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The Advantage And Disadvantage Of The Compromise Peace Agreement

By Dr. Henry Jembi,

President Salva Kiir (left) and rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar (right) exchanged documents in IGAD mediated talks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Photo: extracted).
President Salva Kiir (left) and rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar (right) exchanged documents in IGAD mediated talks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Photo: extracted).

Feb 21, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- Introduction: In every project, be it local or national, regional or international there are shortcomings caused by either the motivations of the project or technical procedures of the project itself. What has happened and what is happening regarding South Sudan plight and the dilemma has revealed the nature and aspiration of the people of South Sudan as a whole. They started very well, but ended very ruthless, it was the struggle and liberation based on the past injustice, inequality and oppression practiced upon them by the northerners the so called black Arabs, who turned to promote themselves at the peak of the social, economic, political and military business and administration of the Old Sudan. Subsequently, they had done their positive and negative role and party in the history of the old Sudan and we all knew that very well.

The advantage of the Compromise Peace Agreement:

  1. Despite the wars, the carnages, the genocides, annihilations and the massive destructions, South Sudan will remain as an independent and sovereign nation in the region and Africa.
  2. Despite the internal predicaments such as tribalism, nepotism, sectarianism, favoritism and hearten leadership, evil political and ideological programs and schemes, the warring parties agreed to end the war.
  3. Despite the massive killing and massacre of the Nuer people, the killing of Equatorians and the revenge against the Dinka and the killing of others, we will remain as South Sudanese whether we like or don’t.
  4. Despite the tremendous looting of the resources of the country and incredible corruption done by some leaders and politicians, the innocent people of South Sudan will have their last word.
  5. Despite the advanced grouping and the division among Southern Sudanese due to weak leadership, wicked political understanding, ignorance of the intellectual elites, the young southerners will work very hard to adjust and restructure the direction of the ship.
  6. Despite the spirit of the superiority, minor segregation, an intellectual discrimination, poor understanding of self, typical illiteracy, traditional diseases and imitation of others falsely, the new born South Sudanese leaders and politicians are determined to renounce, repudiate and forsake these egoists and the satanic agendas for unity sake and God sake.
  7. Despite the continuous escaping from the country to live in the neighboring countries and sending their children to those countries, which denote a sense of unfaithfulness to it and a sense of traitors, the new southern leaders and politicians determine to follow their footsteps whatsoever, but to be faithful and loyal to the motherland South Sudan.

The disadvantage of the Compromise Peace Agreement:

  1. The Africa regional power IGAD and the international authority Troika i.e. USA, UK, China and Norway as I can perceive are dormant at the last stage of implementing the CPA. They have been talking, threatening and maneuvering around for the last three months since peace was signed.
  2. The other regional States which have their economic interest in the South Sudan have been playing their games for fear of losing and gaining 50% of their promised share and potion by the government of South Sudan and the opposition group too.
  3. The government of South Sudan from the other side decided to act unilaterally on some issues of common concern, and did not respect the body and the spirit of the Compromise Peace Agreement, in a number of issues as you all know very well that it carried out many military attacks against its rivals. And it also issued a number of presidential decrees, which were all not in-line with what it had agreed and signed.
  4. The government of South Sudan launched derisive attacks against the opposition areas which proved to be a direct and intended violation of Peace Agreement between the two parties. On the other hand, it used the press and delay mechanisms in order to force the opposition to accept and surrender to him for cheaper cost.
  5. The opposition on the other hand, has also undergone some internal and external misunderstanding, disagreements and philosophical backwardness social, economic, political and military misconceptions, which lead to a number of outbreaks and disunity, disloyalty and disharmony within the opposition itself and the outcome is huge and negative.
  6. According to other sources from the opposition, especially the outbreaks groups, they stated that their central, fundamental and chief issues and demands are not addressed and forwarded. This is categorically in their eyes a spirit of treason, betrayal and unfaithfulness.
  7. Both the government and the opposition have got allies, wonderfully enough those allies are misled, misused, discharged, disconnected, threaten, undermined, discouraged and they did not welcome to express their thoughts whatsoever.

In conclusion, when a blind man leads a blind man what will happen in the short time, I think you can give an excellent answer regarding his question. Likewise, what will happen when a crippled man decides to take part in a race of 100 meters, you also can answer this question outstandingly without hesitation. Consider a Chief of your village or a Mayor of your town asks you to meet him, how would get prepared and get dressed. South Sudan doesn’t need blind leaders, crippled politicians, but wise and knowledgeable ones who knew themselves and others i.e. their citizens. You’re Chief is not the last person to listen to neither you Mayor is the last person to authorize you to bathe. You need to be clean and like by all, you decide to bath alone without someone asking you to. I think this is what South Sudan need or we need in South Sudan i.e. loyalty, faithfulness, persistence and perseverance in carrying out our tasks and responsibilities toward self and others.

Dr. Henry Jembi is the author and can be reached through henryjembi@hotmail.com

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