Part 2: The Historical Woes And Curses Of South Sudan Founded By Dr. John Garang De Mabior, Excelled By President Salva Kiir Mayardit And Jeopardized By Poor Dr. Riek Machar Teny


By Deng Maceheth,

President Salva Kiir caught suprisingly staring on camera(photo: file)
President Salva Kiir caught suprisingly staring on camera(photo: file)

May 06, 2017 (Nyamilepedia) —— First, just to recap your minds my dear readers and viewers of this web news, in part one I hold Dr. John Garang de Mabior as the father of all messes that had befallen our beloved Republic. I specifically pinned him down on corruption, dictatorship and being a developer of sycophancy in the movement of SPLM/A. The same tactics our current President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit and his ugly heartless generals put into practice. In this part 2, I will give His Excellency President Kiir Mayardit his due part contributions in the messes that had befallen our Republic. President Kiir as perceived Joshua of the Republic of South Sudan turns out to be perceived robber of the Republic of South Sudan and here are some of the reasons:

Corruption and chronic greediness

During John Garang’s reign in power, there was no mentioning of rampant corruption like it is today in our country because Dr. John Garang de Mabior was a smart thief and never allowed his huge following to know where the resources of the movement are stored and spent. He blackmailed his followers that there were no resources since they are guerilla movement. He was the only exclusive controller of all resources and majority his generals were naïve sycophants who do not even know the value of the money and national resources. The only thing clever Dr. Garang made his generals to know was “SPLM oyee.” So long they get food and sleep under the protection of their naïve guards, there is no world of worries for the generals.

During the reign of naïve perceived Joshua (President Kiir) of South Sudan, corruption took different dimensions and it is no longer called corruption, but a broad day robbery of the national resources by Kiir and his tainted cahoots. Banks of South Sudan is reduced into personal family bank by President Salva Kiir and his greedy former liberators and who turned looters. There is nothing like development agenda on the table for the Republic, the only agenda on the table for them is “honorable generals’ development” as they love addressing themselves with titles they don’t even know the meaning. There is looting spree and it is never hidden since it has become a culture and practice of the day by Kiir and his throng heartless generals.

Their loots are used to build neighboring countries with business booming in the neighborhood. They buy apartments abroad and take their families and children to schools of luxuries. The country they were fighting for 21 years is no longer a place to be developed; they become South Sudanese by skins and foreigners by hearts. Billions of dollars poured into South Sudan by heartfelt philanthropists, well-wishers and donors for development and recovery of South Sudan from war devastation, were looted by Kiir and his big-bellied generals without fear of contradictions. Our beloved liberators completely forget their reasons in the bushes for 21 years. They change their titles from excellent liberators of 21st century to poor and dull looters. There is no sense of shame in them; they bought expensive cars you can’t find anywhere in the region with branded names as V8, “mithapuol” with our looted resources. There is no single tarmac road leading to their offices leave alone Juba city having any paved roads. The expensive branded V8 and mithapuol are driven in dusty roads across the city and the whole country. The poor looters think of buying expensive cars and airplanes with their loots without first thinking of building roads and airports for a smooth landing of their expensive vehicles. Poor me! There are no good terms to describe their shameless self-development without national agenda.

Job opportunities are given to relatives for instance; President’s office is filled with his close relatives and their close friends, so do his throng of generals. There is nothing like qualification for job and job descriptions as State House aka J1 is turned into family house where close relatives and friends played cards with President. Government appointments are privatized and only people to be appointed as ministers, undersecretaries, among other positions are closed confidants who will do the wishes of Kiir and his Awan family. If you are not close to them, even if you are qualified with qualities approved by heaven and earth, you are useless idiot with wasted papers. Available jobs in the government are reserved for relatives close to President Kiir, generals and their friends. Foreign missions are filled with incompetent relatives who do not know how to read or write or with little education. They are there to receive salaries and not helping to sell the Republic diplomatic relations abroad. Some do not even know their duties as they earn titles as diplomats of the Republic of South Sudan. They are just shameless goons collected from families of Kiir and his closed generals.

