanted dead or alive individuals for their involved genocide. As for the “Nuer wew” or “Nuer yuini” who have opted to be with Taban Deng Gai, they know that they committed shameful crimes, betrayers, tyrants, traitors, and faithless Nuers who would should be isolated and ex-communicated from the Nuer Community and to be declared unanimously by the community completely and totally useless individuals that should not any further exercise their bad, misguided and lost leaders. They have been accomplices of criminal responsibilities as citizens and should have no vital roles to play in the CMA-IO’s community. The Nuer leadership knows that in all representations and participations in all categories forever would not forget not this “curse of the Dinka” (bit Jiengni) shall not be passed on by an edict of the community to our children, their child and their children’s children (A biet mi ca bi gaatkien kene gaat gankien) for love of money.

They pillaged and plundered into war torn country into a bloody civil war (genocidal) because of sheer greed, corruption, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts more. To reason that absolute power corrupts absolutely has a moral logical question with moral logical moral intellectual discourse. The corrupt leaders of South Sudan and the Nuer leaders in particular they should all be charged with the crime of the Grand Theft or high treason and corruption against dissolving the Ten Federal States coffer or purse and having committed genocide, war crimes, and crimes committed against humanity and other heinous crimes and humiliations committed against humanity throughout South Sudan. Surely as people we could not deny that such crimes would be avenged, but they would as they occurred in the mid-December 2013 up resent. We would urge and appeal to the international community to give CMA-IO to give recognition as the de jure and legitimate and authentic legitimacy as the first steps towards which we have already undertaken to conclude the ongoing five years (5) old war in South Sudan. We urge and appeal to the UN System, the international community, and the regional powers perpetrated the war in South Sudan because of conflicts of interests and converging and diverging strategic and vital national interests to join the CMA-IO patriots and the people of South Sudan who are yearning peace of search for amendable and amicable solution before it could over spill throughout the entire Horn of Africa’s region and beyond. The IGAD mediators’ countries that participated in the war fighting for Juba with emphasis from Yuri Museveni’s regime in Kampala should be declared null and void, thusly, resulting or annulling from their failure in the Revitalization of 2015 Peace Process emanating from conflict of interests and the converging and diverging national strategic set foreign policy and strategic vital geo-political and geo-strategic interests.

CMA-IO knows all raison d’êtres why some IGAD Countries could not become friendly towards the Citizens Militia Army that opposes the criminals  actions already in  the failed of South Sudan that has moved from stateless to statelessness. IGAD has interest with present de facto pseudo government, and in collusion against anyone who opposes Salva Kiir’s internal policies. CMA-IO is the grassroots people’s movement composes of the “We the People “with vigilance both externally and internally to correct the wrong caused by the “terrorist” including IGAD movement who purports to be a neutral foreign friendly nation.  In my capacity as the newly inducted and sworn interim Pro-Temp President by the people’s free will, consent and free collective public opinion of that we would do whatever it takes as leaders of this CMA-IO to lead its followers to victory. As the Pro- Tempt President of South Sudan chosen by its people to develop a new vision which gives rise to CMA-IO to develop the context of leadership that can be summarized fewer than three (3) major contexts: the commitment, complexity, and credibility of a vision to achieve, and faith in our beliefs. As it’s a new leader, CMA-IO would be investing in major organizational to ensure long-term vitality. We should remember that the main stem-wind, in all cases, is the leader. As your new leader, which is what this CM-IO is all about, is one who commits people to action, who converts followers into leaders, and who may convert leaders into agents of change. We would refer to this as “transformative leadership” and we will return this term or concept throughout the CMA-IO philosophical prophecy.

CMA-IO have the potential and the  capacity to challenge African leaders that they could not resist challenges of political, sociological, philosophical, neither through passive resistance nor could they move to follow the footsteps of Great thinkers like M.K. Gandhi, The Rev. M.L. King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, and Nelson Mandela and others on the longest list of  great leaders and thinkers alike that we have followed in addition to the intensification of the armed struggle combined that we could utilize as the last resort in the aftermath of having exhausted peaceful and political conflict resolution with Juba. Thusly, that could produce more bloodshed or spillovers with catastrophic consequences not only for South Sudan, but the entire region of the Horn of Africa and beyond. CMA-IO could be ever ready for any undertaking or eventuality by the regional friends of some IGAD Countries fighting for the dying Salva Kiir’s acrogenic regime in Juba.

CMA-IO warns some IGAD Countries that have been collusively fighting in Juba for Salva Kiir’s war and they were involved in genocide and committed themselves because of conflict interests and seeking more bloodshed could not be compared to the one already fought against them by weaker SPLA-IO led by Dr. Riek Machar,  his brother-in-law of Taban Deng Gai (Lucifer) and the most inexperienced, diabolical, and arrogant Madam Machar who is the weakest link of all without a developed vision in politico-military affairs with Madam Angelina Machar to accomplish Salva Kiir’s misdeeds. As we have also discovered since then, Dr. Machar’s was anti-intelligentsia intellectuals and surrounded himself with the least academic intelligentsia intellectuals collude to put away SPLA-IO in harm’s way, and betrayal it. CMA-IO, is of professionally trained soldiers with combat experience and veterans of SAF, and veterans citizens who served in the U.S. Army, SSIM/A, SAF Joint Integration Units (JIUs).  CMA-IO objectives are to constructively either to put an end to war or the war would put end to the people of South Sudan as we speak. As I have envisioned it in my position, at present it looks like a political abandonment and political chaos to its citizens (CMA-IO) without a country. Thusly, we would be recognized as the legitimate government of South Sudan in exile. CMA-IO has become the “head” of the “headless” SPLA-IO because Dr. Machar’s was overthrown by his brother-in-law Taban Deng Gai that brought down both his tenure as the head of SPLA-IO abruptly or suddenly to an end. Most importantly, it also threatened his life to the brinks or the cross-roads his live and death on Friday, 8 July 2016.

CMA-IO is the only best alternative as a liberation movement that would bring peace to end the ongoing 5-year old warfare in South Sudan. The SPLA-IG-IO has failed to provide the strategies in the art of leadership viz., to give transformative political leadership attention through a new vision— meaning through communication; Trust through positioning, and the final strategy has been based on the deployment of self.

CMA-IO would like to install the Constitutional Government with its premises  would be located in all liberated areas of Greater Upper Nile, the Greater Equatoria, and the Greater Bahr-el-Ghazal regions to provide social services, medical and healthcare system, and educational services for  all children and adults alike with no child and an adult to be left behind alike throughout the Greater Upper Nile region, the Greater Equatoria region and the Greater Bahr-el-Ghazal region before we could strategize to undergo making the biggest 2018 Peace March to Juba before the rainy seasons under the auspices of the UN Secretary–General Antonio Guitarist, the TRIOKA, the EU, and the UN men and women in Blue Helmets (UN peacekeeping forces), the EU Rapid Deployment Forces (EURDF), and the African Union  peacekeeping Forces. We would organize for the 2018 Peace March to Juba with more than 800,000 to a million and more for this event. We are all committed to 2018 Peace Marchers to zeroing on in into Juba to reclaim our right to the people’s government to turn it over through peaceful and political means to its rightful owners throughout South Sudan.

CMA-IO could not provoke any armed conflict or incident during the 2018 Peace March to Juba because that is not our intended purpose. We would be committed to peace and to take over the people’s government away Salva Kiir and his cronies to give it right back to the governed.  Of course, we would be well armed even though our intent is geared towards peaceful purpose and for just-in-case-situation if we were to be provoked by Juba and its foreign fighters. Rest assuredly, we would only and only fight back in the act of self-defense. Let’s hypothetically assume that there were some nutcrackers, hoarders, and undisciplined diehards crackers to attack the 2018 Peace Marchers, Juba and all its adjacent areas or estates could become engulfed in a bloody fighting that could eventually turn it into a ghost town in ruins in matter of hours, because there could be no building that would remain standing up and habitable without the destruction could become massive and the people  that could remain in Juba town would be only the looters, hoarders, the drunkards, the braves, the courageous, and the fearless fools to act as a stateless vigilantes.


CMA-IO [WE, the people’s] movement have no desire whatsoever to provoke any war situation on our way to Juba to claim back our government from the genocidal, barbaric, wicked, and cannibal-like minds demonic governor in Juba. Nevertheless, if we were to be provoked by the brutal and undisciplined so-called Mathiang Aynor, we would fight back only in the act of self-defense. They could face the catastrophic serious consequences of their actions against the 2018 Peace Marchers under the UN supervision throughout en route to Juba.

CMA-IO strategic objective operation planning would be to organize 2018 Pace March to Juba with one and the only one purpose: “We, the people” would like “to re-proclaim our government from the criminals in Juba to give us back” our government. “We the people” wanted Juba to desperately and urgently to give us back the government of the people, by the people, and for the people back to its owners because the CMA-IO represents “We the People’s” movement of the people that all power emanated from in South Sudan.

CMA-IO would like make an appeal to the international Community to help us achieve this proposed historic 2018 Peace March against Juba to happen.  We do believe in our guts and gusto that if we do the right thing it will happen, and God willing, it will happen. We would fire no weapons or to fire a single bullet unless we have been provoked; and we would then do so only in respond to and in the act of self-defense. CMA-IO would be prepared to make 2018 “Peace March” to Juba with more than 800, 000 to a million plus civilians and rebel forces to enter Juba to take back their own government hijacked by Salva Kiir and his cronies by any means necessary and to see to it that who the heck could resist or pose challenge, to start the war, and CMA-IO [WE, THE PEOPLE’S] Movement would be ever ready.

Rest assuredly, CMA-IO pledges under oath, that it would not be the first or the last to undertake some military actions in just in case situation in the act of self-defense purposes and the protection of the 2018 Peace Marchers to Juba the temporary national Capital of South Sudan. We could forewarn in advance infiltrators’ like Uganda and Kenya to keep off limits of South Sudan soil because we could have a spillover. South Sudan as the youngest and potentially the richest state, we wanted to live in peace and in harmony with our neighbors without interference in each other domestic affairs, political and military or otherwise which is the basic rule and conduct of international law.

We have absolutely remained the most backward and primitive people in Africa because during the past two scores and ten years of warfare with Khartoum regimes that none of our African-nation-states did not care even to table a UNGA Resolution concerning the plight of South Sudanese. Now, “We The People” (WTP) of South Sudan have no desire of provoking another warfare, but we would be committed to promoting the Green Revolution (Agro-development), programs for self-reliance, self-sufficiency and food security, health and clean Drinking water revolution, Educational Revolution to undertake serious initiative developmental programs for appropriate educational programs for the present and the future generations. We are also endowed and determined ever to revamp, to upgrade our educational curricula programs from K-O-K12 and up to universities and colleges levels. We would require all vernaculars or indigenous or ethnographical languages and cultures to become part and parcel of South Sudan educational system, including Arabic language. Every child shall have the right to study, to write, and to learn his/her own cultural language or the  mother tongue we do learn Arabic, English, French, and German, Amharic…etc. as that was already predetermined by the 1928 Rajaf Language Conference and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). CMA-IO would be committed to erect Public Land Grant Universities or State Universities with the cheapest and reasonable educational system anyone could find anywhere in the world. The federal government would invest more money towards education for all people seeking to learn as a solution to eradicate illiteracy and backwardness and poverty. We have a plan for this change.

CMA-IO objectives would be to make education, healthcare system and all its components and dental insurance available and free for all as it was in the past, do you now see the subtlety of genocide by lack of medical attention? However, we should all have to pay across the board, federal and state taxes to boost economics, employment and for the good of the country’s prosperity. Most important, no doctor should deny any patient the right to medicine in any medical establishments and they should be treated and paid later or blot it out if he/she could not afford to pay for it. The Social Security Administration (SSA) would be entrusted to take care of such cases at all times.  This is a promised t the people of South Sudan without any exceptionalism.

CMA-IO vision would be the institutionalization of free social medicine as in Europe for all citizens. We would give public education a top priority forever such that all children rich and poor alike could have best and cheapest education compared to India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Europe. Nevertheless, we would welcome parochial schools and private Universities as long as they would open all their doors for Admissions to all students regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, handicap, and social discriminatory factors.  *****14****

CMA-IO would discourage by any means necessary for anyone clinging to tribal ethos because we are all one people and one nation, equals and under God. We should be de-tribalized and to change our national our National Anthem to make it become comprehensive and inclusive clearly emphasis on each and every South Sudanese in our Constitution of the State of South Sudan.  Further, we shall replace the one star on our national flag to replace it with ten (10) Stars representing the ten (10) states, there would be no government documents such as, police records, South Sudan Armed Forces (SSAF), Immigration and Passports Control to incorporate of mentioning of tribes on National ID Cards and businesses as that would regulated and prohibited by law. Once aliens or foreign persons have been denied admission to South Sudan, he/she would have to depart without any preconditions and the Justice Department would be authorized to do its functions- deportations- without delays on all citizens rejected for Admissions into South Sudan. All those illegally provided with South Sudan Passport by the regime, would have to surrender them all to the Ministry of Interior (MOI) and they would all become de-nationalized or “de-South Sudanization.” We would be most critical of the Sudan rebel forces, SPLA-N, Sudan Revolutionary Front, JEM, Ugandans Kenyans, and the Somalis…etc. who  fought against South Sudan rebel forces with the regime in Juba.

CMA-IO would like to catch Salva Kiir alive, to turn him over to the ICC in The Hague, The Netherlands for investigation, trials on the crime of genocide, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and crimes committed against humanity. If  any Special Twic Militias Dinka Militias have got the guts and gusto, to start what they have not seen yet, let them wait in Juba because they could experience what they have not seen anything yet, they are not yet out of the woods yet. Before the 2018 Peace Marchers arriving Juba, only the drunkards, crazy people, and the bravest and courageous Nuer ethnicity would be the only ones to remain in Juba and Juba could become a real ghost town that could surpass Friday, 8 July 2016 incident in J1 Building. That was perpetrated by Paul Malong Awan and Taban Deng Gai the brother–in-law of Dr. Machar’s that almost put Dr. Riek Machar’s live on the brink and who’s now languishing in castration or detention in the Republic of South Africa and sits on a bunch of hefty dollars cash from the Chinese Oil Consortia in Unity State and Palloch (Wic looc) that the Nuer geographer and explorer Latfjor and his followers landed on in the aftermath of having crossed  shallow waters at Wath Ngok crossing point on the White Nike River from Mamgok near Malut.

CMA-IO is a tenable reasonable alternative New National Redemption Movement (NNRM) aiming at reuniting, reintegrating, reconciling, to forgive, but not to forget the past. It has been founded on the ideals and principles of the Franco-American Revolutions that have impacted without exceptionalism in the quest for freedom, social justice, democracy, liberty, and fraternity as well as the right to representation and participation in political process to give pride and a sense of belonging to every citizen in the land. We have fought for the national liberation of the armed struggles or emancipation without exceptionalism and exclusionism, why should only few wanted to have the national pie or the national cake and eat it all at the expense of the majority? CMA-IO would stop this orchestrated greed, corruption, embezzlement and self-aggrandizement to end corruption of Marxist-Leninist…with the purpose and intent of restoring the national cultural values, heritage social justice, equality, unity of purpose and of equals, to search for peace that breeds social justice and social justice that breeds peace.  Whereas, realizing that the people of South Sudan have been in a state of shocked and disarrayed because of genocide or democide and ethnic cleansing in the failed state that moved from stateless to statelessness. We reckoned that neither Salva Kiir n0r Dr. Riek Machar could under any circumstances that they could fully adjudicative have to reunited to reunite the state by dismantling the entire infrastructure entire political system and to adopt new as anew.

CMA-IO compared to SPLA-IO/IG splinters like the socially baseless, i.e. National Redemption Alliance (NDM) of Dr. Lam Akol solo and Thomas C, Sawaka movement without a place on the ground.  We have reckoned that President of Uganda with hands deep into south Sudan domestic affairs is mentoring Thomas C. Sawaka under the pretext that the people of Equatoria are like Ugandans and those separatists Equatoria from South Sudan to join Uganda. Under international law, international protocols, and treaties, it would be the gravest violation in his legacy ever President Museveni would have committed by misleading Equatorians to split from South Sudan. The land and the people of Equatoria is South Sudan by birthrights, but not Ugandans. If President Museveni claims that Equatoria, the people of South Sudan as a whole could reciprocate by raising red flag on the historical claims of the entire northern Uganda as part and parcel of South Sudan prior to 1895  when Uganda was pieced together by the colonial power and imperial Britain from Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi the Eastern Congo, and South Sudan combined that declared it as a “Protectorate” and the” pearl of Africa” reserved for the Royals–the Queens and the Kings of England. Unless Uganda withdraw  its military forces from South Sudan to provoke claims of Equatoria region, we have similar problem that now exists with Morocco-Algeria duel over the issue of Spanish Sahara, the case of Kashmir between the two nuke powers India and Pakistan. The Government and people of South Sudan would not have any desire to seek to annex any part of the land defined and demarcated as Uganda. Nevertheless, we would like Uganda to withdraw from South Sudan soil and not to further provoke war situation for conflict of interests and converging and diverging regional interests. We would be ready for Uganda if necessary. Many of these splinter groups would be marginalized, threatened, and intimated as such they would-be ready to form alliances with the CMA-IO because it would become imperatively impractical, if not impossible, that they could not function without the CMA-IO.

“We, the people” Movement do sincerely call for Dialogue par cum pari (equal) for greater unity of all the non-SPLA “silent majority” who have been kept in the backburner, the closets kitchen trashes or garbage, frustrated, disarrayed, dysfunctional, and obfuscation by the SPLA that they could not enjoy the fruits and activities of a truly Republican Movement based on the political ideology of “We, the people” idea, concept or people’s power. We could be obliged to give more precise explanation clearly to dispel vital negative disposition and negative doubts, contradictions to prevent political, sociological, philosophical, and epistemological maturity and metamorphosis. CMA-IO compared to SPLA-IO/IG splinters like the social, i.e. National Democratic Alliance of Dr. Lam Akol solo and Thomas C. Sawaka NAS movement without a place on the ground in South Sudan. Many of these splinter groups would be marginalized, threatened, and intimated as such they would be ready to form alliances with the CMA-IO because it become imperatively impractical, if not impossible, that they could not function without the CMA-IO.

“We, the people” Movement do sincerely call for Dialogue par cum pari (equal) for greater unity of all the non-SPLA “silent majority” who have been kept in the backburner; kitchens disposals; frustrated; disarrayed; dysfunction; and obfuscation by SPLA that they could not enjoy the fruits and activities of a truly Republican Movement based on the political ideology of “We, the people” idea, concept or people’s power.  We should be obliged to give more precise explanation clearly to dispel vital and negative dispel and negative doubts and contradictions to prevent political, sociological, philosophical, empirical, epistemological misunderstanding to label the CMA-IO to be negatively assumed as a ruthless politico-military outfit compared to the past militias in South Sudan during the North-South war.]

CMA-IO forces shall be called “South Sudan Defense Forces” (SSDF) or South Sudan National Armed Forces (SSNRA). It would be “We the people” to decide in Unionism the name of the National Army. Those idiots and power mongerers who fell asphyxiated and resorted to do suffering, chaotic. and psychiatric mental sickness, it would be the majority to decide its outcome. If there’s anyone that attempts to undergo or to bypass or undergo de-Nuerization of the Nuer ethnicity history that created most of these movements, including the South Sudan People Liberation Movement/Army (SSPLM/A), South Sudan Independence Movement/Army SSIM/A and now the Citizens Militia Army (CMA-IO) and others were all created by the Nuer fighters and not a single Jieng, including the late John Garang and Salva Kiir ever ventured to create a movement for the record and posterity in contemporary South Sudan history developed or created by a Dinka nationalists in South Sudan.

