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The Dinka Council of Elders Made a Calculated Moves On The SPLM-IO But All Flopped!

By Justin. S. Kwaje,

Juba, ROSS.

Riiny Thiik the chairman of Dinka Council of leaders (Photo: Nyamilepedia)
Riiny Thiik the chairman of Dinka Council of leaders (Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Feb 01 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The notorious Dinka Council of elders (DCE) once again came through with another despicable act of interfering in our national affair to the benefits of the Dinkas at the expense of the other 63 ethnic groups.

They have once more made their intentions clear in regards to the peace negotiations and the creation of the 28 unconstitutional tribal miniature states which is at the core, as it was design by the DCE to derail the peace deal, the main sticking point to the implementation of peace agreement.

This news site has just learnt from a credible source that this tribal and disruptive professional gangs of Dinkas whose agenda is tribal, divisive and Dinkanization has made a shameful political move, this Friday, January 29 2016, demanded a meeting with the members of Advance team of SPLA-IO in Juba under the leadership of Taban Gai. The gangs were upset and unsettled that SPLM-IO was holding the formations of the transitional government and wanted Taban Gai to have a piece of what was in their minds.

During the brief sitting, the members of JCE demanded that the SPLM-IO advance team to drop their demand of objections to the 28 states and immediately asked the advance team to engage into a negotiation with the Juba government without making the 28 states as a central theme and should agree to formation of Transitional government of Nation Unity (TGoNU) without delay because the issue of 28 states is now settled and put to rest permanently and there can’t be revocation.

They also asked the SPLM-IO to leave aside the issue of constitutional amendments until the new Unity government is in place. This fact seemed to have angered the advance team but more so they did not take the Council of Dinka peace spoiler very seriously. In disbelieve, according to the informant, the SPLM-IO members mocked and scolded the DCE for meddling in issues of national gravities that does not belongs to any tribal groups of any qualifications but to a legal stake holders whose signatures are on the agreement and to the best of their knowledge they do not recall such one sided tribal elders being participant of such an agreement.

Then SPLM-IO responded by saying they do not know who these people are in relationship to the peace agreement they signed with the government in August 2015. All they know is they have an agreement to which there are mainly two parties, and the agreement doesn’t recognized any tribal councils of any of the 63 tribes, why does the Dinka qualifies to be treated any differently?

Members of the SPLM-IO advance team said the way forward have already been agreed upon and they made the critical decisions to return to Juba on this basis, not on uncertain gambles yet to be settled and so it is the government of south Sudan that need to return to the agreed path not to introduce new disruptive elements, as such, they can’t talk to a tribe base councils on this given issues, such as the Dinka Council of Elders with a reputations of tribal and divisive motivations, since SPLM-IO has national agendas and represents all south Sudanese as can been seen by all those present in Juba constituting the advance team. Upon hearing this, the Dinka Council of elders was embarrassed and became angry and bolted out of the meeting without achieving their goals.

According to our informant who was present in the meeting from the side of SPLA-IO, that the mood of the JCE was very unfriendly after their agenda was disregarded by the SPLM-IO.

From the look of things this was the first time the Dinka gangs of Elders were told point blank that they are not part and have Zero roles in the signed agreement than any other South Citizen. SPLM-IO therefor made it clear to this gang of Dinka Elders that their participations either from the back doors is not welcomed wouldn’t be allowed or recognized.

It was not clear under whose directive the DCE are trying to assert their authorities to put their noses in the formally negotiated deal. However, what has now become clear is the JCE made their objective and position clear, they are the one on the driving seat and all the negative influences including the idea of creation of unilateral 28 Dinka centric States, turning South Sudan into a Dinka Luak, making it very clear that these gang of elders left unchecked by other Dinkas to execute their evil and divisive agendas to favor the Dinka people and are determined to pursue their evil goals to assert total powers over the rest of South Sudan’s ethnic groups of 63.

Once such a goal is allowed by the rest of south Sudanese to go unchallenged and achieved, we shall expect to hear Dinka being decreed as the a national language, since it then will be spoken in 14 of the 28 states and most other cities across South Sudan, from Nimule to Yei, Yambio to Wau and the rest of us are relegated to second class citizen, the model of Arabizations de ja vu.

We congratulate the peoples, movement and urged the SPM-IO and must not give up on the majority silent south Sudanese they represent by yielding to the pressures of the Dinka Council of elders nor to the international communities who are thoroughly intoxicated by the Dinka heavy weight Francis Deng, consequently the world fail to see south Sudan from the eyes of the 63 ethnic groups except that of

Dinkas and are forcing the Dinka agendas on south Sudan. Unknown to them they have participated in genocide and added to our sufferings and are pushing an extermination agenda on us by pushing the 28 Dinka centric states as a political issues rather than a criminal act that violates our constitutions and grab lands. A liar, and ethnic cleanser and a land grabber is being left by TROIKA, EU and AU to have his ways and behind all these is DCE.

