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I Report a Threats by Ayuel Taupiny Malek and others he knows

For Immediate Release

By Dak Buoth,


May 19th, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — On 17th May 2019, I reported threats made by Ayuel Taupiny Malek and others he knows to the Nairobi central police. The police have now taken keen note of these threats and have called and reached out to the above mentioned individual (s) in my present.

On 16th May 2019, at exactly 4: 03 pm, while in sitting somewhere in Nairobi town, I received unknown and disturbing phone calls at different times from two persons, one being my erstwhile colleague Ayuel Taupiny Malek, immediate former Interim chairman, South Sudan Students Association in Kenya (SSSAK) who has becomes the most feared and potential hit man to most south Sudanese students in Nairobi in recent months.

The first caller asked me, are you Dak? I said yes it’s me. He told me that he understood I was at Technical University of Kenya, and that I should come at the gate now. I don’t know who deceived him that I was at that Institution at the time, or maybe they guessed.

I politely asked him to tell me his name first but he refused, instead he insisted that I should just come at the gate of the aforesaid institution immediately. I did not bothered to tell I was not anywhere near that school, I only told him I won’t come to the gate if he doesn’t tell me his name and what he was looking from me. On hearing my respond, he rudely cut our conversation. A few minutes later, he called me back with different phone number, again asking my where about with loud and angry voice. At first, I wasn’t really taking him seriously until when he said categorically and with confidence that they are coming for me and they will find me by all means.  

I paused and took a serious note of what he uttered for it amount to threat in nature. In less than 10 minutes later, Ayuel Taupiny Malek called me with the same phone number used by the first caller who issued the threat. Unlike the first caller, Ayuel started with greetings appearing as if he mean good to me. He said hello Dak, good afternoon, this is Ayuel Taupiny, where are you? I told him i was in Nairobi town.  And he told me he would like to meet me.

At first, I asked him if he had a case with me, and he said no.  He said he just wanted to meet me and discussed some student issues, adding that there is no problem since we always meet and talk. I said yes of course, we do meet sometime back, but why would you used different people to call me with different phone numbers instead of calling me directly with his phone numbers that I know. He jumped and bypassed this concern and insisted that there is no problem, and that I can just meet him. I told him its fine, but I wasn’t ready to meet them at the time. I then suggested that we meet in town the next day on 17th may 2019.  

Soon after that, I quietly left where I was and sat somewhere else to make calls and consultation on this matter because I began to fear for my life. I thought that, if at all Ayuel Taupiny and company had no ill motives, he would have just call me the same way I used to call him for chat, instead of using unknown people who uttered a threatening sentiment that if I don’t go where they were telling me they would come for me immediately without my consent. And for this reason I feared and felt that they breached my peace for no justifiable reasons, thus prompting me to report their criminal action to the police the previous day.

While doing the reporting yesterday, I had comprehensively reminded the police of the South Sudanese expatriates who had been kidnapped in 2017 in Nairobi through such ways and means. Luckily, the police nodded and noted that they are aware and concern about that.

At my age and stage, I have long been compelled and taught not to takes law into my own hands, thus my rights to defend myself has been transferred to such institutions of the law where I made the report on this matter.

In view of the foregoing, i would like to tell all my people and friends that my decision to write and report these threats to the police station should not be mistaken for cowardice on my part, but rather a respect for the rule of law. I also know that threats and intimidation are perpetuated by the guilty ones and not the braves. Hence, if the governing rules were to be put aside for a day and night, Ayuel and others would not cause me any worry by these threats.

Moreover, many people will ask why does this happened, and I will say it’s too early for me to tell the reasons why Ayuel Taupiny Malek chooses to breach the law and openly violate my rights and freedoms. As I have said therein, Ayuel Taupiny has become the most feared man in recent months simply because he has been listing and naming innocent students as rebels for obvious benefits and reasons known to many of us who are privy to the happenings in the war-torn South Sudan. Many South Sudan students some who were once arrested will continued to live in fear during their school time because Ayuel has made them to be in the watch list of the secret security forces in South Sudan.  

I do not know what Ayuel Taupiny is up to, and who he is working with or for, but I am sure with time, he will be made to learn lessons that he will hardly forget within the prescribed procedures granted by law. I have always have respect for the guy, but wisdom dictate that he who respect an individual that works underground and or behind the curtain to harm you ought to loss the respect and expect the contrary.  

Indeed, I am also surprised by this latest turn of event because threats and intimidation are done by people who are assured of jumping and living in the mountain top forever so that no hand can reached them should things abruptly changed the other ways around.   

As you are fondly aware, these threats and intimidation came in the wake of the peaceful demonstrations organized by the RED CARD MOVEMENT ahead of the commemoration of the defunct SPLA day on 16th May, 2019. I have heard about the Red Card movement and its planned demonstration online, but I have not taken part of it, reason being: of late I have been very much engaged with the affairs and activities of the unity state community in Kenya up to now.  As some of you know, my community, the unity state community have been in the grip of terrible mourning following the untimely demise of our two elder sons namely late Hon. Peter Gai Joak and late Gen. Peter Gatdet Yakah. Since April I have really run short of energy with post burial gatherings together with the deceased families and community members.

Even if the said demonstrations and protests by Red card movement had taken place in Nairobi on the material day, chances are that I could not participate. It was these threats by Ayuel and others that have held me back from what I had put eyes and focus on. I can say if Ayuel had been hired and directed to make these threats due to the peaceful activities of the aforementioned organization, then he has misplaced his threats because I am not a member and party to that organization.

On the other hand, it should also be remembered that as a convener of the senior youth of South Sudan (SEYOSS), and the chairman of Unity State community in Kenya, I cannot be complacent or sit on the fence during this arduous clamor for change in South Sudan which has been crippled by years of instability. And as I have always said and done throughout the years, I am the proud decedent and admirer of the past revolutionary generation that fought for our freedoms, and thus I must morally and practically involve and support any peaceful, reactionary and revolutionary activities done by the progressive youth, students and people of South Sudan.

This is because I am cognizant of the fact that the South Sudan interim constitution 2011 provides wide range of human and political rights including rights to peaceful protest and picketing and the Kenya constitution 2010 and the international statutes are no exception. 

The fact that these basic human rights are randomly violated currently in South Sudan cannot warrant any informed citizens to stop exercising these rights in South Sudan and beyond. Unfortunately, if Ayuel Taupiny Malek had teamed up with the well-known South Sudanese moles and agents of retrogression that often intimidate and threaten critical students who holds diversion views, about the running of South Sudan than he is grossly mistaken and misled.

With Regards






Unity State Community in Kenya Chairman, Dak Buoth Riek-gak speaking at Latjor community in 2018 at Desmond Tut conference hall, Nairobi. The author can be reached through his email at eligodakb@yahoo.com

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