In fact, there are no identifiable Dinka nationalists because all of them have been hijackers and looters of other people creations retrospect to William Deng Nhial, Abel Alier Kuai, and John Garang de Mabior to the concurrent Dinka Dictator-for-life Salva Kiir in Juba. They like to hijack what others have created through their sweat and blood. They are natural thieves of other people’s ideas or concepts or works because they do not have the know-how and the ability of creating politico-military movements and have been pretty skillful thieves and looters of other inventions. SSPLM/A that its acronym was removed in 1984 to become known as the SPLM/A in the aftermath off swift murdered of Colonel Samuel Gai Tut abated by the Dreg regime (1971-1991) led by Colonel Mangistu Hale Miriam.  Colonel Samuel Gai Tut was the first President of the SPLM/A.  Although the SPLA exists by this name, it has become acrogenic or has already died because of terminal Cancer that made it to rise and fall as a dead outfit walking and really just awaiting for its final nail to be put on its coffin for the final burial forever and anew as a failed entity without developed preconceived chosen direction that a leader must first have developed a mental image of a possible and desirable future of the organization (the state). This image, which we call a “vision,” may be as vague as a dream or as precise as a goal or mission statement. Most important  critical point and critical to embrace and to remember is that a ‘vision’ articulates a new view of realistic, credible, attractive future for the organization (state), a condition that is better in some important ways than what now exists.  Most important, the critical point to embrace and to remember is that a ‘vision’ articulates a new view of realistic, credible, attractive future for the organization (state), a condition that is better in some important ways than what now exists.

Realistically, neither Salva Kiir nor Dr. Riek Machar of like minds have been saturated, and have left without focusing ability and the capacity to govern South Sudan. Hitherto, by virtue of their historic political and leadership failure, they should without delays exit the political scene and to leave as go-getter to search for new lucrative position in the world around them to charter a new course look for other potential lucrative and highly paid positions or to enjoy the blood money looted from the state institutions at the Nuer ethnicity expense in South Sudan during their messy or wicked reigned of power that made them to illegally looted public coffer or  purse. CMA-IO calls for truly Republic Movement based on the concept of “WE the people” and the cherished ideals and principles of the Franco-American Revolutions that have impacted the entire world in search of social justice, freedom, liberty, equality, democracy, and human rights issues…etc. that produced changes for the better and the CM would deal aggressively against tyranny and résistance to change based on fear of the unknown.


The effective leader must assemble for the organization a new vision of a desired future state. Whilst the idea lives on, but it may be shared and developed with other key members’ senior personnel, and experts of the organization, it remains solely the “core” and the “crux” responsibility of the leader and cannot be delegated. The point to absorbs or to digest, and to know is that the transformation of social architecture must begin at the top down bottom up of the organization with the CEO or the President and to have the full support of the board and the inner circle of top officers. It has been self-evident that the CEO or the President whose behavior is consistent with the norms and values or he/she has articulated for the organization has an enormous edge head start. It is indeed critical that the organization must be mobilized to accept and to support the new vision—to make it happen. In order for the new vision to become effective, there must be “Trust” as the emotional glue that binds followers and leaders together. Without the trust, there could be no emotional glue that binds followers and leaders together; there could be no leadership and togetherness.

Specifically, South Sudan leaders failed because they lack or the absence thereof of  the four (4) strategies of leadership ladder based on the following strategies “trust” and confidence building measures, attention of vision, meaning through communication,  trust through positioning, and finally through the deployment of self with the governed. In all organizations, the accumulation of trust is a measure of the legitimacy of the leadership. It cannot be mandated or purchased, it must be earned.  In essence, Trust is the basic ingredient of all organizations, the lubrication that maintains the organization, and, as we have already stated it, it is as mysterious and elusive  concept as leadership—-and as important.

A vision is a dream to move forward. A vision is a target beckons.  For example, when the US President John F. Kennedy set a goal of putting a man on the moon by 1970 or Stanford Weill aimed to make the American Express the world’s leading investment banking company in five  years, the were focusing attention on worthwhile and attainable achievements. Realistically, it’s pretty important to know that a vision made Professor Alfred Einstein, Sir Winston Churchill, Frank D. Roosevelt, General Charles de Gaulle, M.K. Gandhi, The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., of the Civil Rights Movement in the USA to become famous on the passive resistance through non-violence means or political concept or idea to change the world and humanity mindfully that mankind has created against itself. Thusly, the chronic existing situation that CMA-IO wants to change South Sudan. CMA-IO is for social justice, equality, and in particular, as an institution for all South Sudanese against its rise and fall and to become a failed state, but the idea leaves on. CMA-IO has a vision would enhance reconstruction, to rebuild, to resuscitate the state for it to rise and would be reconstructed for them a main state that could lead it to secure nationalists in South Sudan. CMA-IO believes that United, we would stand up together competition and involved without exclusive of any citizens to participate, to experience, to express their speech, and to have their say freely in a democratic state in South Sudan. CMA-IO calls for a dream vision like President Kennedy, Stanford Weil, Mandela, Gandhi, including the longest of thinkers and neo-thinkers. CMA-IO has a dream that it could rule South Sudan with social justice, equality, without domination, without oppression and without exploitation. Succinctly, South Sudan believes that CMA-IO believes that South Sudan belongs to all and does not belong to one group of people as the Jieng [Dinka] presumptuously assumed that South Sudan belongs to the Dinka, that all its ecological wealth exclusively belongs to the Jieng as proclaims by Jieng Elder Council [JEC], but it is a democratic state that embraces all South Sudanese as citizens and all that resided within therein

We must also reckon the vision always refers to a future state, a condition that does not exist and ever existed before. With a vision, the leader provides the all-important bridge from the present to the future of the organization or the institutionalized state. Given, the concurrent situation in South Sudan a priori to the split and post-split up to the ongoing civil war firstly as a treacherous ethnocentric (tribal) warfare or as if a bloody civil war, based on the changes that have occurred, we could remove the concept of treacherous tribal warfare to a civil war because almost all the ethnicities have rebelled to become legitimatized Constitutional Militias similar to the American Revolution (4th July 1775) led by the 10% or less of the population then under the command of George Washington in their struggle against the Crown for their political independence for the countrydom from the United Kingdom and  the French  Revolution or The Bastille Day (14th  July 1789),  the Bolshevik Revolution in October 1917, and all the post-Industrial Revolutions, Europeanization of the world or colonization to the rise of decolonization movements or the national liberation movements, they followed the roots  or the footsteps or the bootstraps of the American and the French Revolutions. Actually, what virtually goes on now in South has been undifferentiated from the previous revolutions except that the differences have been determined by time and space- relegated them into different categories and historical epochs.


CMA-IO objective would to usher bringing about peace, social justice, unity of purpose and of equals, to end the concurrent social disarrayed in the failed state that moved from stateless to statelessness. CMA-IO has been designed to give hope and to keep hope alive. We could not agree more with the U.S. President John F. Kennedy writes that “A man may die, many nations may rise and fall, but the idea lives on.”  The failed state of South Sudan rise and fall because the leaders compared to the African leaders have been greedy, looters, corrupt and committed gross systematic human rights abuses. Most importantly, the main objective would be to remove Salva Kiir from power by any means necessary.

CMA-IO is tenable reasonable alternative solution that would give hope and to change the concurrent state of confusion, disillusionment, and dreadful disarrayed throughout South Sudan. CMA-IO could provide an alternative free movement as a safety valve or peaceful and political solution to the concurrent ongoing warfare without end insight or gleaming light in the tunnel for the people of South Sudan that neither Salva Kiir nor Dr. Riek Machar SPLA-IO and SPLA-IG, respectively, including its splintered appendices could not admit to become incompatible and incapable of producing an appropriate tenable reasonable alternative solution. We believe that the SPLA-IO/IG and the splinter groups have been appendices and part of the problem rather than part of the he solution.

CMA-IO objective would be to stand up tall yearning for peace, social justice, equality, reunification, reconciliation, forgiveness, but never again to forget the past. Nobody would take the law into their own hands, but let the law takes its own recourse and discourse on the committed crimes of genocide—defined as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity by International law, the UN Charter, the International Court of Justice [ICJ], and the International Criminal Court [ICC] and the pending African Hybrid Criminal Court (AHCC). The armed struggle led by Dr. Riek Machar’s opposition had fizzled, became dysfunctional, and disarrayed because of lack or the absence there of “causative” transformative leadership, concrete agenda, attention through vision–meaning through communication, trust through positioning, and the deployment of self, trust through positioning, and the leader empowerment from Dr. Riek Machar’s leadership inability and incapability.

CMA-IO as a young institution based on “We the people” Republican Movement, it could be empowered to take away a big bite from the SPLA-IO and SPLA-IG, from many disarrayed cadres from both the SPLA-IO, the SPLA-IG and their appendences, respectively, to join the newly created CMA-IO. The SPLA that splintered itself into four or so groups with deliberate and intent to mislead the people had it has the largest share of the lion shares, which we have known it has already failed and could not be reunited no matter what happens. As a consequence, the people of South Sudan needs a new third movement to reunite, to reintegrate the “core and the crux” of the people, to reintegrate the failed state, to usher peace, social justice, equality, and the reconstruction of the destroyed social fabric and infrastructural development.

CMA-IO objective would be to keep off the vultures and hyenas from hijacking the leadership this time around. We call on the entire opposition reintegrating patriots and nationalists to rise above the tribal lines to reunite, to reposition, to excommunicate, and to re-empower themselves. We must drive out those vultures and hyenas that wanted to hijack what we labored for during the last 8-year or so of political independence and without peace dividends. The premiere grandiose ambition of the CMA-IO could to be  in unionism with another revolutionary with trust and confidence building to bring about change throughout the Habeas Corpus (skeleton) of the state. We, [the people] of South Sudan we are looking for a “New Deal” similar to the US President Franklin Roosevelt in the 1929-35 economic Depression or the “Dust Ball” in the USA. We could not agree more with Iyanla Vazant that:

“No matter what is going on in your life today, remember, it is only preparation. People come and go; Situations rise and fall; it’s preparation for better things. You stretch, reach, grow into your goodness. Without preparations we receive through adversity, disappointment, confusion, or pain, we could not appreciate the goodness when it arrives.”

CMA-IO is the premiere national political and military movement that encompasses all ethnocentricity (tribal) Citizens of South Sudan in formulating into a legitimate Constitutional Militia by “We the people” have created a Constitutional Militia to secure, to redeem, to reconstruct, to reunite, to reintegrate, to reconcile, and to forgive, but not to forget the past. Most important, we do envisage or envision socioeconomic reconstruction through Marshal Plan similar to the post-war Euro-Marshal Plan at the end of the Second World War (WWII) (1939-1945). It had been tailored purposely intended to dissect apart with sharper surgical knives the SPLM/A-IG-IO claims to have predominance or supremacy or majoritarainism political advantage in the South Sudan. The people have at affront rejected the proposal by Dr. Riek Machar’s a few weeks ago that called for the SPLA-IO and SPLA-IG for each to have 42% of power and that the UN should administer South Sudan for a period of 18-months. No rebel opposition would concede to this neo-imperial and neo-colonial mentality. So it’s indicative that Dr. Machar’s is a real political failure and that he [Dr. Machar] lacks strong vision to change things around.

CMA-IO could exploit to benefit a great deal from such mistakes of the spoil  fruits of the former and we could urge and appeal to the defectors from those two organizations (SPLA-IO/IG) that destroyed the people’s hard won revolution to quit SPLA-IO and the SPLA-IG, respectively, to join CMA-IO as an alternative “We the people’s” Movement. CMA-IO could rest assured the participants of the so-called political parties in the Ethiopian Capital of Addis-Ababa that such rounds of talks  have been geared towards reunifying the SPLA based on the Arusha Agreement and finding conflict resolution that could not become congruent with the people’s power, needs, and wantons. The Addis-Ababa rounds of talks have been doomed to failure and no matter what the IGAD mediators’ do, peace remains pretty far away in the Galaxy and the Twin light Zone, respectively.  Conclusively, such rounds of talks are what I may term as “No Action Talks Only” (NATO) that has been wasting of time, money, and energy.  Peace cannot return to South Sudan in the absence of the rebel forces that controlled 95% of the countryside and over 90% of the civilian’s population that give full pledged allegiance and support to the rebels in the war against the genocidal, de facto, illegitimate, barbaric, and wicked Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba.

CMA-IO could presumably articulate that peace could only be achieved only through a comprehensive and inclusive representation and participatory Dialogue par cum pari (equal) amongst all South Sudanese to be chaired by a neutral third party without any particular interests in South Sudan. I do highly recommend former US president Jimmy Carter, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the former UN Secretary-General Banki Moon. Given, my previous IGAD processes, it would be the most important avenue to give President Al-Bashir a chance to oversee and to preside over peace process in South Sudan. Affirmatively, the ongoing Revitalization of 2015 Peace Agreement in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, rounds of talks has been already doomed from its inception and could not produce desirable peace, but more and more frustration, disarrayed, dysfunction, obfuscation, further disillusionment and disarrayed. This is no political gimmick or no joke, but a political reality that must and ought to be considered or reckoned with as such, without any qualms.

CMA-IO is not pretty much concerned, whether it could be invited or not, it would have every right to reject any outcome with or without its participation. Therefore, any partial conflict resolution similar to Naivasha Peace of 2005 Agreement otherwise known as the CPA of 2005 even it was not comprehensive and inclusive, but a “blocker” could spark  a war and become unreceptive or unacceptable and the war could continue to escalate and to further escalate, thusly, causing more death, terror, destruction, and no peace outcome at the end of the day, unfortunately. The IGAD mediators’ have already goofed and lost tract and presumed that they must make peace returned to reaffix it. If IGAD mediators’ presumed that they could only select a few that could produce or to bring about peace in South Sudan, we would salute them and to say to them good luck, jolly good show, and that they have taken the wrong track or turn because that choice made could not happen in both short and long terms of peaceful and political conflict resolution. We salute the IGAD mediators’ by telling the international community that they have gone strayed and undertook the wrong turn, that they would regret such a political blind ambition or choice at the end of the day because the war could not be ended because of Addis-Ababa Revitalization Peace process useless its scheduled appropriate, logical, comprehensive and inclusive, representative and participatory rounds of talks would have to be rescheduled to be attended by all the aggrieved  parties concerned to the conflict.

CMA-IO would like to rest assured the IGAD mediators’ that there would be no surrender to Juba ever. We are ready to fight Juba for 5, 10, 15, and 20 years ahead and this is a promise to the followers of CMA-IO and the international community. Salva and his cronies would be defeated and it’s only a matter of time and space which they have already realized this politico-military reality. Salva Kiir should know that I am now in charge and this would be Mein Kemp (my war) and that I am not a no nonsense leader, but a nut to crack with. CMA-IO will free South Sudan and its people from all the renegades, hooligans, and thugs…etc. in Juba. Juba as a whole should know that Dr. Machar’s tenure is over with and a new and no nonsense team or leadership that is now on the front seat of the saddle of the car and Kiir’s and his cronies should be on the lookout for the next step to happen in Juba.  For the cause of peace, we would give Salva Kiir regime two choices: either to accept a peaceful transition to appropriate power sharing or be prepared for the total destruction of Warrap and Aweil as they had done so in the Greater Upper Nile and the Greater Equatoria regions. However, if the some IGAD mediators’ Countries got involved in the war against the rebels in South Sudan, it should be presumed that some IGAD mediators Countries had a deliberate and willful intent to  become participants as part of the problem rather than part of the solution in the war led by Uganda that landed its military on South Sudan soil as early as the night of 12 December 2013 and followed by Kenya should be as a prerequisite, undergo withdraw their military forces without any preconditions or quid-pro-quos as sine-qua-non to peace not only in South Sudan,  but throughout the volatile Horn of Africa and beyond. For South Sudanese who are beating the Drums of Peace, we say, to them do not hold on to your breathes because we are still having  a pretty long, long, and zigzag bloody war that’s still looming around and ahead of us in South Sudan because of this situation, you are not out of the woods yet, and have not seen anything yet.

“We, the people,” could state it straightforwardly liked it is as the former US Secretary of State Professor Henry Kissinger’s referring to the brewing or simmering war in the Arab-Israeli war in the Middle East said he that “ If You  Cannot Hear the Drums of War You are Deaf.” This is what we are also contemplating or anticipating and envisaging as well in my capacity as one of the founding fathers and Chairman of the CMA-IO that could not really be surprised or shocked if this cycle of this political upheaval could happen in South Sudan. There is still a pretty long and bloody civil war simmering in South Sudan as long as Salva Kiir and his cronies remained in the front seat of the saddle and power in Juba. This is a given political reality because the de facto, illegitimate, genocidal, barbaric, and savage regime has already rejected the revitalization of the 2015 Peace Agreement process and  to revert to the ten (10) original States with their inherited demarcated political boundaries as of 1.1.1956. Logically, South Sudan that has a population of less than 20m could not afford to have 34 states. This is hogwash, isn’t it? Any government that does this un-strategic plan that’s imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain this strategic plan must be crazy, illogical, illegitimate, and visionless. Most important, south Sudanese leaders are careless, non-visionary, and non-transformative political leaders because of lack and the absence thereof of communications, trust through positioning, lack of chosen vision, and through the deployment of self.

In other words, South Sudan leaders have not been synthesized on an appropriate direction to steer the organization (state) that is complicated in many dimensions of vision that may be required. Leaders  of South Sudan have not acquired freight, so that they could judge how the vision fits into the way the environment of the organization may evolve, hindsight, so that the vision  does not violate the traditions and culture of the organization,  Frame of reference (worldview), within which to interpret the impact of possible dynamic and unique inter-organizational new developments and trends, depth perception, so that the whole picture can be seen in appropriate details and perspective, peripheral vision, so that possible responses of competitions and other stakeholders to the new direction can be comprehended and a process of revision, so that all visions previously synthesized are constantly reviewed as the environment changes.  Further,  based on empirical studies and experience, the reasons that so many experiments in organizational changes compared to what are experiencing in Africa’s youngest failed state in South Sudan, it leaders have failed to take responsibility into account the strong undertow of cultural forces, unfortunately.  For example, leaders who fail to take their social architecture into account and yet try to change their organizations (states) 0r institutions, surely, resemble nothing so much as “Canute”, the legendary Danish monarch who stood on the beach and commanded the waves to standstill as proof of his power.

Realistically, the GOSS denied the political environments to produce at least a prototypes Lee Iacocca’s experience at Chrysler Corporation and Roger Smith at General Motors.  For Chrysler was falling and dipping down under, but Lee Iacocca- the Auto industry Grand inquisitor compared to Karl Marx came and created a new vision, mobilized the work force behind that vision, and work towards solidifying the commitment for changes he had brought about. Another businessman in the in the US Auto industry, like Lee Iacocca was Roger Smith of General Motors (GM), though worked differently than Iacocca, elicited a  new vision and, with meticulous staff work and staff meeting after staff meeting, with determination, motivation, and guts and gusto achieved commitment to a new mission. AT&T also undertook similar plan or vision compared to Iacocca and Smith. These principles apply equally to each and every one of the three (3) above-mentioned described: (1) To create a new vision and compelling vision capable of bringing the work force to a new place, (2)  To develop commitment for the new vision, and (3) To institutionalize the new vision. Conclusively, the above-mentioned facts findings, visions or concepts could not occur in South Sudan because of irresponsible leadership that grossly disorganized and mismanaged the organization (state) institutions and marginalized the best the brightest or la crème de la crème from the mainstream political arena and as participants and strategists.

