Canada: New Year 2016 Celebration and Message

By Amb. Charles Wani Pioneson
Dear Comrades,
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 Jan 02, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- Revolutionary Greetings to you all SPLM Canada Members across Canada Provinces and North America in particular USA, and I want also to extend my revolutionary greetings to our SPLM members in Europe, Australia and Africa and above all to our Freedom Fighters, Governors, Military Commanders, Chief Negotiator, National Committee Chairpersons, Ambassadors and fellow deputy ambassadors, Deputies Chiefs of Staffs, National Liberation Council, Vice Chairman SPLM/SPLA General Alfred Lado Gore and on top our SPLM/SPLA Chairman and Commander in Chief General Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon, I salute you all in the name of our SPLM/SPLA Resistance Movement Viva SPLM/SPLA, Viva Compromised Peace Agreement, Viva our freedom fighters and Viva for the people of South Sudan.
As Canadians SPLM Members gathered to celebrate our New year 2016, let us not forget our end day of 2015 and our 20 months of imposed war in our nation. I salute our Chairman and Commander in Chief SPLM/SPLA General Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon and SPLM/SPLA leadership in ending the war in our country, congratulations to you the people of South Sudan and our partners in Peace like the Government of South Sudan and all those signatories to the August 17, 2015 Agreement.
My message to you all is our Chairman and Commander in Chief General Riek call and message for all the people of South Sudan to embrace and own the peace agreement.  Let us all Canadians South Sudanese SPLM members be Ambassadors of peace and development, human rights, democracy and rule of law apostles in our new nation. It is our rights to own the Compromised Peace Agreement and implement it fully to end the suffering of our people in the protected camps, Internally Displaced Persons and the South Sudanese Refugees across Africa.
Dear Comrades in struggle, it is my hope and resolution that I will see and read for the first time in our history the inclusion of my Itahile tribe and other oppressed, marginalized and colonized tribes in the Republic of South Sudan like Ofiriha, Katembo, and others unknown across the ten states due to fear and reprisal from their colonist. These tribes like Itahile, Ofiriha and Katembo in Imotong State had suffered a lot and their languages thrown away from schools in their local villages and replaced by Otuho tribe Language which is not their mother tongue.
The Government of South Sudan leadership and our Chairman and Commander in Chief SPLM/SPLA General Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon, Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission  through their Representatives in the Constitutional Amendment Committee recognize and include in the New coming Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan  2011 which will be emerge with the Compromised Peace Agreement  that will govern the people of South Sudan during the Transitional  Government of National Unity, the acknowledgement and recognition of all ignored tribes or un represented tribes like Itahile, Ofiriha, Kembo in the old Tranistional Constitutional of the Republic of South Sudan 2011 by the Constitutional Amendment Committee to bring an end to the suffering of these tribes and their freedom to promote their own languages buried under the wings of their oppressors is very imperative to bring total peace and harmony in the new nation of the Federal Republic of South Sudan.
It was not easy for these tribes to fight, liberate and vote for total independence of South Sudan in last 38 years of our Liberation struggle from Anya Anya I to SPLM/SPLA First struggle and the Referendum vote of January 09, 2011 but ending up not free in their own land and country. This is the 3rd Revolution and armed struggle where Itahile tribe members and sons took the first initiative to support the Nuer victims of genocide during the December 2013 campaign by Juba regime. It is therefore very vital for all the people, the tribes and the languages in South Sudan to be treated equal without discrimination, biases and above all because their voices are not heard in Pagak  capital and Juba seats of government of National Unity.
Eastern Equatoria Community...
Eastern Equatoria Community…

In Eastern Equatoria State now Imotong State for example it was not an easy road for the leaders in  tribes like Lokoya, Lopit, Tenet, Dongotono, Lango and others to have a free ride to their tribes freedom  and independence from otuho tribe but it took them courage, resilient and resistance to Otuho leadership but because of their higher education  and representation in the government and SPLM/SPLA  Military Command and influential position the Lopit, Dongotono, Lango and Lokoya people were able to liberate themselves and pushed for the inclusion of their tribes in the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan 2011 after verbal and political confrontation with Otuho tribe leaders and intellectuals.

