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What Every South Sudanese Deserves To Understand On Where Mr. Kiir Is Coming From and Heading To!!!!


kiir in aweil with malong gov and lonuro minister sep 2013
Salva Kiir campaigning to recruit tribal militia in Aweil in 2013 with the then governor Malong and Minister Lumoro before the conflict erupt out in Juba(Photo: file)

Oct 4, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The Killings of Balandas in Wau, The invasions of Muro and Madiland with resultant destructions of lives of the locals and their crops in Maridi and Nimule, The ultimate revelations of evil, Black December 2013, the destructions of Cholo land,The firing of the two Equatorian governors, the refusal to sign for peace to end the bloodshed among brothers and now the list is top off by the disintegrations of south Sudan into a miniature 28 states.

How to understand all these and what are the reasons behind these torrential events and decrees. In this article I wish to enlightened the national and international readers and help them to understand where Mr. Kiir is coming from and his seemingly unpredictable behaviors but is it?

To not understand what drives and motivates Kiir and those who advises him and what are their objectives for south Sudan will be at the peril of the rest of south Sudanese. When the natives in Equatoria, some whose ancestral lands, that had never before saw a Dinka, nor an Arab, asks why are you taking my father’s piece of land, the answer is always uniform, “we Liberated this land”, “we died for this land”, “while we were fighting, you ran to Uganda or Congo”, “you are not a South Sudanese”, “you are a Ugandan”. If you happen to be a Nuer however, the answer is a bit different, “you are a traitor”, “and a Nyagat “or” you are an Ethiopian”.

What is it that must be understood by the above declarations, a Universal response by common Jiengs to other south Sudanese? The response obtained from these foot soldiers of those in big offices in Juba is this. “WE THE JIENG NOW OWN THE ENTIRE SOUTH SUDAN” because we earned it with our blood, we fought for it while you ran away and or turned traitors indeed, the land is now not only that of the jiengs but also, the rest of us are no longer South Sudanese.

Thus this explains the presence of Jiengs from Jonglei to Nimule and from Kapoeta to Maridi. In Nimule a Jieng government official refutes the official definitions of IDP, “Stating how you can be an IDP in your own country?” Alas, the word “Internal” and the official definition by UN also lost its “citizenship”. What the former interior Minister Aleu Ayieng Aleu was really saying is this, the land is liberated by the Jieng and now the Jieng came from their ancestral lands and spread out all over south Sudan, claiming what is legitimately theirs and therefore they are not IDP but are at home and you the actual owners from time immemorial now do not belong! It is the new order of things, in this regards the independence of South Sudan brought loss of Citizenships to the rest of South Sudanese, but also worse, loss of the very lands they too fought for. The same sentiment aired by Alue Ayieng Alue was echoed by the deputy chairman of the south Sudan crisis management committee Daniel Awet Akot during his visit to Nimule to assess the humanitarian needs for what is described as Dinka soldiers putting down their guns to safe haven in fear of retaliation by white army after the fall of Bor to the Opposition forces.

They thus, justify and convince each other fully, that they and they alone are the owners of the entire South Sudan; as such the lands of other ethnic groups are up for a grab by force, although history tells us that it is the Jiengs who are instead originally not natives of what is now known as south Sudan but rather inhabitants of Khartoum and Abyei.

What about the higher up and educated Jieng, what do they say? Well this started by the ill conceived and concocted transitional constitutions, they tried to imbed what the street and foot soldiers declare to South Sudanese, in the law. “Any South Suddenness can live anywhere”. What is the need to have such a phrase in the constitution? This was not only to counter Kokora but to legitimize the Jiengs invasions and displacements and takeover of lands all over south Sudan, because they “liberated it and earned them”, after all the rest are not South Sudanese. Because they declared the rest of us foreigners, in essence then what the ethnically engineered Constitution is saying is this “Any Jieng can live anywhere in South Sudan” for they are the only legitimate south Sudanese by merits of the liberation war.

We saw this in Nimule, when the IDP were asked to leave, after tense negotiation between government of former Governor of EES Ojetuk and the by then governor of Jonglei state Koul Manyang, committee was formed with central government and UN involvement to help in logistics but this offer was tarnished by Jieng elites like Mr. Koul, the later came with some excuses that, the native should wait until after independence, but once south Sudan became independent, they flipped and blindsided the unsuspecting citizens by invoking the concocted transitional constitutions and say, in South Sudan, they have rights to live anywhere therefore they shall not move from Nimule because they are no longer IDPs but at home.