For Dr. Machar who had already become a failed leader, useless, and demagogic leader without national consciousness and possesses a pretty dark or devilish heart r hindsight feeling against any highly educated qualified Nuer persons to rise to power compared to what the Nuer nation has done for him for 33-year and did nothing for them in return. Nevertheless, instead he brought those shames, miseries, destruction, death, disillusionment, disarrayed and failures that have weaken one of the strongest, brave and the most fear people in Sudan, South Sudan in particular, by their peers, archenemies and the world at large. By having weakened them, caused them death, caused them political disarrayed amongst them, they have become politically and ideologically confused, lack or the absence thereof of sense of direction or vision at the horizon on the one hand and that he (Dr. Marcher’s) accumulated plenty of wealth at the expense of his own people on the other. We are afraid that the Nuer Community could sooner rather than later file charges of “Grand theft” or treason not only against the Nuer nation, but also against the state.  The same also could apply to Salva Kiir and his cronies without any exceptionalism. As per Dr. Lam Akol another lone killer who has prostituted his wisdom to become the “ins” and the “outs” politician or political polyandry, and a loner in the wilderness, murderer, and job opportunist or one of the political vultures and hyenas around, they should all have become absolutely exhausted politicians that must exit the political scene in South Sudan to search, to ask, to seek, and to find new grandiose positions in the real world or just to sit down to enjoy their blood accumulated funds at the expense of their dead followers in the war in South Sudan. In short, history will not absolve them forever and history will repeat itself miraculously and meticulously ways. As far as the people of South Sudan are concerned, SPLA-IO-IG has been already dead outfits that waited only for its final nail to be nailed on the coffin for its final rites of burial forever in South Sudan.  They have risen and they fallen. This is the reality of political history in every epoch. We should say that enough is enough with the SPLM/A. It has to go, including its “non-transformative leadership” and diehard communists.

CMA-IO  has been created as an alternative organization by the “none-SPLA silent majority cadres” within both SPLA-IO-IG that was in alliance with Dr. Machar’s until Friday, 8 July 2016 events that already turned everything upside-down, berserk , taxi-trebly*, killed, and buried so many times by the immoral actions of Taban Deng Gai’s [Alas Mohamed Hassan El-Hagg Siddig Ibrahim] and Paul Malong Awan, including the minister of Defense Kuol Manyang Juuk, Daniel Awet Akot, and other notorious and wicked generals who pledged adamantly that Dr. Marcher’s would have to die on Friday, 8 July 2016 which did not happen, unfortunately. Because Dr. Machar’s life was put to the brink by his brother-in-law with only a few million of dollars similar characterized or resembled the price tag of 33 pieces of Silver that Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews, was betrayed by one of the bad guys who was really one of his own disciples and a fellow Jew Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus to the bad guys sent by the Chief Priest and assured them to give him (Jesus) a kiss on the chick as a signal to catch him (Jesus) in the Garden of Gethamenone.  This was the first criminal case episode trail recorded that was Pontius Pilate vs. Jesus, the King of the Jews, followed by the criminal trials that have fascinated people and political cultures in which they occurred. Historically, criminal trials both reflected the values of the culture in which they occurred. They have absorbed attention in every epoch of every society we know and often altered its destiny.

CMA-IO is a really a movement based on the concept of “We, the people’s” Movement with the purpose and intent of achieving total unity of purpose and of equals, to bring about peace as a truly Republican Movement by ushering democratic transformation or transfiguration through a chosen direction or a vision that a leader must have a developed mental image of possible and desirable future state of the organization. This image, which we call a “vision,” may be vague as a dream or as precise as a goal set or mission statement.  Succinctly, the critical point to remember that we try to register is that a “vision,” per se, articulates a view of a realistic, credible, attractive future for the organization, a condition that is better in some important ways than what now exists.

CMA-IO objective is that without “We the people” [Re. : CMA-IO) there could be no form of Constitutional Republic Government and peace could not remain fair away in the Galaxy to return to South Sudan or never. Whatsoever efforts undertaken by the IGAD mediators by excluding many other factions, legitimate political, non-political parties, civil organizations, and the military factions could become a miscalculated mistake that could escalate further South Sudan civil war that begun as a treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war that could produce further bloodshed with catastrophic consequences not only for South Sudan, but it could spill over the entire region of the Horn of Africa and beyond.

CMA-IO believes that Government is created by the majority of “We the people to govern. “We the people” are sovereigns over the newly created government, and government, per se, is a servant for its creators “We the people” or the governed. Based on the above-mentioned, durable, just, and lasting peace could not return sooner than anticipated to South Sudan without the CMA-IO representation and participation in the peace process. Liked the former US Secretary of State Professor Henry Kissinger recently commented in the media on the brewing or simmering Arab-Israeli war in the Middle East he echoed and said that “If You Cannot Hear the Drums of War You Must be Deaf. “ In the same vein “If the IGAD mediators’ “Cannot Hear the Drums of War because they are Deaf” in South Sudan War  drama  Surely, South Sudan could continue the war for a long duration of time that the UN in the years ahead could not afford to handle compared to Afghanistan, and Iraq under the UN Resolution 1441, the situation in the Eastern D.R. Congo fueled and ignited by Uganda-Rwanda supported M-23 rebels in search for the ecological wealth, the Gulf war, the War in Syria, Libya, and in Yemen.

Surely, indeed, South Sudan remains at a virtual standstill in that category and peace could not return for a decade or so through the IGAD mediators because they have not been and would not become “impartial” in the revitalization of the peace process in South Sudan.  The UN organization, and the AU, but only through direct and face-to- face negotiated peace settlement amongst South Sudanese under the guidance and the good Offices of President/Field Marshal Omer Hassan El-Bashir of Sudan.  We have extremist serious scenarios, mistrust, lack or the absence thereof of confidence building measures and serious doubts about the roles of the IGAD mediators’ that stamped out from the fact that some IGAD Countries got themselves entangled in the war and have taken side. Therefore, such some IGAD Countries could not become “impartial peace mediators” or “Peace brokers” and arbitrators because of converging and diverging conflicts of interests,’ entrenched national foreign policy conflict of interests, foreign policy strategy, and vital economic strategic national security interests.

Thusly, the best recommended appropriate solution would be for such some IGAD Countries identified as part of the problem rather than part of the solution should withdraw or divorce themselves from the revitalization peace rounds of talks in the 2015 peace agreement in South Sudan. The above-illustrated raison d’être have been the root causes of misapprehensions, incomprehension, diabolical mistrust of the IGAD mediators’ have been the “causative” partially of the real arbitrators in the process. This is the bottom line. Further, there are three problems that South Sudan must and ought to resolve before it could it could dream of achieving any comprehensive and inclusive peace Agreement that the issue of “national identity” as indicated in the preamble of the Constitution that “One People, One Nation,” idea or concept in the nation building process.  The contradiction of the proceeded statement came to light on 15 16, 17 and 18 in the mid-December 2013 when the illegitimate and de facto President Salva Kiir of South Sudan gave orders to his undisciplined military forces and his private Special Twic Militias to hew down one part of the idea or the concept of “One People, One Nation” or vice versa idea or concept. Given, such circumstances, how could “We the people” considered ourselves as “One People, One Nation” idea or concept. Logically, we may be “One People, One Nation and under God,” but unequal under the law of man and God alike. It All Starts with God for everything absolutely everything above and below, visible and invisible … everything got started in him and finds it purpose in him. (Colonssian:1: 16 (Msg.).

Most important, the political parties because of acute political and ideological conflicts have failed desperately to reconcile such differences compared to the North-South parallelism in the concept or the idea constructing one Sudanese national identity in the process of nation-building process for the past 700 years before the advent of colonialism and over sixty years of colonial and post-colonial rule in which the Sudanese have failed to develop “One national identity” based on the heterogeneous indigenous native identifies existing on Sudan soil or the land of Al-Ballad al- Sudan (the Land of the blacks) , but not “Arab” ever illustrated by the Arab  explorer and geographer Ibn Battuta in which Bin Battuta himself and Arab Explorers and geographers admitted that political and geographical reality when he coined the name Al-Ballad El-Sudan in 1450 AD and that was confirmed later on by a Jewish explorer and geographer David Rabbini in 1500 AD. South Sudan had been culturally diverse and lives on the idea or concept of unity in diversity, for the purpose of unity and of equals, but unequal in the land of their birthright as “One people, One Nation” concept or idea lives on.

Conclusively, this mistake could only be articulated only and only by the (Jieng) (Dinka) intelligentsia intellectuals to explicitly enlighten us on the concept or idea of “One People, One Nation” idea or conceptual framework and frame of reference (worldview). We do need really to have an intellectual discourse on the issue of “national identity” discourses that could truly make us one people, one nation” that emerged  out of many from many  different people and cultures  like the US that its Motto Plurburus Uno in Latin-means “Out, of many concept or idea one or in my Nuer political philosophical cultural interpretations it also means,(Ka niey tin nguan, cie ben a la kiel) (many people of different  cultural backgrounds  have become one in which also means the same as it is authentically stated in Latin not only in South Sudan, but in all the truly glued and amalgamated nation-state worldwide. It has been indeed, unfortunate, that the most unforgiveable sins that-Genocide— defined as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity was least subtle prior to the split of South Sudan from Sudan- the mother country, South leaders have failed to utilized such an opportunity not to repeat the mistakes of the past committed the Arabicized North the South and other peripheral regions to orient with the idea or the concept of national identity. I could not rule out that Genocide did not happen in South Sudan, but it did happen prior the split. The lack or the absence thereof of has been the prime national identity crisis in which there is nothing to unite them at all even though they assumed to be one people, one nation concept or idea.

Realistically, South Sudanese fought the war without a sense of nationalism, a sense of belonging, recognition and inclusion of the rights others and the true sense of belong as patriots, nationalists and a veteran of the war of liberation. Again, I shall also be obliged to say that throughout this piece of the thought to my Jieng cousins and what they represents to  give them  the rights to prematurely assume to be the master’s race that South Sudan is “Dinka” and that everything therein is also Dinka,  including its ecological wealth and the state  belongs to the Dinka solo crowned by stupid negative philosophical ideas that “They (Dinka) are born to rule and not to be ruled” and that They (Dinka) are the Chosen People” by whom and for what remains a myth to be demythologized. What the heck in the world God Almighty could make Dinka as the “Chosen people.” We should be obliged to state it with deep regrets and without an apology to my Jieng cousins that South Sudan is not Jieng (Dinka) because if it were so we would have parted ways from each to fan out for ourselves as mini-states of their own.

Unless we do change the preordained, ordained, pre-existing and existing colonial mentality to become de-colonized mentally, South Sudan is pretty closer as ever before to collapse to become three (3) independent sovereign, de jure states with their territorial integrity. Nevertheless, if we should opt to become one, any idea of South Dinka or to any group minus the whole and that everything therein is Jieng (Dinka) shoud be blotted out without any preconditions or quid-pro-quos as sine-qua-non to peace, unity in diversity, equality of one people, one nation idea or concept and exiting cultural diversity or multiculturalism in South Sudan. I guess that already, the Jieng put in their many dirty hands in the pot and spoiled the broth.

Genocide or democide defined in the UN Charter, international law and international humanitarian law and human rights protection and in Declaration of the 30 Articles on International Human Rights and ethnic cleansing, including other humiliation that they have done, which they (Jieng) ought not to have done their fellow countrymen/women as the mother and they would be mothers of the nation to produce “One People, One Nation” idea or concept and comrades-in-arms.  As the author of this work and many others, I have no regret to reiterate any idea or concept of prevailing Dinka domination, oppression, exploitation or any trends of social discriminations against any South Sudanese should be fought in unionism until would be eradicated and every South Sudanese child is born a free and equal human being like the Dinka Children in South Sudan. The Nuer nation and its resilient people have not been defeated this war by the Jieng in despite having imported foreign soldiers, chemical warfare weapons from Israel, China, and Ukraine, we have prevailed  and this war would not end until we reach Warrap the homestead of Salva Kiir. We do blame the Bull Nuer cowards that allied themselves with Salva Kiir regime and turned the muzzle of the Ak-47 against their fellow Nuer folks for the sake of a few bit and pieces of dollars here and there or meager resources. In the interim, Taban Deng and Dr. Machar debacle has further put the Nuer in state of disarrayed. Nevertheless, CMA-IO leadership would soon reverse this trend of affairs to provide strength to all anti-Salva Kiir and Anti-Machar elements with super higher fire power to overthrowing Juba and the rest will be added. This is the reason and purpose that form the CMA-IO as a tenable reasonable alternative Movement for peaceful and political solution or we deploy other violent means to overthrow Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba and to oust Dr. Riek Machar’s from SPLA-IO.

CMA-IO believes that South Sudan needs a new conceptual framework and frame of reference [worldview] to achieving meaningful national unity, national integration, reconciliation, to forgive, but not to forget the past. Even though South Sudan were to reunite, it would not become same again because of the deeply mistrust created by the 5-year war, genocide, democide, ethnic cleansing and the horrible humiliations committed by the Dinka Special Twic Militias under the direct command of President Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan the prototypes of Adolph Hitler, Neo-Nazis and neo-Fascists Dinka gooiness, genocidal and looters in South Sudan. Any reunification and reintegration in South Sudan could be meaningfully and significantly achieved through “the establishment of a shared federal system” similar to the USA, confedereral system similar to the Swiss Confederation of governance, and Asymmetrical federal system- meaning one- nation with one- door and many windows or flexible ethnic federal system in the neighboring Ethiopia that could learn and adopt a lot from it. Further, there are also many federals system in the world that need to be studied, compared, and contrast in the search for a better system of governance or ideas to create an exclusively South Sudan federal system of government that provides sustainable governance for the betterment and advancement of the “One Nation, One People” idea or concept in South Sudan’s Preamble.

The establishment of a federal system in South Sudan would grant a very state to have right to write its own constitution that must and ought to be parallel to the federal constitution. The Governor and the Lieutenant Governor (Deputy Governor) elected by the people of the State are the Chief Executive or custodian or stewards Officers of the State Government without any interference from the President of the Republic of South Sudan that does not have any power to remove any State Governors at his own whims.  If any such acts have been committed by the President by submission or by omission, it automatically would be declared as unconstitutional by the independent judiciary and the Parliament or Congress would have to infer to suppress any Presidential encroachment into the affairs of the state government outside of federal jurisdiction. The government shall be divided into three (3) tiers, vis-à-vis, the Executive branch of the government and the bureaucracy that manages the government and the entire bureaucracy day-by day; the National Parliament of Congress should be the law making body, and the Judiciary that should become independent and to act as a watch against the executive branch, the Parliament or Congress responsible for making national laws and regulations, and responsible for international treaties and protocol for the country to accedes itself international treaties as a full pledged member of the global system or the global village; and the judiciary should act as an independent watch dog over the Executive and Parliament. Even if the judges of the Supreme Court may be nominated or appointed by the President cross examination and confirmed by the Parliament may be appointed the incumbent President and they do through confirmation Hearings by Congress or Parliament whether they would have conflict of interests and to refrain from any form of loyalty to the President, social and gender discrimination, but to uphold the Constitution of the Republic.

CMA-IO controls over 95% the countryside and over 90% of the civilians’ population in South Sudan. We urge and appeal to rebel movements to strongly and effectively unite their ranks and files against the genocidal, barbaric, and ethnocentric (tribal), de facto, prototype Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germany, neo-Fascist Italy, and the neo-Nazis  and neo-fascist regime in Juba and to replace it with the legitimate Constitutional Republican Government. “We, the people” to create a government  based on the ideals and principles based on the ideals and principles of the Franco-American Revolutions, a government that is based on the people’s power of “the Republican form of government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”  In despite of the help that Juba receives from some IGAD mediators’ Countries, Egypt, Sudan rebel forces  that turned “mercenaries for the sake of dollars that made them to become useless before the populace in their own areas or jurisdictions in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains and Southern Blue Nile have turned to become useless rebels without a cause. Further, recent Egyptian intervention in South Sudan that stationed its military contingent in Ayod, Jongeli State with particular interest to complete the unfinished Jonglei Cannal, that we the 3 million plus citizens or inhabitants of the Jonglei State, we have said in unionism, absolutely, and completely opposed to any such moves to complete the Canal and that would happen over dead bodies.  Any interference by Egypt on the unfinished Jonglei Canal could have a big impact in Egyptian-South Sudan in the future and the present relations on the Nile Valley.

We would like the Egyptians people and their undemocratic regime to know that the Nile River and all its tributaries does not belong to Egypt, but South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, and the other Nile Basin Countries (NBCs). Therefore, Abdul Fatah Assisi’s regime in Cairo, should become vigilant that Salva Kiir’s genocidal, barbaric, de facto and cannibal-like regime compared to Assisi’s brutal, murderous, de facto and illegitimate and looter of the Egyptian people ecological wealth would eventually be defeated by the people’s will and would surely wither away with the win and died away by recalling the experiences in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya orchestrated by the rise of the Arab Spring or the Arab Streets that ousted the octogenarian regimes in the North African nation-states and beyond.  The world should know that Egypt, per se, never had an elected Constitutional government retrospect to 1922 since it became politically independence from the United Kingdom. It was always governed by military officers of men on the horses’ backs. We offer Egypt the green olive leave to freely exit or withdraw from South Sudan without any pre-conditions or quid-pro-quos as sine-quo-non to peace and for better future and present relationships. Hitherto, before We could proceed ahead, we would like to anecdotally leave with the Egyptian Government and the Egyptians’ people to know that the era of Salva Kiir will end and no matter what happens; it’s only a matter of time and space, it will surely happen. So Egypt should be on the lookout about it future relations micro-macroscopically with South Sudan.

CMA-IO, based on Franco-American Revolutionary ideals and principles, has been completely determined and motivated with guts and gusto  to become free at last by ousting Salva Kiir’s regime and his cronies from power by any means necessary and so help  us God and, certainly,  the people of South Sudan would remain thereafter like they have lived for generations from the time of immemorial and would continue to do so as long as mankind or humanity remains  living peacefully and freely on the planet-Earth.  So the ball now has been tossed on Egypt’s court and it’s takes to toss it back.

CMA-IO leadership would be ready to meet with the Egyptian leaders as we shall serve them with note and our plan to form the Transitional National Unity Government (TNUG) as the only legitimately  Republican Constitutional Form of Government in  South Sudan in Africa less South Africa and other smaller states. Both the SPLA-IO sand IG, have become obsolete and have become looters, corrupt, terrorists, murderers of their own people because of power, accumulation of bloodshed wealth and became entrenched dictatorships that have become  harder to remove through peaceful and political conflicts resolution except by deploying any other violence means necessary.

We have nothing to fear except fear itself and the rights and dignity of my people in South Sudan. We will prevail in this war protracted provocative war in South Sudan  like  Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt to land of Cannon that we called in language as “Doar kom khan–meaning the land of many or plentiful).  So the IGAD mediators some come Countries which have opted to become part of the problem rather than part of the solution, I say to them loud and clear that they have been cursed, doomed to fail against God’s people’s, they made no headways or any dents in their ferocious attacks by air, land, and rivers, and they have realized that they could not defeat the armed opposition.  If God is with us, who would be against us? At the end of this episode or war though,  they would shames and despairs would remain on their faces and, then, they would say with the greatest rest assurances that we have survived the outlandish, greatest, and ferocious assaults from the some IGAD mediators’ Countries that  we could also talk that by God will defeated them all over the reign of people’s power because the state has already collapsed and greed and corruption, failed dialectic policies, based on Stalinist’s one  party rule, and moved from stateless to statelessness compared to Somalia in the Horn of Africa in the aftermath of the fall of General Mohamed Sayaid Bare’s collapsed from power in Mogadishu in 1992.

CMA-IO would like to strongly and critically give to advice the IGAD mediators’ that they should be aware of three (3) issues as follows that:-

1) All the so-called opposition parties assembled in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, less CMA-IO, they cannot achieve peace. Most of these so-called opposition parties assembled in Addis-Ababa are truly splinters or yes-men the appendices of SPLA-IG or the flagship or the SPLM mother ship or the SPLM Armada;

2) We the victims of genocide or democide and ethnic cleansing, do hereby declare and pledge ourselves that we would not relent in seeking social justice to be done and we would be the only and truly us  only to diligently and eloquently present our case and ordeal  before the IGAD mediators and the international community to have our say in these august gatherings or forums. We would like to inform the IGAD mediators that our fight is about positions or Dr. Machar’s dismissal as the FVP, but the purpose and intent of the regime targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part.  In essence, this is the root causes of the war rather political.  Let’ assume hypothetically that the IGAD mediators’’ have failed to copulate, understand, and to underscore this point, whatsoever they have committed themselves to undertake in South Sudan would be doomed to failure and has been a wrong starter.