The above example is not worth comparing to our tribes of Itahile, Ofiriha and Katembo plus others across South Sudan ten states who are led by Chiefs who can be manipulated by the colonizers  and corrupt opportunists intellectuals from these tribes collaborating with Otuho to get petty positions while the majority population continued to suffer only to be recognize during elections campaign and war situations like the current war where the sons of unity are high but after liberation we will go back to our marginalized standard of living and our languages not practiced in schools and replaced by foreign language of our imperialist and neocolonialist Otuho. We love Otuho people because they are part of Imtotong state but we are not from their tribe, some speak and write because we are forced to study it in our villages as main subjects leaving our mother tongues we speak at home on daily bases un taught in our schools.
My fellow tribesmen and Women from Itahile tribe, my Comrades from Katembo, Ofiriha and other unknown tribes in South Sudan ten states, it is my hope and wish that our tribes that are unknown by 64 tribes of South Sudan be known in the year 2016 in South Sudan and across the world. We will be only free and equal when we are recognized and acknowledged in our new States and national Constitutions. I wish you SPLM/SPLA members, your families and love ones across Canada and the world a joyful, bright, healthy, happiest and prosperous new year 2016. Together we will be all free and peaceful in our new nation if justice and equality prevail.
Struggle Continues and Victory is Certain
Ambassador Charles Wani Pioneson,
Deputy Representative to Canada SPLM/SPLA, Calgary Alberta Canada

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DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 2, 2016 at 3:43 pm

Great move my fellow country men and women. Remember what Dr. Jembi put in his article of today, He empasized that COORDINATION is all we need inorder to achieve our goal of total freedom. Let the voice calling for peace, democracy be heard whereever there is a SOUTH SUDAN CITIZEN. Together we will make difference in this country which the jenge wants to snatch from us. Let us not fear to point out the evil deeds of these dinka, they are the only black rock which use to pitch us down. This is the right time we have been waiting for. Let us believe in ourselves, as we chased the arabs by bullet and ballot, we will do the same to this triblistic regime with its evil advising council call jenge council of elders. Let us not forget the massacre which took place in Juba, let us not forget the land grabbing of our ancestral land…………….NEVER. And let us change this country into a better place which takes all of us including the jenge but with equal rights. This must be through FEDERAL RULE nothing other than this system.

Iual deng January 2, 2016 at 9:00 pm

DiNGit Na

You right my friend we will not let what so call jieng to dominate every thing in our country. This community call jieng try to steal the country from all of us whole we all fought for its independent and we all united against one common enemy. Now after independent Dinka used word to ostracise those who sacrifice for our freedom they tell them we liberated you from arab. I think that was uneducated slogan because no one liberated any one all of us fought real hard for our freedom therefore these people will not change our course.

GatNor January 3, 2016 at 8:21 am

Great message Mr Nattugo, I like the fact that you seem to emphasize that all necessary options are to be taken in ridding the jaang gov leading to bringing justice for the citizens, victims, and returning illegally taken lands and territories to its rightful owners including those lands virtually stolen through the creation of 28 states. Jaang must as a community be held accountable and must respect the consequences one way or the other. The sell outs will be confronted to answer 1day publicly or privately. Thus South Sudan will never be the same and I am perfectly OK with that.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 3, 2016 at 1:50 pm

Lual Deng and GatNor,

thank you so much for your points which help all of us to carry on with our call for real changes or reforms in this country. There is no any other way to the Jenge only to accept the fact that this country belongs to all of us. The good news is that some of the ministries are going to be taken away from them. This is why they do panick but let us not give up for it is not yet over until it is over SPLA/M-IO Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, fighting FEDERALISM Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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