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By Ambassador/Professor David de Chand,

Taban Deng Gai ( Mohammad Hassan El-Hagg Siddig) a self-imposed First Vice President, replacing ousted First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny(Photo: supplied)
Taban Deng Gai ( Mohammad Hassan El-Hagg Siddig) a self-imposed First Vice President, replacing ousted First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny(Photo: supplied)

Sept 3, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– Many less motivated and determined people have so far defected to Juba and returned. So Tut Rom’s defection is no big deal. He would return when he sees and smell the compound, compound complex, treacherous, and abominable situation for himself and his colleagues across the line. They do not need advice on their going to Juba, but upon their returned from Juba. Defection of Tut Rom and 15 of his colleagues from I-O to Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohammad Hassan El-Hagg Siddig) has been pretty common and would not have any impact on I-O capabilities, fighting abilities and strength, no impact or big deal, and would not create a dent on I-O’s strength and its military ferocity and superiority. It’s not the first and the last time, however, which we are going to hear and experience defectors from Gajak to Juba. There are many of them lurking in and around I-O to decide whether to or not to go and that is the question to be or not to be?

We do know some big guns from Gajak Community that are lurking in and around the shadow and advising their youth and future leaders from I-O to go join up a dying horse in Juba. They are only looking for the big ‘positions’ and the big money, but not nationalism, freedom, equality, democracy, social justice, and peace, unfortunately. What kind of mentality is this? Are they still living in the Stone Age? In a nutshell, anyone in their communities throughout South Sudan dreaming of rejoining the wicked, genocidal, diabolical, and barbaric regime in Juba, God Almighty prohibits, such individuals have neither logical reasoning and reasonableness nor national consciousness and sub-consciousness of being humankind, but real scamps, skunks, dirty, and traitors.

I am an intellectual man, I have in me a philosophy in prophecy and everything that I have foretold or prophesized or penned down or jotted down had come to fruity as we speak about the concurrent situation in South Sudan. Of course, the Great Nuer Prophets Nyundeng of the Lou Nuer, Dwal Dieu Luak of Barr Garwaar Nuer, and the Prophetess Nyrauch Kulang (NyaKulang) of Jagai Nuer, and other prophets that followed them had prophesized the same. Tut Rom and his colleagues should remember that by virtue of what they have done to their community and its people’s, they have become Dinka (Jieng) like Taban Deng Gai and many others that should neither dream ever of returning nor leading in the Nuerland. They have become useless and could not do anything good neither for themselves nor the Nuer Community of the present and the future. They should be ostracized, or ex-communicated. They have become the “lost Nuers” and the most pretty useless individuals sarcastically called as ‘Nuer yuini’ or in Dinka ‘Nuer wew.’

They should become Dinka slaves forever either by omission or submission if they were not to be genocide by the regime that has come anti-non-Dinka folks and the Nuer nation and its resilient people in particular. We wish them all good sojourn and facade dream prophesized by the German social scientist, Philosopher, and the grand inquisitor Karl Marx that he termed as Dialectic Materialism or the facade American Dream of materialism, but they should not dream of returning to the Nuer nation and its resilient people, unfortunately. Let it be known to them heretofore that any Nuers that have defected or crossed the line to Juba side and turns the muzzle of the AK-47 and the Tanks against his fellow Nuers could become a dead duck, could die mercilessly, and could not be forgiven because by virtue of their defection they have betrayed the Nuer nation to become Jieng. The Nuer soldiers defending the Nuerland and South Sudan from the Jieng hegemonic tendencies, internal neo-colonialism, domination, oppression, and exploitation should kill them first before killing Dinka soldiers or militias or killing them both at a go to finish with the deal and then to close the case as war causalities.