3)  In the case of genocide or targeted the Nuer ethnicity foe extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part against the Nuer nation and its resilient people could not be represented by a non-Nuer leader like Dr. Lam Akol Ajawien for what he does not deserve.  The Nuer has more than highly and experienced learned and distinguished educators and scholars to deal effectively with any Nuer problems compared to an outsider could do for the Nuer.  The Nuer ethnicity is now the master of its own political destiny and does not non-Nuers to determine the future for them. We [the Nuer] also known that he (Dr. Lam) and General Thomas C. Sawaka are being groomed and mentored by the IGAD mediators’ and Museveni’s of Uganda and Uluru Kenyatta of Kenya in particular, to assume power in South Sudan reckoning that they have been the most corrupt, looters, and killers and truly two most corrupt necessary evils on the planet-Earth and in Africa.  We would like to state it loud and clear that neither nor Lam Akol and Thomas C. Sawaka would ever reach the pinnacle of power in South Sudan. Lam Akol and other Shilluk (Chollo) leaders like Akol, Pagan Amoum, Wicyach Deng Ajak and others are all in a state of disarrayed. They wanted power through the backyard of the Nuer nation that could not happen now and forever.

4) The last tried by the Nuer nation and its resilient people because of their traditional advanced open federal-like democracy, egalitarianism and kinship was the  raison d’être that late John Garang that  was uplifted by the Nuer nation from abject poverty, de classie to become famous and died as a multimillionaire through the sweat and blood of the Nuer cadres. Further, the Nuer victory against Khartoum was hijacked by the US lobbyists and awarded it to the Late John Garang.

5)  All the vultures and hyenas lurking around should know and understand that Dr. Riek Machar’s is not the only highly educated Nuer, but there are so many well educated Nuers of same calibers that could replace Dr. Riek Machar within a matter of seconds or minutes.  Dr. Lam Akol has been obsolete and should reckon that the death of the 38 Nuer Officers that he murdered without any offenses committed in Hamra, White Nile State, the 40 others in Thoar or Panthow (Higgilich) of the SSLA in Southern Kordufan and the recently in the death of Lt. General Gabriel Tangene would surely haunt him until the end of time or until death depart. He should know that no matter whatsoever he does, he remains as the most wanted man dead or alive by the families of those that he murdered, including the late Gabriel Tanggene and the entire nation.

Precisely, the death of General Gabriel Tangene was a “revenged killing” because of allegedly massacres of the Shilluk subjects that he had been accused of having committed such an act in the 1970s and beyond against the Chollo people. Most important, it was the love of money that led to death of General Gabriel Tangene because was advised  that he should not go alone without protection from the young Nuer commanders, the NCOs, and the Enlisted because the Shilluk (Chollo)  silent killers  that could pursue him for “revenge killing”  or in Nuer language known as (chuot) for the past events. This was exactly what he gotten from Dr. Lam Akol’s camp.  Even the author of this work advised the late General Tangene to refrain from joining Dr. Lam Akol’s outfit one of the most disliked or despised by the Shilluk subjects and let the rest of South Sudanese, including the Nuer folks who have been providing him protection from the late John Garang until he decided to return to Juba in the aftermath of having killed Nuer Officers in Hamara and Higglich, respectively.

6) We forewarned any Nuers that allied themselves or to become followers of Dr. Lam Akol as a real killer or Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan-2 of the Nuer people, they should know that they are useless and should know that they should not do any good for the Nuer nation ever. They should be classified as the “Nuer Yuieni” (Nuer for the money) or what the Jieng [Dinka] sarcastically termed as “Nuer Wew” (Nuer for the money) in Juba. Surely, all the people of South Sudan should prevail in this provocative war for power, and the rapidly accumulation of wealth by looting the public coffin or public purse for personal individual interests to “get rich quick” similar to California gold rush and the “American Dream” by Salva Kiir and his cronies. The Nuer  folks should know that “charity begins at home.” We must and ought to reunite our ranks and files as a great nation with a great people, great leaders, and with great ecological wealth before we could venture to unite our ranks and files with our fellow South Sudanese and the rest will be added.  Or leadership capabilities have been reduced to zero some by Dr. Riek Marcher’s cool and slow leadership style. Most important, we should resolve that this time around it’s our term for a Nuer to lead South Sudan and we would not allow anyone or idiots to crest-cross our path or the queue to seeking to become the President of the Republic. We [the Nuer ethnicity] determined and motivated to unite with our allies in Equatoria and Bahr-el-Ghazal, respectively, including the Dinka should be cognizance that this time around its Nuer folks time to lead the country as a hailing and remedy for reconstruction of the failed state that moved from stateless to statelessness.

Since the beginning of liberation movements, we were always the first to concede the leadership to other groups without any qualms. We became followers rather than leaders. Remember, God did not create the Nuer people to become followers that way. Nevertheless, because of our patience, leadership capabilities, the Nuer advanced developed traditional democratic-federalism, egalitarianism, and the Nuer kinship and as a faith-based society, we have opted to be calmed, patience, and steadfastly fighting over worldly things.  Of course, our generosity, made the Nuer to be looked upon as docile not yet ready to lead. It was Dr. Lam Akol that emphasized this comment in 2010 Presidential Elections when he became a challenger to Salva Kiir and No Nuer stood up against Machar-Salva Kiir‘s Presidential bid at the time. It was ready to become a challenger in the Presidential bid, but I told my fellow Nuer intelligentsia intellectuals to refrain from such a plan because it may become disadvantageous to Machar-Salva Kiir’s ticket. Perhaps, the most important person that persuaded in the bid for the Presidency was my wife, my love, and my best friend in the world and hereafter, and the mother of our children Madam Margaret Thomas Rut-David de Chand in the USA. Dr. Lam Akol should know that it was not the lack or the absence thereof of highly educated calibers qualified Nuer to seek the Presidency, but they were democratically united  and could not do so for Nuer’s would be Presidential Candidates. In my capacity as the President of South Sudan Democratic Front Party (SSDF) or the South Sudan Democratic Party (SSDP), we should be committed to bipartisan solutions, peaceful and political collective resolution rather than to withdraw from the bidding for the Office of the President of the Republic.

As a leader of the opposition against the disorganized, oligarchic, Stalinist’s state one-party regime, we walked out against the design of the Constitution in Constitutional Hall because Micheal Makuei Lueth (Kac Lora), John Luk Joak and the self-proclaimed lawyer and former South Sudan Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Tellar Deng Ring, an Atoot-Nuer-Dinka speaker messed up the drafting of the Constitution by lumping all the political powers to the President, including the dismissal of the FVP, State Governors or anyone democratically elected by the people to become the  party of the “We, the People” “government of the people, by the people, and fort the people” officials without due process of the law and under the presumption of innocence.  As a political scientist and an American trained soldier, I could not accept such a mess without a protest. So I walked out in protest with hope that the so-called opposition political parties with membership in South Sudan Opposition Parties (SSOP) that returned  as “ins” and “outs” or the Yes-men contributed  further to the mess after which time they have been  bribed or paid off with big cash  by the SPLM as the ruling party which we could not hardly accept as a man of faith to be indulged in corruption, embezzlements and self-aggrandizement with pretty poor political philosophy and ideology “ to get rich quick.”

On the Contrary, the Nuer have not been ready to rule for a long time and now they are afforded a greater opportunity to consolidate leadership with other ethnicities in South Sudan, including the Jieng in despite of their misguided ugly and savagery deeds to have one unified voice in the nation building process. The Nuer as a nation and people with potential powerhouse of potential ecological wealth throughout Sudan and South Sudan in particular, the lack or the absence thereof of the opportunity to lead, to enjoy its ecological wealth from pillaging and to provide meaningful employment to promote quality of life. Now, the time has come for the Nuer to be in charge of the state wholesome functioning system and to induce change or reform to seek bidding for the Office of the President of the Republic.  The Nuer people are ready now to reach to the Mountain top, the pinnacle of  power, and the delegation of power equitably amongst all South Sudan citizens who made sacrifices for the nation as a whole rather than for any one single tribal group compared to what the Jieng [Dinka] did during Salva Kiir’s tenure. Therefore, the Jieng have had haughty feelings and pride and prejudice by some Dinka power elite that South Sudan belongs to the Dinka and that everything therein is Dinka, that they (Dinka) are born to rule and not to be ruled, that they (Dinka) are the Chosen people by whom and for what, remains a myth to be demythologized.

The so-called Jieng Elder Council (JEC) and all its members already in disarrayed should be held accountable for such derogatory statements. Succinctly, South Sudan is for South Sudanese without exception and/or preconditions. We would not have anyone to be categorized as a second class citizens, caste system in India or citizens below any other equal citizens, for that we are all born freed, to live free, to die free, and to be equal on the land of South Sudan, unfortunately. It would take bloodshed to be free, to resurrect freely, and to breathe freedom free without bloodshed.  If we were all “One People, One Nation”  the idea or the concept, how did the octogenarian Jieng Elder  Council (JEC) arrive at the idea and concept that South Sudan belongs to the Dinka and everything therein is Dinka. What really happens to the rest of the preconceived assumption political ideology of “One People and One Nation” idea or concept? It would seem to be ironic, contrary to the pre-conceived idea or concept and the great contradiction in the proposed idea or concept of “One People and One nation”. This is our time to reach to the Mountain top and would surely reach that mountain top by any means necessary. My political, sociological and philosophical prophecy and advice to the young Nuer leaders of this generation to scrape out their naiveté, personal social thinking and neo-thinking, but to stand up on their bootstraps, to stop thinking to become followers of others because God did not make the Nuer people to become followers, but great real and stronger, fairer, non-corrupt leaders to be followed by others.

Thusly, we must learn to stand up tall and to be firmed on “what we are,” and “who we are” on our grounds not to become followers and sycophants, but leaders of men and women.  Remember, “United we stand,” “divided we fall.” Forward back never or in Nuer language “Thiele loic jok, bana wa ke wa nhiam. We urge and appeal to the Nuer youth that take pride in your cultural values and heritage, learn the Nuer language up to colleges and Universities that could soon be established throughout the Nuerland such that we could become independent, self-reliance, self-sufficient, and to have food security for our people. We must and ought to educate this generation and the future generations to study the Nuer language and culture throughout all education levels. Remember we could study in Nuer language medicine, physical sciences (biology, chemistry and physique, economic, pharmaceutical sciences, Veterinary medicine, Wildlife Conversation, and agriculture compared to Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Russians, German, English and the American languages.  Remember, if a Chinese could study such fields of endeavors or professions in Chinese and practices medicine in Sudan and South Sudan or in Africa in general in Chinese, what could prevent a young Nuer doctor practice medicine in China or anywhere in the planet. Would it be imperatively impractical, if not impossible, for a Nuer to study such fields of professions in Nuer language? I think we could do it like the Chinese and others who forced us to learn their languages and cultures. We should teach all foreigners Nuer or other languages as Non-Nuer speakers or Nuer as Second Language (ASL).

The Nuer should become the center of learning and any nationality that immigrated to the potentially richest Nuer land; they first must undergo learning and writing Nuer as the second language. If Western countries could make non-European students to learn their languages before they could start higher education, they should also be told to learn the Nuer as Second Language (NASL) one of the five approve Rajaf Language Conference in 1928.  Most important, we should take pride in developing our culture through music, athletic, and dramas. We should remember that the Jieng singled us out for extermination as a “final solution” we all and everyone of us should remain pretty vigilant and we should be reunited like the Gaat Jacobni (Israelites) or  sons of Jacob’s bundle of ten sticks tied together, and to deal effectively with anyone that would be against us because a person is a terrorist and genocidal— defined as the gravest and the greatest crimes against human by the UN Charter, international law, UN Human Rights Commission (UNHCR).

We would like to make it straightforward loud and clear that Dr. Lam Akol could not and would not become the President of South Sudan and no matters who grooms and mentors him for such a position that’s without the consent of the majority, otherwise it is a waste of time, money, and energy to bring in endless problems to think solutions is at hand. Nuer learned from history, where others have no clues.  So too with the mentors of Thomas Sawaka and Dr. Lam Akol who have been pouring more oil on fire because the majority could not let them become leaders, not because they hail from minority groups, but they have exposed and exposed bad characters that could not qualified them to govern. They have been wicked that could re-plummet again South Sudan into another real bloody episode of warfare.  Dr. Akol’s claims to have created the National Democratic Movement (NDM) that had been unrealistic and ineffective movement in South Sudan. Where does it exist? Where and who are its army and its cadres? We could recall that I had personally told Dr. Akol with all due respect and honor that he should return to the Shilluk traditional Kingdom to organize his subjects, if the Reth (King) would let him do so and to return with them united to compete in the democratic process. Thusly, he failed to undo that Shulluk (Cholllo) comprises of between 130,00-150,000 of the Shilluk traditional Kingdom do not like him at all, and he has had big conflict with the Reth of the Shilluk who is the spiritual and the temporal leader of all Shilluk subjects and there could be “No Shilluk above the Reth.” We would like to let Dr. Akol knows that given existing political and traditional circumstances in the Shilluk Kingdom, in which he is already presumably out of the loop, but not inside the loop. CMA-IO has already selected Ambassador/Professor David de Chand to become the Pro-Tempore President of South Sudan. With such declaration I could go to the next IGAD round of talks, if not excluded to deny CMA-IO legitimacy, what a joke that would be doomed to repeated failure to expect a different results would be insane or what?  If the CMA-IO should be denied the right to be represented and participated in the revitalization of 2015 Peace Agreement by the IGAD mediators, we could remain in exile as the legitimate authority with the majority supporting it. We have no association with Dr. Machar SPLA-IO which is already destroyed by Taban Deng Gai. CMA-IO has been the government in exile ever since Dr. Machar’s left IO “headless” and “visionless” in the political arena. “We the people’s” Movement for the redemption of the state of South Sudan and its disunited, disintegrated, fragmented, fractioned, and failed state that moved from stateless to statelessness. We should reconstruct or to resuscitate the failed state through persistent, creating a new vision, and transformative leadership.


Presently, in South Sudan CMA-IO is the fastest growing national liberation movement in South Sudan. Its history could be traced to the past liberation movements from Anya-Anya-I (A-1 &11) that was the first civil war that was lulled by the defunct 1972 Addis-Ababa Accord that granted South Sudan local autonomy or self-rule  that fell short of  created a legitimate, independent, sovereign de jure state with its territorial integrity by legal means. The 1972 Addis-Ababa Accord could be considered as the root cause of the concurrent South Sudan problems that should plumped and labeled on Abel Aliers’ neck who created the tribal government system in South as opposed to the Constitutional Form of Government based on the ideals and principles of the Franco-American Revolutions that have impacted the worldwide. It was Abel Alier’s in his capacity as the self-appointed or self-anointed President of the High Executive Council (HEC) and as the nominal Vice President of the Republic of Sudan under Sudan’s strongman the late Field Marshal Gaffer Mohamed El-Nuiemeri.

The 1972 Addis-Ababa Accord was wrong, bad historical foot print, and the legacy that it enhanced the division on once united South Sudan into three autonomous regions of Bahr-el-Ghazal, Equatoria, and Upper Nile. The 1972 Addis-Ababa Accord failed to administer, to adjudicate, and to manage law and order and to implant the seed of democracy compared to military democracy Chinese style because it was based on the concept or idea of classical ethnocentric (tribal) hierarchy as opposed to de-ethnocentrized (de-tribalized) up to its demise in 1983. Secondly, the 1972 Addis-Ababa Accord did not end the so-called Southern Sudan Problem, but lulled the guns and created an interregnums period and a situation of now and no peace. The A-2 was based and created by the remnant of the A-I led by Colonel Samuel Gai Tut continued the war along the Sudan-Ethiopian borders. The war resumed or reignited against in May 1983- 991 disintegration of the once invincible Marxist-Leninist SPLA on 28 August 1991 and followed by October 1991 Bor incident that was created by the late John Garang was an attempt to reunite the disintegrated armed movement through military force as opposed to peaceful and political persuasion of different rebel groups that were anti-John Garang. The splint in the SPLM/A created factional, inter-ethnic, and intra-ethnic wars from 1991-1995. Many attempt were undertaken by organizations to stop the bloodshed, but the late John Garang did not concede to what happen and opted to continue with the warfare that had created an impasse for the Bor Dinka that was internally displaced in larger numbers and became internally displaced people (IDPs) with many more escaped to Equatoria, Uganda and Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northern Kenya and Ajumni, Uganda.

The African Council of Churches tried to broker the peace, but it failed. The UN tried everything possible to seek peace through Dialogue par cum pari (equal) it also failed. The U.S. proposed the 1993 Washington DC Agreement that was dashed away by the stubborn late John Garang’s that rejected the call for parallel co-existence of the two movements, viz., the SPLA Torit faction led by the late John Garang and his notorious commanders on the one hand and the SPLM/A-Nasir faction led by Dr. Riek Machar on the other. Dr. Lam Akol who was bribed and paid off with big hard currency became the main diabolical person that facilitated the split of the SPLM/A because he was purposely assigned that mission by some members of the ruling party in Khartoum to go to join the Movement and to  deceive, manipulate, and to maneuver work from within as quickly as possible for the disruption or dismantling of the rising Nuer-Dinka power to fall that was already preconceived as a major threat to the national security and caused many northern political leaders fell jittery and uncertain about the rapidly rise of the SPLM/A led by both Nuer and the Dinka leaders.

The ruling party spent a heck of money on Dr. Lam Akol’s to dismantle the SPLM/A to continue existing as one body that was fear everywhere throughout the region. In 1994 IGAD was created for the purpose of conflict resolution in Sudan. It failed to negotiate the peace talks on the proposed Six Points DOP that became the hallmark of the IGAD Declaration of Principle (IGAD/DOP) drafted in 1994 in Nairobi Kenya and was submitted to the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Ethiopian Ambassador Seyoum Mesfin to China and the concurrent Special Envoy on South Sudan. In 1995, the regime in Khartoum started to have contacts with Dr. Riek Machar and appointed the controversial and notorious Dr. Riek Gai Kok and  Lucifer’s Taban Deng Gai( alas Mohamed Hassan El-Hagg Ibrahim) became SSIM/A Liaison Officers in Khartoum.  They work for their own interests rather the movement’s interests. Many members of the of the SSIM/A requested Dr. Machar to remove the two guys, but he refused to do so. In the same year, SSIM/A negotiated the Political Charter with Khartoum that was in most cases doe through closed doors between Dr. Machar, his closed associates, and the Government of Sudan representatives. In 1997, SSIM/A negotiated the 1997 defunct Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) that guaranteed the exercise of the right to self-determination to Southern Sudan under internationally supervised referendum to determine their political destiny either in unity with the North  or to opt to become politically independence de jure state.

Without the shadow of a doubt, KPA addressed Southern Sudan concerns, but it was neither recognized by the US and its European allies and encouraged the SPLM/A to reject the National Islamic Front regime  the 1997 KPA with seven (7) Sudan liberation  movements.  Dr. Lam Akol as a spoiler had also signed his own mini-Fashoda Agreement separately with Dr. Ali El-Hagg Mohamed that faded away and gone with the wind into the Galaxy and the Twine light Zone.  Dr. Machar’s became appointed as the Assistant President of the Republic and President of High Executive Council (HEC) in Juba, respectively.  What did Dr. Machar did for his people compared to Abel Alier, John Garang and Salva Kiir? If there was anything, he focused and depended only on Adok peoples and mostly closed relatives who had not  fought the war compared to Dr. Lam Akol Ajawien’s in the Armed struggle. For instance, he rewarded the Adok people and his family in particular, with all the peace benefits and big fat position even though they were not highly qualified and experienced. Succinctly, Dr. Machar had become a tribalist, sub-tribalist and sectionalist similar to all the Dinka leaders in South Sudan. He did the same act in 2013 by releasing more cash to his relatives to build hotels and business in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, and in Khartoum, Sudan, and gave hefty cash for some of them to return the USA.  Specifically, Dr. Machar’s had bought the most expensive villas in Khartoum committed Grand theft and corruption of the third kind in the demised SPLA-IO and his brother-in-law and Madam Angelina Machar. Based on my own knowledge based on research, Dr. Machar’s has become one of the richest personalities in South Sudan through sweet and blood of the Nuer people who died for him, unfortunately. I have no regrets that he has been in castrated and overthrown by his brother in-law Taban Deng Gai.