South Sudanese must resist any issues that shall eventually lead to annihilations of others or any single ethnic groups or loss of their ancestral lands for the benefit of the Dinka no matter who pushes for such an agenda in the name of false peace be it such mouth peace are a national or international bodies, it must be condemned and we commend and thank the SPLM-IO for being, make no mistake about it, the voices of the endangered (thanks to the international communities) silent Majority

The author, Justin K. Kwaje, can be reached for comments at j.kwaje@aol.com

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DINGIT NA TUGGÖ February 1, 2016 at 3:46 pm

Justin S. Kwaje,

thank you so much for sharing this evil plan of the jenge council of KOLAK. Who do they think they are? If we could defeat the MUNDUKURU, how comes that the dinka could defeat us? In the same way we voted the Jalaba out of our way, we will vote out the jengelon out of our way.

Of course it is not yet over until it is over. It is good the 63 tribes of this beloved country have taken the jenge as the course of the suffering and the bad luck we are facing these years. 2018 is around the corner and soon we will have a non jenge government. A government which belongs to all 64 tribes With Equal rights of every tribe, a government which listens to all Citizens regardles of tribe.

Indeed we have to the GALANT SPLA/M-IO advance team for its wise and clever answers to the jenge. Time for one tribe style rule is over. FEDERAL RULE IS WHAT OUR COUNTRY WANTS MOST NOT 28 TRIBAL STATES……………….As the jenge elders declared to go for war because of their 28 states, it is okey. But the true advise is this, let them not play with fire. People are tired of such useles and meaningles supperiority. What good changes/reforms have they brought to this country than the looting of Public funds and land grabbing and massacre. Enough is enough.

Kaluma Madigo February 1, 2016 at 8:37 pm

Justin Wow!! What areport! Indeed we can not allow the Dinka Council of blind elders to push this Criminal 28 Dinka Centric States on us. There is no room for this since it was a one mans move influenced by the Wicked elders who have only tribal angendas. They should be castrated.

Lualdit February 1, 2016 at 10:42 pm

That’s great piece Justin, but my question is why did IO advanced team even given demons a flatform to meet with them? Their request should have been turned down. These people are agent of evil that should never allow to even shake hands with sensible.
Thank you for pointing out the crooked ways that IGAD are Troika are playing. Please advice the io leadership to not succumb to their pressure that instinctively violate the reality in South Sudan. They are confusing and making the matters even worse with their wishing Washing statements. They forced the parties to sign an agreement, yet they can’t back it up. If the agreement cannot be implemented as signed, then where is the rule of law? Also, IO should stick to the agreement and nothing less. If Jaang government refused to revoke the 28 problems, then there shouldn’t be any compromise.

Mary Pal February 1, 2016 at 9:59 pm

I am very surprised to know that the south Sudan’s government is led by the nose by the Dinka Council of Elders and these group of elders are driving the country into chaos. The Dinka Council of Elders created 28 states and Saliva Kiir steadfast behind them, held the ideas as monumental and genuine creation while the ideas behind creation is dangerous and disaster to nation interest, but good for Dinka who graft the lands from other tribal communities. We cannot build the nation as dividing communities or nationalities and aspect peace to prevail in the nation. Therefore, it is very clear that the 28 states is dangerous for the south Sudan’s peoples and nation building under one flag to make a genuine reconciliation. As the nation we are diverse nationalities or tribes to co-exist and advance one national interest. That national interest is greater than those 63 tribes, so it is mistakes by this tribal government to allow one tribal interest to ruin the national interest. I congratulated the IO advance team of their stance behind the peoples of south Sudan and cannot be dragged into tribal interest rather than observing the national interest for all.

Naath United February 2, 2016 at 12:38 am

So calle dinka council of elders. Their an end game is near the finishing line. their idea to create 28 states in south sudan, is just a desperation. They have no more agendas to manipulate Compromise Peace Agreement. They are tired running to any where to ask for help. Why, because their laziness never let work and earn something. This time,dinka must deal with responsibilities.

