Satellite Imagery Shows Density of Scorched Earth Policy in South Sudan, 18, 318 Homes Destroyed In Yei River State

April 8th, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— A satellite imagery report released today, April 8th, by UNITAR – UNOSAT identified a total of 18,318 destroyed structures within an analysed area of about 3,640 square kilometers.

The report, which was acquired on 5th March, illustrates satellite-detected damage density in and around the cities of Yei, Morobo and Koya, Nahr Yei district, South Sudan.

Approximately 10’449 affected structures are found within Yei and along the four primary roads radiating from the city.

About 7,870 destroyed structures are found along the road connecting the cities of Morobo and Koya.

According to UNITAR-UNOSAT report most structures appear to have been destroyed by fire.

South Sudan armed forces have accused the government of carrying out a scorched earth policy in Equatorian region. Many civilians have fled their homes to neighboring Uganda and DRC.

According to UN reports, South Sudan government has increased attacks on civilians in the town of Pajok, and denied humanitarian access to Pajok and neighboring villages.