CMA-IO has decided to become its own-self because it would reunite all the disarrayed non-SPLM/A folks who have frustrated and disillusioned for years the SPLM leadership ever since the inception of the SPLM/A in may 1983. People did not have a tenable reasonable alternative movement until now that CMA-IO has emerged and become the brightest rising star and the fastest growing star in South Sudan. It resembles a new rebirth, a new awakening and gives new opportunities to those that disarrayed, frustrated, disillusioned and completely denied their political, cultural, human rights, social justice, equality, representation and participation in any form of transformative leadership in the failed state of South Sudan that moved from stateless to statelessness. CMA-IO has been the Third Movement that would drain its manpower from the both SPL-IG-IO  historical blunders and mistakes committed that obliged their cadres to have been frustrated, lost their real senses of belonging, patriotism, nationalism and the real national identity as opposed to ethnocentric (tribal) national identity that created the root causes of the  mid-December 2013 genocide or democide and the preconceived policy of deliberate and will state policy that targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination  as a final solution in whole or in part, including of certain groups or ethnicities by the JEC  as if they do  not have political, civil, and human  rights under the aegis  of the Constitution of South Sudan. Most important, SPLM has broken the chains and dreams of so many people to achieve more and the idea or the concept of “One People and One Nation” principle has become a diabolic political jargon without substance rather than political reality. What is the future of the Jieng in South Sudan in the aftermath departure of Salva Kiir’s legacy and his cronies? Can the South remain united?

I should be obliged to reflect again liked I wrote years ago that South Sudan should undergo to become a federal system based on the Ten (10) original states with their inherited demarcated political boundaries under the British colonial rule and the post-split of South Sudan from the mother country- Sudan- on 9 July 2011.  Most important, in order to maintain  its dynamic unity and existence, it has to be divided into three autonomous regions to govern themselves separately for a decade or so before their representatives could sit down to discuss the future whether in or  into three  viable an unviable mini-states in South Sudan. For the people of the Greater Upper Nile region potentially the richest region with ecological wealth in Sudan and South Sudan in particular, does need neither Equatoria nor Bahr-el-Ghazal, but these two regions need the Greater Upper Nile region as the pillar of South Sudan.

CMA-IO urges and appeals to all non-SPLA members in both SPLA-IO-IG to liberate your selves by abounding the old failed institutions of IO and IG to come to join the newly created fresh CMA-IO with great opportunities and the sky is the limit and careers opportunities could become brighter ever for all. CMA-IO followers would prevail at the end of the day. It is now only a matter of time that the international community could turn to CMA-IO and the best instrument ever to happen to kick out both Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar non-transformative leadership in Juba and in the bushes of South Sudan. CMA-IO has been marginalized and the followers have been put under the feet of SPLM/A as slaves for pretty long time. It’s  people will, and  it would rise again as the guiding star of the people leading the people to  the promised land or the Land of Cannon (Doar Kum Khan) and to the final victory against the forces of tyranny, that have been in the interest of the tyrants to reduce the people to ignorance and vice versa. Samuel Adams writes: “For tyrants cannot live in any country where virtue and knowledge prevail. The religion and public liberty of a people are intimately connected; their interests are interwoven, they cannot subsist separately; and therefore, they rise and fall together. For this reason, it is always observable, that those who are commbin’d to destroy the people’s liberties, practice every art to poison their morals. “

Before we could venture forward we would be bound to leave the readers to be on his/her tosses. The first quote is from Laozi of China that “Empty yourself of everything. Let the mind become still. The ten thousands things rise and fall while the self watches their return. They grow and flourish and then return to the source. Returning to the source is stillness, which is the way of nature.” Carlos P. Romulo writes that “Nations will rise and fall, but equality remains the deal. The universal aim is to achieve respect for the entire human race, not for the dominance few.” These quotes give us all in full about the ongoing internal politico-military struggle and the juggling of things around in South Sudan. Remember, these two quotations for posterity for the cause of humankind rather than self-worth. Grow up to become free thinkers and neo-thinkers. Liked we envisaged it, that could not give any better description or satisfactory explanation compared to what Lyanla Vansant tell us all in principle that:

“No matter what’s going on in your life today, remember, it is only preparation. People come and go, situations rise and fall; it’s all preparation for better things. You must stretch, reach, and grow into goodness. Without the preparation we receive through adversity, disappointment, confusion, or pain, we could not appreciate the goodness when it arrives.”

Most important, and for all the victims of Salva Kiir’s genocidal regime, you must be patience, you must endure, you must be strong, you must be courageous to over this immortal crimes against mankind, you must stretch, reach, grow into your goodness. Without the preparation that we receive through adversity, disappointment, confusion, or pain, we could not appreciate the goodness when it arrives. Just look around you, what do you see? Realistically, we do envision regrets, sorrows, pain for things they had done, which they ought to have done against their fellow countrymen and countrywomen alike. We would guess so many changes in everything around you would take place before you feel them. We have to undergo population re-engineering and many of us would be uprooted to different virgin lands in South Sudan. If you killed Nuer to reap their wealth, you have no place in the Nuerland and your security would be at your own risk. Thusly, empty yourself of everything. Let the mind become still, which is the way of nature.  We and our children children’s would not forget the past with emphasis with committed genocide in the mid-December 2013 in Juba and beyond.

The US President John F. Kennedy writes that “A man can die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.” Although South Sudan raised and fallen,  the idea lives on and it would wise again from phoenix, rise and fall because nations do rise and fall, but any ideas do live on and  equality remains the most virtuous ideal because an idea of being a state lives on. Before we could proceed with brief analysis on the rising emerging CMA-IO movement otherwise known herewith as the Citizen Militia Army (CMA-IO), it would be worth taking the time to explain the concept to the readers, and the so-called “Opposition Parties” organized, linchpins, stooges, crooks, renegades, hooligans, and misled by Dr. Lam Akol Ajawein and Thomas Cyrillio Sawaka, who have been mentored and groomed by President Yuri Museveni of Uganda and President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, including a Belgian-Jewish American Phil Heilsburg of the US off shore Jash Management Oil Consortium in the Bahamas and the Dutch West Indies  and a long time employee of Salva Kiir to become as the replacements of the Nuer-Dinka predominance to minority predominance over the majority. This is what we could scientifically termed as “democracy in reverse” instead of the normal norms of democratic principles and values that “majority rulewith “minority rights” guaranteed that have been the beneficiaries and became part and parcel of the problem rather than part of the solution in the ongoing war in South Sudan mediations in IGAD mediators’ as participatory peace mediators in the Ethiopian Capital of Addis-Ababa. Succinctly, the process is full of flaws, hypocrisies and double standards of the third kind. Absolutely, IGAD has failed and could not bring peace to South Sudan or elsewhere in Africa. Its leaders and mediators have become Dialectic materialists dreaming of getting rich quick and we do have fears on them like Afro-Arab pilots although with a few exceptionalism.

We would be obliged to make clear the meaning of CMA-IO. Nowadays, whenever any people hear about the terms “Militias” and “Terrorisme (French),” they become really feeling shivering and jittery for whatever we do know that historically that these two terminologies have been part of the changed and historical development of the nation-states worldwide. Throughout the changes in the historical epoch, they have been already negatively painted on them by some UN Countries with certain strategic vital vested interests of their own national security interests, foreign policy agenda to achieving their international interests, foreign policy agenda, and national security strategic interests, including the games which nation-states played in the international geo-political and geo-strategic theaters. Given, that we do know that historically the terms “Militias” and “Terrorism” have not been negatively at all, but such negativity attachments have been orchestrated and painted on them in the recent years to twist, to deceive, to manipulate, and to maneuver the international geo-political system that has turned negatively them in the international system to turn things around or upside down.

Without the shadow of a doubt, that some countries have intensively utilized negatively the usage of the meanings of the preceded terminologies to advance their causes and political advantages by incorporating negative definitions and explanations to achieve their preconceived organized strategic international security interests to define their attainable projected achievable objectives and goals against those seeking their legitimate rights to exercise the right to self-determination and human rights law guaranteed to “all peoples” under the UN Charter, UN Rsolution1514 on decolonization of all Non-Self-Governing Territories and UN Trusteeship Council or the Third Committee territories under the UN Charter, international law, international humanitarian law, human rights law and human rights protection globally. The SPLM/A was (and still is) a  disorganized militia movement that has undergone so many internal squabbles and splits though bearing different names and acronyms, it still remains one as already determined by the Arusha Declaration in Tanzania that reunited it in spirit, but in political ideological, methodology, and philosophical thinking and ne0-thingking and frame of reference (worldview). The gross splits within the ruling party that finally led to the ongoing bloody civil with no end in sight, was based on four components the SPLM leadership failed drastically achieves, viz.,  the lack of synthesizing an appropriate direction for the organization has been pretty much complicated by many dimensions of visions that may be required.

Realistically, the SPLM leaders firstly, lacked the required foresight, so that that they can judge how the vision fits into the environment of the organization (state) may evolve, secondly, hindsight, so that the vision does not violate the traditions and culture of the organization, thirdly, frame of reference (a worldview), within which to interprets the impact of the possible new developments and trends, fourthly, depth perception, so that the whole picture can be seen in appropriate details and perspectives, fifthly, peripheral vision, so that the possible responses for competitors and other stakeholders to the new direction can be comprehended, and, sixthly, a process of revision, so that all visions previously synthesized are constantly revived as the environment changes.

The whole is equals to all some of its parts in a systematic packaged and organized into strategic scenarios. When the SPLM leadership undertook off the pre-born and pre-failed state in South Sudan—they paid no attention to the inherited system or what was going on, that they had not been determined to screen what part of the events at hand would be important for the future of organization.  They had not set a new direction, and they concentrated less for the future, that gave no attention on everyone in the organization to have a sense of belonging and patriotism in the system. As they soon tried to settle down comfortable in their newly acquired portfolios, they surely, discovered that were not in compliance with a universal principle of leadership as true for orchestra conductors, army generals, football coaches, and school superintendents as for corporate leaders. In short, the entire SPLM leadership is of ignoramus and did not know what is important for the future of their organization (state), and how to choose the new direction.  The new direction, of course, is the vision that a leader must first have developed as a mental image of a possible future state of the organization. This image, which we call a vision, may be as vague as a dream or as precise as a goal or mission statement. The most critical and the crucial point to remember is that a vision articulates a view of realistic, credible, attractive future for the organization, a condition that is better in some important ways than what now exist. They taught us and told us by way of deception, manipulation and maneuvered told us where to go from what, where, when, where, why, how” or the four Mission principles.*

Leaders in all organizations are not born, but made and they are often concerned about the future of the organizations. For example, President John F. Kennedy envisioned of putting the man on the moon by 1970 and Stanford Weill dreamed of making the American Express to become the world’s leading investment banking system in five years. They were focusing attentions on worthwhile and attainable achievements. We noted that a vision always refers to a future state. The second exciting case to cite that South Sudan leaders failed to possess was the case of the Chairman of the Chrysler Corporation Lee Iacocca’s experience at Chrysler when he injected a new blood or a new vision, mobilized the work force behind that vision, and toward solidifying the commitments for the changes that he brought about.  The third case scenario to cite in the US Auto industry was that of Roger Smith of General Motors, though working much differently from Iacocca, elicited a new vision, with meticulous staff work and staff meeting after meeting, to achieveing a new commitment to a new mission. The four cases cited herein, none of South leaders ever dreamed off except pomposity, arrogance, and the lack of creativity for self-actualization and what we have learned about transforming social architecture from the experiences of the leaders we cited in the preceded paragraph. The leaders of South Sudan should underscore and to know that for a successful transformation to be achieved, three (3) things have to happen— and the three (3) principles apply equally to each and every one of the four styles just cited: (1) Create a new vision and compelling vision capable of bringing the work force to a new place, (2) Develop commitment for the new vision, and, (3) institutionalize the new vision.

The SPLM led GOSS as the ruling party and the SPLA–IO, including all its splinters components groups, they have lacked or the absence thereof of the three (3) principles apply equally to each and to everyone of the four cases scenarios illustrated. We would hypothetically assume that all nation-states realized they all came to being through what they are now negatively termed in the international system by way of created militias, and terrorists for  trust worthwhile ambitions that have changed and impacted the national liberation movements. The styles of achieving national struggle are different by environment, passive resistance approach as a non-violence of resolving conflicts, ending injustice, and preventing violence. In the case of violence, is that it takes two to tango to perpetuate it. Violence is a tactic and often times, it is also the counter–tactic to violence. Violence is a way of getting what one wants or of achieving a goal. Let’s look briefly at these two world’s great thinkers The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi philosophical congruency on the Non-Violence as an active means of resolving conflicts and seeking justice. In resolving conflict that non-violent civil disobedience is a path of actively seeking to end social injustice, without justifying violence responses. Dr. King used public displays of peaceful violation of segregationist laws to draw attention to the justice of his cause. M. K. Gandhi’s struggle for Indian independence from the British was based on ensuring that violence was met with non-violent resistance. Gandhi emphasized that non-violence as a means to an end; Gandhi spoke of non-violence and peace as a principle that should be embraced as a way of life in order to be effective. Therefore, these terminologies  such as “Militias” and in French language is  termed as “Terrorismes,”- meaning someone with a cause of social injustice that  they remained to be not negative, positive “causatives,” unfortunately.”

Realistically and practically in my capacity as a student of international relations, international law and international political economy, and comparative politics and governments, political theory, political sociology, and political philosophy, we could not agree more that all existing nation-states, developed or industrialized societies, otherwise termed as the First World. The second category of the First World comprises of the developing and underdeveloped majority of the world’s nation-states or the G-77 or the Non-Aligned nations-states, including Africa’s youngest failed state in South Sudan that moved from stateless to statelessness have been defined and collectively termed as the “Third World” in accordance with the micro-macroscopically perspective, definition, and the political and economic jargon of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) (The World Bank), The International Monetary Fund (The IMF), The European Central Bank ( The ECB), The Bank of England and the emerging BRICS Bank in the Republic of South Africa (RSA) created by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) could rest assuredly pose a tougher and aggressive self-positioning in market competition and challenges to the existing The IBRD, The IMF, The Bank of England, Dutch Banks’ and the ECB, by valuing their money currencies in gold and the strategic available ecological wealth in, which they have acquired abundantly at the global scale. Both terms of militia and terrorism neither have  nor one unifying definition in the UN Charter and international law. However, we would concede that one man’s militia and one man’s terrorist could become another man’s liberator and one man’s terrorism could be another man’s liberator as well and vice versa. In the international system, it would be fair to say that all the big armies on the planet-Earth started as “militias” or could trace their roots of historical development as organized “militias” and highly disciplined compared to the undisciplined like the Twice Dinka Militias in South Sudan killings all people left and right like wild hogs. How far could they continue they continue doing these savagery and uncivilized acts? to do this? Therefore, if any peoples’ have called themselves as “militias” or “terrorists” for the sole purposes of achieving a collectively set of goals and objectives, well and good, they should not be stigmatized negatively as the bad guys on the block, but as a people with an objective to achieve.

Many African leaders should not forget that many of them came not power or leadership by ways of democratically organized legitimate Republican democratic elections based on Adult Suffrage through secret ballot box based on man one vote and one woman vote one value as the people’s free choice. Rather, they almost assumed power through authoritarian means by means of organized militias, terrorism, and they have installed themselves as the philosopher kings or leaders governing their respective countries by any means necessary. Given, these trends in all nation-states that began as the “core” and the “crux” of the problems to become political independence and sovereign de jure states and members of the international community they all began as embryos of “militias” and “terrorists” movements. For instance, President Musveni of Uganda assumed power more than 40-year ago through an organized Constitutional Militias or otherwise termed as terrorists against the democratically President Milton Obote of Uganda dictator for life Field Marshal President Idi Amin Dada abated by Tanzania who also came to power through a military coup d’état or terrorists means against the democratically elected President Milton Obote. Thusly, in my capacity as a political scientist/political economist, international relations and international law expert, almost all heads of state and governments in Sub-Saharan Africa assumed power through the ultimate means of organized militias and terrorism. Therefore, turning against the above-mentioned terminologies and regarding them as negative means of assuming power, such presumptions could become detrimental and demonizing their legitimacies as de facto leaders, rather, than, as de jure heads of state and governments in Africa.

A vision is a target that beckons. When the US President John Kennedy set a goal of putting a man on the moon by 1970, and Stanford Weil proposed to make the American Express to become the greatest financial bank in the world, these two Americans focused attentions on worthwhile and attainable achievements. We should also note that a vision always refers to a future state. One good thing about a shared vision of the future also suggests of effectiveness for the organization (the state) and for all its parts. It helps individuals distinguish between what’s good and what’s bad for the organization, and what it’s worthwhile to want to achieve. And, most importantly, it makes it possible to distribute decision-making widely. Thusly, in a very real sense, individuals’ behavior can be shaped, directed, redirected, and coordinated by a shared and empowering vision of the future. In the same pattern of reaching the leadership ladder could be to set to a goal that African leaders have utilized to assume political power and leadership. It could also be our political platform and the right to set to claim that ladder until we could reach the pinnacle of power to assume leadership with a vision in South Sudan. We are not that far to reach the mountain top and the pinnacle of power against the Jieng (Dinka) Dictator-for-life Salva Kiir and his cronies in South Sudan. We have guts and gusto to overthrow Salva Kiir by any means necessary and any external inference that we have already experienced from Uganda and Kenya, including some IGAD mediators’ Countries, this time around, we are prepared to occupy some parts of Uganda and Kenya and let alone the adjacent territories closer to South Sudan that we could surely have legitimate historical claims because such lands and people were (and still are) South Sudanese and the land was illegally annexed to Uganda by omission or by submission by imperial Britain that never existed before 1895 when it was made to be the Protectorate of Her Majesty the Queen and the King of England.  South Sudan could historically claims over the entire northern Uganda could  have legitimate and real historical claims compared to Morocco and Mauritania historical calms over the Spanish Sahara Republic, and Kashmir that put on the loggerhead the two Nuclear powers India and Pakistani in the Sub-Continent for decades and the Pico-Pikes Agreement of the 1916 in the Middle East that  created the conflict of the Arab-Israelis conflict and the constantly ongoing confusion and decades of war between the Palestinian Arabs and the Israelis in the Middle East.

Certainly, we have no ill-intentions or desirability of re-altering the inherited colonial boundaries recognized under international law. Nevertheless, Uganda absolutely and complete full support to Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba, and committed total interference into the domestic affairs of South Sudan by supporting another dictator like himself in Uganda across its northern border could produce much more serious catastrophic consequences not only for the regimes in  Juba and Kampala, respectively, that  they could be bound to go  peacefully or violently compared to the impact of Arab Spring or the Arab Streets that ousted the octogenarian dictatorships in the North African nation-states such as Ben Ali’s Tunisia, Qaddafi’s Libya, Hosni Mubarak’s Egypt. Both South Sudan and Uganda could become the premiere starters of the root causes of the African Spring or the African Streets and there could be no one to blame on these tumultuous and treacherous incidents, but it  would-be except Uganda Dictator for life Yuri Museveni.