Every Nuer should perceive all the defectors, including the big “Lucifer’s” or the big “Satan” Taban Deng Gai never to dream of returning or “coming back jack no more” to the Nuer Community. For all those defectors deceived by Taban Deng Gai and by some Bull Nuer sycophants (Mongtuiel Brothers and Tut Kaw Gatluak) because of the money, bribery and extortion to join him in a falling government where would they go thereafter? Taban Deng known international as corrupt, embezzled so much money from the oil producing Unity State and the Government of South Sudan (GOSS) would escape to go to enjoy the accumulated blood money abroad. Where would his followers go?  Neither the Nuer folks nor the Jieng Community would welcome them as equal, where would they go to? Therefore, any Nuers wishing to defect should think critically of the catastrophic consequences of rejoining Taban Deng Gai in Juba. They should think twice or thrice before making such a bloody wrong decision or they could fall into the hollow of traps of Taban Deng and Salva Kiir.


I would be obliged to make comments on three (3) vitally important issues published by Sudan Tribune and other international media worldwide about the concurrent debilitating events inside the war-ravaged or the war-torn Africa’s pre-born and pre-failed state in South Sudan.

The three issues would be firstly begin with the defection of Jotome County Commissioner and fifteen (15) other officers without an army that defected to Lucifer’s or the Satan Taban Deng Gai (Alas Mohammad Hassan El-Hagg Siddig) and the idiot like the so-called Lul Gatkuoth a non-Undergraduate from the Criminal Justice Department, University of Maryland, College Park, USA. By virtue of Tut Rom’s defection to the enemy, he has become a real Nuer yiuni or Nuer wew (Nuer for the money) compared to Taban Deng Gai that betrayed his in-law Dr. Riek Machar to the brink on Friday, 8 July 2016 at J1 Building in Juba for the sake of a few millions from the killer and the Adolph Hitler President Salva Kiir of South Sudan. Succinctly, Taban story resembles the betrayal of Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews, by one of the Jews- Judas. Mathew directly states that Judas betrayed Jesus for a bride of “thirty pieces of silver” by identifying him with- “the kiss of Judas”- to arresting soldiers of the High Priest Caiaphas, who then turned Jesus over to Pontius Pilate’s soldiers.

We would like to let the whole of Africa and the world know that in despite of proclamations from Juba that it forces controlled Maiwut and Pagak, I would like to say to the contrary that neither Maiwut nor Pagak towns is under the control of Juba, but they are entirely under I-O controlled as we speak. We should invite international journalists with their safety guaranteed to visit these areas to verify who is in controlled because they are fully secured to proof for themselves the lies, propaganda machine that are being vimmed out of Juba to create mental hysteria, pandemic, and to make the citizens believe that the government is winning against the I-O rebels when, in fact, that’s the opposite. The rebels are winning against the GOSS. This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing, but the truth folks.

Realistically, I-O controls over 95% of the countryside and over 90% of the civilians’ population throughout South Sudan. Gajak Community is a sub-Nuer nation of Eastern Jikany Nuer would neither support nor appreciate one of their potential leaders in the I-O to defect to Taban Deng Gai that ran away from his own people to become the “prodigal son” or the “Lost Nuer man” amongst the Dinka cannibals (Liet) human flash eaters (Jieng) that is now the real identifiable premiere archenemy of the Nuer nation and other nations in South Sudan.

In fact, Tut Rom should be isolated, and many of his peers should disassociate themselves from him more than ever before because of the science of stupid, foolish decision, and the devilish steps that he undertook against his own community. He’s now a lost cause because he has opted to become a “Jieng” (kuany)- meaning slave in Nuer language) rather than being a Nuer male with high esteem, respect, courage, roll models, standards, and ethics.

Specifically, those Nuers that defected to the enemy because they disliked Dr. Machar’s, they are not anti-Nuer Community. They have the right to hate Dr. Machar as an individual, but not the Nuer Community for that. Let me probe to the defectors a question: do they think that the Dinka like or love Salva Kiir? They hated he (Kiir) like hell compared to some Nuers that hated Dr. Machar.

