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South Sudan Nuer students and entire communities in Addis Ababa concluded the commemoration Day

Mekonen Tefere,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

South Sudanese in Ethiopia mourns the beloved ones who died in 2013 Juba massacre(Photo: Nyamilepedia)
South Sudanese in Ethiopia mourns the beloved ones who died in 2013 Juba massacre(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

December 17, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — “Today it marked the first anniversary of Nuer massacre in Juba”, the Nuer Christian Mission Network (NCMN) deputy chairperson an Evangelist Yien Chagor said at the opening of the commemoration day at St. Mathew Anglican Church.

Evangelist Yien Chagor urged the congregations to preach love instead of hatred among the young nation. Yien who is due to graduate in 2015 in Theology at Evangelical Theological College (ETC) briefed the participants about what it mean for the commemoration.

More people [Nuer] from the entire Addis Ababa gathered at the venue for mourning from 8am- till 5pm. The number of congregations who participated in the service was unknown. Some observers from Ethiopian community disclosed that the number of people should exceed three thousands while some of permanent well known elders from the Nuer communities had joined the event. These elders were; Hon. Gabriel Yoal Dok, Hon. Mathew Mathiang Deng, Hon. Jooyul Yol, Hon. Maluit and many more.

Speaking to the media after the commemoration, Hon. Gabriel Yoal call on International Community to quickly act on the people who committed the atrocities on innocents Nuer civilians in Juba last year. “Those who committed the atrocities must be brought to justice.” Hon. Gabriel Yoal warned.

Deng Duol Pur, a finalist student from Mekane Yesus Management and Leadership College – Department of Accounting and Finance warned that the young nation (South Sudan) should suffer from debt in the near future. A statement that he referred to the economy in which the country invests its resources on military equipments to fight the rebel led by Dr. Machar.

South Sudan bought some weapons from China early this year and the Country is paying the bill for Uganda People Defense Force (UPDF).

Meanwhile, some officials from SPLM-IO including the former first secretary for South Sudan Embassy to Addis Ababa, David Dang Kong who defected last month to Sudan People Liberation Movement – In Opposition (SPLM-IO) witnessed the event and pay the tribute to the deceases.

Peace Ambassador Gatwech Koak Nyuon were among the guests who witnessed the ceremony. He was given a chance to make a presentation. He appeals to the Christian communities to pray for both warring parties in order to reconcile and give peace a room to reign in South Sudan. “I personally appeal to International community to consider any sanction on individuals who hinder peace for self benefit.” Peace Ambassador Gatwech added in a separate interview after the commemoration.

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