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SPLMAIO Tone at HLRF in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Must Change Now

By Hon. Gen. Nathaniel Pierino;
Addiss Ababa, Ethiopia.
SPLM/A-IO Genenerals, Hon. Nathaniel Pierino and Hon. Gabriel Duop Lam during Peace Revitalization Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Photo: file/supplied/Nyamilepedia)
SPLM/A-IO Genenerals, Hon. Nathaniel Pierino and Hon. Gabriel Duop Lam during Peace Revitalization Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Photo: file/supplied/Nyamilepedia)
May 18th, 2018(Nyamilepedia) —— The time frame within the agreement elapsed yesterday on the 17th May, 2018; it was a pre-transitional period  of 3 months (90 days; 17th August, 2015-17th November, 2015) proceeded by a transitional period of 30 months (2 years and 6 months; November 17th, 2015-May 17, 2018.
During this tenure of (33 months of the life) the agreement, peace program in the chapters of the agreements were to be implemented, particularly;
1. Incorporates the agreement into the constitution or laws of South Sudan; by repealing, reviewing, enacting new laws particularly; Acts and statutes on SPLA, Police, National security, Wild life, Fire Brigade etc; remove state of emergency; release all political prisoners, prisoners of conscience; prisoners of war etc; all these didn’t take place; the agreement itself remained on pieces of papers;
2. Established the TGNU and implementation institutions made up of parties who signed the agreement, in the beginning this did happened April, 2016; but in July 8th, 2016; Salva Kiir abrogated the agreement that was not yet incorporated into law of South Sudan by attacking SPLMAIO and other stakeholders; the National Alliance, The SPLM’s Leaders and exiled most of them and created what is called estranged groups. The agreement therefore collapsed at this point. Salva Kiir, notwithstanding this negative development continued to say the peace had not collapsed, he was implementing the peace agreement with parties and persons of his choosing; General Taban Deng Gai was picked to replace Dr. Riek as the First Vice President; Hon. Onyoti Adigo replaced Dr. Lam Akol as minister of Agriculture; etc and similar acts were done to replace persons deployed in the implementation institutions except HE. Festos Mogae head of Join Monitoring and Evaluation Commission who happened to be a foreigner.
Now the life span of the agreement itself and those who claimed to be implementing the agreement when it had not yet been incorporated or made into law have elapsed on the 17th May, 2018; bringing the end of Salva Kiir endless Successive transitions of 2005-2018;
In September 2005; after a short transition; Salva Kiir succeeded late Dr. John Garang who died in an aircraft accident as First Vice President of Republic of Sudan and President of semi autonomous Southern Sudan; he ruled the first transition from September, 2005-2010; when he contested he was elected as the president of Southern Sudan for a term of 2 years pending the 2011 referendum on secession of southern Sudan according to 2005, Comprehensive Peace Agreement;
Consequent to independence of Southern Sudan on 9th July, 2011, Salva Kiir arrogated himself another transitional period of 05 Years which expired on night of 16th May, 2015; in another surprising move Salva Kiir again unilaterally extended his rule by 02 more years this was however interrupted by 33 months of another transition as a result of signing of agreement on 17th August, 2015, to end the ragging conflict he masterminded in South Sudan on December 15, 2013;

Way Forward:

1. Salva Kiir shouldn’t/can’t be allowed to extend his terms in office, that of the executives, and his rubber stamp legislatures in South Sudan for another transitional period. This has become his routine, and setting a dangerous precedent of replacing free, fair democratic elections in South Sudan with unending transitions. The prospect for a vibrant multi party democracy in South Sudan lies in the balance.
2. All parties, stakeholders, international partners including members of diplomatic corps, development and trade partners to de-recognize any person or group of persons acting in the semblance of a government in South Sudan that claims to act in public trust. They have lost their mandate to carry normal functions of governments, they cannot carry out diplomatic practices on behalf of the sovereign people of South Sudan. The agreement had collapsed, its being revitalize, at the same time the life span of the agreement has expired. The government that was established by the agreement is no more as of 8th July, 2016. A succeeding de facto government invoking the text and the life of 2015 agreement has lost its legal, political and diplomatic (recognition) basis;
3. It is an open secret that the de facto government in Juba is not a peace partner, neither do they have a political will to restore normalcy in the country. Time has come to chart a way forward on totally new terms and conditions for a new transitional period with new governance and security arrangements, reforms the enabling laws for democratic transformation in South Sudan, reparations and reintegration of all refugees and internally displaced persons, carry out census and free and fair elections. Our tone must change in the HLRF in Addis Ababa.
The author, Hon. Gen. Nathaniel Pierino, the SPLM/A(IO) governor of Imatong State can be reached for more information at oyetnathaniel22@gmail.com

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