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  • Both T. Bikot

    On African Libration Day

    By: Both T. Bikot

    25th May 2016, this day deserves to be celebrated and commemorated by all African nations. Its the day on which the Africa leaders united themselves and formed their – organization of Africa Union (OAU). Fifty three years ago, African leaders signed a charter in Addis Ababa – Ethiopia and committed themselves to call for total independence of Africa. lets honor the visionary leaders of Africa and the Pan Africanism champions and among them is the late Ghanaian President Dr. Nkwame Nkrumah who once said in his speech on the celebration day of the independence of his country on 6th March 1957 that ” The Ghana independence is incomplete till all Africa is independent”.
    Why Celebrating African Libration Day?
    Did Africa really achieve its total independent? the vision was to build a total free united and stable Africa. Total independence means total freedom, free in everything, economically, socially and politically.
    According to my opinion, Africa is not totally free, Africa is still struggling against the imperialism ideology, philosophy and domination, that’s why there still wars in some African countries and we should not forget that the western imperialism ideology caused death for some visionary African leaders.
    For our new born African state, the Independence of the Republic of South Sudan was part of the call for total independent Africa, and that of the pan africanism vision that has been achieved, what our country lacks now is total libration and unification of our people in one united and clear vision. Yes, we librated ourselves from the colonizer, but yet not liberated from our inner destructive illnesses e.g tribalism and corruption which are preventing development progress of our country..
    On this day, we as one nation have to reaffirm our commitment to the development of our country so that it takes its location in Africa continent. We must struggle and take whatever risks to achieve sustainable development, economy, politically, socially and security. let’s resist negative elements that do not support achievement of our interest..
    Once more, as we celebrate the African Liberation Day, lets remember and honor all the African freedom fighters who risked their lives to liberate Africa. We remember late Dr Nkwame Nkrumah, late Mwalimu Nyerere, late Patrice Lumumba, late Jamal AbdulNaser, late Dr. John Garang among others.

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