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The mission of the Regional protection force in South Sudan is vague

By Bijiek Jieknyal,

The arrival of the first batch of the regional protection force in South Sudan's Juba(Photo: supplied)
The arrival of the first batch of the regional protection force in South Sudan’s Juba(Photo: supplied)

Aug 25, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— Oppositions should not be so optimistic about the coming of the Regional Protection Force to Juba as we do not know the reason behind their coming. In July 2016, when the war was about to break out in Juba, Dr. Machar had requested the international community that mediated the set up, bias, and prejudice peace deal aimed to kill him to bring Regional Protection Force to Juba to be the buffer zone between his small unit of body guards and the hundreds of thousands of aggressive army of Salva Kiir.

However, there was no response from mediator organizations such as the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) for South Sudan peace, UN, IGAD, and TROIKA. These organizations that had designed partial, injustice, and preconception peace deal against Dr. Machar were watching the development in Juba very closely with confidence that Dr. Machar would not escape death this time around. As the full scale war has broken out in Juba on July 9, 2016, Dr. Machar has repeated his call for the Regional Protection Force but no answer from the mediators.  

The international community failed to condemn Kiir for attempting to assassinate his peace partner either. The silence of the mediators and the international community observers provided evidence that the peace deal was a set up and bias deal that gave Kiir license to kill Dr. Machar. As Dr. Machar and his body guards were pushed out of Juba, the bias peace mediators and the international were optimistic that the body of Dr. Machar would be discovered soon. As he escaped death and made it to DRC, Dr. Riek Machar was forcefully confined in South Africa with request from IGAD while seeking medical attention.

One of the articles published on the SouthSudannation.com indicates that the peace mediators and the international community requested South African government to confine Dr. Machar and gave Salva Kiir green light to clear IO from South Sudan for six months. While Dr. Machar in confinement in South Africa and his IO could not be fined anywhere near Juba, the international community starts talking about bringing Regional Protection Force to Juba to protect key installation in Juba and Juba international airport.

I heard president Obama said that the Regional Protection Forces would protect Juba and the Juba international Airport before his terms ended. It is ok to protect keys installation and the airport, but from who while the government is still in full control of those facilities? Is Regional Protection Force is going to join Kiir’s side and fight IO?  Why the UN reluctant to bring Regional Protection Force to help monitor 2015 peace deal before it collapsed completely? When we need them, they do not want to bring Regional Protection Forces but we do not need them, they want to bring Regional Protection Forces. Something fishy or I am confused. May someone help me explain the actual reason for the Regional Protection Force?

Bijiek Jieknyal is a Concern Citizen. He can be reached at Jbijiek1@vt.edu

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Stephen Dak August 25, 2017 at 6:15 am

Dear Mr. Bijiek, Yes, your concern has a right reason i can understand what your point is. Brother not everyone do not understand the purpose of United Nation in South Sudan or Regional Protection Force. I would talk about someone i know who knows exactly what will be the outcome and i have no doubt about this. Yes, the plan might have been designed to eliminate Machar before but now this time it is not about him. South Sudan as whole is going to bear the consequence of their own from the world body. You are being suspicious for a right reason but i will not try to explain what will happen soon but you should be aware something already went wrong.

GatNor August 25, 2017 at 7:47 am

Great article. Good questions. Mediators made some bizarre choices in implementing what is of priority to the peace agreement. Their hidden agenda is obviously loaded with bias provisions.


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