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UK South Sudanese honour fallen leader and appeal for a return of Peace! “During Memorial Service for the Late H.E. Gen. Amb. Andrew Makur Thou”

By Hon Boutros Magaya Monani Magaya,

Member of Parliament (MP) – TNLA

Birmingham, United Kingdom

South Sudanese in Birmingham, United Kingdom, during a memorial service of Hon. Makur Thou, May 21st, 2018(Photo: file/supplied/nyamilepedia)
South Sudanese in Birmingham, United Kingdom, during a memorial service of Hon. Makur Thou, May 21st, 2018(Photo: file/supplied/nyamilepedia)

May 21st, 2018(Nyamilepedia) —– On 12th May 2018- The South Sudanese Community turned up in large numbers from all parts of the UK and other neighboring Countries to the City of Birmingham to honour one of their great leaders and freedom fighters “Gen. Amb. Andrew Makur Thou” who passed away earlier this year in March 2018.

It was indeed a great honour for me and a great privilege to be asked by the Family of Late Gen. Amb. Makur to lead that Special Memorial service as the Master of Ceremony (MC), assisted by Martin Godron Mourtat (Second MC). The Memorial was organized by the family of late Gen in the UK and Netherlands, Ms Monica Andrew Makur, Mr. Maker Andrew Makur, Mr. Majak Atoc-Adol, children and grandchildren. Because of the great historical friendship since Anayana 1 between my late father Gen Alison Monani Magaya (RIP) and late Gen. Amb. Andrew Makur (RIP), the family asked me to lead this function. I remember still vividly during the final funeral of my late father in 2015, how the late Gen. Amb. Makur spoke powerfully about my late father and about his public service and contribution to the people of South Sudan. His powerful speech was greatly appreciated then, but little did we know that, he himself, the late Gen Makur was to join his best friend and brother Gen Magaya. I am sure they are both in better place today. May their Soul rest in Eternal Peace!

The memorial service was attended by several senior dignitaries including H.E. Ambassador Maker Ayuel Deng, Charge De- Affairs Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan to the UK (Representing the Government of South Sudan) and his wife Madam Josina M. Sakiti, Hon Arop Madut Arop, Madam Najat Nhial Deng Nhial, Amb. Luke Be-Dong, Diplomat John Spoon Misa (Head Protocol for the Event), Distinguished Elder Dr. Zakaraia Deng Bol and his Wife Madam Santina Deng, the Daughter of late Gen William Nyuon, Madam Joyce Awaya Misa, Madam Suzy Thokrial, Madam Margret Obang, Madam Kathrine Tambura (Gospel Choir), my Family and many other dignitaries whom I could not mention all. The function was also attended by several members of the Sudanese Community in the UK who delivered a message of condolence on behalf of the people of Sudan.

The Memorial Service Prayer was led by International Church Leaders such as Apostle Angie Ndlalambhi and Her Husband Pastor Haziel Ndlambhi (Yashua Ministries International), together with two great South Sudanese Pastors, Pastor Garang Karlo (Tonj, Dinka) and Rev Samuel Luak (Akobo, Nuer) who both delivered one message of love and unity that they as preachers are standing together on that day from the two community to show that that peace and love can be achieved among the two communities, and in South Sudan. There were also three Signing Groups: The Yashua Ministries International, the South Sudanese Fellowship Group and The Zande Sunday School Children and Friends (Birmingham).

Several dignitaries spoke on several themes “the great leadership examples by leaders of Anyanya one such Gen. Amb. Andrew Makur, the need for us to work hard for the return of peace”. Ambassador Maker A Deng and myself seized of the opportunity to also emphasize on the same message: First, urging all leaders and South Sudanese to unite in order to bring to an end the suffering of the masses and commit themselves in good faith to a compromise for the sake of Peace. Second, appealing to all South Sudanese to open a new chapter as one nation under God. Third, urging our leaders to follow the example of the late hero Gen. Amb.Andrew Makur Thou who lived above tribal lines. Finally, Let us all ensure that no similar tragedies such the war of 2013 and 2016 happen again in our country.

The late Gen. Amb. Andrew Makur Thou is former Anyanya One Veteran, former Decorated General in the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF), and Former Ambassador to many countries and Former Governor of Bahar Al Gazal, Presidential Advisor, and Most importantly Former Deputy President of the High Executive Council of South Sudan during the period of Gen Gism Alla Rasas. On the word of one of the South Sudanese Intellectual (Mr. Geoffrey Bakwaro, Zande), he was a man who served together with his generation of Leaders such Gen Joseph Lagu, Gen Samuel Abujohn etc, they served all South Sudanese regardless of their ethnic bakground, and they lived above tribal lines.

Gen. Andrew Makur Thou (died. March 13, 2018), was one of the great military leaders and politician of South Sudan. He joined the Anyaya force during the First Sudanese Civil War (1955-1972), after the peace agreement of 1972 he was integrated into the Sudanese army where he rose to high rank of Major General. Uncle Makur was truly a brave soldier, a liberator, and man who devoted his entire life in the liberation of South Sudan”. Also, as of one the leading sons of both South Sudan and Sudan, a great patriot, an accomplished liberator, soldier, diplomat, politician and statesman. Above all he was also known as an exceptional human being”.

In the end, participants appreciated the event as one of its kind to happen in the UK bringing every south Sudanese together from all parts of the UK, including from neighboring countries such as Netherland, Germany, etc.

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