Nevertheless, the Dinka is united around Salva Kiir to protect what is Dinka power not to be robbed away by their enemies- mainly the Nuer folks that the Dinka fear most like African King’s Copra, African Black Mamba, and other poisonous tropical snakes in Africa. So why don’t we [Nuer] do not do the same to be united around Dr. Machar until we achieve our objective to overthrow Salva Kiir’s power by any means necessary. We are pretty closed to achieve that objective. We have now the groceries and the tools to get the job done. Nobody has the monopoly of the international system that is based on mutual interests rather than neither “no permanent friends” nor “no permanent enemies,” but “permanent interests.”

What does Tut Rom and his colleagues hope to achieve from Taban Deng an internationally well known crook and that has been already in trouble with Juba? If Taban Deng could not take care of himself, both Kuol Manyang, minister of Defense and the New Chief of the General Staff Command Mawut have got a plot against Taban because of the heavy losses of manpower and equipment recently sustained in Maiwut and Pagak, respectively. I-O command captured so many trucks, tanks, Walit (APCs) from Egypt, Troop Transport lorries, Ammunitions of different types, rations, fuel trucks, including other useful field operations equipment from the invading and disseminated SPLA forces in Maiwut and Pagak. Conclusively, both Maiwut and Pagak are under the entire virtual controlled of I-O rebel forces.

Of course, there is a small pocket of SPLA soldiers on the bridge on the Jikow River between Ethiopia and South Sudan border. I-O commanders deliberately and willfully stopped storming the small island and the bridge because of fear that gunfire may astray into Ethiopia and probably could kill civilians’ population. So they have given the SPLA–the remnant of the defeated and disseminated SPLA Expeditionary Force in Maiwut and Pagak Garrisons to exit or to surrender to the Ethiopian forces. They have been given two ultimatum choices- either to surrender to Ethiopian authorities to be disarmed like many of their colleagues who had already done so or to opt moving out 5-15Kilometers inside South Sudan.

For the SPLA, it’s too dangerous for them to take anyone of the choices offered them by both Ethiopia and I-O sides. Nevertheless, I-O cannot any longer keep enemy soldiers within its closed range and controlled territory. Therefore, we urge and appeal to the civilians’ population to move further into Nuer-Ethiopia to avert any incidents against the displaced and the Nuer-Ethiopia’s civilians’ population. The small and isolated pocket of SPLA soldiers on the Island (dhuol) and the bridge (kubri) they should consider themselves as dead men walking. They would have to surrender if they wish to live because I-O would respect Article 1 of the Geneva Convention.


The second Comment would be on the premature and mysterious death of the American journalist Christopher Allen. He worked in Juba for a long period of time and the GOSS knew his presence and work as a journalist in Juba. It has been revealed to me by some sources in Juba as I was drafting this piece of work that journalist Allen was not short, but was slaughtered by two totting AK-47 SPLA militias. Our condolences go to the family of the late Allen. He died for the cause of peace and humanity to know what goes on inside South Sudan for the past 4-year and without an end in sight.

Based on our information from inside Juba, the American journalist was killed before he reached Kaya. He was killed in and around Juba and the government forces drove his corpse to Kaya to put the blames on I-O rebel forces.  All his possessions and cameras have captured by I-O forces and turned over the US representative in Juba. He was loved by the rebel forces that he had spent times working among them in the bushes, villages, and had the best protection to do his journalistic work for posterity.

We could recall astoundingly that there has been parallelism in the death of the US journalist Christopher Allen that has not been the first and the last to be twisted or turned upside down for the purpose of covering up the death of a human being, unfortunately. Christopher Allen has been the 10th journalists killed on the line of duty by the SPLA and its militias in South Sudan. It was comparably repeat of the same cases with the Norwegian journalists killed by the SPLA in Eastern Equatoria in the aftermath of the defection of the late 1Lt.-General William Nyoun Bang, SPLA Chief of Staff of the General Command, declared his defections in the broad day light before the late John Garang de Mabior from the SPLA Garrison.

