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SPLA-IG Forces In Nimule Gripped By Panic, Fearing Vengeance From Red Hat Commandos.

By Nicholas Osobi,

Soldiers of SPLA in Opposition(Photo: file)
Soldiers of SPLA in Opposition(Photo: file)

August 15, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– A chicken only pokes what it can swallow but Salva Kiir and Paul Malong’s chickens in Magwi seem to poke what they cannot swallow. After killing seven unarmed civilians at funeral place in Loa almost three weeks ago, the demons in charge of their minds at the time seems to have forsaken them and now they are shivering in fear of retaliatory attacks from “Red Hats” elite commandos which they themselves have nicknamed as “the invisible fighters,” after 15 elite commandos of General Martin Kenyi last year launched an operation against tribal forces of Kiir and his chief robot, Paul Malong in Nimule and captured the barracks in just 7 minutes, 13 seconds secret mission dubbed “Operation owira ya,” meaning good morning in Ma’di language.

The operation was only aimed at testing the strength of the born to rule fighters known for terrorising the locals but not to kill. Unfortunately, one soldier from the government sides was hit by a stray bullet while three others died out of fear of gunshots. The rest fled the barracks with excretes in their panties.

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The lethal Red hats elite commandos acted with agility of leopard that the untrained dinka-haram fighters failed to see them and concluded that they were attacked by invisible beings, not until the leadership of the red hat claimed the responsibility for the attack.

However, traditional leaders of the land believe the revolutionary fighters were protected from the sight of the invaders by Mountain Ulupi.

“Mountain Ulupi has always has always been protecting defenders of the land right from the time of Anyanya 1 mutiny. It would make them [Anyanya one guerrillas] invisible to the Jallabas until victory was achieved,” said Mr. Ajia Ujesi, an elderly man who is conversant with the history of Ma’diland.

Mountain Tolu Mudri, also according to elder Ajia Ujesi, is another sacred place, known for its power to cause epidemic and instant death when people defy the norms of the land. He attributed the two recent incidents in which 11 outlaw fighters of the sickly president and his bulldozer Paul Malong, died in mysteries accident after stealing abandoned goats and sheep of the natives, to the supernatural power of Mount Tolu Mudri.

Although the role of Army is to protect citizens and their properties, under Kiir’s government, their mandate is to fulfil tribal agendas only. In Ma’diland they have deprived the natives of their fundamental human rights. Reports from Nimule indicates that there’s general fear that the people’s commandos would follow them for the heinous crimes they have committed against the natives, more especially the killing of mourners and displacing everyone in the county. Some are now said to be planning on their exit routes to Uganda.

The revolutionary Red Hats elite commandos somersault with AK-47 on their necks and revolver in their hands. The malnourished dinka-haram terrorist operating in in Magwi are doing so at their own risk but definitely their days are numbered.

The author, Nicholas Osobi, is a Revolutionary Columnist reachable at nicholas.osobi@columnist.com

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Nicholas Osobi August 15, 2016 at 12:57 pm

CORRECTION (For editor only)

“Vengeance” is incorrectly spelled in the heading.

Kind regards,

GatNor August 15, 2016 at 4:18 pm

Red Hat Commandos, I like the sound of that. The tribal militia of Jaang government knows that they have committed so much despicable crimes that they might not be shown mercy by the RHC. UNIMISS should keep track of their activities in those camps they ran to.. as they are the perpetrators with blood in their hands. They could possibly be the same savages reported to have rapped ethnic women and young girls including the foreigners that was rapped by 15 soldiers wearing uniforms and another 5 rapped one woman all near UN’s POC as the women cried for help. UNMISS hands to act was apparently tied behind their back and couldn’t do a damn thing. Now would be a good time to pick out those criminals karma has brought back in the hands of those they victimized earlier.

Nicholas Osobi August 16, 2016 at 2:52 am

Well said.


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