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Late Hon. Daniel Wuor Joak’s Letter To Ambassador Erling,

Dear Ambassador Erling,

Late Daniel Wuor Joak, author of the Rise and Fall of SPLM/A leadership, former Minister of Education and IO Mission To Norway(Photo: file)
Late Daniel Wuor Joak, author of the Rise and Fall of SPLM/A leadership, former Minister of Education and IO Mission To Norway(Photo: file)

April 22, 2018(Nyamilepedia) —- Good evening! It has been a long time since we last communicated. I guess you are still in Addis Ababa where you have been attending the IGAD Summit on South Sudan.

Based on the resolutions adopted by the IGAD Foreign Ministers today on 26/3/2018, for the lifting of the house confinement of our Chairman Dr. Riek Machar in South Africa.

According to the resolutions where it stated that his release would be made possible if he complied with the following conditions:
1. he has to renounce violence and not obstruct the peace process.
2. he will be relocated to any country outside the neighboring of South Sudan.
3. designated IGAD Ministers will propose and decide a possible location.

Surely, who detained Dr. Riek Machar in South Africa? I think everyone knows that it was Troika being spearheaded by US former administration under President Obama who did it through the orders from his foreign minister Mr. John Kerry. It was not soley an IGAD initiative as it has now seemed to be.

Unfortunately, the IGAD resolution for the lifting of Dr Riek Machar’s house confinement from South Africa to another country outside the IGAD territory is like adding fuel to a burning fire. Principally, IGAD has failed to pursue the path of peace and chooses the continuation of this war and suffering of the people of South Sudan. There is no doubt about it.

Equally, IGAD has no agenda to bring a meaningful peace in our country. They are exploiting the suffering of our people for their selfish gains.

Who is really pursuing this war since 2013? Was it not President Salva Kiir and his henchmen in Juba who firstly wassacred over 20,000 unarmed Nuer civilians? Who displaced nearly 5 million people from their settlements or destroyed their homes? Was it not Kiir’s forces?

Why should Dr. Riek Machar be relocated from house confinement in South Africa to another house confinement outside South Sudan as if he is a wanted war criminals while hiding the real criminal (SalvavKiir) intact?

It has now become clearer that the whole world is making a mockery with the lives of our innocent civilians.

Did the confinement of Riek Machar’s in South Africa since October 2016 prevented the ongoing war, killing and displacement of innocent civilians in South Sudan?

Erling Skjonsberg, Norway Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan(Photo: file)
Erling Skjonsberg, Norway Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan(Photo: file)

Unless Troika, IGAD, UN, AU and EU do not want a sustainable peace to be achieved in South Sudan. There is no way you can bring peace in South Sudan without Riek Machar who still commands a formidable followers in the country. All those forces fighting against Juba regime are his followers. Those briefcases opposition parties that IGAD included in the Dialogue have no followers to determine the fate of South Sudan without IO.

By denying Riek Machar’s participation in resolving South Sudan conflict will not help all those who are beating around the bushes. IO and its allies all over the country will never succumb to any fictitious peace deal which is favouring only the rotten regime of Salva Kiir in Juba.

Honestly IGAD initiative is doing disservice to our Nobel cause against the tyranny regime which is being spearheaded by JCE in Juba. IGAD initative is a waste of western tax payers money. It will never bring any durable peace at all. But God will solve our problem if human being become too blind to differentiate between evil and good people. IO has been surviving all these five years without any external military supports and we are still determined with the same spirits until a Good Samaritan comes to our help.

Please share this piece with your Troika colleaques.

Daniel Wuor Joak
Oslo, Norway”

This letter was authored on March 26th 2018 and sent to Ambassador Erling Skjonsberg, the Norway Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan. Nyamilepedia cannot confirm whether Ambassador Erling responded or not!

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