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South Sudan’s Government On The Verge of Anarchism

By Gatwech Deng Wal,

South Sudan Army, (Picture: Supplied).

Dec 28, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) —- The Government of South Sudan is falling to the verge of anarchy. The aftermath of Juba Nuer killing, creation and amendment of 28 (twenty-eight) states are the signs leading South Sudan to the verge of anarchy. Conversely, the government of South Sudan becomes a tribal government which rejects all conventional forms of government on the basis that it imposes restraints on individuals without their express consent having given. One tribe’s army, that is, Dinka has been recruited, armed and appears to be the most effective violence army ever invented on earth. More importantly, Salva Kiir Mayardit urged the abolition of constitution, law and order of the country, using veto without objection from parliament and ordinary South Sudanese. South Sudan has no central government at all, thus, in truth, it is at the verge of anarchy and will soon remain a country without rule, structure and tribes will revert to a local form of conflicts.

In essence, everyone knows that South Sudan is falling to the verge of anarchy government system. This is due to the reason that judicial system is destroyed and legal structure is no longer a country’s legal structure, however, owned by one tribe, that is, Dinka. Country’s policies are designed and implemented by Dinka without objection. Any objection of wrong policy may lead to killing and torture. Dinka tribe controlled law and order of the country and that comes to a creation of 28 states.

Creation of 28 states is not a call from all South Sudanese, however, a call from Jieng Council of Elders (JCE). They are creating and amending 28 states under the guise of country’s development in which that is not true. Instead, they are creating and amending them to establish Dinka’s nation and with an intention to have control over other tribes under their empire. An empire which is shockingly has the high rate of homicides of children, women and men every day without trace or an investigation of some sorts. To me, Dinka’s empire is destructive and should not be followed as it has no sense of unity and harmony with other tribes in the country. Also, it is an empire which work with the aim of causing harm to other tribes and support terrible decisions which will never bring the change South Sudanese wanted to see.

Surprisingly, although some people are criticizing the government and Dinka’s empire as criminal syndicates which cannot or will never lead to any progress of the country, other think that they are the best institutions have had ever invented. Among those supporting Dinka’s empire to grow are Nuer generals, politicians and elders. Nuer generals, politician and elders are now die-hearted supporters of Dinka’s empire. They forgot that their loved ones were killed and subjected to a wide ranges or forms of torture, including the gouging of eyes, rapes, severe beating plus many more. Instead of making a strong unity in order to face the enemy, they are busy employing conflicts between themselves. They become too weak and dysfunctional to perform basic tasks, like securing the property of their community. Now it happens that Dinka’s empire controlled the constitution, law and order of the country. It is growing, getting bigger and the one making decisions and pass them off as some sort of reforms. In those decisions, they make, including killing or intentional torts to anyone who is not from Dinka’s tribe. Where Nuer generals, politicians and elders will fit in a system like this, a system that does not need anybody else from Nuer or other tribes?

It is not too little too late for Nuer come together. In doing that, dividend syndrome has to come to an end and have to remember that there will always be problems if they are not walking, talking and thinking together for the better of Nuer community. Challenges are everywhere and even Dinka have challenges but are sticking together in unity. Why not us? My fellow Nuer, let us remember this, it is not the lack of challenges that will make us successful; what will make us successful is continuing to take the steps that get us a few inches higher, despite how challenging it is.


The author a South Sudanese citizen who lives in Melbourne, Australia and can be reached by email gatwechdeng@gmail.com

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Editorial Team.


Geroni Iriwo December 29, 2015 at 2:35 am

Don’t disturb yourself coz everything has a beginning and an end. All what’s taking place currently are temporary arrangements. Dinkas are not the true owners of South Sudan. Let them have the enough of what they want because that will be their end. Unite the other 63 tribes if possible and face the so-called JCE whom themselves will vanished because of their ages. Each one of them have spent more than 25,550 days on earth and remaining are borrowed days so you shouldn’t sorry so much. Also dismiss the promotion of a Dinka empire for it promotes their silly actions.
I believe that the so-called JCE is enjoying their final borrowed days. Take their leader Ambrose Ronny how long do you think he will continue to live and project his rotten plans against non-dinkas? God knows

Gat.darwich December 29, 2015 at 4:58 pm


Wutdarwich completely agree with you.

Jiengs in the Killer NyanKiir’s Kleptocracy-genocidal regime can decrees or creates 63 fake states, appoints 63 pseudo governors as they desperately wish so, but the truth is, their kingdom is imminently demising period.

All these actions are absolutely nothing, but vivid manifestation of their quivering resulting from the carnage they caused, and still actively causing in South Sudan.

