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Breaking News: SPLA-IO Overran Ombasi, Gov’t Forces Fled To DRC

Forces of SPLM/A-IO under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny walking in Bazia, Wau State(Photo: file)
Forces of SPLM/A-IO under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny walking in Bazia, Wau State(Photo: file)

May 19, 2017 (Nyamilepedia) —— The forces loyal to Riek Machar clashed with South Sudan forces in Ombasi in what the rebel commander described as provocative action by the South Sudan army, SPLA-IO deputy spokesperson said in a statement that his forces was in full control of Ombasi yesterday, chasing soldiers of the government to the Democratic Republic of Congo. According to Lam, SPLA destroys a Wulit during the armed confrontation.

“Yesterday 18/05/2017, government forces in Yei came out of their trenches with the aim of pushing back the SPLA-IO forces who are just within the vicinity of yei town but were crushed with heavy losses including a wulit which was destroyed by our gallant forces. This sent a clear message to the government forces in Ombasi who decided to desert their position and headed for safety in Congo. As of now, Ombasi is a liberated area of SPLA IO,” stated Lt. Col. Lam Paul Gabriel, SPLA-IO deputy spokesman.

In a separate incident, the office of spokesman in SPLA-IO claimed that Anyanya DDivisionin Pajok laid an ambush against the government forces, disguised in a stolen civilian truck to escape to Magwi, resulting t the death of 16 soldiers loyal to the government.

“Secondly on 17/05/2017, the government militias in Pajok camouflaged themselves on a stolen civilian truck to escape to Magwi but ended in an arm bush of the ever ready Anyanya division force. 16 of them were killed and several injured.”

The statement by Lam Paul alleged that militias loyal to the government killed over 30 civilians in Ri-angu in the second week of this month, strongly condemned the atrocities committed against civilians by the government.

In a separate event, the SPLA-IO strongly condemn the cowardice and criminal act of Juba militias in Ri-Rangu between 12/05/2017 and 14/05/2017 where they killed over 30 innocent civilians in their farmlands after failing to locate SPLA-IO bases in the area. The government forces came from the commando base in Anzara. Our thoughts are with the family of the demises.

The SPLA-IO calls upon the UNMISS, AU and the international community to investigate this incident and bring those responsible to books. This week, the SPLA-IO reported to have surrounded Yei town and hopeful to capture it from the government. This week, Yei, Ombasi and Pajok have been placed in which the warring factions clash and there are concerns from the civilians that the fighting will spill to the bordering towns quickly.

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