Corruption in South Sudan is no longer corruption, but shameless broad day robbery by Kiir and his closed generals. Let me pen off here since there are endless dictionary pages to describe their soiled and tainted character which has ruined our future as people of South Sudan and the country our beloved generals led by Kiir fought for 21 years. The question is, where these liberators fighting to liberate us from Arab tyrant regime for them to turn to be rotten headed robbers of their own land? Dr. Garang and President Kiir are founders of being mother and father of corruption in the world newest Republic.

Dictatorship tendency

Dr. John Garang was a shrewd dictator who used divide and rule policy among huge following and this was well experimented in their differences with his Deputy CDR Kerubino Kuanyin Bol in which he mobilized junior commanders from the region of his deputy including President Kiir to counter activities of his rebellious deputy. That led to war in Bhar el Ghazal region between forces loyal to breakaway faction led by CDR Kerubino Kuanyin Bol and forces loyal to Dr. Garang. A war that took ugly turn between December 1994 to Dec 1998 in Northern Bhar el Ghazal and Gogrial regions, this war led to outbreak of famine in 1998 with millions of lives lost during that year especially displaced families from greater Gogrial now Gogrial state. Hence, Dr. Garang was a smart dictator who had greater influence from public who love his charismatic displays and maneuvers.

H.E. President Kiir tried to step into the shoes of his former Lord but he is not as smart as his predecessor who played many maneuvers to blackmail his massive following. President Kiir turns out to be a naïve dictator who is practicing a job he is not sure or not qualified for it. His unexpected ascendency to power after the demise of his former Smart Lord, took him by surprise as well experimented in his reign of endless mistakes for the last 10 years or so. He is branded Joshua of South Sudan to take South Sudanese to Promised Land, tarwehen; he is Joshua who is taking South Sudan and South Sudanese to Promised Hell. Poor dictator of the 21st century makes repeated mistakes without shame.

Kiir’s reign and regime is characterized by hooliganism, reward of hooliganism, poor decision making in matters of national concerns, failure of rule of law just like his predecessor who planted weeds of failure to the rule of law, poor international relations as he is always humiliated in the international forums with broad day mockery against by world leaders due to his naïve handling of national affairs, there is no clear road map for national agenda/development, no clear national diplomatic relations with other countries just to mention few. He surrounded himself with relatives who were former Beshir’s bootlickers whose work is to design projects of looting for him and his government. SPLM as a party under his leadership is reduced from being a national party to a family party with former bootlickers in Khartoum taking roots in decision making of the ruling party, a party they once betrayed when they were with the enemy of the Republic of South Sudan.

His dictatorial tendency started when he refused to follow party constitution in choosing the party leadership. For instance, he ruthlessly dissolved cabinet and sent his former generals and ministers packing in a single naïve decree. Something only naïve President in his good photos can do it. He sacked all ministers in a single night decision through Republic decrees. He refused to follow party constitution in choosing leaders including himself with his home yard advisors and former Khartoum servants taking advisory decision for him. This brings about political wrangles with his former generals and colleagues who turn politicians after independence of South Sudan. After realizing that their party chairman and President of the Country has abandoned them in favor of mutamerwathon, these sacked generals and politicians staged ugly opposition against him.

SPLM political bureau of 19 members become hotspot of dispute after 99% of these members lose confidence in him as party chairman. After realizing that he has lost popularity in the political bureau, he resorted to recruit former traitors (against SPLM) who planned for him self-coup in December 2013 as hell broke loose in the city. Former generals who are opposed to him under Pagan Amum are branded as Garang’s boys by his bootlickers and advisors in order for Kiir to divert public attention and get sympathy from public. His advisors and former “mutamerwathon” borrowed Beshir’s tactics in dealing with his critics. Poor naïve His Excellency applied this tactic ruthlessly leading to hell breaking loose in Juba in 2013 that eventually put our country’s future into jeopardy and endless cycle of rebellions. A coup was planned by Beshir’s former servants as claimed to have been a coup staged by stubborn Dr. Riek Machar Teny who was his main critic. Several former colleagues and generals who were suspected to be closed with unwanted Dr. Machar were arrested. Dr. Machar fled the city and staged revenged rebellion to overthrow his former boss with whom he was second man in command in the disgraced SPLM ruling party. This dictatorial tendency adopted from Garang and applied by Kiir and his generals bring South Sudan to her knees with rampant death and suffering across the country now.

