Release SPLM-IO Spokesman, James Gatdet Dak

Mr. Ban Ki-moon,

Secretary-General United Nations New York,

NY 10017

Your Excellency,

Miyong G. Kuon, SPLM Representative, UN-New York(Photo: Miyong/UN)

Miyong G. Kuon, SPLM Representative, UN-New York(Photo: Miyong/UN)

Nov 2, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– I am writing with an utmost degree of urgency as the SPLM-IO official spokesman, James Gatdet Dak, has been arrested by Kenyan authorities in Nairobi. He is now facing deportation to South Sudan. Dak was arrested at his residence at 4:00pm local time on November 2nd, 2016.

I am appealing to your esteem office to urgently abort the deportation case of James Gatdet Dak and accord him with an asylum in a country in which he will be safe to reside.

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Furthermore, South Sudanese opposition members are all in danger in Kenya and face similar fate. The case of Spokesman James Gatdet has sparked a wide anger in South Sudan especially in the areas populated by the SPLM-IO supporters. This can inadvertently put in danger Kenyan NGOs workers in SPLM-IO areas in South Sudan.

Regardless of the circumstances that prompted the warrant arrest by Kenyan authority, I condemn the government of Kenya for allowing such an unwelcome move. Under the United Nations Charter, every individual is accorded with freedom of expression and freedom of association in any country.

This move taken by Kenyan authority is unprecedented. Kenya is a member of the United Nations, to take this unpopular move threatening to hand over an opposition’s spokesman under the supervision of a government that killed its own people, is unacceptable.

It is a position that should be condemned by the world leaders, regional leaders, and the international community at the highest echelon. In addition, I welcome your calls for an investigation into alleged serious violations of human rights in South Sudan as recent as in July when the Presidential bodyguards raped and killed innocent civilians.

The government of the Republic of South Sudan cannot be trusted. The regime is known for violating human rights laws and committing numerous human rights abuses.

Finally, if no measures are taken, Kenyan authority is ready to deport James Dak and will put him under the supervision of a government that does not recognize the human rights.

Your Excellency,

I call on you, the international community, and those who stand for the protection of human rights to speak up and demand protection and justice for James Gatdet and for all the South Sudanese who are deprived of their rights.

Sincerely yours,

Miyong G. Kuon,

SPLM-IO Representative to the United Nations



Barack Obama, US President Antonio Gutierrez,

In-coming UNSG Hillary Clinton,

US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump ,

US Presidential Candidate

President Robert Mugabe AU Chairman

European Union Judy Mariga,

Confederation Council Foundation For Africa South Sudanese Diaspora Leaders

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  • It’s very unfortunate to do that

  • Anguei Wieu Anguei

    Good step taken by Kenyan gov’t,
    anyway, the gov’t of South Sudan is seeking the peace on every citizens’ face.
    Let him be deported so that he personally witness what the Akuma is hunted here in the nation.
    It is only peace no more killing they expected their spokesman to.

  • Good decision made by Kenyan government, Mr. Gatdet will be a change man afterward when he saw the suffering people in Juba with his own eyes, nothing is going to happen to him, he will be still SPLA/IO member, but talked reasonably like the other IO members.