Former U.S Secretary of State, John Kerry. making a statement in support of Kenyan election results that were later over turned by the court for irregularities(Photo: file)
Former U.S Secretary of State, John Kerry. making a statement in support of Kenyan election results that were later over turned by the court for irregularities(Photo: file)

Sept 15, 2017(Nyamilepedia) ——- The lessons learned from the Kenyan election are profound and deeper than they appear on the surface or rather what the western Media would like to project. Even in the western countries, the citizens are coming to realize the Media houses might be dubbed as free but the question now every citizen in every corner of the free world have to ask is, are the Media houses really free and if so free from what or who? Given the origin of most of the Media houses are private business enterprises, will it be unfair to say a business entity serves the core interest of one who established it? Are these business moguls necessarily protectors of Justice, equalities and the rule of laws? These Pillars of democracy are the greatest need of Africa and not foreign AIDS, How can the west be instrumental in this quest for the rule of laws rather than serve as hindrances?

The western Media have come to be known as true indicators of free societies, it however now seems clear that these are not themselves free from the behind the scene fingers that manipulate them for the special interests of those who feeds them, holding back the foot soldiers of these Media houses from biting the fingers that feed them. Here it become abundantly necessary then to highlight that the Media houses having business owners are part of the grand scheme of capitalism as a priority preserving the hands that feed them not necessarily the public interests nor the rule of laws.

Is it Any wonder then that the Media did not unmasked or rather covered the grand scheme of corruptions that the ordinary Kenyan were able to see in their plain views? Thus the Kenyan elections too, implicate the media house, both local and international in collude with corrupt forces that drag Africa down. The Kenyan Supreme courts ruling is therefor first and foremost a stern rebuke to the Media Houses, Nationally but more so internationally like the New York Times that have more experiences under their belts but yet lost the opportunity to be a force for good.

The Bigger question and grave yet is the so called independent western observers who are seasoned politicians in their respective countries lead by the infamous, among south Sudanese majority, John Kerry who himself know the bitter experience of loosing elections to George W Bush in 2004. John Kerry was on the ground, He along with his independent western crews declared the process, though with some irregularities, fare enough, endorsed it and went on to press the oppositions to concede defeat. By doing so they sided with corruption against the will of the Kenyan People. The fact that the incumbent who is entrusted by the constitution to guard the rule of laws will resort to Computer hacking is evident that Raila Odinga beat him hands down and won the August 8th 2017 elections.

Perhaps what the systems in Africa need is not a rerun of a hacked elections but rather should the opponent prove in court of law that the other parties hacked or rigged the elections then the side that was affected should automatically be ruled the winner. It is important to realize when an outcome is diverted, it is actually the millions of voters that are affected, their voices silenced through illegitimate means and their hoped crushed.

By the Supreme Court ruling against the results, they ruled against not only Uhuru Kenya but they also ruled against his international accomplices the likes of John Kerry. They rule against his endorsement! The Supreme Court simply validate what the ordinary Kenyan knew but seasoned election veterans the like of Kerry failed to denounce or perhaps he believed what he saw was good enough for Africans!

 Observer, John Kenyri making jokes behind Presidential candidate, Uhuru Kenyatta, ahead of Kenyan election(Photo: file)
Observer, John Kenyri making jokes behind Presidential candidate, Uhuru Kenyatta, ahead of Kenyan election(Photo: file)

So if as we now can see, John Kerry et al were at the wrong side of this election, further more in the historic ruling in the continent of Africa, the question that begs for an answer is, what are these western observers there advocating for? Perennially Africa is full of corrupt dictators, is it by accident or by design? When genuine oppositions figures the like of Dr. Kizza Besigye of Uganda, Raila Odingo of Kenya and Dr Riek Machar of South Sudan are sidelined by this Same John Kerry under the Obama administration and others that preceded them, we are forced to ask what do they, the west headed by America, want for Africans, why are they so active in the African affairs years after years with the number Dictators not changing in the black Continent?

There is one possible conclusion we can not Afford to not examined and that is the west under the leadership of the likes of John Kerry need these corrupt African leaders, for it is only through these corrupt leaders that the west is able to siphon the natural resources and wealth of Africa. More importantly these corrupt leaders outsource billions of our monies into western banks and western markets. The corrupt practices of these African leaders are in keeping with the national interest of these western countries, America inclusive. Which explains why in a country like Uganda where the leaders is a clear dictator who imprisons Oppositions but yet he remains their darling. In South Sudan Kiir has ethnically cleansed most part of South Sudan but yet he was endorsed by John Kerry and he, Kerry, was central in the plans to sideline and confine in South Africa, the only figure able to arrest Kiir’s genocidal agenda! 

Thus John Kerry et al were not in the elections in Kenya to ensure the people’s voices got heard, they were not there to ensure a fare election but rather the corrupt candidate wins, one whom they the west in turn can manipulate and who will maintain their national interest and not the African interest. They are there to legitimize corruptions and that is what John Kerry did in this elections.

In the case of South Sudan, John Kerry legitimized a genocidal regime and formulates a plan that imprisoned the victim of a criminal and illegitimate regime. The people of South Sudan disagree with John Kerry and voted by their feet and left the country in millions, what a clearer message than 2 million Fleeing from a regime John Kerry Supports, another 2 million in IDP camps? Clearly this is a loud message to John Kerry that the people of South Sudan have no faith in the regime that is actively eliminating them, children and women, but John Kerry does care less as long as the American interest is served. The human costs as witnessed in our country of south Sudan and the malignant agent through which their national interest is achieved is irrelevant for the American politics lead by the likes of John Kerry.

Under him the plans to maintain Kiir’s atrocious regime through the military backings of a seasoned dictator, who himself flourished and was propped by the American national interest at the expenses of the Ugandan Politics and people, Museveni of Uganda was hatched at the onset of the Juba Massacre in 2013, here too, John Kerry was at the wrong side of history.

John Kerry has failed Africa even as Secretary of State. He in particular failed the East and the horn of Africa. There is no single success story favoring the ordinary citizen but plenty of his records favored the dictators and his backing particularly in south Sudan allowed for the south Sudanese populations to be cannibalized, even as I write, by Salva Kiir Mayerdit, with impunity. Kerry’s American interests in south Sudan trashed the lives of the millions of south Sudanese however they masked this by the so called humanitarian Aid which addresses the symptom but not the disease that afflicts the south Sudanese people called Salva Kiir Mayerdit with the American blessings.

The Kenyan elections proves beyond doubt that John Kerry is part of our problems and should excuse himself from the continent of Africa, particularly from the upcoming rerun of the Kenyan elections but more importantly from the nearly depopulated South.

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Elijah Samuel September 15, 2017 at 9:50 am

John Kerry is a failed Politician even in America! He helped put the regional bodies against the oppositions by stifling their source of weapons to combat and protect themselves while they left Kiir to purches freely any weapon he wants. The Americans under cary renewed military cooperations with Kiir despite of his genocide against his own people.
Kirr surviving is due to Kerry.

By locking up Machar in South Africa, Kerry took side, It is like two fighters in a ring and one hands are tight while the other is left to hit freely and they call this peace! To hell with John Kerry


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