Sycophancy as mother of dictatorship

Dr. Garang used to dispel his critics by accumulating throng of sycophantic generals including President Kiir who follow him without questioning his authority. He expelled or killed whoever opposes to him as paramount decision maker of the movement activities, Dr. John Garang branded those oppose to him as traitors and backstabbers. Our President took after his predecessor by applying the same tactics of rewarding the loyal ones and branding those oppose to him as traitors and backstabbers just like Garang did to his critics. Loyal and sycophantic servants are rewarded with military ranks and appointments in the government in order for them to continue singing songs of sycophancy. These hooligans and sycophants become most powerful servants who gag and kill whoever murmurs against Kiir and his government. They silent opponents through threats of physical elimination and this is well experimented through arbitrary arrest, torture, detention, killing and disappearance of opposition sympathizers. The poor sycophants become intelligent and long ears for the poor President and his government. You will find them in public gathering or joints bragging on how they execute their activities against those oppose to Kiir and his insane government of the day. Prisons in Juba and across the country are full of those who are arbitrary detained for being suspected or involve in opposition against the government of Poor Kiir.

Foreign robbery of our jobs & opportunities

Republic of South Sudan is a country under a broad day robbery by Kiir, his government and foreigners. All NGOS jobs are controlled by neighborhood and region citizenry who become nationals of South Sudan by virtue of being more qualified than South Sudanese nationals.  Our government under heartless leader in the name of President Kiir pays deaf ears and allows our country to be taken over by foreigners. We become foreigners in our own land & country as classmates with whom we finished classes with them together from neighboring countries are more qualified than South Sudanese citizens. Simple jobs which do not much qualification like driving of vehicles, sweepers, security guards just to mention few are only having capable competent professionals from neighborhood because South Sudanese under poor and naïve leader are unqualified idiots without sense of qualification. To make matters worse, South Sudanese business opportunities are taken away from them by over flooding business peoples from neighboring countries who outclassed them in the market. South Sudanese become buyers and consumers of outdated goods as greedy business persons took advantage of them in the situations where the government of the day is busy with none issues like looting of public resources, leaving the business people to determine prices of the goods by hiking goods and services at will. Our government under His Excellency President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit is a government that is serving foreigners against the will of its poor citizens. South Sudanese have no patriotic government of the day to protect their business, create jobs for them through several operating NGOS in the country, business investors who open businesses to create jobs for their home citizens instead of South Sudanese.

The perception that South Sudanese have no good education is tainted act or lie to deny us jobs by greedy neighbors and NGOS who take advantage of our country’s poor leadership to squander our opportunities for themselves and home citizens. Our government gives more recognition to foreigners than its own nationals that is why a bill passed by national parliament and signed into law by our President in 2015 didn’t take off and implemented as expected because our naïve leader and his government are threatened with unseen consequences should government attempts to implement the law giving the local and nationals 80% of NGOS jobs and opportunities. There is no sense of patriotism in our government as former war lords under Kiir are still bush-minded without national agenda. They failed to make laws to protect nationals’ businesses, opportunities, and jobs from being exploited by throng of foreigners in favor for their home countries. The government of the day in Juba is operating in the vacuum without powers to control its own economy as investors and NGOS do not keep a single penny in the operating government bank as they send back homes all profits raised after the end of business day hours. South Sudan’s economy is now at alarming stage of no return from economic collapse because our poor government is held hostage by foreign banks to do what they want for their countries and not South Sudan. Poor me!



Crude contracts wards

Our government becomes center of business where government officials and ministers turn their offices into business centers where crude contracts are discussed to embezzle public resources especially Ministry of Finance liaise with SPLA headquarters to create cooked and crooked contracts with every contract awarding 10%-20% to the Minister and his loyal officials in the office. They liaise with greedy neighborhood business persons like oil and procurement companies to rob us of our resources. This is because there are no laws to hold these individuals to account for the looted public resources. Dura saga being the mother of all corruption in South Sudan where billions of foreign donated money disappear into the thin air with no one to account for the lost money because Kiir and his cahoots are there to build themselves and not South Sudan. This is the reason I say Kiir and his SPLM government are curse to the Republic of South Sudan.