As General Nyoun’s moved out, some reckless and renegades SPLA Dinka commanders turned around and killed the Norwegian journalists and threw their corpses or cadavers literally on the path taken by General William Nyoun and his large number of troops in which they claimed that the Norwegian journalists were killed by General William Nyoun’s forces without providing any shredded credible evidence to substantiate or to corroborate the allegation.

Upon investigation, it was concluded in Nairobi, Kenya, Eastern Equatoria, and Oslo, Norway, that it was conclusively concluded and discovered that the act was not committed by General William Nyoun’s soldiers. Rather, it was committed by the SPLA disgruntled and confused rebel soldiers in the aftermath of the departure of all non-Dinka rebel forces in protest of the entrenched Dinka’s naked ethnocentrism (tribalism), racism, racialism, and xenophobia. So what goes on now in South Sudan is not new, but historic problem created by the Dinka renegades who love power for the sake of power and do not know that more power corrupts more, money, corruption, embezzlement, and self-aggrandizement. The Dinka leadership under Salva Kiir has destroyed a nation because of extravagant greed and corruption compared only to Nigeria and Kenya combined.

Certainly, the death of the US journalist Christopher Allen should be investigated and the blames should be put on Salva Kiir’s ragtag, wicked, barbaric, and genocidal regime and his notorious National Security henchmen. We urge and appeal to President Donald Trump, the US State Department, the US Congress, and the entire world journalists to unite and to launch an immediate investigation on the probable causes of death of Allen and to stand up in unionism on Christopher Allen’s for his courage to have died on the frontline for the cause social justice, human rights, and peace in South Sudan. The world needs to know what goes on inside South Sudan. It should not remain in isolation and darkness because South Sudan is part and parcel of the international community of nations.

The de facto and illegitimate President Kiir should be held fully responsible and accountable on the death of the American journalist Christopher Allen and many other journalists before him. He was in the country legally because he could not have entered South Sudan without an “Entry Visa” from South Sudan Embassy in Washington, DC, USA. Someone in South Sudan Embassy must and ought to have issued him an Entry Visa into South Sudan. Without the shadow of a doubt, that his basic fundamental human rights were deliberately and willfully abused by the government of South Sudan notorious, undisciplined, and ill-trained militias.

There should be eye witnesses and people in Juba that knew or saw something strange happening against the US journalist Allen circumstances, but many people because of fears from reappraisals from the regime’s security forces or Gestapo or Gummout (spies), they opted to keep silent and they should know something or more about the circumstances leading to the death of Christopher Allen. We urge and appeal to President Donald Trump to launch a Commission of Inquiry to probe on the sudden death of journalist Christopher Allen in South Sudan. We urge and appeal to all South Sudanese to cooperate in the investigation on the death of the US journalist such that the criminals who did this act should be brought to justice.


Thirdly, I would like to congratulate the UN Secretary-General Antoniou Gutters on his new appointment of Alain Noudehou as the new deputy head of South Sudan. We would urge and appeal to the UN to become aggressive and to bring more pressure points to bear against Salva Kiir’s regime to accept the 2015 Pace Agreement without any pre-conditions or quid-pro-quos as sine-qua-non to peace signed by Dr. Riek Machar on 17 August 2015 in the Ethiopian Capital of Addis-Ababa and signed on 27 August 2015 by Salva Kiir in the South Sudanese Capital of Juba, respectively.

Most importantly, peace would not return ever to South Sudan without the unconditional release of Dr. Riek Machar’s from in the castration or detention in South Africa. He should be granted the right to representation and participation in all rounds of peace negotiations on peacemaking and peace building. I-O rebel forces that controls over 95% of the countryside and more than 90% of the civilians’ population would continue to intensify to the maximum the armed struggle against Kiir’s dictatorial, genocidal, barbaric regime in Juba. In recent weeks, I-O rebel forces have made greater gains against Juba in Eastern Upper Nile, Western Equatoria, and Bahr-el-Ghazal, respectively. Further, failure of the UN and the regional powers on the situation in South Sudan, it could eventually escalate rather than to de-escalate; possibly leading to the  repeat of the situation in the Congo Crisis in the 1960s, Angola, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, the Ivory Coast, Somalia, and Liberia combined.