I have studied the Ma’di saga carefully as we constantly hear about the Ma’di Corridor even before black December 2013. The Ma’di were the first ethnic groups to be targeted of the Jieng. It is my believe the playbook of the Jieng in the Ma’di corridor helps us to understand what the Jiengs goal and plan are and what tricks and tactics they use to achieve these goals.

The elites declare this differently, their sense of entitlement is demonstrated in the line ups of the ruling Clique and the iron grips they have at the positions of powers in South Sudan: The President of the Republic, a Jieng, Defense Minister a Jieng, Chief of general staff and deputy chief of staff jiengs, information minister a Jieng, Chief Justice a Jieng, Speakers of the armed forces and of the government Jiengs, Head of the national treasurer/Bank a Jieng. Head of Petroleum a Jieng, general Inspector of Police a jieng, national director of security a jieng, director general migration a jieng, chief of wild life a jieng, previous interior minister whose replacement is still pending is a jieng and the replacement is expected to be a jieng and the list goes on and without shame living the rest toothless exposed to repression and forceful extortion by repressible security organs dominated by Jiengs whose furors are directed towards none Jiengs.

Like the lands and territories of the republic, the governance is that of the Jiang, thus South Sudan is a Jiang Nation, because they “fought for it, liberated it” and there are no other south Sudanese and if any left, these should be Dinkanized, after all these “others” are Ugandans, Congolese and Ethiopians and ran to their homes or became traitors while they the Jiengs were left to die and fight for what they now got!

This leads us to the fundamental point that must be understood by all key players who wants to see change and peace in south Sudan. Failing to understand this will lead to the Jiang disintegrating south Sudan further. The Jiengs had declared even before the second war of liberations that they are born to rule not to be ruled. Although at that declarations in the seventies and eighties, Majority of the Jiang populations were primitives and those who made the declarations, their own parents were primitives and these had no modern settings nor educations in their ancestral villages but yet felt they were born to rule those more civilized than them.

During the liberation war, Garang encouraged the Jiang primitives to join the fight and own whatever they liberate, thus unknowingly or intentionally, he re-enforced the born to rule mentality and introduced a new element of Supremacy; Dinkanizations of South Sudan.

We heard Kiir obsessed prior to the Black December 2013 when speaking to his kin and said; “This power I have belongs to you and they want to take it away from me, will you let them” So the land is not only that of the Jiang but also the government and thus are we surprised when they clean the national resources and Kiir sits on the lists of these thieves who have stolen our national treasures amounting to 4.1 Billion by liberal estimate? This is an amount more than enough to build and equipped modern hospitals and better learning institution for the impoverished nation, but because the thieves are Jiangs they were not seen as thieves since all belongs to them. Yet there were those whose reputations were dragged into mud for few thousand dollars they did not steel, come to find out, these are not Jiegs.

So the critical point to be understood and through it all the questions raised at the beginning of this articles, becomes evident but also all the actions and the seeming thoughtless and tyrannical decrees of Kiir becomes easily understood, this include black December 2013, the relieving of the two EQAUTORIAN GOVERNORS etc. that is:

  • Kiir is a puppet of the jieng Council of elders.
  • The Jieng Council of elders are Supremacist, just like the Nazis and Hitler, and these are the true rulers of south Sudan.
  • Their Motivations is and has never been inclusive nationhood nor brotherhood.
  • Their motivations and drives are and have always been, even during the war of liberations; to enclave for the Dinka a country and power.
  • Their Motivations and drive thus is and was; THE BORN TO RULE AND DINKANIZATION OF SOUTH SUDAN.

It is under Dinkanizations agendas, Maridi, Nimule, Kajokeji etc are invaded by Primitive cattle keepers with their cattle from the upper most part of the nation to the southernmost end of the country, how did these illiterate who cannot even read maps know where these places are? Throughout hundreds of years they roam over and over as nomads in their territories but never reached Kejokeji or Nimule and how comes now?

It is under Dinkanizations agendas, juba declare there is no IDP in Nimule, “how could one be an IDP in one’s own country” declared the former interior Minister Alue Ayieng Alue. If they are not IDP, then they are colonizers and invaders under the program of Dinkanizations of South Sudan.

Indeed once I was traveling from Juba to Kampala, A Jiang stopped me for a ride, I asked where are you going, he said to his village, I asked where is your village, he answered Nimule!

