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An Alleged Millions Dollar Double Sword: the Case of James Gatdet v Kiir, Taban, Lol and Kenyatta Dynasty

By James Gaakoth,

Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenyan president, greeting, Mr. Taban Deng Gai of South Sudan(Photo: file)
Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenyan president, greeting, Mr. Taban Deng Gai of South Sudan(Photo: file)

Nov 07, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——- When Kenyan president began to trash Kenyatta dynasty at international stage for the second time by allowing his government to deport James Gatdet to his adversary and placed him under all sort of risks and duress which is against international laws in all aspect, one would wonder, what was in the mind of Kenyatta and what kind of money do Kenyatta still lack in Kenya?

If it was to defend the sacked general, then Kenyatta government need to revisit military accountability and even in all professions, accountability works that way and the best way the sacked general would have rescue himself was to sack below the chain of command for those who failed to do their civilian protection job in South Sudan before the axe fell on him.

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It is one of the problem that implicate South Sudan leadership for failing to act and sack militia generals accused of war crimes against humanity because keeping those militia general showed that the leadership intent that the war be fought that way against war and all international laws. If there was another intention in the mind,then James Gatdet ran away from an alleged war crimes in South Sudan from 2013 till now.

Who is at fault,is it one reporting committed atrocities (James Gatdet) or one committing atrocities (South Sudan leadership)? Anyone who is still unconvinced should visit South Sudan especially Uppernile region, Western Bha el Ghal zel and currently Equatoria region if not convince with 2013 alleged war crimes and others that followed which are the source of all this mess in South Sudan to find out first-hand.

It is unfortunate for Kenyatta by associating himself with external war crime perpetors of another country that deportation, let alone the fact that anyone surviving member of James Gatdet will take Kenyatta dynasty to ICC for the second time again if anything happened to James Gardet’s life and all evidence suggest there will be direct correlation in this case although it will be the matter for the ICC Court to decide.

James Gatdet was engaged in diplomacy similar to what Kenyans who campaigned for liberation of Kenya from pioneer of civilization more than fifty years ago did and there is no reason for Kenyatta government to interfere in internal affairs of other countries with allegations of war crimes pending and persecution in South Sudan and Kenyatta should seek further information from former Kenyan presidents(Daniel Moi and Mwai Kibaki).

In another angle Kenya has all-ready jumped radicalization gun to Somalia but wanted to create another radicalization front in South Sudan, what is behind that foreign relation? Those of James Gatdet and associates want accountability current atrocities but for a foreign country that acquired independence through one of strategy(activism) proved naïve of international relations from Kenyan president and his government.

Thus,the good news is , current sword that placed Gatdet at risks and duress had the potential to cut both James Gatdet and Kenyatta dynasty at ICC court if anything bad happened to James Gatdet’s life because anyone from his family seek redress at ICC unless Kenya government take drastic action to remove James Gatdet to country of his choice away from South Sudan persecution sooner than later.

Secondly, the sword facing James Gatdet has also cut July conspiracry and proved that those of Taban and Lol are hollow or imposed leaders and the regional and all international actors should now have clear information that Taban and Lol had no control over resistance movement. In the word of American congress person as ‘unpopular leader’. It is not that they may lack that but because they joined the path of alleged war crime cover-up with South Sudan leadership. Thus that conspiracy remained to be seen how it is going to bring peace back.

It was that abrogated peace with international supervised accountability that was to prevent radicalization in South Sudan and if the government was to pursue war channel, other countries especially Tanzania and Kenya that remain well-off in East Africa through average observance for rule of law and governance to bring controversies to their countries by actively supporting one side internal affairs of other countries. Kenya needs to focus on Somalia problems where Kenyan soldiers sometime desert their base to open another radicalization front in South Sudan.

In conclusion, Kenyatta government and other evil regional and international actors should know that South Sudanese are sharply divided because of alleged atrocities in current war and neutrality is vital.Otherwise, the radicalization path that the leadership of South Sudan spearhead may one day reached at everyone’s shore. East Africa had already their own radicalization problems in Somalia which began through the alleged misused of guns like in South Sudan. There was zero rationale even to let South Sudan became a member of East Africa before the country addressed alleged war crimes and all other internal problems against humanity in the first place. All East Africa countries should stayed away from internal affairs of other countries or blood money except peaceful advocacy and avoid taking own countries to old centuries tactic through current maneuvering especially Kenya and Tanzania may lose if own citizens copy unruly and unlaw path as in Somalia and South Sudan.

Those countries are almost out of this current hopeless and barbaric unlawness in South Sudan and no need to seen comfortable with war crimes and associated crimes. It is not too late for Kenyatta to protect his family dynasty and remove James Gatdet from unlaw persecution to country of his choice until South Sudan accept establishment of international war crimes tribunal for all accused southerners to clear name.

The author is a concern South Sudanese citizen who can be reached for further comments at j.gaak@yahoo.com

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