Reward of hooliganism by Kiir

President Kiir since his ascendency to power in August 2005 after the demise of his former Lord Dr. John Garang de Mabior, he started his reign by rewarding hooliganism and this started with Paulino Matip Nhial whom he accommodated and pleased by awarding him position of Deputy Commander in Chief in order for him to accept his cruel militias being incorporate into the rotten SPLA. This started well and helped to control these unworthy greedy generals like Gen Peter Gadet, Gen Johnson Olony, Gen Gatwich Chan, Gen Gathoth Gatkuoth, Gen Ismail Kony, Gen Martin Kenyi, Gen Wani Konga, Gen David Yaw yaw, and the long list of killers of South Sudanese. President Kiir instead of creating laws to deal with errant and disloyal generals, he resorts to issuing ruined amnesties against the blood of South Sudanese. Instead of punishing hooligans and thugs that spilled our blood, he rewarded them with ranks and goodies despite their hands being full of blood of innocent South Sudanese whom they maimed in the name of getting ranks and positions in the government. His continued issuing of amnesties and pardons against jerks and war lords made everyone to stand and urinate into his face because of his naïve attitude of being insensitive to national bleeding and outcry more especially issues of national concerns are reduced to favor individuals against public view. We are cursed and that is why our President rewards hooliganism against the rule of law, something only insensitive leader like him and his chunk of greedy hooligans (generals) can do.

Kiir’s failure to outline clear vision of the ruling and breakdown of rule of law

President Kiir (just like his predecessor Dr. John) failed to put the rule of law into action by allowing his generals and himself to operate as law and authority against South Sudanese and the national will of the country as a whole. There is no respect for the laws as they are only written in the piece of paper with no leader to follow them because making laws and following them cannot allow them to loot and exploit our resources freely. Unlike Garang who outline SPLM vision on national systems and governance, President Kiir totally failed to sell his withered SPLM ruling party to the commons as only thing sell to people is “SPLM oyee” but putting into action that oyee thing is a mere dream in the ocean. There is no clear vision of SPLM under Kiir and his generals who were just followers of Lord Garang who was the only opened eyed general among his blind goons. They never learned patriotism and nationalism from Dr. Garang as only thing they learned from him is SPLM oyee. Surprisingly having come to town under SPLM government during Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and Post CPA, the same generals under Kiir learned new word called “looting” and this puts the wholesome rule of law of the Republic into ruined as commons bear the burden of the failure of rule of law.

Our former liberators who turn looters choose to be laws and authority whether South Sudanese like it or not. There is total breakdown of rule of law in the Republic of South Sudan, do not let anyone lie to the world and South Sudanese that there is rule of law under Kiir and his shameless generals who turn out to be thugs and jerks. God is the only one to help the commons to live their lives under Kiir’s regime and misrule of the state affairs and running of the government. We are indeed cursed having leaders who believe in themselves as law and authority and who abandon national ambition of spending 22 years in the bushes to liberate us only to turn against us by killing us and looting our resources.

In conclusion

Our woes and curses are originating our founding father Dr. John Garang de Mabior and revitalized by his naïve successor President Salva Kiir and his throng of shameless generals whom we praise as liberators only to change as our killers and looters of national resources. Why did our God allow us to suffer under these heartless leaders? What have we done that our God will never forgive us in punishing us using cruel and ruthless leaders? Why God! Please help us to change our leaders to love the lives of others as theirs, love themselves and others, love the country they fought for years to liberate, love why we are a country, let them love our cause of struggle against tyrant regime in Khartoum, help them to put national agenda above their personal agenda. Amen!


My next article will touch Dr. Riek Machar Teny as the 3rd leader South Sudan is cursed, with Dr. Garang as curse number one, followed by President as curse number two.

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