Log December 29, 2015 at 6:35 am

This is time time for all other tribes to come together to fight back. History is unfolding and if people don’t rise up, nothing will change the situation in South Sudan. Let us also be reminded that when the Arab spring started in Eqypt, Libya and Morocco people rise up against the system, without no guns to fight and many people lost their life, but change came about at the end. In a struggle, people die. Peace does not come in a silver plate without struggle. Where is Gadaffi and the like

somere991 December 29, 2015 at 7:45 am

No south Sudan is alive, people should not worry much because of the calculations that the Kirr group is trying to do, the only thing that still keeps them in juba is the controversial Iggad enforced peace deal, let kirr violate it to shame IGGAD and he Kirr will now meet the feurry from all directions of juba, as per uganda, we know who they are more than any dinka and they mean no harm to the next awaited battle in juba, we will leave the rest of the innocent dinkers but shall not spare kirr, malong, jeing council and the mad makue lueth, the rest will face court of low.
so we are not at the state that you mentioned bwcause the SPLM/A now can indeed be in position of putting things together within short period of time

Log December 29, 2015 at 8:55 am

For South Sudan is to become peaceful, people should break away from Dinkas and let them have their own state, otherwise by implementing peace deal along will not change the situation in the country. People are fed up of this regime

Gatwech Wal December 29, 2015 at 6:21 pm

Ignoring them is what makes them short-sighted and put the country in turmoil .Generalising it won’t help us. These people get used to be in the leadership since Anya Nya 1 up to date, so it isn’t easy to deal with them if strategies aren’t in place. Other tribes call monies as their fathers-waiting for them to unite with us will take ages. War has been on for two years now and their participation is pretty limited. We need to act by designing some plans that can help us win this war, otherwise talking and chatting it like this won’t take us anywhere. It’s disturbing seeing your cousin destroying you. Dinka’s aim is to destroy Nuer so that they will do whatever they like in South Sudan. We are sleeping and they (Dinka-JCE) aren’t sleeping. They are working and thinking day and night planning things that will destroy us but will keep them in the leadership in many more years to come. It is good to keep hope while working on something that will support hope.

Gatgach Gatluak December 30, 2015 at 1:39 am

This is antithesis to western education; in West, education is a tool for changes, development, harmony etc.
But for South Sudanese ( especially those in diaspora ), education is a microcosm of war, that is an instrument to incite and perpetuate violent within communities. And Indeed, indubitably, almost all the turmoil in South Sudan is caused by educated South Sudanese.
If you write that, for instance, Dinka, Nuer, Mandari or any other ethnic group in the country does not behave in accordance to prescribe social norms and/or social behavior or has taken exclusively natural resources from the country regardless of other communities; then what do you think your brothers or sisters with insufficient education do?, They will believe it and as such, they should take up arms and wage war against the said community.

By and large, the fundamental ways, as educated people, to help our country is not only through position as a minister or a director in government, but also through social arena like this forum.

What is a benefit of violence ?; In fact, at all, no benefit for. If you kill your brothers or sisters today, you will regret it tomorrow when enemy comes with his sisters or brothers. Don’t support or incite violent…!!!!

But don’t perceive the tone of my advice as a sound of person working in government or a designated minister in rebel side, I am not working in any side but I am South Sudanese live outside of the country and deeply sadden for role played by international communities and our neighbors for us to kill each others. I was in SPLA, as a soldier, for 10 years and I was so happy when South Sudan gained independence, 2011, that fruit of our long years of struggle has been harvested. In 2013, that happiness and joyfulness changed into sadness and dismay.

In short, let ‘s leave aside our differences and support peace in our country.

Advice to Nyamelpedia team: media is powerful weapons in modern age than an infantry battalion or a few artillery units; and to live in harmony or hide our differences globally, media should fight in their own parts. What is left is for media to finish.
How to do this or (Censorship): immediately delete comments that consist of hatred or animosity.

Return articles with such words to the writers and advise for review should those articles need to be publish

I think , I said enough for today

Thanks, see you then

Challenger December 31, 2015 at 5:48 pm

Family first in everything. You can love the country and everything in it but without family you can’t be happy. Nuer were targeted and killed by Dinka- nobody else but Dinka. It isn’t sin for Nuer writers and fighters to have position because Dinka have position. Recently, France has been attacked by terrorist, the Government of France and its people reacted and retaliated. They reacted and acted for the reason that death came to their door-steps. When killing comes to your door step, nobody can silence you to react and retaliate. There’s nothing wrong with this article. It’s perfect article and can be blessed. Gatgach Gatluak, is this article an issue or killing Nuer innocents? I know you’re not Nuer but copied Nuer’s name. You’re a Dinka and would advsied you that it isn’t time for Nuer to be advised by Dinka. Go to hell if you don’t like this article.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ December 31, 2015 at 8:56 am

tolio, amen and beek where are you. come and read all these comments so that you can judge for yourselves. which tribe is the most hated one in SOUTH SUDAN?

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 2, 2016 at 9:43 am

gatgatch gatluak,

the present situation of our country does not need us to talk about where we live, wether in heaven or on earth. If you stay in the western world, brother let me assure you that nothing better than your home. South Sudan is the home of all the 64 tribes, all these tribes contibuted in its liberation. Are you happy when the jenge sing all the time that they are the only ones who liberated this country? Are you happy when killing, looting, land grabbing, rapping, nepotism, triblism take place every day? And all this evil deeds are done by one tribe the jenge.

Please join this fight for equality, freedom, justice and peace to reign in this country. One thing we must know is that our next will never enjoy peace as long as this worst jenge exists. We must put it to its end. The jenge must accept that this country belongs to all not only one tribe.


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