By Amb. Dhano Obongo,


July 04, 2017(Nyamilepedia) ——– Historically an International Women’s Day has been has been commemorated on March 8 annually to observe the movement promoting women’s rights.  The initial Women’s Day ceremony occurred February 28, 1909 in New York, USA, under the sponsorship of the Socialist Party of America.

      On March 8, 1917, in Petrograd, the former capital of the Russian Empire, an expression of the women’s textile institute was celebrated. A week later the Tsar abdicated in the beginning of the Russian Revolution.  An initial move provided women the right to vote.  March 8 was proclaimed a national holiday in the Soviet Union and became celebrated within the socialist movement and communist countries.   In 1975 the United Nations accepted commemoration of March 8.     

 In 1910 an International Women’s Conference had been arranged as a general gathering in Copenhagen, Denmark, as a Second Socialist International with encouragement of American socialists.

      On December 23, 1949, the People’s Republic of China declared that March 8 would be made an official holiday and that women in China would be granted a half day off work.      

In 1977 the United Nations General Assembly invited member states to celebrate women’s rights and world peace in annual observance.  The Republic of South Sudan should encourage women’s rights each year on March 8.  Declare the day a holiday to celebrate the role of women in the past liberation struggle and their active role in nation building.  May God bless our South Sudanese women?                                                  

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