It is under Dinkanizations, we understand why they are opposed to federalism because federalism shall drive a knife through this agenda. It is under Dinkanizations, we understand why Kiir fired the two Equatorian powerful advocates of federalism, governors Konga and Bakasoro, as the signing of the peace became inevitable. It was because once Dr. Machar returns to Juba, his hands will be greatly strengthened with the two governors in power, in terms of the push for federalism, therefore as the war was to come to an end there was no longer need to fear Equatorian uprising, the fear for Federalism became greater, for it shall derail Dinkanizations, therefore the two governors needed to go. His Puppets will not push for federalism for he appointed them and are answerable to him where as the people elected the former as such they are answerable to their people who elected them.

It is under the born to rule and Dinkanization ideology that we can understand why those falsely accused of coup included, Many Prominent Dinkas, notably the Matriarch of the nations, it included shilluk, Bari etc but yet it was Nuer women, children, elderly, Civil servants who were the ones ethnically cleansed from Juba.

This was because the Nuer poses real threats to the born to rule and Dinkanizations agendas. The Nuer have the number of intellectuals but also the foot soldiers to overcome any threats, as such if Jiengs goals are to be achieved, the Nuer must be Cleansed from South Sudan, then the rest of the ‘Useless Majority” as arrogantly put by one of Kiir’s paid “Khawaja” Mouth piece, are no match, the Jiengs really believe in this.

This also explains why Kiir will fight a war of brothers viciously and worse than the war with the great Satan of the north and allows illegal weaponries to be used against his countrymen. This explains why kiir would waste our natural resources to put together foreign mercenaries to eliminate his countrymen and women, well sorry I meant “Ethiopians’ (as they prefer to call the Neur) without any remorse and pain, since they are Nyagats and none South Sudanese. By this time they have succeeded to dehumanize the Nuer to simply Nyagats thus their killing in the national Capital came easily.

Dinkanizations and the supremacy of the born to rule explains why Kirr will split south Sudan into tiny states without consulting the rest of us, well why ask foreigners, he has already consulted the “real southerners”, his cabinets which is full of Jiangs and JCE. This Move gives the Jiengs more states and after all it also will give Kiir at least 25 Puppet governors, which he can manipulate to starve off the push for federalism. Thus is because as we recall, Kiir’s argument for not accepting federalism, that it needed to go through referendum since he calls it unconstitutional. By now splitting South Sudan into 28 states, federalism failure is ensured if taken for referendum, but also this measure ensures Kiir’s reelections at the end of the transitional government.

Now if the current system of governance that put all powers under one person did not go through referendum, nor is the creations of the 10 states nor the current fake total 28, why must federalism go through referendum? It is because they do not want federalism, as it takes powers away from the Jiengs and gives it back to the people, it’ also returns the lands to the managements of the rightful owners, measures that drive knife at the heart of the JCE agenda for South Sudan, Dinanizations and the born to rule.

It is through the Born to rule and dinkanizations agenda, we can understand why Kirr wiggled and wiggled hard to evade signing the peace deal. It is because their goals are diametrically opposed to the rest of south Sudanese and that of the opposition. While the rest of South Sudanese look at them as brothers and need to end the bloodshed, they are obsessed with the fear of losing powers that belongs to them, they are obsessed with the need to be the only one to rule and to Dinkanize south Sudan and the compromise peace in its form, if fully adopted shall dismantle these agendas and is standing on their way, thus they shall come after anything and anybody to include the UN and TROIKA nations for “interfering” in these agendas and they went as far as to seek alliances in unlikely places, the likes of Russia, China and Egypt, turning their back to the very nations that brought them forth, why because something greater for them is at risk.

The JCE need to be born again, for it was in the north Sudan, where the top ruling positions were an exclusive right only for the Muslims, while the rest can only be deputies and vices for ceremonial purposes. It was in the north, the Muslim sought to Arabized/islamized the entire south Sudan. JCE brought this curses to South Sudan, Ruling is now only for the Jieng, you have to be a Jieng, the rest are to hold deputized and ceremonial positions and South Sudan is to be “Arabized/islamized”, I meant Dinkanized. I hope my countrymen sees this, as well as the true Patriotic Jiengs before it is too late.

Not understanding or refusing to do so and to bury our heads in the sand about these facts will be to our own peril. If the international community wants to bring peace in South Sudan, they must understand this facts and rains on the JCE.