I-O is determined to defeat Salva Kiir’s regimes by any means necessary. He should also resign to face justice on genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. The search for peace in South Sudan should be handled by the UN solo because the IGAD mediators’ countries and some AU Countries have been involved in the war because of entrenched vested converging and diverging interests and conflict of interests. At the same time, they could not become impartial peacemakers or arbitrators. I-O could neither “Trust” nor to sit down with IGAD mediators less Ethiopia, Sudan, and Djibouti that have not been involved in South Sudan Crisis. Without any appropriate and vigorous UN intervention in South Sudan, the entire region of the Horn of Africa could become an international “hot spot” or international “inferno” compared to Afghanistan or Central African Republic (CAR).

Congratulations Alain Noudehou on your new appointment as the new UN deputy head of South Sudan. We hope that you would do the right thing and not to allow yourself to be swayed away and to be influenced negatively by any of the warring parties in South Sudan. Do what you have to do because South Sudan is your home like Togo is also mine.

We (I-O) leadership forewarned the newly appointed UN deputy head of South Sudan not to push or dwell on the so-called “National Dialogue” proposed by the de facto and the illegitimate president of S. Sudan because I-O would not participate in that process. It would produce zero-sum game. Nevertheless, we would be ready (and we are already ready) for peace negotiations with reference to 2015 Peace Agreement signed by Dr. Riek Machar in the Ethiopian Capital of Addis-Ababa on 17 August 2015 and later on signed by Salva Kiir in the South Sudanese Capital Juba on 27 August 2015, respectively. It was Juba that broke or dismantled the peace on Friday, 8 July 2016 at J1 Building Grounds in Juba. Succinctly, without Dr. Riek Machar’s release from in the castration or detention in the Republic of South Africa, we all should kiss goodbye to peace and we should continue to hear the drums of war or we are deaf throughout the Horn of Africa for a pretty long time ahead.

The 2015 Peace Agreement must and ought to be reinvigorated and renegotiated under the good auspices of the UN and any neutral third country. It’s the best alternative solution and the way forward. IGAD must be declared a ‘failure’ and should not have any rolls to play at all, in this august process. This is the bottom. Furthermore, Salva must and ought to fire his illegitimate and criminal VP Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohammad Hassan El-Hagg Siddig) from any negotiating peace process, including anyone that is in opposition that does not control a piece of territories on the ground throughout South Sudan.

It would be recalled that in the CPA of 2005 the international community focused its peacemaking efforts on the North-South dimensions of the multifaceted conflict and reduced the protagonists and peace partners to only two parties, the NCP and the SPLA. Because of that logic and zero-sum game, the various protocols of the CPA of 2005 only recognized these two parties; despite by the international community about broadening peace-building— opposition parties in the North and South were entirely excluded from the process.

Surely, the international community subscribed to the logic of the NCP and the SPLM that “only parties with the capacity to wage war deserved a place at the negotiating table”.  Thusly, anything that goes around comes around or as we have studied in Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Gravity that “to every action, there is equal opposite reaction.” Or Professor Albert Einstein theory on thermodynamic studies that E= Mc2…). The repeat of CPA of 2005 is here with us again and there would be no escape on it at all. We would emphasize that “only those with the capacity to wage war deserved a place on the negotiating table.” This is the bottom line.

We would like to forewarn those who claimed to be in opposition without forces on the ground that they should not dream of participating in the peace process because only I-O and Juba have the capacities to wage war. Therefore, individuals, egoists, political vultures and hyenas lurking in and around like Dr. Lam Akol, Thomas Cirillo, Pagan Amour, and other oppositions with their “roots” or “double faces” also in Juba and without holding grounds in South Sudan to stay back because “they do no deserved to have a place on the negotiating table.”

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