We urge and appeal on Uganda and Kenya and other IGAD mediator’s entities that fought (and still are) fighting for Salva Kiir to coolly, gently, and respectfully to divorce or to exit without any preconditions or quid-pro-quos sine-qua-non to peace, par excellence, and to adequately and vigorously undergo revitalization of the peace process because they could not be “impartial” in the decision-making in the conflict resolution against their ally in Juba. This is the only just and fair method because they could not have the cake and wanted to eat it all. They have already taken side henceforth it could impair any decision-makings and the negotiated revitalization peace process in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, and the future South Sudan- Kenya-Uganda relations because of strategic converging and diverging national interests, financial benefits and conflict of interests. CMA-IO could surely boycott the revitalization process as long as IGAD mediator countries led by Uganda fighting CMA-IO rebel forces in South Sudan remained lurking around as non-participatory mediators states in such an august forum to design to return or to achieve lasting and durable peace, to relief pain, suffering, and mental anguish, flourishing cannibalism in the Jieng Heartland and /or to make peace returns to relief or to reduce pain, suffering , and mental anguish to the poor and innocent people of South Sudan.

CMA-IO message  is hope for all and to keep hope alive throughout South Sudan is clear and simple and would echo President Kennedy’s statement at the inauguration of the Peace Office in Washington, DC  in the 1960s,told the American people loud and clear that “Asked not what America can do for you, but what you can do for America.” The Statement was first made a Lebanese poet and writer Khalil Gibran’s. In the vein as patriots, nationalists that means a whole sum of functioning, and followers of the CMA-IO as tenable alternative movement for change, we urge and appeal to you to ask not what South Sudan can do for you, but what you can do for South Sudan.” Our set goal would be putting the state back in order like President Kennedy’s dreamed and to set a goal of putting man on the moon by 1970 and, indeed, man landed on the moon by 1969. This’ what the CMA-IO leadership vision would be aggressively within reasons and no nonsense leadership to return the country back from socioeconomic ruins, to socioeconomic prosperity, and to revive or to resuscitate our national patriotic spirit to become alive again for this future  present generation and the present generation next generations.  Yes, we could be united together, we could undertake this task without sweat because we could all be willing to rebuild, we could all belief in it, and yes, we could not afford to “Ask not”, to “Seek not”, and to  “Find not” what South Sudan can do for you, but what you can do for South Sudan. We should seek first the political kingdom and the rest will be added. In all our political undertakings and endeavors because we wanted to become different from the previous movements, we should pledge ourselves to hard work, to eradicate or to stamp out corruption, to undertake prioritized socio-economic programs, viz., “Educational Revolution” in public education, Agricultural Revolution (the Green Revolution) to provide us with self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and food security, and Universal healthcare  system to provide equal opportunity for all our children, girls and boys alike in all rural villages, Agricultural Revolution (the Green Revolution) to produce more food for self-reliance, self-sufficient and food security.  We should work pretty closely with UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in Rome, Italy, for the improvement of our agricultural production. We should undergo organic- that means no chemicals would be added. We could not leave any persons, our children, adults, and elderly alike to be malnourished even our cats and dog  should have rights like us to eat well because those animals human rights as our best friends that God created to be closest and man’s best friends and allies of mankind.

CMA-IO would push for Health care revolution. We must construct hospitals through the country to fight or to combat diseases and the need to have clean drinking water to eradicate intestinal parasitic warms, eradication of HIV/AIDS, malaria, Leprosy, Missiles control, and total vaccination of all children, pregnant would-be mothers and lactating mothers alike. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) should become one of the biggest ministries or Departments in the would-be government key ministry to provide adequate healthcare with health and welfare of our people. We should work with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children Emergency Funds (UNCEF), the US Central for Disease Control (US CDC) and other international health organizations in the world. There are many projects that the would-be government should undertaking implementing such services of the public. We do need telecommunications network system, radio and television to educate our people on how to protect themselves from epidemic disease or contagious diseases that must be eradicated with modern  that should be compatible modern international communications networks.  In order to encourage internal and external trade, we should construct highways, land, air, and River transportation network and the Department of Transport would-be entrusted and empowered to undertake these projects throughout South Sudan. We want to have South Sudan that has sufficient comprehensive networks that anyone could make calls with their loved ones, to place emergencies medical calls 24×7. We have more than enough electricity in the country. We should work hand-in-hand with the World Bank, the IMF, the ECB, and the BRICs to build for us a Turbine in Numule for rural electrification to become energy independent as opposed of becoming energy dependency syndrome, but to become self-sufficient. No modern city in South Sudan could dependent on generators to produce electricity only in case of emergencies. We have to have full electricity network as a top priority. We should also utilize in abundant “Solar Energy as” as the cleanest, sufficient, and the least polluted that Mother Nature has given us for life. We have to develop it in abundant as an alternative source of efficient self-sufficient energy supply in the country.


What is to be done about those killers?  That is the question to be or not to be that is the question. The Kiir-Awan-Wal Militias’ have no place in South Sudan ever.  They must and ought to be disarmed and to have undergo to many victims of genocide years of reforms, rehabilitations, and to confess their sins for forgiveness, but not to forget the past before the would-be Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)  in South Sudan similar to post-Apartheid era in the Republic of South Africa (RSA) and the post-1994 Rwanda Genocide in Kigali committed by Hutus against the Tutsi and the Holocaust Jews during the Second World War (1939-1945) in Europe. They would be hunted down by the security forces throughout South Sudan jurisdiction to disarm them all and if they should resist such measures, they could also meet fierce resistance from the same well armed security forces. We have nothing to fear except fear itself.  CMA-IO would seek not revenge against any South Sudanese and the Dinka folks in particular, with the exception of Mathiang Aynor and other Special Twic Dinka Militias who have taken the law of the land into their own hands and committed genocide—- defined as “the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity.” These cannibal-like militias’ that have no respect for human life and the inviolability of life, should all be eradicated because they could not become any longer viable and useful citizens that could become again useful to the nation and they be brought before the law to face the adjudication of justice and to give good reasons for the things that have done, which they ought not to have done. There should be no South Sudanese to live in fear under the would-be CMA-IO leadership designed to specifically overthrow or to depose the demon regime that has been hovering over our heads, murdering, massacring, and killing us all as well as having marginalized the best and the brightest to become self-actualized in governance and public administration and public policy without any exceptionalism in the representation and participation in our political system in motherland. We should have the courage to overcome the genocide, ethnic cleansing, marginalization, and we should say at last that thanks God that we are freed at last and have reached the mountain top as brave and courageous people together. We have regards, respect for anyone,  humanism, life, and the inviolability of life to forgive, but not to foreget that does not matter to target any ethnicity or individuals because you belongs to any particular, ethnicity as long as you are not one of the members of the demons and the cannibals in the SPLM/A genocidal outfit that we are determined to weed them out like weeds in the fields and they should only be waiting to put the last final nail on its coffin for burial of the SPLA for forever lasting, Amen.


The premiere enemy of the Nuer nation and its resilient people in South Sudan as a whole have been the followers of Salva Kiir, Paul Malong Awan, General Deng Wal and their cronies under the tutelage of  their organized Specialized Twic Dinka Militias otherwise known as Mathiang Aynor, Bany Adut, Aget Weng,…etc.  that  committed genocide, ethnically cleansing, war crimes, crimes against humanity, other heinous crimes committed against humanity, humiliations, sexual harassments of women and girls, rapped and killing by burning them with tries those molested women and girls after their sexual ordeals, atrocities, massacres, murders, lynching, and humiliated the masses by raping women and girls, and set off burning them alive or killing them in the aftermath of their dreadful traumatized sexual ordeals or harassments’. Those demonic militias and their leaders like Salva Kiir, Paul Malong Awan, Marial Chinor, Kuol Manyang Juuk, Makuei Lueth, Deng Wall, the notorious killer of the Third Brigade, Commander, General Deng Wal, in Aweil that had been sheltered and promoted to the highest military rank  as a Field Marshal by Salva Kiir as a Field Marshal, the hibernated Dr. Majak d’Aggot and the diehard loyalists General Mach Paul, Bior Aswot Ajang Dut, including other Dinka-Bor Officers and  all their political leaders who perpetrated and bear full responsibility in the mid-December the 2013 war and genocide against the Nuer ethnicity as “revenge killings” of the 1991 Bor incident, the premiere victims and responsible for having  perpetrated this ongoing war as a “revenge killing” against the Nuer ethnicity for the 1991 Bor incident that was created or caused by the late John Garang and the Dinka-Bor Officers who had great politico-military ambition for the Dinka Bor minority who had the dream of maintaining power by any means necessary for the sake of power, not realizing that power absolutely corrupts and more power absolutely corrupts more. Taban Deng Gai (Alas Mohamed Hassan El-Hagg Ibrahim), Dr. Riek Machar; the cannibal-like Daniel Awet Akot; and many others that could be not mentioned herein in this work by all standards of human civilizations, decency, and morality, they have committed genocide that is generally considered one of the worst  moral crimes a government (meaning any ruling authority, including that of guerilla  group, a quasi state, a society, a Chinese in Tibet, terrorist organization or an occupation authority like the US and its European coalition allies in Iraq (2002-2012) under the unapproved and un-adopted UN Resolution 1441) and the recently bombardments of Syria by the USA, the UK, and France of the alleged chlorine, Sarin gases as the civilian population in Doma, Syria, that humanity and the world learned have a heck of a lot from the Holocaust and pledged itself never again. Nevertheless, the crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing repetitively reoccurred again and again worldwide even countries like Israel committed genocide against the Arab Palestinians the worst form of genocide before the UNSC and the international community.

Salva Kiir committed genocide in the board day light abated by Yuri Museveni and Uhuru Kenyatta against the Nuer people in which the entire world, ecumenical Council of Churches, human rights watch groups, the South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC), the Majids, and the Synagogues all remained in silent as to what was happening a targeted Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution in whole or in part. It really did happen in Africa’s pretty back backward, uncivilized, and unreceptive of ideals from foreign cultures to be infused into their so backward traditional cultures for change and adaption has been ongoing in South Sudan. What did the international community do? Thanks the Nuer’s through the red bald of courage, determination and motivation have liberated those Nuer through their bootstraps’ and to encourage liberated the Nuerland and its people. In my capacity as an intelligentsia intellectual, we have to state it pretty keenly and loud and clear that Salva Kiir regime  already lost the war and could be disastrously defeated militarily by the guerilla forces that needed only a few capabilities to flash out the regime in its Juba fortresses and because the rebel forces controlled more than 95% of the countryside and over 90% of the civilians’ population, they needed only organization and unity with a vision to rebuild, to reconstruct the state infrastructure, but to  revenge genocide and ethnic cleansing in South Sudan. No matter what really happened, we should be committed to peace, brotherhood, and loves for one another as Christ loves us as died for our sins, unfortunately. The incoming administration should liberate itself from the past shadow of Salva Kiir’s and his gangs, but to do the right thing and should usurer labor for reunification, reintegration, and resettlement because without the attainment of political stability and other conditions, assuredly peace that breeds social justice and social justice that breeds peace would not return sooner than anticipated in South Sudan.

The Jieng cannot and will not defeat the ferociously Nuer fighting neither nor would they defeat the ferocious fighting Nuers in this war in despite of military help from both Kenya and Uganda, but the Jieng fighters without courage, determination, motivation, guts and gusto would surrender to the ferociously Nuer fighting Nuers and it has been a fact of historical epoch. No Nuer soldiers would ever surrender to the Jieng, but often it was the Jieng who lack courage would surrender to the Nuer soldiers. Historiccally, our forefathers resisted British colonial rule in South Sudan for 30 long bitter years in what called the Anglo-Nuer War. We we remained the only ethnicity that was not colonized by the British in Africa and in the whole world. The Nuer was governed by the British through the “Indirect Rule” and the Native Administration iported from Darfur. The Nuer were gassed with mustard and Nerve that were tested on yhe Anglo-Indian soldiers in the 1920s. The Nuer was the only Nationality that the UK bombarded  by Royal Air Force (RAF) from 1924-1920  when the heir of the  Great Nuer Prophet Nyundeng was murdered in 1929 by the British colonial officials at his Holy Pyramid in Waat, Upper Nile Province, and all his belongings and artifacts such as the Golden Pipe (Tony Dabah) the Golden Arrow (Dang) were transported to the UK and remained there for than more than 87 years  by the colonial administrators until they were voluntarily returned to South Sudan by Professor Douglas Johnson that handed such things to Dr. Riek Machar’s who was not the right person to have received such artifacts in the aftermath of the split from the mother country- Sudan- via a referendum on 9 July 2011. They should been handed over to Nyundeng grand children, the prophets, and the preachers. In as far as I am concerned, there was no different between Prophets Nyundeng, Dieu, Prophetess Nyamati of Jagai Nuer their prophecies were no different from Jesus Christ, Mohammad and any other prophets sent to different parts of the world and cultures by God in heaven.  Nowadays, the Nuer has built churches for Nyundeng and many have been converted to worship him like Jesus or Mohammad. This new trend could challenge the present of Christianity and Islamic penetration into the Nuerland

The Nuer is not afraid to be challenged, but the challenger should be ever ready to face any catastrophic consequences. The Nuer did not regret it résistance against the British colonial rule in the 19o0s. The British did not come to the Nuerland as friendly and gusts of the Nuer nation and its resilient people, but as occupying force for domination, oppression, and exploitation. Realistically, colonialism was not a democratic system because if it were so, it could not have been resisted by all colonized people worldwide. The Nuer became unreceptive to such a harsh system which introduced capital punishment under the Anglo-Indian laws as opposed to the already existing Nuer Customary law and its criminal Procedure. The Nuer society has been capital punishment freed based on the Nuer Customary law and Criminal Procedure that never had from the time of immoral the concept of free capital punishment. This was one of the root causes of the Anglo-Nuer war. Because the Nuer society is a faith based society, it does adorn capital punishment up to this time. It could be the first nation without any history of capital punishment and it would remain capital punishment or death free society in Africa and in the world and it was also advanced more than Europe that abolished capital punishment a few years ago and the US remains as the only civilized society that still utilizing capital punishment as an end to crimes in the United States of America in this regard. The Nuer system believe in collective compensation of the deceased instead of superimposing capital punishment because it is traditionally believe that capital punish or hanging (Nyap) by any means such as lethal injection, hanging until the victim has been medically pronounced dead,  and electro-execution are no ends to crimes. The only solution would be collective compensation of the deceased. Social Anthropologists have done a great deal on this topic. If the world seeks justice, it must and ought to abolish capital punishment as an end to crimes on the planet-Earth. Lawyers, judges, and academic od social sciences background should work hand-in hand with the lawyers and judges to find alternative solutions to capital punishment in al societies.

This cycle would surely occur because the Jieng would surrender to the Nuer to ferociously, courageous, and determined and motivated Nuer fighters. This act would happen in this war because the Jieng brought in foreign troopers fighting for them for Juba did not make a dent against the Nuer fighters. Surely, because the Jieng fighters are a people without courage, it’s only a matter of time and space that Dinka fighters would be running to the counter Nuer fighters to say, enough is enough is enough and they cannot take it no more.”

This is the prima facie raison d’être that “Peace through strength” is a phrase which suggests that military power can help preserve the peace.” Together we can make it happen– stopping violence, saving lives, healing, literally shatter amongst the shattered communities. The sooner rather than later, South Sudan could become truly One nation and One people and equals and under God. “We the people” would be ready to forgive, but not forget the past. Let’s hypothetically assume that if the Jieng committed such wild and dangerous atrocities against their fellow countrymen, how much savagery that could be? Who would want to co-habit with those cannibals-like, savages and those kinds of people who are the most uncivilized and unreceptive to change? I should be obliged to state loud and clear and without editing or apology without fear and regret that the Jieng today has become one of the most  isolated and hated ethnicity by all  in South Sudan for the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done.”  We have now seen, witnessed, and noticed that power, money, and control could make another human wish to destroy his fellows. This’ the real  root causes and background to the war in South Sudan as one of the most backward, uncivilized, savagery, and  the most under enlightened  political culture that does not respect the dignity of another humankind, law and order, and human rights protection. We would presume that the Jieng is Godless or Satan or Lucifer’s because if they were not, they have been self-ordained and predestined to self-destruction by natural forces of Mother Nature that could reveal them rights and wrongs for others to enjoy the ecological wealth that God Almighty created for mankind in South Sudan in particular.


In despite of genocide, ethnic cleansing, the constant use of chemical warfare such as chlorine and Sarin Gas similar to the recently used in Syria now under investigation by the UN Office of OPCW in The Hague, The Netherlands, and the world really kept silent in South Sudan compared to the great uproar in Syria or elsewhere globally,  where war crimes, and have been constantly committed against humanity by the Dinka led regime and other heinous crimes against humanity in Juba. They have nothing to fear at all. The future, of course, would be bright for all. South Sudan is for all and all for South Sudan. We believe in social justice, equality, peace that breeds justice and justice that breeds peace. We should all prevail in a would-be New South Sudan that should not be same as it was prior to the war period or the ongoing civil war fueled and ignited by Kenya and Uganda the produced the crime of genocide defined …as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity could have been controlled by the international community and the African leaders remained silent, aloof, naiveté, silent on the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity in South Sudan that targeted the Nuer first for extermination as a final solution in whole or in part. This genocide or democide and ethnic cleansing was later on extended to other minority communities who happen to be weak and could not afford to protect themselves and had to seek help from the Nuer that they were laughing at when they were being slaughtered by the Dinka in Juba. It was good to genocide or democide the Nuer nation and resilient people.

Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Gravity states that to every action there is equal opposite reaction and also the same applies to Murphy’s Law that anything has been predestined to go wrong, it will.” What is the future for the Dinka that no people really wanted to co-habit such crude and brutal savages? They (Dinka) do not get along with any single ethnicity in South Sudan? To commit genocide was jolly sweet for them, but when the reverse comes, it would be bitter sweet for them. This would happen since we live in culture that if you killed my next of kin, I would not avenge and it is only a matter of time because those, whose loved ones were killed by the Dinka, would have no choice, but to revenge against the Jieng. The Sixty-three (63) nationalities that the Jieng (Dinka) genocide, ethically cleansed, terrorized, rapped their women and girls alike and looted their property and moved them to Warrap  sworn that they could not go un-avenged. Even if this war were to take another decade or so, it would not stop until Warrap disappears on the map of South Sudan compared to Poland that disappeared in Central Europe during the Second World War (WWII) (1939-1945). We do hope that the Dinka leaders would understand that adage that goes that “If you do well, you do it for yourself, and if you do badly, you do it for yourself.” We would let them rustle with a problem and its solution.

Most Jieng leaders have become far more the worst killers compared to the Nazi German authorities that systematically attempted to kill all Jews and every Jews no matter where found-to destroy Jews as a group. This was the policy adopted by Paul Malong Awan, the hibernated notorious General Deng Wall [secretly promoted to the military rank of a Field Marshal] to kill every Nuer no matter where found-to destroy the Nuer as a group. Salva Kiir has become the Black Adolf Hitler of South Sudan in the 21st century that targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. Similarly, the Jews like the Nuer lost more than 6 million Jews targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part in Europe during the Second World War (WWII) (1939-1945).  The Nuer nation is part and parcel of the 99 lost tribes of Israel. We do have a lot in common with the Jews ethnographical, monotheism, socio-cultural anthropological studies. Salva Kiir’s targeted the Nuer and no matter they are found-to destroy that was atypical or prototype of Adolf Hitler’s policy in Europe that Salva Kiir, Paul Malong and Deng Wal have imported from the neo-Nazis policies into South Sudan that targeted the Nuer nation and it resilient people for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. Smaller anti-Nuer majority were joyous that Nuer have genocide. The Nuer has been capable of liberating itself from the yoke and bastion of adversaries in South Sudan or elsewhere in the region.