Because the goals of the JCE, who are the true ruling clique in South Sudan and are Supremacists and have at the heart Dinkanizations of South Sudan, these goals are diametrically opposed to that of the oppositions who call for federalism and power decentralizations and repatriations of IDPs etc, these goals run parallels to that of JCE making peace unachievable, unattainable and reconciliations impossible because the two goals cannot be reconciled but Just as Nazism could not be reconciled with the ideologies of those it sought to annihilate and ruled.

It is suddenly “De Ja Vu” Our Struggle with Arabizations and Islamizations has followed us home, albeit the “born to rule and Dinkanizations”. How well did the JCE learn from the North, the former slaves now are the slave Masters and does like their former masters did but only worse, because they are wolf in sheep clothes AKA brothers and the sheep are very unsuspecting!

The approach to liberations from this is not any different and our mindset must be reset unless the JCE and the ruling cliques get away with their agendas, the end game, ethnic cleansing of minor tribes by genocides or displacements, reducing the rest to second class citizens as it was in the former Sudan but worse since the Arabs where never in our villages.

In Conclusions; the problem of south Sudan is the JCE and their ideologies of the born to rule and Dinkaizations of South Sudan and South Sudanese. The JCE, ruling cliques and Kiir are the Nazis and Adolf Hitlers of South Sudan indeed they are our Jalabas. Like Nazism these ideologies cannot be reconciled but defeated. In the case of South Sudan, this can be done if only the international community understand the ethnic ruling cliques’ true colors and put pressures and political wills or simply they must be defeated at the battle field by south Sudanese themselves, inclusive of patriotic Jieng, with the help of the international coalitions. Because the world fails to see this, the world and Uganda in particular committed ethnic cleansing in South Sudan. It is the most cleanly executed ethnic genocide the world has ever witness and they participated in aiding Nazism and it is because Kiir managed to pulled wool in their eyes. http://www.southsudannewsagency.com/opinion/editorials/president-kiir-wants-to-pull-the-wool

Dr. Peter Kopling is a concern South Sudanese who is residing in Juba South Sudan. He can be reached at drkopling@aol.com

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Elijah Samuel October 4, 2015 at 8:16 pm

Finally someone says it Arriving shortly it is and unveil the truth. This is profound and emergent that every south Sudanese indeed must unerstand and know.
Thanks you Dr Kopling for being thorough and methodical in your deep analysis.

Log October 4, 2015 at 8:32 pm

The time will come when people rise. Everything have got and end. leaders come and go. history have proved this

SPLM October 4, 2015 at 11:22 pm

South Sudan has reached a crossroad of democracy and narcissism and it will be after some time that it will become anew. The SPLM Dinka dominated regime to a greater extent, has created an environment that has shaped our future. The actions of the Dinka against the Nuer and the other ethnic groups have influenced the ecology and geopolitical balance of power in our country forever. This agency has made South Sudanese, for better or for worse, active producers of their own peril. With the present confusion in governance, there is an urgent need for a rescue team. This rescue team is not to come from outside South Sudan, but within and it has to stop the mad dog going on rampage, biting everyone in the country and infecting them with rabies.

Tombe Goboro October 5, 2015 at 6:16 am

Dear Peter,

You have lay the truth to bear, and have shown that indeed the emperor is naked.


GatNor October 5, 2015 at 6:13 pm

Thank you Dr. P. Kopling, this is an awesome article. I can also recalled Mr. Paul Elhag one of my favorite author wrote extensively on this topic of how the ruling tribe were dehumanizing other citizens and warned South Sudaneses and perhaps the world of the dire consequences. Unfortunately his warnings were not considered for analogy and felt on deaf ears. Now the Nuers aren paying the price for not taking proper measures politically. The problem with Nuers is they are great idealists but lack the necessary political strategic planning and leave almost everything to work itself out at the last minute.. This I absolutely distaste. The success of last minute strategic maneuvering depends on how well one can improvised but the results are always unpredictable. Nuers must learn to abandoned this lack of political organization and planning a head.

GatNor October 5, 2015 at 6:34 pm

The quote: “we the Jaang now own the entire South Sudan” is not only dangerous but should be responded with..

–whatever available necessary actions..

and leave the questions and answers period for later.

Jaang wants a Jaang nation but will be pushed to Bar El Gazhal and we will see how they like that idea of losing every piece of land entitlement in other regions.


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