Thon DJ Machar February 2, 2016 at 6:54 pm

Naath United, Let it be clear to you that the 28 states creation will never be reverse nor shall it ever be discussed by any living being on this planet. Your dreams will never come true it doesn’t matter whoever you get involve. Just forget about it and please refrain from Dinka name because if it was not the Dinka, the Arab would have been fucking each and everyone of you by this time. When Riek Machar serenaded to Khartoum in 1991, did any of you asked him why he left Khartoum? I am sure he will not tell you the truth. What I know so far is that, you must be one of them confused and traumatized Nuers who can’t tell the different between right and wrong. That’s why you have hard time understanding the theme of Dinka Elders. What are Nuer Elders doing? Human being must know the right from wrong, for that the right is life. You will never understand, and there is no anywhere in this entire universe your people will enjoy life and peace with your ignorant ideologies and lack of good judgment attitudes as well as jumping into conclusion without recognition of the truth itself. Believing in primitive war ideologies without tactics and sense of good reasoning is a living dead monopoly and dangerous game that will get you all perished. Just do me a favor, get your head off your ass so you can see, reason and smell better. Your nose is so stuffy.

GatNor February 3, 2016 at 11:26 am


My poor Monyjang boy, you & your Jaang councils are so out of touched with reality. I personally celebrated upon hearing that your tribal leaders have been told from a national prospective what their role should be as a tribal cabal..AND THAT THEIR ROLE INCLUDES MAINTAINING NEUTRALITY over issues of national concerns much like every other tribal councils in the country, whether they(JCE) are legally a registered recognized entity or not.

The response from the SPLM-In-Opposition Advanced Negotiation Team puts your organization of JCE right war it belongs ..And that is with the organizations of criminal underworlds. The likes of Boko Haram, ISIS, EL Shabaabs, South Sudan’s presidential guards(Mathiang Anyuor) and others, the likes of this groups loosely refered to as Jaang’s terrorist tribal extremists.

Notice that the JCE has been shut down with a legal public statement by the main stake holders(partner) to the agreement deeming the JCE and their role as an interference and negative in all forms. The JCE would not dare publically response to such humiliation no matter how wise.The JCE at this point must go back to back door corruption schemes as usual or else they risk redundancy of an exposure in the public & international arena. Personally I don’t think the JCE cares for much but their distructive tribal agenda in which Jaang across the board are the beneficiary.

lokugi Twan February 5, 2016 at 6:43 pm

what the hell are you talking about It is really unfortunate, Dinks are no better than their cattle. You cant even see the atrocities in the South today, Terillbe !!!!!!

Gat.darwich February 2, 2016 at 5:43 pm

The lunatic-fanatics Jenges Council of Evils still inanely believe they can use trickery and manipulative tactics to treacherously imposed the pseudo 28 tribal states on the patriots-63 tribes.

Total crap and outdated strategy period

AMEN February 3, 2016 at 7:37 am

Even if you reject 28 states still yet you will come to agree, Dinka fought Arabs for many years while you Nuers were Arabs slaves in khartoum, very soon will be Dinka slaves in south sudan.

No 28 states no Peace in south sudan

GatNor February 3, 2016 at 5:43 pm

Amen, you are still spreading lies of course. If you Jaang fought the liberation war by yourself, then to which commander of Jaang do you attribute capturing of the liberated zones in Upper Nile region? Of course it was the same Dr Machar at the time who was assigned over all commands of Upper Niles area. Once we established that Dr Machar is Nuer you statement suddenly becomes pathetic and childish at best. Nuer could argue that while your Garang was using SPLA as his killing machine yet subtly fighting his tribal proxy war against Nuer, the Nuer were committed to liberating South Sudan resulting in untold accumulated suffering from Jaang and the Arab attacks. It was the Nuer who was fighting on both front against Jasng and the Arabs.north of Sudan.

Thon DJ Machar February 3, 2016 at 5:54 pm

Preach them bro because these donkeys don’t get it. Who cares about what rebels want any way. Neither IGAD nor the SPLM-IO friends the international community have right to impose revocation on the 28 States on South Sudan public. so get your head off your ass.

NeLlY LoMoLe February 3, 2016 at 12:38 pm

Guys I’m quite surprised that some south Sudanese are claiming to have won independence for South Sudanese through war. How many SAF soldiers did you kill. Did they vote alone in the referendum of 2011 as tribe or all of us voted to have this miscarriage called South Sudan which is a total disgrace to independent states. If any of them have ever read about how India got its independent followed by Pakistan and Bangladesh then they shouldn’t be celebrating because it is very dangerous to celebrate when people are mourning. What happened to the British great India will soon be seen around Africa specifically South Sudanese. Geopolitical environment can never cease to be but it will always happen. We all need South Sudan that is built on democratic federal system of governance and if not then let all expect the country to be divide into BGI system


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