We compared Salva Kiir to Adolph Hitler of Nazi Germany,  we compared Paul Malong Awan to Herman Goring of the Nazi Luftwaffe (Nazi Air Force) and General Deng Wall the notorious killer compared to the Nazi Dr. Mengela and targeted the Nuer nationality or ethnicity of South Sudan for extermination as a “final solution “in whole or in part. The Nuer ethnicity has survived the systematic and gross Jieng plan to destroy the Nuer nation and its resilient people. Our forefathers resisted the British forces, including the Royal Air Force (RAF) bombardments against the Nuer (1922, 1924-1930) the first of its kind used against ant nationality in Africa except the Nuer nation during the Anglo-Nuer Revolution (1900-1930). If the Nuer could not surrender to superior fighter like the Brits and South Africans against the Nuer, what could make Jieng (slave) think that Nuer people (people of the people, Rami mi raan (person-of-the person) could not surrender to a Jieng who feels shy to accept when he is being called “man” (wut) because of the bad stigma attached as a “slave” or Jieng are considered not to be a sovereign natural persons.

The perpetrators of this war have no moral characters, moral conscious, faith, and moral conducts as such because the Jieng have become savages-like, cannibal-like, and useless individuals in South Sudan apart from keeping them all in the plenipotentiaries and jails or behind bars for life without paroles as the ultimate best form of punishment that they all deserved. Historically, the Nuer-Dinka laws do not believe in capital punishment for they believe that such values have been destroyed and could not be returned forever and that should be what they should harshly be harshly judged by their creator for they have judged others accordingly in the same measures that they judged others, they could be equally judge to receive the same measures they would received. Without the shadow of a doubt, our concurrent leaders and their cronies have brought us shame and failure to our hard won revolution that we so hard fought together, died together without any distinctions whether you were being a Nuer, a Dinka, a Baria, an Zande, a Murle, a Shilluk… the bottom line was that we were Southerners and  present leaders shredded our unity and caused sufferings with same bloodshed for our liberation struggle or emancipation fighting which was the real cause that united us. With our souls, hearts, and the like-minds for two scores and ten years with more than 2.5-3.5 million martyrs that historically and legally gave an edge over African leaders. But, they neglected our struggle for so long and could not give us the right to claim the rights of free sovereign people to become second class persons? An a Algerian reputable authors known and written  books of contemporary African and South Sudan political history as the land of a million martyrs, it is in our bloody right to fight for our survival. Realistically, it is a sinful and shameful to continue hostilities, racisms, ethnocentrism (tribalism), and apartheid, genocidal, barbaric conduct by way of de facto, illegitimate, and wicked regime in Juba.

CMA-IO urges and appeals for the revitalization of 2015 Peace Agreement process that Juba categorically, completely, and totally rejected and declared war against the rebel forces; reconciliation; unity of purpose and of equal; reconstruction of the deconstructed and destroyed or ruined national infrastructures;  re-establishment of Constitutional Form of Government for South Sudan; socio-economic recovery or development through a really needed post-War Europe Marshall Plan from the industrialized countries, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) (The World Bank),  the IMF, and the ECB similarly to the post-war Marshal Plan for the reconstruction and regeneration or recovery of Europe from the ravages of Second World War (WWII) (1939-1945).  We forewarn that any funds allocated for post-War Marshall should be administered independently without any government meddling. We have to have forgiveness, but not to forget the past.  Professor George Lukas writes that “Those who forget the past are bound to repeat it. The Rt. Rev. John Hagee walks us through centuries, to learn from our mistakes of the past. He writes that “Those who fail to remember the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them in the future. History reveals humanity’s triumphs and failures, giving us a compass for the future.”  We should all pledge and commit ourselves as a people as a whole, never again for what happened to be repeated in South Sudan soil. The genocide and ethnic cleansing has been the darkest spot not only for the Nuer and those affected by genocide or democide and other heinous crimes committed against humanity in South Sudan. We should hold fully responsible the de facto and illegitimate President Salva Kiir of South and his government.


All citizens of South Sudan regardless of ethnicity, tribe, national origin, religion, creed, and gender without any pre-conditions or quid- pro-quos as sine-qua-non to peace, national reconciliation, national reintegration,; and re-unification with all rights, duties, obligations as citizens with all rights and privileges are hereby requested to freely join the CMA-IO for peaceful and political march against the demonic leadership in Juba to bring about a truly democratic transformation to  reposition and to revive the failed state in South Sudan. “We, the people” can do this because “WE, the people” are now in the majority against the demonic minority virtually controlling the resources (wealth) for themselves and their families. This pathetic condition alone warrants for change in Africa’s youngest failed state that moved from stateless to statelessness. CMA-IO would encourage, advance, freedom of the press and human rights protection and the right to undertake constructive criticism vs. destructive criticism of the government and the governors without fear or prejudice. Every citizen has the moral rights, obligations, duty, honor, and country; and the right to serve in any capacity that he/she sees fit and could be called upon to report for duty and to perform such duties, obligations, honor, and country, including other social responsibilities. In other words, citizen of the State of South Sudan are constitutionally freed and sovereigns. “We The People” have constitutional freedom of speech and right to criticize his/her own and to speak out without fear or prejudice or to encounter against any form of harassments from the would-be newly created or established national security apparatus as long as the citizens do hereby express their ideals within their constitutional framework and rights that would-be clearly incorporated in the would-be CMA-IO Charter and the National Constitution.

The current Constitution of South Sudan has been null, negative, null and void because it has had been discriminatory, which gave rise of continued warring factions. Warring factions of the few would like to hold on to the benefits of their present constitution. It is reasonable to assume why foreign countries fear to do business in South Sudan because it unstable, high risk investment and for the lack of security.  It should be packed and to return it to the trio-musoquetters, viz., John Luke Jock, Michael Makuei and Tellar Deng- that controlled and drafted it against the free will of the majority.  CMA-IO constitution preamble would be written as “We the people…” and should embrace the true mirror of the US Constitution the true republic form of government. We would envisage and envision a true republic States of South Sudan. This realization would be the first of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa. The flag of South Sudan should embrace all the Ten Sovereign States by placing all the Ten States on the concurrent flag and individual states same. Our National Anthem would be changed to reflect our cultural diversity on the land of the brave. The late John Garang’s head should be removed from present currency, backed by precious ecological wealth.

CMA-IO would like to undergo a program of de-Abelization, de-Garanization and de-Salvization institutions because they have been bad fruits that destroyed our  hard won revolution and the established state that we achieved through our blood and sweat for two scores and ten years of the bloody armed struggle by South Sudan nationalities without any exception. South Sudan belongs to all equally, because we all fought and died for equality. Therefore, any idea or concept of racial superiority or the master’s race, or racial supremacy or cultural superiority claims by a group such as the Jieng Elder Council (JEC) could reignite more war in South Sudan to preserve their exclusive benefit.  We are equal, born to be free in the land of the brave. “We, the people” should incorporate a true motto that would glue and amalgamate us as heterogeneous culturally diverse sovereign, socially equal to benefit South Sudan as a whole. The idea or the concept of “One people, One Nation” should expanded to the maximum political realism, transparent and accountability. CMA-IO should be committed to change and not war that could consume us all or we be prepared to putting war to end or war puts us to an end instead of peace, unity in diversity, cultural diversity or multiculturalism, the establishment of a federal state based on the Ten States, and the revitalization of the 2015 Peace Agreement in all its entirety should become the basis of peace to end all wars or war could surely put us all to an end in South Sudan. In order to reduce continuous ethnic tensions, we should either adopt a shared federal system of government like in the USA or to adopt the flexible ethnic federalism like in Ethiopian. CMA-IO favors a three (3) tiers form of governance in South Sudan, viz. three (3) autonomous regions compared to Swiss Confederation encompasses of the ethnic French, the ethnic Italians, and the ethnic Germans plus other minorities and to grant each region the right to fan out for itself and is people there in without any interference either for central, and state governments.

CMA-IO calls for freedom of choice and self-development. Every region should utilize its own resources for its own socioeconomic development takeoff, educational revolution, and the “Green Revolution” or the agricultural development without interference from the Central Government. CMA-IO advocates for the central government to have full jurisdiction in the national defense, foreign affairs, international agreement to accede itself all existing international protocols and treaties. No state can make any foreign policy, coinage, international agreements. But every state may seek the right to seek socio-economic agreements with foreign states for internal economic development and the exploration of the available ecological wealth (natural resources) that exists within the states for the benefit of their own folks for socio-economic, educational, agricultural, and infrastructural development. CMA-IO should become the potential  pool or the nucleus and the “core” and the” crux” for recruitment the army, the Marines, and the federal Minutemen or the National  Guards that federal government could mobilize servicemen/women in case of a national emergency. Because all armies worldwide begun as militias, including the American Revolution (1775), the French Revolution (1789, and the Bolshevik (1917) revolutions, including other revolution and the African national liberation movements and the CMA-IO-IO as well.  CMA-IO wants comprehensive and inclusive reunification, reintegration, reconciliation, forgiveness, but  never again to forget the past amongst all sons and daughters of South Sudan to recreate one national identity in unity and diversity, cultural diversity or multiculturalism in a multiparty federal-democracy, a shared federal system or flexible ethnic federalism that encompasses many, but out of many one heterogeneous nationality in South Sudan like in the United States of America, France, the UK, and The Netherlands, the existing cultural diversities or multiculturalism throughout the world. CMA-IO should b become a “Republican” Movement” that never raised and existed in Africa and created by Africans or governed to live in peace, unity in diversity, cultural diversity or multiculturalism as a new pedagogic paradigm shift where power always emanated from the governed for the purpose of establishing unity in diversity, cultural diversity or multiculturalism to co-habit or to co-exist under one roof or flag in a heterogeneous multiparty federal democracy in South Sudan. CMA-IO Charter, based on the above pronouncements, should always be mindful of the National pride, national interest, unity of purpose and of equals, unity in diversity, national reconciliation, forgiveness, but not to forget the past, and regional Independence, autonomy and sustainable governance of choice of the people of each region and states existing within the federal system.


Leaders of South Sudan should rise and fall only through the process of general democratic Elections as the legitimate and de jure universal process in civilized and democratic societies. Those who proclaims themselves to become leaders without strong coattails and local support from their communities and others have been doomed to  rise and fall at the same breath, but the idea emphatically leaves on like a man dies, the nations rise and fall, but the idea lives on. For those leaders that have not been legally and politically recognized their own cultural communities or those conspicuous and non-recognized who seeks leadership without a developed vision or to choose a direction, must first have developed a mental image of possible and desirable future state of the organization. This image, which we call a “vision,” may be as vague as a dream or as precise goal of mission statement.  The main point is to remember that a vision articulates a new view of realistic, credible, attractive future for the organization (the State), and of most import a condition that is better than present political situation. CMA-IO,[We the People’s Movement” the first of it kinds in South Sudan and in Africa as a whole, we should also  embrace ant to note that a new “vision” always refers to the future state, a condition that does not exist and never existed before. With a vision, the leader provides the all-important bridge from the present to the future of the organization (the State). Leadership, per se, makes the leader’s search for a new vision. A good leader must be a good follower, for I follow where my conscience leads me. For example, when historians write about great leaders they do with fashion and greatness as if they possessed transcendent genius, or as if they have the capabilities of creating their own visions and senses of destiny out of some mysterious inner resources. As we study micro-macroscopically, it usually turns out that the vision is either illusionary or it did originate from leaders who commands at will to expects God to obey, we have wild cards in the deck of cards.  For example, people with sound mind like, John F. Kennedy spent a great deal of his time reading history and studying the ideas of great thinkers. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., found many of his ideas in the study of religious and ethical ideologies as well as in the tradition of his own and other people. Lenin was influenced by the work of Karl-Marx, the grand inquisitor, in much the same way as many contemporary business leaders are influenced by the works of leading political economists and management scholars. For instance, Alfred P. Sloan’s visions for future of the General Motors were greatly shaped by the prevailing cultural paradigm— the “American Dream” and the role of capitalism in it. Steve Jobs at Apple and Edwin land at Polaroid were able to develop their visions from logical processes, mostly by seeking the technical limits of known technologies. How many South Sudanese leaders could have the guts and gusto and the will to search for a “talent tree” compared to the above-mentioned leaders? What are their visions apart from accumulations of the blood money or to “get rich quick” through corruption, embezzlements, self- aggrandizement from the top down bottom up?

Liked I said, many of South Sudanese so-called leaders lack non-of the visions apart from searching for greatness through commitment of genocide, assassinations against their people, compared to Salva Kiir, Paul Malong Awan, the hibernated General Deng Wal, the notorious Taban Deng Gai (AKA Mohamed Hassan El-Hagg Ibrahim) and  many other notorious generals that we do know have been the perpetrators of the ongoing was from Dinka-Bor who have been hibernated by the Salva Kiir for the gross and systematic genocide, war crimes, and crimes against their own fellow countrymen and women, children, elderly folks, and heinous crimes humanity in South Sudan.  We do know them all and their whereabouts. Those leaders who seek leadership without a developed vision as social architecture the road to their political life expectancy is so and narrow and short live. The metamorphosis or transformation or rebirth and vague as dreams and claims that the Jieng (kuany) that South Sudan is Jieng [Dinka], that the ecological wealth is Jieng and that power and the institutions are Jieng; they totally and completely, politically and sociologically unconscious and they have been non-transformative political leaders who lack or the absence thereof of better political cognitive values or what we could term them as such “Cognitive Dissonance. “I am an intellectual man; in me I have a philosophy in prophecy and everything I have written, lectured, foretold, or prophesized about the concurrent situation and the personalities involved in South Sudan have come into fruition as we so speak.” Succinctly, the ongoing rounds of talks on the revitalization of 2015 Peace Agreement would yield not appropriate durable and lasting peace in South because internally. The IGAD mediators’ have not been fully convinced to tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing, but the truth and so help us God. Peacemakers could not become involved in the war because they could not become part of the problem, but part of the solution.  This has been the prima facie root causes of IGAD failure quests for peace to return to elevate the suffering of  the people in South Sudan. Well, well, based on what we have  known thus far the Jieng may rise to the highest peak of the pinnacle of ladder of power and he would fall into the bottom of the pit or the rock and would always remains to be Jieng because he  has failed to learn the tricks of the business that could  prevent him from falling  into the rock bottom, because he has not learned a bloody new significant changes and experiences at all, with the exception of his ultra-cultural un-receptivity against foreign cultures and loyalty to his old inherited cattle mental capacity, thinking ,and neo-thinking, but with the exception of continuous arrogance, stubbornness, and pure stupidity,  unreceptivity, and idiocy.

Conclusively, no matter how high a Dinka may rise, they will fall resulting from the gravity of their Id impulse.  They remained crude and brute the same Jieng [Dinka] and could not be change in any significant enlightening ways, like teaching an old dog a new trick. My advice to the IGAD mediators’ in the revitalization of the 2015 Peace Agreement process in the Ethiopian Capital of Addis-Ababa would be to realize it’s failure and  to go home to manage their own political affairs in shamble. The groups that were in concert in Addis-Ababa are insignificant and could not make peace in the absence of CMA-IO. They have no military presence on the ground to effect change. There could be no durable and lasting peace in South Sudan without the present of Nuer majority leaders that have been marginalized and betrayed by Dr. Riek Machar, his brother-in-law Taban Deng Gai, and Madam Angelina Machar’s a woman without a character who could not ever represent the Nuer nation and its resilient people. We say stoically to the IGAD mediators’ that your game is up with pretext of peace which has no relevance in South Sudan. Without first removing by peaceful method and political resolution and/or by non-violent means with wishful thinking that has not work in the past, now the people are compelled to remove Salva Kiir through the intensification of armed struggle as a violent means that could lead to his do or die situation. None violent or passive means and by any means necessary are of no afforded options. We are working and mapping out strategies to move to ground zero in Juba through 2018 Peace March of more than 800,000 to a million plus to Juba from all the States and all the nationalities to reclaim their government back from the Dinka Dictator-for-life  tyrant and the child and woman killer Sava Kiir. Surely, all citizens  would have the right to bear arms on the of 2018 Peace March to Juba as defensive means, without provocation to incite lawlessness, but in the event that they should be provoked by Salva Kari’s renegades and terrorists, they should respond by violent means in act of self-defense and CMA-IO reserves the right to defend itself as oppose to acting in fear. Nevertheless, if we were to be provoked, we would counter such an act only in the act of self defense and Juba could become a ghost town at the end of the day, not less that Salva Kiir’s head remains on the guillotine.

Last, but least, the young Jieng [Dinka] has got nothing to fear whatsoever in the would-be Nuer leadership as long as they are not Mathiang Anyor elements that remained at large as the premiere or prima facie enemy of the entire people of South Sudan. Of course, the legacy of Salva Kiir and other Dinka leaders before him would continue to haunt the Dinka Community for generations as long as it has been already identified as one of the most notorious and hated ethnicity for the things that they have not done, to which they ought to have done. The Dinka Community in South Sudan should not fear of the Nuer people, leaders, soldiers, and the security personnel.  The victims of genocide have do not have any design to put the law into their own hands and they have no desire for “revenge killings”, but to urge and appeal to them that let’s reunite, to reintegrate, to reconcile, to forgive, but not to forget the past because those who forget the past would be bound to repeat it. The Rev. John Haggee led us through century’s writes that “Those who fail to remember the mistakes of the past are bound to repeat them in the future.  History reveals humanity’s triumphs and failures, giving us a compass for the future.”

Today the enemy of the Nuer people and other nationalities that brought shame to the Dinka Community and to become the most hated people and community are so-called Special Twic Militias that we should not relent to pursuing them as terrorists until they would be defeated or surrender to the security forces and to be brought to justice for things that they have done, which they ought to have done. The Nuer nation has got no  mortal enmity against the Dinka, including the Dinka Bor politico-military leaders who perpetrated this ongoing 5-year old war as a “revenge killings” for the alleged 1991 October Bor incident that was allegedly committed by the Nuer cadres under the command of Dr. Riek Machar even though we understood and known really we could recall that it was provoked by the late John Garang, Kuol Manyany Juuk, Michael Makuei Lueth (Kaclora) , the hibernated Dr. Majak de’Aggot and many other Dinka Bor Officers and power elites vying for power that they do not deserve as a “minority” within the Nuer folks “majoritarian” Jonglei State with a population of  more than three (3) million of which over 90% of the population is of the Nuer stock (Greater Lou Nuer and Greater Fangak) combin’d.

Democracy is a two way street. One way is to have the will of the people expressed by way of Constitutional Form of Government by the majority. Once the majority have seated the Constitutional Republic form of government, then the government will revert to the Constitutional form of government to serve “We the people”.  The other is that the people’s voice to make their free choice without international communities to supersede or superimpose any “Elections” based on secret ballot box to install a government as the solution to the expressed problem(s). The following points should be observed as the most attainable only in conducive political atmosphere in any civilized and democratic societies. Traditionally advance federal democracies of ascephalous or opened societies could easily attain such purviews:-

  • Should supersede comes into purview, then, the majority of the people resist vigorously any confliction of their Choice, meaning a continuation of war, suppressed humanitarian needs, to install lesser of the two evils in conflict to the good of such sought government. Solution is not evil, but evil is the problem seeking solution. Not to the contrary, solution is to usher in the Chosen one whom the people expressed their voice by making choice without interruption and confliction.
  • To validate that concept, the international communities must supervise and to witness the elections and to its successor ad hoc Only then peace can be witnessed to its success. If superseding cause comes into serious consideration, the support of Ambassador/Professor David de Chand and former Senior National Expert in the Presidency, The Republic of Sudan, a priori to the split of South Sudan on 9 July 2011 one without criminal past and the one who fought against genocide— as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity prior to the split of South Sudan from the mother country-Sudan- on 9 July 2011.
  • All the parties who attended and will attend future peace in Addis-Ababa are criminals in nature and appendences of the SPLM-IG in nature without a Constitutional government to represent the majority’s choice.
  • The only raison d’être my name (Professor) is not mentioned, is because the criminals who purported to be the government don’t have any standing army emanating from Constitutional Government. The concurrent SPLA-IO army that Dr. Machar’s claims, majority has been in dormant and abandoned, the silent majority joined and marginalized of Citizen Militias Army [CMA-IO] the people’s army, and Professor de Chand is the legitimate de jure leader of CMA-IO choice to usher in a true peace in South Sudan. The above-mentioned criminals wanted to hijack power from the Nuer to hold on tyrannical control of the people’s voice to exclude Professor David de who is better, highly qualified, experience diplomat, and former civil Servant and renowned academic in the US, Europe/Africa, and a veteran of the US Army who is better choice as oppose to the lesser of two evils. SPLA-IG is not controlled by Dr. Riek Machar and Salva Kiir opposes SPLA-IO and its citizens, including other future federal states citizens have joined SPLM-IO constituting the majority of South Sudanese fight against genocide and anti-corruption.

Now that the international communities must step back and analyze that how peace can be achieved by reinstalling criminal for the best result ( a doomed repeat history)? This is a real classic political “cognitive dissonance” conduct. If that persists, then, making same mistake over and over again to expect a different result, then, it is insane to entertain political “cognitive dissonance” as a solution to the problem. Perhaps, out of chaos there is order, but order can’t resolve chaos if chaos is emanating from order [political cognitive dissonance].The whole political system needs to be revamped by way of “Elections,” not to install a person against people’s wish. In the past history, donations were given generously to Salva Kiir for humanitarian relief, and such monies were unaccounted for, resulting from their pillaging to their deep pocket. Such a Grand theft  committed tantamount to treason against the state. It is obvious that corruption was/is the cause of mayhem that the world has witnessed. A report was published by Sudan-Tribune of September 11, 2013 (JUBA), where it was reported from the Council for the Nuer Youth Union (NUYU) in South Sudan has impeached its President, John Chol, in vote of no confidence regarding questionable conduct(s). According to the report, John Puol as charged with embezzlement of 6,000 South Sudanese Pounds (SSP); an equivalent of $1,500 US dollars as well as collection of un-authorized fees of 1,500SSP from each Nuer University Graduates who graduated from 2007-2013.

Corruption benefits few and leaving vast majority of the people inaccessible to the national resources. For instance, during the interim period the country national resources were shared among officials in the government of Southern Sudan [GOSS], leaving it in economic shambles or ruins. The silence of the then Semiautonomous Government of Southern Sudan (2005-2011) on the face of serious corruption saw billions of dollars disappeared without any trace. The corruption was being practiced at the government’s face. However, the then GOSS was playing and ostrich politics of putting its head into the sand imagining that the danger has gone, which eventually will kill it.  Former First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar was paid US$300M by the Chinese oil Consortia and forty buildings in Nairobi, Kenya, that we could identify in case of self-denial to prevent the destruction of the Palloch Oil wells that made its production to be reduced to 48% capacity of oil production of 150,000 bbls. per day. Prior to that period, Palloch oil wells in northeastern State of Upper Nile almost shut down, it used to produce 150,000 barrels per day. Moreover, Dr. Machar was paid another US$400m by the same Chinese oil consortia to silence Machar’s leadership comprised by Taban Deng Gai (Alas Mohammad Hassan El-Hagg Siddig Ibrahim) and Madam Angelina Machar and their closed relatives to keep quiet about the serious environmental pollution committed by the same Chinese in Rubkoni, Unity States, to silence the so-called leadership to render them into submission.

Further, Dr. Machar’s collected big cash through the captured of Tanzania Cesena airplane and its pilot alive in Panyigar County in the late last year 2017 that was prematurely released per Dr. Riek Machar’s whilst still in castration or detention in South Africa, including three (3) Engineers captured by IO fighters which Dr. Riek Machar ordered their released with undisclosed funds from the Chinese, Malaysian, Indians, and Pakistani oil Engineers in Palloch in northeastern oil rich Nuerland in the State of Upper Nile. Corruption became so deadly that it killed the moral fabric that is so valuable to all of us. The officials in the government reached the extent of transporting money in coffins like dead people to be buried in Kampala, Uganda, and Nairobi, Kenya, unfortunately. If these were dead people or cadavers or corpses, they could have been buried in South Sudan. Why the GOSS officials had to transport the dead to East Africa as if we have no Graveyards or ands for burials of our dead. The situation was really embarrassing and pathetic. The government officials have lost South Sudanese moral standards, social fabric, and inherent traditions. There are areas of the country where humanitarians have been unable to deliver assistance and programs for extended periods, that compounds already dire food security and nutrition situations. One example to cite is the Opposition- held terror of Greater Baggari, near Wau, which is classified in emergency- again a step from famine- and where agencies have been able to deliver aid only sporadically due to access denials and SPLA roadblocks. The situation will get even worse without an improvement to access.

In recent weeks, the GOSS as well as Opposition forces alike and non-state armed actors have continue to interfere with the delivery of humanitarian assistance to Liwolo in Kajo-Keji County, non-state armed actors continue to deny access in areas outside Yei and Mundri towns, and opposition forces have denied access and opposition forces have denied access in areas outside in Torit County’s Guyoro town. Access blockage to a waste disposal site in Bentiu also continues despite assurances from the Governor that humanitarian agencies would be provided unhindered access to the site.  Could superseding Elections be a savant decision to contemplate and anticipate genuine result for betterment of South Sudan against people’s wish for the de jure Constitutional form of government? When would we learn from previous or past and present history of mistakes?

In early November, President Kiir released a Republican Order or Decree for the free, unimpeded and unhindered movement of Humanitarian Assistance Conveys. I do seri0usly and doubtfully take not note of this order, which enshrined existing international obligations. We urge for it to be translated into concrete actions and deeds and instructions at all levels to remove in practice on the ground. In other words, South Sudan should be declared by the international as a freed flying zone and that “sovereignty no longer belongs to Juba, but with the suffering people of South Sudan.” Because, as we have said, that is not happening now, because the present purported governmental officials are not keen and true to their actions. They are holding on to the idea that de facto government is legitimate as long as it went vigorously unopposed and those who oppose, they are silenced. It is like shooting a horse to kill it out of misery.  However, there opposition expressed by the Nuer, Dinka  and other ethnicities or ethnocentric (tribes) constituting the majority opposition to Salva Kiir and to these cronies and renegades criminals to pass themselves as de jure government.

A government of the righteous, the true and lawful government, a government established according to the constitution of the nation, lawfully entitled to recognition and supremacy and the administration of the nation, but which is actually cut off from power or control. De jure government is the legal, legitimate government of a state and is so recognized by other states. In contrast, a de facto government is in actual possession of authority in the latter as oppose to the former concept. De jure is a Latin expression that means legitimate or lawful. When we speak or talk of governments, we mean de Jure government in place that implies legally elected, and so recognized by other states. However, if in a state or a country it so happens that there is also someone calling the shots from behind the scenes and having the real reign of power in his hands, he is said to be the de facto power. Imagine a country where the government has been overthrown by a military coup d’état and it has forced to go in exile. This government is then considered as the de jure government by other countries of the world while the de facto government is the one holding the reign of power in the country. They are holding on to the idea of de facto government is legitimate as long as it went vigorously unopposed. However, there opposition expressed by the Nuer, Dinka, and other ethnicities or ethnocentric (tribes) constituting the majority opposition to Salva Kiir and to these cronies, renegades and criminals to pass themselves as de jure government. A government of right, the true and lawful government, a government established according to the nation, lawfully entitled to recognition and supremacy and the administration of the nations, but which is actually cut off from power or control.

A de jure government is the legal, legitimate government of a state and is so recognized by other states. In contrast, a de facto government is in actual possession of authority in the latter as oppose to the former concept or idea.

De jure is a Latin expression that means legitimate or lawful. When we speak or talk of governments, we mean de jure governments in place that implies legally elected, and so recognized by other states. However, if in a state or country it so happens that there is someone calling the shots from behind the scene and having the real reign of power in his hands, he is said to be the de facto power. Imagine a country where the government has been overthrown by a military coup d’état and it has been forced the former to go into exile. This government then considered as de jure government by other countries of the world while the de facto government is the one holding the reign of power in the country.


Citizens Militia Army (CMA-IO) encompasses of all ethnographic (tribal) citizens of South Sudan formulating into a Citizen Militia Army by the “We the People” created a Constitutional Militia to secure safety from tyranny, terrorism, genocide, ethnic cleansing, cannibalism, economic prosperity denied by despotic thieves without representation, quality of life as opposed to cannibalism caused by the SPLA-IG, SPLM-IO, and all the familiar acronyms are no part of CMA-IO, because all mentioned SPLM/IO-IG leaders have been the root causes of genocide and ethnic cleansing which resulted into real direct cannibalism. Thusly, CMA-IO is a Constitutional Militia created by “WE the People” as the de jure government of the original Ten (10) Sovereign States based on their inherited colonial boundaries on 1.1.1956 and the post-colonial  period up to the split from the Mother country –Sudan- in 2011 that produced the paradox of two Sudans. Any arbitrary states created by both Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar could be considered as invalided, to be declared as null and void. Such de facto imaginary states have been unconstitutional, illegitimate, designed for population re-engineering for the purpose of the ethnic divides in terms of the Constitutionalism as the supreme document in the land.


Look around you and at the past History of the American Revolution (4th July 1775) and the 10% of its citizens joined onto one banner to seek freedom over tyranny. The United States Constitution defines Militia as The delegates of Constitutional Convention  organized by the founding fathers or the framers  of the USA Constitution under Article I , Section 8 and Clauses 15 and 16 of the federal Constitution granted  Congress the power to provide for organizing, arming, and the disciplining the Militias” as well as in distinction to the… Thusly, CMA-IO is a “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep, and the right to bear Arms, shall not be infringed” in South Sudan. However, stiff punishments shall be superimposed on anyone that kills another person for no good raison d’être other than in the act of self defense.

CMA-IO is a newly South Sudan liberation movement compared to existing liberations movements that only exist by names and neither do have presence neither nor on the ground nor the ability and the capacity to make war compared to CMA-IO that has the methodological, the ability and the capacity to make war and the ability of fighting it. CMA-IO is a movement that would replace acrimony and shall heretofore to be known as CMA-IO. It is not and will not become part and parcel of Dr. Machar’s SPLA–IO that the diehards and loyalists have been already mobilized by the unconscious leaders to resist change as part and parcel of the SPLA-IG-IO because of they signed as being reunited under the Arusha Declaration in the northern Tanzanian tow of Arusha. CMA-IO is an independent revolutionary movement seeking and committed and to the formation of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. CMA-IO has been and would be the vanguard to overthrow SPLA-IG-IO, respectively, and all their components from the reins of power in Juba, thus, the formation of the de jure and legitimate federal Government of South Sudan has been a prim to a facie pre-requisite to dissolved the de facto and illegitimate regime in Juba. Our purpose and intent of the formation of a de jure and legitimate Federal Government of South Sudan has been to overthrow Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba by any means necessary. This could sooner rather than later.

 CMA-IO basic political objective, political ideology, political sociology, methodology, political philosophy shall usher democratic transformation in restoring “Trust” and confidence building measures, unity in diversity, cultural diversity or multiculturalism, national unity, national interest, national reintegration, non-ethnocentric, and/or detribalized “Republican” Movement that has not existed on South Sudan soil, with a chosen vision to surgically usher or pushes for unconventional and practical national reunification, reconciliation, forgiveness, but to forget the past. Liked I said, and Professor George Lukas writes that “Those who do forget the past are doomed to repeat it in the future.”  On the other hand though, The Rt. Reverence John Hagee steers us through centuries, and learn from the mistakes of the past. He writes that “Those who fail to remember the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them in the future. History reveals humanity’s triumphs and failures, giving us a compass for the future.”

CMA-IO is a real and truly people’s movement or forum to ask, to seek, and to find new tenable, reasonable alternative solution to the ongoing conflict in South Sudan for almost 5-year without an ends or the gleam of light in the tunnel through the good auspices of the UNSC or any third party neutral country that could become reasonably and relatively accommodating and acceptable to all the warring parties. We would be obliged to state it category affront they do reject any idea the UN should govern South Sudan for 18 months or so nor do they peace, nor resignation and clings to power as de facto and illegitimate regime because that would tantamount to invasion and occupation of South Sudan by the superpowers in the UNSC that made that body to become a third foreign ministry for the protection of their outstanding strategic global interests worldwide. We could fight back and we could prevail because it is our legal and moral right to fight back with whatsoever we could get by any means necessary.  For any UN soldiers preparing to be moving down South Sudan, they may not return alive, but in the GI plastic bags for their burial or seriously wounded.

CMA-IO calls on all South Sudanese to embrace CMA-IO as their own product and all South Sudanese to become fishermen and peace Ambassadors of CMA-IO instead of war Ambassadors that consumes all of us, our people, national resources without exceptionalism, which we all wanted to put war to an end or the war puts  us all to an end.  The US President John F. Kennedy warns that mankind “to put war to an end or war puts mankind to an end.”  Surely, we must and ought to admit all that the crimes of “Genocide” defined by the UN Prevention, punishment on the Crime of Genocide (UNPPCG), the UN Charter, the international law, international humanitarian law, human rights law, and human rights protection as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity has been committed against the Nuer ethnicity which was later on expanded to other nationalities by the Dinka led wicked and genocidal, illegitimate and de facto regime in Juba as a mean of resisting change in Africa’s young country.

CMA-IO reckons that Genocide…. defined as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity has been committed in South Sudan. This is a question to be studied and judged by South Sudan national law, the international community as enshrined in the UN Charter and international law for us to present or to deliver our case legally before that such bodies for ‘prosecution’ and ‘persecution’ of the law and the “Due Process” of the law and the “Presumption of Innocence” of the law.  But CMA-IO asks every citizen to ask not what South Sudan can do for you, but what you can do for the “State” of South Sudan.  We urge and appeal to the victims of genocide that do not take the law into your own hands. We, as a government, we shall and will determine that and would be motivated with guts and gusto to undertake whatsoever it takes and whatsoever we stand for to render social justice and humanly possible to seek administration and adjudication of justice under the law governing genocide and ethnic cleansing. We ask for reparations from the perpetrator of the crime of genocide. CMA-IO first top and foremost objective would be not revenge, but how to get rid of Salva Kiir’s genocidal, barbaric, cannibal-like and wicked regime in Juba and the rest will be added. Surely, CMA-IO will usher reunification, reintegration, reconstruction of the national infra- structures destroyed by Salva Kiir‘s regime reins of terror in Juba.

   “We,  the people,” Movement hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men/women are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness–That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men/women, deriving their  just Powers from the consent of the governed. CMA-IO declared that we are all equal, and that we are defined by rights that we are born with, not given to us by any governments. Among those rights is the right to pursue happiness–to live our lives as we think best, as long as we respect the rights of all other individuals to do them the same. We could not agree more with Carlos P. Romulo that “Nations would rise and fall, but equality remains the ideal. The universal aim is to achieve respect for the entire human race, not for dominant few”. CMA-IO also declared that governments are created by people to secure their rights. Whatever powers government has are not “just” unless they come from “We the People “Movement (CMA-IO) as the governed and source of all emanate powers to any government to be.


The population of France in the 1780s was about 26 million, of whom 21 million lived in agriculture. Few of this owned enough land to support a family and most were forced to take on extra works as poorly paid laborers on larger farms. There were regional differences but, by and large, French peasants were generally better off than those in countries like Russia or Poland. Even so, hunger was a daily problem which became critical in years of poor harvest and the condition of most French peasants was poor. It took French citizens to bring social justice for its Righteous, and judgment for the wicked. No difference than the Russian Bolsheviks revolution, African liberations, revolutions, and /or many other revolutions fought for same purposes and reasons.

CMA-IO welcomes and in alliance with any countries who support us for same reasons.  CMA-IO would assimilate with cross-cultural economic trade for betterment of international and national benefits.  We do have ecological wealth in abundant in this virgin land called South Sudan. CMA-IO views that Cross-cultural awareness would bring political closer by way of horticultural studies or comparative studies, with  specialization in anthropology and sister sciences of sociologypsychology, economics, are all in conjunction with political science for advancement of humanitarian blessings not to war mongering nationally or internationally.

Those who support CMA-IO to achieve its Constitutional goal and objective, we would be successful to open our doors wide and clear for our allies to benefit from our enormous ecological wealth. Why militia is necessary?  Because we do know that history dictates same revolution experiences. We all have suffered without benefits. That has been done with by way of design or inadvertence? If it is by the former, then, the effect felt by the later, meaning that the design is adversary. It is resolved by designed justice from suffering, and judgment to amend the adversary(s). Now, we all have to understand up tall and in tacit agreement why it necessitates reckoning with the CMA-IO, that we all have common experiences and common causes.  Our experiences are shared with history repeating itself as mentioned herein. CMA-IO is the real Form of Constitutional Government constituting the Ten stars with each star on the flag representing each Sovereign State in South Sudan’s CMA-IO and the federal minutemen.  Side Bar: All the SPL-IO, SPLA-IG have been fighting amongst themselves as we speak, and many of them either are killed or wounded without medical aid. The result of the faction war, many who survived are joining with the CMA-IO under one umbrella. Soon we all will realize that the existing purported government days are numbered and diminishing to give way for our victory. Yes! Justice to the Righteous and Judgment to the Wicked is inevitable. Without the UN involvement, many of  God’s, children may be dead because Juba would become unmerciful against anyone that turned the Muzzle of the AK-47 against it.

Last, but not least, CMA-IO believes that peace could not return to Sudan by way of external powers, the impartial IGAD mediators, the African Union, the UN system, or any other system that alien to Sudanese culture and South Sudan in particular to would be bound to be doomed to achieve peace in South Sudan. CMA-IO does not believe IGAD mediators already involved in the war could become the bet forum to mediate peace in South Sudan its entrenched converging and diverging interests and national interests in South Sudan. We have to have another better and neutral forum to make peace in South Sudan. The IGAD mediators’ and some IGAD Countries the entangled themselves in the war fighting for Juba, should without and pre-conditions should withdraw or declare their exit in the process. They could not become realists and impartial arbitrators in the process.

Liked I said in the past and would like to reiterate it again now in the national and international media that Sudan should be empowered with full rights and privileges to deal directly with South Sudan civil war. We do foresee the president of Sudan Al-Bashir as one of the guys that could bring this peace mission or peace settlement in South Sudan. The Western and their regional powers have been deeply involved and their soldiers have been fighting with the SPLM Juba and should keep off from interfering in South Sudan debacle. They give all peace negotiations to President Al-Bashir to be premiere person to bring about durable and lasting peace in South Sudan.  Without the involvement of Sudan in the process, peace would remain in the Galaxy and the Twine light zone and could return for generations, whereas the war puts them to an end war or they opt to put war to an end. This is the bottom line. In spirit, I shed tears for I can’t phantom the coming days, months, and years ahead.[Text Ends].

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Bismark LoWani April 21, 2018 at 8:06 pm

South Sudan can not continually dwell in sectarian movements for ever. Apart from Anya-Nya 1 movements all that came to claim liberating the people of South Sudan are tribal in nature in a multi tribal country. De Chand is one of those disciples of tribalism in a country that does not need tribal politics at all. De Chand should learn to practice clean politics that embodies humanity, compassion and natural justice where all the citizens of the country have equal say in the affairs of the country. A country where an individual should never collect primitive, uneducated, ignorant tribe mates and them arm them with weapons to unleash terror on fellow citizens for his lust for political power with intent to loot the resources of the country. De Chand should therefore not point fingers at his fellow citizens for wrong doing. He is not an angel among the devils. They are all devils and the people have had enough of their created suffering. He should stop that. Stop right now. Nuer and Dinka have been in South Sudan for a long time what is wrong if an Equatorian enters into this political landscape. Does he need to be termed as an ally of a neighbouring country leader for destruction of our beloved country? No one from Equatoria has ever played the politics of these two ethnic groups that involve neighbouring countries in our affairs for greed of power and only to deplete the resources of our country to the detriment of the lives of the noble, patient citizens of this country. Please leave Thomas Cirilo alone. Continue destroying the country you will one day have to answer to the citizens why you decided to simply do that.


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